New Gear – Part 2

By ty dehner

In a flash, I was face down in the heavy, creamy mud! I could still breathe thanks to the gaps in the helmet that protected my head, but I could feel the wetness of the mud soaking my lightweight jersey. As I recovered from the shock of being dumped, I started to struggle to right myself to get my face out of the mud. But the more I struggled, the more I seem to sink into it. I totally forgot about my Master and his truck, so I paused for a moment and I didn’t hear anything. Did he drive off and just leave me to worm my way in the muck?

I could feel the mud making its way into my helmet, and if I didn’t roll over I would end up suffocating in this stuff. There was nothing firm to grab onto with my bound hands, so it was really difficult to move. My heavy boots worked as they could but were bound together with the tape. I know the mud is caking on my new gear, and I could feel it soaking now into my pants and gloves. The goggles were covered with mud, so I couldn’t see anything. I tried reaching down with my hands deep into the mud but didn’t find a bottom. This really freaked me out, for I could end up sinking into this never to be seen again.

I tried with all my might and got myself shifted on my side. Raising my hands, I wiped some of the mud from the goggles so I could see. It wasn’t a clear view, but I could see the building under construction just beyond me. As I rolled over my legs went deeper into the mud, allowing me to bend at my waist a bit, but when I tried pulling my legs up they were stuck. I would not be getting out on my own. I turned, looking for Master, and found him not far. He was standing on the tailgate of the truck that was only a few feet from me. He yelled my name, and I looked up at him in his USMC desert ACUs and he had his cock out. The first splash of his piss struck the top of my helmet and ran down, mixing with the mud.

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Viewers choice at Bound Jocks: Adam Champ

Check him out. Super hairy and muscular bound jock Adam Champ is tied to a stool in his briefs and bandana gagged.


Unable to get free, his tormenters then remove his briefs and tie his hands high above his head to the ceiling. His massive uncut cock is tied to the base of the stool. As he struggles, the tension on his cock and balls gets him super excited and rock hard. The harder he struggles, the harder he gets until he can’t take it anymore and blows an impressive load!

Bound_Jocks_Adam_Champ_MetalbondNYC_01 Bound_Jocks_Adam_Champ_MetalbondNYC_02 Bound_Jocks_Adam_Champ_MetalbondNYC_03 Bound_Jocks_Adam_Champ_MetalbondNYC_04


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The Convict – Part 12

By Joshua Ryan

Processing! That’s what happens to a piece of meat. That’s what happens to a load of sewage. It was incredible. This morning I was a rising young executive. I had a job. I had an apartment. I had a lover. I had clothes! Now I had nothing but my skin. I was a “boy.” I was a naked convict standing in front of a hillbilly guard who had to teach me everything I was supposed to do, because I was a mindless asshole, a moron like every other convict. And he was right. When I had a life, I couldn’t wait to get away from it. I wanted to be with a convict. I wished I was like a convict. And the convict turned out to be smarter than I was. Now they were turning me into the convict’s replacement. I was a boy and the guy standing in front of my was my boss. I would have a boss like him for the rest of my life. Because they were processing me into a convict.

“This is Nolan. Open.” The officer snapped his phone back on his belt.

At the far end of the room, a steel door opened.

“Through the door, boy — double time!”

I scurried toward the door, my dick bouncing against my naked legs. As I passed the other convict, he gave another swab to the floor. I was nothing to him.

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The Edge – Chapter 10

By Steellock and slavebladeboi

Matt listened to the familiar thump of his boots on concrete as he ran towards the shop. It was still before 9 in the morning but the sun was warm and the sweat sheen on his shoulders reflected the light as his muscles moved effortlessly beneath the skin. He felt good, as he always did with the prospect of a day at the shop.

About 100 yards away from the front door he stopped to catch his breath and cool slightly. He didn’t want to turn up as though he was ready for a shower but Jim had asked if he could be there before 9 so he walked on slowly towards the shop. It looked closed. Although it was never that bright inside it looked darker than usual so Matt tried the door expecting it to be locked. It opened straight away, which took him a bit by surprise but thinking no more of it he went in. Walking across the floor to the back of the shop he heard a noise and two guys stepped out from behind one of the display racks each holding pieces of leather equipment they had taken off the rack nearest them.

“Say, do you work here?” the first guy asked Matt. He was about Matt’s size, older by 10 years but looked as hard muscled as anyone Matt could remember. Wearing a sleeveless T shirt and jeans he walked over to him holding out a thick leather hood.

“I want this for my boi but I’m not clear about the fixings. Can you help?”

“Well, I don’t actually work here although I have done some work for the owner,” Matt said catching a glimpse of the second man pulling the tail of a dangerous looking single tailed whip slowly through his fingers, a thick flogger hanging over his shoulder. “What do you want to know?”

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Three Days in Jail – Part 01

By Pisslurper

About six weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me an email with a link to a website for a jail in Iowa. Not an ordinary jail, but an old, historic jail that someone had purchased and is now offering to incarcerate people for a fee. The pictures of the place were hot as hell, an authentic old county jail built in 1880 and used for over 100 years. The place looked tiny, only three cells, but it was a real jail and looked a bit hardcore.

I knew right away that I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity. It turns out I had some unused vacation due, so I emailed the jail and set up a three day visit.

For the next six weeks, I have been obsessively poring over and over the pictures and instructions on that website. I planned out a two-day drive to Iowa, and endlessly fantasized about my upcoming jail stay.

The jailor emailed me to park next to the jail, and he will meet me at my car. I’m expecting to be ‘arrested’ at my car and brought into the jail in handcuffs. The jail is located downtown in a small Iowa town, next door to the Methodist church. Since I’m showing up at noon on Sunday, I’m a little worried about church goers and passersby seeing me as I get brought around to the jail entrance, which is on the opposite side of the building than the parking lot. But, I guess that is all part of the experience. I’m not sure what is more humiliating, being a convict or being a pervert who pays to have someone lock him up in jail.


Reporting to jail


The jailor instructed me to park in the parking spots off the alley to one side of the jail. I parked underneath the barred windows of the jail, and in seconds the deputy was coming out a door on the side of the building, yelling at me to put my hands on the steering wheel. Before I knew it, he had me with my hands on the roof of the car, and then cuffed with my hands behind my back. He emptied my pockets and gave me a pat down before marching me around the back of the building to the entrance to the jail.

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Suspended for a bondage kiss


Today’s Suspension picture is from Bound Gods. It’s from a vintage shoot, a group scene they did a while back called “Van Darkholme Abuses His Boys in His Dungeon Part One.” (Downloadable preview clips from this shoot here.)

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