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Buying Love – The Admiral’s Origin Story: Part 03

By Cutieboy90

Jonathan Silber observed the evacuation from the starboard wing of the Comte de Savoie.

“This will take 15 minutes,” Martin called out.

“That’s it?” Roger and Silber exclaimed.

“That’s it!” Martin shrugged. “The ship has linked their thoughts. They are evacuating in a calm, orderly fashion as a collective unit. With their injuries stabilized and the pain receptors blocked, just about everyone can go directly to their assigned cabins.”

“‘Just about’ everyone?”

“Yes… There are a few individual cases that require some attention.” Captain Savoie said as several red pinpoints flashed on the hologram elevation of the carrier. “But it’s nothing I can’t handle. We’ll be underway very shortly.”


Jake Jackson’s head pounded with the cacophony of echoes in the stairwell. He didn’t know which way was up. His body was numb from exhaustion and cold; he couldn’t even feel the railing he clung so tightly to. The past four days were just a blur, Jackson couldn’t tell if it had been four days, four seconds, or four weeks. It didn’t matter really, it was four time units of pure hell.

It all stopped suddenly. Jackson’s senses returned just enough to remind him where he was. Numb, clammy, and cold, head throbbing. He’d soiled himself, he’d been sick on himself, and he’d been alone in the dark the whole time. Squeezing his eyes shut as tight as he could, Jackson sobbed heavily, his own broken voice echoing back to him.

Heavy boots marched across the floor.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 12

Note: This is the final chapter. To start at the beginning, click here.

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 12 – Chaos and Isolation

Immediately, the office is in chaos. French doors to the office burst open, and four guys in SWAT uniforms with masked faces all surround Denny. They all have paintball weapons, and they are pointed at him. They are also screaming.


Before he can compose himself, the chair is pulled out from under him and he tries to kneel and keep his hands up. A metal barrel pokes him – there is so much happening that he can’t be sure whether or not the weapons are real.

“Wait, I thought it was you all. I don’t know these other guys. Wait, no no no!”

Denny’s hands are up, and he is on the floor.

“FACE DOWN! FACE DOWN!” one of the masked guys yells as they yank his phone away from him. As Denny goes down he briefly looks up and catches sight of Nathan and Ben. They are looking straight at him, saying nothing, calm as can be.

Denny’s hands are yanked behind his back and restrained with two pairs of handcuffs. Another one of the force is cuffing his ankles together. The third force member pulls Denny’s ankles up, folding his knees, and he zip-ties Denny’s ankle cuffs tightly to his handcuffs. He is hogchained and helpless.

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Bondage massage with oral sex among muscle guys

Physio Mulengro is happy to have his patient’s buddy Trace helping out so well. With Adam roped down on the table, it seems Trace has discovered how much he needs to suck his buddy’s cock! He works the fat dick in his mouth and explores his pal’s huge body, savoring the opportunity to pleasure his friend before Mulengro returns to continue his treatment.

Bondage massage with oral sex among muscle guys

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks


VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Trio Muscle Play – Part 2

Models: Mulengro, Trace Michaels, Adam Rogue

Bondage massage with oral sex among muscle guys

Bondage massage with oral sex among muscle guys

Tatted porn star Logan McCree is tied at Men On Edge

I think his tattoos are so sexy. The world-famous Logan McCree gets tied up, suspended, flogged and edged!

The world famous Logan McCree has taken a break from videos and he’s living a quiet life in Europe. Men On Edge was recently in Berlin, and their German producer happens to be friends with Logan. By pure chance and incredible luck, they got Logan for Men On Edge and Bound Gods. As stated in the interview, Logan doesn’t take BDSM lightly. He practices it in real life, and these are the first sites he trusts within this genre.

Tatted gay porn star Logan McCree is featured at Men On Edge

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The Tournament Affair – Part 05

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 5 – Escape

Right on cue there are two of the Jungle guys in the tent doorway.  One’s got the three-inch duct tape in his hand, and they both have the black search gloves on.  They’re here to gag, Denny knows, and aren’t likely to be deterred.

Denny calls out, “I know this isn’t a game! Even the black team went too far with me. I wasn’t supposed to be in this game!”

“Oh, is THAT so?”one of the Junglers says with a smirk. With his white teeth and eyes showing through the black face paint, he looks like a wolf, Denny thinks.

“Yes. You gonna help me? The black team did illegal things most likely.”

“THAT’s a new one. A captive trying to talk his way out of bondage! Never heard THAT before,” he says as he turns to his companion. “GLOVE!” and immediately the second captor has slapped his leather gloves onto Denny’s mouth and Ken’s as well. Denny moans and struggles under the grip of the leather glove.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 01

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 1 – First Encounter

The van pulls up to the curb, a white conversion van with dark tinted windows. The side panel door slides open and Denny peers in, hoping this is the ride he arranged in the outdoor gaming online group to get him to his day of apartment hunting. “Umm ….. ” Denny peers at the note he jotted the dude’s phone number onto, “…. Nathan?”

A big bodybuilder in a black T shirt and what looks like a black N95 mask waves at him from the front passenger seat. Denny can’t see the full face but the guy sounds super friendly and encouraging.

“You got me!  Hey, Denny, hop in the center seat in the second row there.  Chad and Ben will make space.”  Denny climbs in, thanking as he goes.  It’s been hard to find digs, and he’s looking forward to finally checking that off his list so he can focus on moving.  Denny isn’t an outdoor gamer himself, but he’s been fascinated for ages by the videos these hot guys post, especially the wargaming. Having seen other guys posting rideshare and roommate requests in the group’s message board, it struck him as a good way to meet some of the gamers in person, and now here he is, seated among four of them! They certainly look like the real thing.

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Check out the positions they get guys in at Men On Edge

What do you guys think? Check out this vintage shoot from Men On Edge:


Late at night Connor Patricks is always working alone down by the water. When Sebastian assures Van that the coast is clear, they sneak up behind their prey and cuff him to the fence. Connor tries to bribe his way out but unfortunately for him, his perverted captors aren’t interested in money. They tear away his clothes and start teasing his cock. Connor screams: “I’m not that way!” but his cock says differently when it stands rock hard. Connor has clover clamps attached to his nipples as the two pervs use dual hitachi’s on his cockhead. They then suspend Connor in the air with his limbs tied down, as Sebastian feeds Connor a mouthful of cock. Connor’s then bent over as his ass gets fucked with the fucksall. Bound with his legs spread, Connor has his toes licked as his cock is relentlessly edged. A prostate massager is shoved up his ass as the pervs finally milk a load out of Connor’s sensitive cock. The bound stud endures feet tickling and post-orgasmic torment before he’s left helplessly bound.

34194_10 34194_17

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