The Moat


stories by CREUSSThis time, after a few stories, I am back to a true story…

I was in the army, as I explained before… There is no reason to waste time to tell you about my army life…

Anyway, we were into a “commando course,” something quite hard, but rather interesting… Quite a challenge.

I won’t let you know why, but for any reason, I have done something wrong that awarded me to be punished.

As it was not really possible to be withdrawn from the course, the punishment had to be quick and efficient, to impress me and the rest of the squad.

Among the possibilities of the course, there was what we call “une Tyrolienne”. The English call that a toggle rope, I think (but I am not 100% sure of the translation).

From the top tower of the fort, it was possible to slide along the rope, down to the moat. We used to hold us with a special rope to grip both hands on each side of the rope. The bent of the rope could make the speed quite fast…

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DVD REVIEW: ‘Force Recon’

DVD REVIEW: ‘Force Recon’

By Metalbond

If you are into good rope work and hot military studs, you might be interested in “Force Recon,” a film by Gary “Chip” Weichelt starring a bunch of handsome young men with nice bodies who find themselves in bondage peril. The cast includes Staff Sergeant Knight, Private Davis, Corporal Saddler and “Cutter.” There is an overly complicated plot involving military intelligence, a computer chip, double-crossing and men who may or may not be telling the truth.  The whole matter gets a bit confusing.  But what can be so wrong with a plot that causes lots of guys to get tied up and left to struggle?

There are plenty of hunky military men in camouflage fatigues and boots — “a platoon of raw recruits,” as they are described early in the DVD — carrying big guns through the woods.  But there are bad guys stalking them, and one by one the members of the platoon all find themselves in strict bondage.

The first guy to be overpowered gets handcuffed, then put in a white mesh net sealed with plastic zip ties.  Next, another guy gets roped standing spread eagle against a tree.  Another finds himself knocked out, gagged with cloth, and then tied securely in a challenging hogtie.  Soon four others get overpowered with guns, bound with zip ties and later tied up in various ways.  One of them gets tied on his back with his legs up against a tree. Another is tied shirtless in a very severe stakeout on his back.  Yet another shirtless guy is tied to a tree.  They are all tortured for information about that missing chip. (Get it? They are looking for a chip, and Chip is also the name of the director.)

Later in the DVD, another shirtless guy gets strung up against a tree, then beaten and tortured.  It’s the most realistic part of the movie. He’s got a bloody nose, and the look on the guy’s face shows real fear.  Another intense part of the action centers around the staked out guy, the leader of the recruits, who is menaced with a knife and later cut with the blade. Yes, these guys play rough.

Included on this DVD are outtakes and bloopers, which were apparently not included in the original release on videotape. Some viewers, however, might find that this additional footage ruins part of the fantasy.  (Who needs to see them actually make the sausage?)  One thing is clear from watching the outtakes: directing a movie like this with so many characters and scenarios is a lot harder than it looks.  It was quite an ambitious project.

There are a few apparent technical glitches in the movie.  At the moment that many of the victims are taken, the sound cuts out and the action is shown in slow motion. Another minor complaint is that some of the punches have a “pro wrestling” quality to them, and you can tell pretty clearly that they are fake.

This DVD contains no sex or nudity, so if that is what you are after look elsewhere. But if you want to see a bunch of hot guys taken by force and tied up, you absolutely must get “Force Recon.” There is lots of gagging, great verbal abuse and simulated torture that gets intense in parts.  Best of all, the prisoners are expertly and creatively tied.  The captor who does the tying really knows his stuff. He ties a great rope hogtie, quickly and efficiently. And the ropes look great going over such muscular arms and bodies.

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The Bamboo Cage


stories by CREUSSWe were settled in a remote island, far from our base…

This island was quite isolated, and a desert… Actually we were the only ones on this island, a group of 25 legionnaires, 3 NCOs and an Officer.

