Bondage Contract

By Unknown

Sometimes it is best to put it in writing, to make it official …

The following is a proposed bondage contract between STUDTOP and Handcuffman, to take place in three segments. In the first and third segments, Handcuffman is to be STUDTOP’s prisoner for 12-hour increments of time. In the second segment, STUDTOP is to be Handcuffman’s prisoner for 12 hours. There may be additional “break” time between segments, provided both parties agree, but once each segment has commenced there will be no backing out early.

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A Harness Built for Two – Part 08

By BigMouthfla

Ok here is the breakdown of the belt and being locked 24/7.

I guess I should explain how this all started. We’ve been together a while now. Never thought it would develop into this type of relationship. But I’m happy it has.

We met at a coffee shop. I’m a sucker for good coffee shops. The one place I used to go was fantastic and was always a good place to engage in great conversation. I had seen him in there before. Always cordial with everyone. I would frequently bring my laptop and surf some while there. He would from time to time. We must have seen each other a good dozen times or so. One day he asked if I happened to have a charger that he could use for a bit, as his battery was running low. I did and was glad to share.

As typical of the place, we engaged in some good conversation. As the day went on and the time started to pass, we were about ready to pack it up and move on when he asked if I felt like grabbing a light snack. I hadn’t eaten yet so gladly accepted. Now, at this point, I had no inclination that he was into me at all. I really didn’t even think that he was gay. Not to stereotype, but he gave off absolutely no clues whatsoever. I wasn’t even sure if he knew that I was. I did find him quite attractive in many ways, but I don’t cross lines. If he’s not interested, it stops there. I’m also not one to make the first move.

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Professor gets seduced and tied up by one of his students

At My Friends Feet. In this scene, the student wasn’t too impressed with his D grade. Professor Link claims that the student deserved the grade he received, as he didn’t work hard enough. He soon changes his mind though. Professor Link turns out to be extremely ticklish, with even the slightest touch of his socked feet with the student’s fingers driving him insane. The good Professor held out for quite some time, enduring an all-out, bound, tickle torture before finally giving in to his student and bumping his grade up to an A!

Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_01 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_02 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_03 Gay_Bondage_tickling_My_Friends_Feet_04

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First Time 1995

By ty dehner

Today I’m known for my fiction writing of BDSM, but it all started over 20 years ago with my first leather and bondage experience. This was a time when the internet was just beginning and being kinky and gay was a challenge as we didn’t know there were others like us as one can find on the internet today. My discovery that there were others like me came when I found an issue of Bound & Gagged Magazine in a Tower Books. From that day I was there every month with each new issue, eventually building the courage to have a subscription and have it sent to my home. To meet guys then, one would place personal ads in a publication like B&G. I never really met anyone with those ads, but I read the stories that were written by real guys and dream of being them, bound, helpless and struggling. Then I got my first computer and one of those free disks to access America OnLine. And this is where this story begins…

They say if you wait long enough, that dreams can come true. Well, today one of those dreams did come true. For most of my life I have always wanted to experience leather and bondage. It was only in the last three that I discovered that I was not alone in this desire. As I came to terms with my sexuality and my desires, I started to want someone to share their experience and knowledge with me. I ran ads, got a few responses but nothing ever came from it.

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