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Cheaters get tickle tortured

Has Richard been cheating on him? Has his handsome daddy been sneaking off behind his back to get some dick and ass elsewhere? Sebastian seems to think so, and he’s ready to punish his cheating partner with some serious tickle torture! Of course, he should have known not to let his guard down for one second, the tables are soon turned!

male tickle torture

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Title of this video: Cheaters Get Tickle Tortured!

tickle torture male bondage

Top Cock: Loser’s head is shoved in the urinal

At Naked Kombat. The loser gets his head shoved in the urinal before he’s fucked into submission. It’s muscle vs skill as Abel Archer (6’2″, 180 lbs) takes on John Smith (6’1″, 175 lbs) in a grudge match to determine who deserves to be called Top Cock.


Both studs settle the bout on the mat as they shove their hard cocks in the other’s face. The winner eventually outgasses the loser, taking his sorry ass to the bathroom for a punishing sex round. Blindfolded with arms tied behind his back, the loser gets on his knees and submits to champion dick. The winner humiliates his prize with edging, with some foot worship and swirlies at the urinals before ramming a triumphant cock up the loser’s hole.

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The onslaught of hard dicking proves too much for the loser, who blows a giant load and is made to eat his own seed. The winner then takes a victory lap fuck, binding the loser’s arms above his head before introducing the loser to the taste of victory, a beard full of cum.

37223_14 37223_19

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Men in suits tied up: Power suit power play


At Men At Play, Hector de Silva finds himself completely at the mercy of another man — Emir Boscatto. Hector is bound to a chair and on the receiving end of basically anything Emir wants to do to him. Emir decides to play a little game of control on Hector by taking his throbbing cock and playing with it, slowly at first but gradually picking up rhythm and taking him almost to the point of cumming but stopping just in time to see Hector gasp, and his eyes beg him to take him to full orgasm. Emir continues this delicious game of edging a few more times, reveling in the power he exerts over his victim, and as much as Emir would like to milk him fully and drink his load, his power-game has only just begun!

gay_bondage_men_at_play_02 gay_bondage_men_at_play_03 gay_bondage_men_at_play_05

Title of this shoot: ‘Jungle: The Lions Den’

Starring Hector De Silva and Emir Boscatto

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male bondage


Seth is tied up and on display

After his long ass-fucking, Seth is removed from the bed and dragged into another room. Jared ropes him on his back, completely naked, arms over head and legs spread extra-wide like he’s doing in the splits, exposing his quivering asshole: a perfect body perfectly displayed. His tight abs flex and unflex with each breath as he waits for whatever comes next. Of course, that stretched asshole will be fucked, but first Jared will make this captive squirm in pain. Using a riding crop, he beats the soles of Seth’s feet, then whips his nipples, inner thighs, ass, abs and his cock and balls. Seth yelps in agony but clearly love the pain. He’ll do anything to please this man and show his submission, anything to be fucked again – and maybe even jerked off.

Seth is tied up and on display

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Title of this video:

SETH STARK – Young And Willing – Chapter 7

Seth is tied up and on display

Francois Sagat is tied up and in fear

Sagat terror, bondage and submission

“FEAR Scene 6” from Titan features Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn, Diesel Washington, CJ Madison and Brody Newport in a graphic depiction of terror, bondage and submission. CJ and Brody strip Dean down nude and strap his wrists and ankles into an iron bondage chair. As Dean struggles to get free and tries to understand the bizarre events unfolding around him, the assailants strap him in by his neck and leave him so they can deal with François. With a horse’s bit in his mouth and hanging from a crucifix-like suspension, Francois is so terrified that he actually pisses clear through his jockstrap (which is already drenched with Diesel’s trademark waterworks of piss). CJ and Brody laugh from the sidelines, joining in to piss on him while Dean — who’s been wheeled into view so he’s forced to bear witness — watches on helplessly as he and his boyfriend are subjected to a fantasia of terrifying acts of submission and bondage which make the previous five scenes seem almost tame by comparison as they push the limits of sex and fear.

“FEAR Scene 6” from Titan features Francois Sagat


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gay porn “FEAR Scene 6” from Titan features Francois Sagat

Muscle guys wrestle for bondage stakes

In this video from the men of Bound Muscle Jocks, Bryce Pierce sees an opportunity to get his revenge, overpowering Rojer Beaumont and quickly turning his attention on lean trainer Luca Ciccone. He quickly subdues the man, tying him up to the corner of the ring and rousing him to face his torment. Luca can do nothing as Bryce tugs his nipples and smacks around the growing bulge in his spandex.

muscle bondagewrestlling


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Title: Bryce Pierce, Rojer Beaumont & Luca Ciccone

Description: Bryce Gets His Revenge On Luca

male bondage wrestling