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Casey More gets beaten and bound while his cock is edged to cum

gay bondage

Casey More walks into work to find his coworker Landon Conrad tied up with Van tormenting his cock. Just as Casey goes to help his bound colleague, Sebastian jumps out from behind and tackles him to the ground. Casey finds himself bound and blindfolded, screaming for help. The two pervs beat him down ’til he agrees to cooperate. With his arms and legs spread out, Casey’s clothes are torn from his hot body. Casey tries to resist but his cock gets hard as soon as it’s teased. Sebastian edges his hard cock repeatedly until Casey begs them to cum.

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Casey More bondage stud

Montana – Part 04

By ty dehner

I look at Austin in disbelief. He builds an evil grin on his face.

“I don’t have any money, Ty has my wallet back in his barn.”

This pisses Austin off. He grabs my crotch and slowly pushes me in the dark corner of the bar. Two of his posse follow and the other goes gets some beers. I am slammed against the wall and Austin pushes his tongue in my mouth and gives me the kiss he started in the corral at the ranch. As he does he works my hands behind my back and soon I am cuffed, and he knees my balls making me moan into his lips.

He pulls back slightly his eyes looking into my mine.

“Oh, fuck boy, we’re going to show you your own private rodeo.”, he knees me again in the balls and I start to yell in pain he covers my mouth with his gloved hand and laughs. I struggle some and he smiles even more.

“Struggle cowboy, struggle. I fucking love me a cowboy that struggles and when I have you roped like a calf I am going to shoot my load all over you!”

The cowboy returns from the bar with three beers setting them on the table next to us, they sit down, and Austin has me sit in the chair next to him. Under the table he reaches over and starts kneading my cock and ball in the Wranglers causing me some pain.

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Montana – Part 01

By ty dehner

Ty and i had met on line one evening, when i was feeling horny. i was hanging out in one of the many chat rooms. We started talking about our mutual interest in leather, cowboys, bondage and other fun things that guys like us enjoy. We traded pictures, but neither of them were up to date. After talking back and forth for nearly six months, i asked Ty if he was going to be near my hometown soon. i had a week’s vacation coming up and thought it would be fun to finally meet in person. i could drive or fly and meet him for a day or two. Ty said that the rodeo was going to be in Billings, Montana the first weekend that i was on vacation.

Ty and i really enjoy cowboys, their gear and the games that two cowboys can play. Ty is purely a dominant guy, and i am submissive all the way. Being that i lived on the west coast, driving to Billings in time for the rodeo was not going to work. Ty offered to pick me up at the airport and we could share a room. Ty enjoyed the rodeo, as i did. i’m not sure if we liked watching the bull riding, calf wrestling, or just watching those guys in chaps and Wranglers.

i woke the morning of the flight to Montana. I put on my Wranglers, lace-up ropers, belt, black brush popper shirt, leather vest and my hat. i had packed a few other things, knowing that i was only spending the night.   As we took off, i enjoyed the feeling of my tight jeans. i chuckled as i noticed a few of the guys in the airport checking me out.   And the male flight attendant sure seemed to be giving me great service. i know that standing 6’1”, as i do, i can look pretty “tough”, but if only they knew my real personality. i’m a husky guy, weighing in at 240 pounds, i keep my hair cut real short and am clean shaven. i’ve been trying to work out a bit, and eventually hope to have the same shape as Garth Brooks. Talk about a hunk, i can feel his thunder roll any time!

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Video: Tied-up cocksucker

This is my favorite shoot ever featuring Derek da Silva. Check it out:


At Daddy’s Bondage Boys, Cullen Cable orally serves Master Derek da Silva — doing what he does best, while tied up! Derek takes full advantage of his captive until he cannot help but explode all over his face.

Title of this shoot: Training Play Part 7

Keywords: rope bondage, piercings, hairy, daddy, face fucking, deepthroat, sucking

With: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable

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