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Adam Ramzi is tied up and edged in his own house by home-invading pervs!

This is a male bondage video in which Adam Ramzi gets tied up:


Adam Ramzi is ready for a quiet night in his own home, but Sebastian hasn’t forgotten him from the gym and is lurking outside. Sebastian watches as Adam undresses and jerks himself off. When he falls asleep, Sebastian and Van sneak in. Adam awakens bound to a chair and at the mercy of Sebastian. He’s edged repeatedly with a gag and begs to cum as Sebastian blows him. Hogtied on the bed, he gets a dildo in his ass and the pressure on his prostate drives him crazy. After a full night of edging and tickling, the hot stud Sebastian finally lets him blow his load and polishes his cockhead.

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A male bondage prisoner gets tied up, suspended and jacked off

In this video from Men On Edge, a captive is taken from his home and bound against his will by two perverts who milk a load out of his uncut cock


Jackson Filmore is passed out at home when Sebastian and Jesse decided they need a man to torment and edge. After taking Jackson out of his home, they bring him to their underground Boiler Room and tie him spread eagle on the floor, his body pressed to the floor with tight twine as he’s edged repeatedly. Jackson begs to cum, but with the bondage so tight he can barely squirm. Jesse feeds him his cock while Sebastian licks his feet and Jackson can’t contain himself, but Sebastian denies him again and again. Tied to the boiler, Jackson gets turned around for an ass fuck by the vibrating dildo that nearly shoots a load out of him. Fully suspended from the giant device he gets another fuck that makes him cum but it’s the post-orgasm torment that really sends him reeling.

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All the rope you need

Especially when it is Natural Hemp Rope, available from Mr S:

Gay bondageNatural Hemp Rope

gay bondagegay bondage

Although it doesn’t have the artificial smoothness of a plastic or acrylic rope, it’s soft (and gets softer the more you use it) and it is great-looking against the skin. This Natural Hemp Rope comes from Europe and is available in three sizes: 6mm (small), 5/16″ (medium), or a 1/2″ (thicker) diameter.

Get all the rope and tape you need at the Mr S online store 

Bryan Cole endures bondage and edging

Bryan Cole is a cut guy looking to show off his body in bondage. To start, he’s tied with his arms back against the windows. Slowly they cut off his clothing and tease his cock through his briefs. As his cock becomes rock hard, they strip him naked. The rope around his neck chokes him as he is edged. Standing on the wooden cross, he is flogged until his ass is red, making it ready for fucking. He almost cums from a dildo in his ass, but they suspend him and fuck his ass some more to make sure his load is ready. He is tied to a bed spread eagle with his hard cock and ass completely exposed. They then tickle torment him, suck his feet, lick his begging cock, and finally make him cum a huge load all over his chest.

Bryan Cole endures bondage and edging in his first video shoot everBryan Cole is a cut guy looking to show off his body in his first shoot everMen On EdgeMetalbound

This is a video from Men On Edge

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Tied up in the woods

Here’s a video from Bound in Public. It’s a hot summer day, and horny men are cruising the wooded trails. Alessio Romero is looking for a blowjob in the bushes, then all of the sudden Brenn Wyson jumps on him.

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All the horny dudes get in the action and rip off Alessio’s clothes. The helpless stud is made to suck cock and lick ass. He resists a lot, so Brenn ties him to the trees and beats the hell out of him. Everyone drags him into the campground and takes turns fucking him.

male bdsm video

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