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Tough luck, Jack

Bound with ropes to a workbench with his bare arse in the air, Jack can do nothing to stop the man who caresses his bare skin so tenderly. Jack fights against his bindings and curses him. If he doesn’t want to be romanced, he needs harder training. A stern warning makes this thick fucker promise to do anything. He’s presented with a cock and taught how to romance it like a lover running his tongue over the glans and teasing the piss slit. The hard dick is slid in and out of his mouth until it’s slick with his spit and very hard. Now that Jack has lubed him up, Adrian plunges his cock into Jack’s tight arse. While he’s fucking him hard Dave shoves his cock in Jack’s face and demands sucking. The men angrily fuck him at both ends roasting him like a pig.


This dick goes down the back of Jack’s throat, making all this straight guy’s stomach juices come up. Jack’s handsome face is covered in cum which is licked up and fed directly into his mouth. His next lesson in subservience is to worship a man’s arshole. He’s ordered to lick Dave’s sphincter lovingly. The selfish bastard does a rubbish job so his arsehole is filled with a massive dildo. Having his hole stretched to breaking point is the encouragement he needs to rim properly. This sportsman’s precious dick and balls are weighed down so he can feel them constantly while serving the men who own him. After all the exertion of being fucked and fed another mouthful of spunk, this man is filthy with sweat and cum. He’s bathed in piss as Dave gives the lad a golden shower. Jack collapses on the bench, having been thoroughly wrecked and humiliated.

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Video: Frat stud gets roped, tickled, caned and fucked

MetalbondNYC_tied_up_01 MetalbondNYC_tied_up_02

At Roped Studs, Muscular Jordan is roped on his back to a steel ladder dangling in mid-air, arms spread wide, legs spread even wider. “Oh fuck!” the frat stud screams. He knows why his legs are spread so wide: He is about to be fucked while bound and helpless. But first things first: Rope man J.J. wants to enjoy the beautiful, supple soles of Jordan’s feet. He alternates between tickling them and caning them, eliciting nervous laughter, then shriekes of pain. A little later, J.J. greases up that stretched asshole – and rams in a huge, black dildo. “Fuuucckkkk!” Jordan screams as his ass is drilled.


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Rope Studs gay bondage video


Tyler Saint ties up Beau Sinclair and roughs him up

These pictures are from a video from the men of Bound Muscle Jocks. In this update, Tyler Saint is the kind of man you either really want to be owned by or are terrified of, there’s no middle ground. Beau Sinclair is getting his first experience at the hands of the powerful master, roped up and left hanging for Tyler to explore. The pain starts instantly, with tight nipple clamps and punches and slaps, but it’s the ball stretching and slapping that’s really gonna have this big man walking with a limp for weeks.

Tyler Saint ties up Beau Sinclair and roughs him up


VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Tyler Saint & Beau Sinclair

Scene Description: Dungeon Games – Breaking The Boy

male bondage videos Tyler Saint ties up Beau Sinclair and roughs him up

Porn star Brian Bonds gets tied up and edged over and over

Also at Men On Edge, house slave Brian Bonds is organizing the bondage wall when he realizes he finally has some alone time for a quick release. He pulls out his hard cock before he’s caught with dick in hand. He’s bent over Jessie Colter’s knee for a good spanking to remind him who his cock belongs to. Arms back on the padded horse, Brian has his throbbing cock teased again and again while his balls are tied down, keeping him in place. The muscled house slave is bent over to expose his meaty ass, as Jessie slides an electric dildo inside. He turns it up to full blast as Brian’s hard cock is brought inches away from orgasm. Brian is finally bound spread eagle, where an eruption of cum blasts from his aching cock before enduring post-orgasmic torment.

Model in this shoot: Brian Bonds

Title: Muscled House Slave Begs to Cum In Bondage

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Bound and immobilized for sexual release

Being tied up for sex

Being tied up for sex is exciting for many guys, and putting full control of his stiff dick into Yoshi’s caring and masterful hands is holepig Lawrence Knight’s wet dream cum true. Tied up once more by Shibari master Encho, this time his dick is getting teased and edged, and not his hungry hole. With arms tied and immobile, there’s nothing for Lawrence to do except beg to finally cum. Yoshi edges him with slick, lube-y hands, his mouth and a buzzing vibrator to keep the stimulation turned up to high. Meanwhile, he’s controlling Lawrence’s breath and drenching him in the spit he loves. Just when Lawrence’s stimulation is hitting a maximum level, Yoshi milks his aching cock to give him a delicious mouthful of his own fresh cum.

Tied up once more by Shibari master Encho


VIDEO at Yoshi Kawasaki XXX

Title of this video: Kinbaku – Milk

his dick is getting teased and edged

Captured straight jock gets his tight ass violated in the deep woods

Straight stud Logan Vaughn is captured in the deep woods and edged for days

Men on Edge Metalbond

Logan Vaughn is hiking in the woods and somewhere in the bushes a perv can’t help but imagine what his body looks like under his clothes. The perv wants to find out and takes him down hard. Logan finds himself on top of the ridge, shirtless and tied to two tree trunks. He can’t help but get hard as a mysterious stranger caresses his body and cock. Slowly pulling his pants down his naked body is exposed. His cock is tied to another tree 25 feet away and pulls on his balls with each jerk.

Logan is edged over and over again. Begging to cum he’s left on top of the mountain, naked, sweaty, and hard for hours. Down in the forest he’s suspended between a circle of trees and fucked with a dildo. The perv edges him as he’s hanging and begging to cum. Horny to the point of exhaustion he finally blows his massive load all over his muscular body.

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Caught in a rope spider web

Even though he’s new to bondage, the ropes have Scott DeMarco ready to cum in seconds.


Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_02 Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_03 Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_04 Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_05

In this shoot from Men On Edge:

New to bondage, Scott DeMarco can’t wait to get the full Men on Edge treatment with Sebastian and Van. They bind him to a wooden post and cut the clothes from his lean body, revealing an already raging erection. Wrapped tight and loving it, Scott is ready to blow in seconds. Sebastian doesn’t let Scott off so easily, letting the pressure build as he brings Scott to the edge with his hands and mouth. Scott tries to fuck Sebastian’s mouth in vain, but he’s not in control today. Scott’s tormentors remove him from the post and trap his body in a web of rope, helpless against edge after edge. They rig a dildo through the web and into Scott’s ass, filling his hole while Sebastian denies Scott’s hot load and tickles his feet. Sebastian takes his time before finally milking a fountain of hot cum from Scott and then immediately tormenting his sensitive cock head.

Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_06 Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_07 Scott_DeMarco_gay_bondage_08

Model in this shoot: Scott DeMarco

Title: Ripped Stud Caught in Sebastian’s Web and Edged Relentlessly

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male BDSM videos KinkMen


Vincent is tied naked and made to crawl


Hot young straight man Vincent is tied naked and made to crawl across the floor at BreederFuckers. He’s trained with a whip while his nipples and foreskin are clamped. He’s pinned to the ground and fucked with a dildo to open up his tight anus.

gay bondage 004 009 018

He’s left bound naked on the floor with a vibrator locked in place up his precious ass

gay bondage

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