We were here to be protect a wide area of sea… Don’t ask details, it was “Secret Défense”…

Days were boring. We had 2 shifts of 12 hours…

A team of 3 was on duty at the top of the hills, where you can have a large view at sea…

Another team of 3 was patrolling up and down the island…

Others were either resting, either working on the settlement for food, laundry, etc…

When not on duty, we were able to go at sea, and swim… it was a paradise on earth for the sightseeing, but it was boring days after days…

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Agenda Q magazine

A friend of mine who was in Paris recently sent me these scanned-in pictures from Agenda Q magazine. He pointed out that Metalbond was featured in this publication’s listings of bondage websites to check out.

gay bondage 02_AgendaQblog


For those who don’t know French, here is what they say about Metalbond:

“This bondage enthusiast seems also to have a penchant for uniforms. Well I’m not going to be the first to throw a stone…”


Thanks for the good press, Agenda Q!


And FUCK YES I do love men in uniforms! Especially if they use chains or cuffs to overpower and dominate!

Happened Last Night

By Erik of Roids and Rants

I enter the apartment. The bathroom is right next to the entrance like they told me, and after shedding my shoes and overcoat I enter the bathroom and strip. I was told to bring my Slick It Up hood with me, the tight black one with only a hole for the mouth, and once I’m naked I pull it on. The last thing I see is myself in the whole-length mirror, my dick already swaying hard, face a little anxious but excited.

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Comments from readers

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying your blog. How do you find the time to keep it updated so regularly? And with such hot material! It’s become one of my all-time favorite sex sites.

—New York City


Loving the blog. I check it out every day for a morning hard-on.

—Los Angeles


You told me you were working on a blog … I just found it, it’s great! Absolute great work man. Looking at your cage pics … ’til this day, I haven’t realized that fantasy of being held “hostage” in a cage, chained to it. One day I will!

—Ottawa, Canada


Your site … it’s just what I like. Learned about such things when I lived in the Village back in 1958-61. (Yes, I’m an antique!) Friends then showed me the use of ball padlocks, etc. Hence my name “Locknut” on various sites today. We really needed chastity devices then, but had to make do. Now I’m in a device made by Mature Metal.  Can’t get enough of it.  Your site is a real turn-on when one can’t do anything about it for weeks on end. Thanks for putting so much there.

—via the Internet


Your site is on my “must check” list every day — and it almost ALWAYS makes me hard! Great combination of pics, stories and the twisted shit that I really get into! Outstanding piece of work — Thank You!

—via the Internet


Hey there — I just read your friend’s continuation of Waiting for Ross … can’t wait for more.

—New Jersey


Hi there … love your blog … LOVED the story “Waiting For Ross.” … didn’t know that early part of the story … hehe.



Wow. I just found your blog a few days ago. It is OUTSTANDING. Thanks for sharing it! Really great. Loved the PIT story.



i am a regular visitor of your bondage website … wish i could be where you are and be your bondage captive.



Your Houdini Halloween blog entry was so cute and sweet, and actually brought a bit of a tear to my eye.

—Reno, Nevada


I think your message to Houdini on your blog is one of the hottest things I’ve read in a while — hope you get a good sexy dream out of it. The photo you posted of him bent over with the multitude of fetters, cuffs, chains and locks was probably my favorite masturbation material when I was 12.

—New York City


Just wanted to say i spent several hours this weekend enjoying Your website. Incredible! Great pics, great stories! WOW! You have spent a lot of time building a first class website. THANKS!



i have just read your blog … amazing … it would be so great to change with the heroes of your stories.



Love some of the photos of you at Alcatraz. Hot!

Best from Japan,

men in chains



Part 1

stories by CREUSSI was enjoying spending a couple of hours, on weekends, at my local café… Not for drinking, but for the company… It was a nice friendly place, where some legionnaires used to come and have a drink too!

Not a noisy place, or somewhere they were drinking too much, but a place where they used to come and have a rest.

Actually, it was not a “bar à soldats”, where they were most of the customers, as they exist around stations, or barracks, but a place where they sometimes come, where they expect to be no more than “normal” customers…

As a matter of fact, weeks after weeks, it became obvious that most of the soldiers here were regular customers, and actually, they were quite a few to come… probably no more than 15 from the local barracks… but every week-end, 3 to 5 were always here…

I started to get used to see them after a few months, and they were used to the locals too! But they did not mix with the public easily…

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