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Porn god Connor Maguire tied and tortured

At 30 Minutes of Torment, Connor Maguire gets his ass violated and tormented to the extreme


Connor Maguire steps up to the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. Connor starts things off brutally, tied to bamboo chutes. Van works the muscled stud’s chest with some hard punches before caning his ass. With his cock hard and tied up, Connor endures more caning and nipple torment. The Pit – Strapped up with belts and balancing on pegs, Connor takes the flogging of his life as Van wields two floggers. With a dildo mounted on the platform, Connor squats on to it, enduring the ass torment as well as the stress position with another round of hard flogging mixed in. The Water Station – With Connor’s entire torso feeling the agonizing pinch of the numerous clothespins, they hit him hard with the water.

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Connor Maguire male bdsm


Video: Prison sex behind bars

Kurt Klein has never been to prison and is cowering in the corner while Cesar Xes jerks on his bed. Cesar warns him that if he doesn’t toughen up things will get bad, real bad! Kurt has never fucked with guys before, just fooled around a little. Cesar decides to teach him what he needs to get by. He drops his pants and Kurt starts sucking. Cesar shows no mercy and rams his throat full of tough uncut Latin cock. Grabbing Kurt by the skull he slaps his dick around his face as Kurt kneels with pants down and only his jock covering his dick and balls. Kurt happily chows down on the musky meat — if this is prison sex, bring it on.

Prison sex behind bars

Cesar yanks down Kurt’s jock and gets a juicy mouthful of his ass to open his cellmate up for a hard prison fuck. Bending him over the hard steel “crapper” he slams in raw and hard. Kurt is into the rough treatment and begs for more as he reaches down to beat off his stiff meat. Kurt crouches on the hard cot and perks up his ass for Cesar to plow on in. Cesar grabs him by the hips and guides his cock in like a missile pulling all the way out then ramming in to the hilt.

Grabbing the bars, Kurt braces for a cum load, but Cesar wants to jerk into the newbie’s face. Kurt leans back over the toilet and Cesar spurts a hefty wad into his face, topping off this initiation with a big loogie of spit onto the new guy’s mouth.

Here is a video preview:


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Title of this shoot: ENCHAINED: THE NEWBIE

male bdsm Kurt Klein has never been to prison

Bondage stud Keith gets roped to the bed

At Roped Studs, Keith is one of those guys who naturally has a great body, with a V-shaped torso and strong muscles, from his legs and ass to his arms and shoulders. He’s been working out and has perfected his body, adding just the right amount of muscle and getting nice and lean. He has one of those bodies that looks so good in a tight shirt, so beautifully defined that you can imagine what he will look like naked. Rope man Matt takes it slow with his captive, tying him spread-eagle on his bed, still in his tight Calvins and a wife beater, enjoying the temptation of what will come when he gets out his scissors. Keith wakes up and finds himself roped and helpless. He struggles magnificently, every one of those well-worked muscles flexing. You can see the fear in his face as Matt strokes his body through the thin cotton of his shirt and briefs. Then Matt rips open that shirt, revealing a perfect six-pack, chiseled pecs and two ripe, pink nipples. Now it’s time to cut off those briefs.

Keith bondage stud

Download the video from Roped Studs

muscle tied to bed

Timarrie Baker gets tied up at Roped Studs

At Roped Studs, rope man J.J. – aka Jared – comes out from under his hoodie so he can tie up Timarrie Baker and kiss those luscious lips, lick that amazing body, suck that massive cock and tongue that sweet ass.

Timarrie Baker gets tied up

Timarrie is bound and helpless, practically naked, but he is totally turned on by his lanky, muscular top and what he knows is about to happen to him – a lot of pain and a good, hard fucking. If you’ve fantasied about seeing Jared get extremely sexual with a totally hot prisoner, you are in for a treat.

Download the HD video from Roped Studs

male bdsm Timarrie Baker gets tied up

Video: Killian is tied up in predicament bondage

Here’s another one from BreederFuckers. In this update, athletic hetero Killian thrashes back and forth, desperate to rip out of his bondage to tear apart the man pervily groping his manly body. Video below.

male bdsm

Adrian destroys his kit so his sexy hairy arsehole is fully exposed. Sliding his hand under his jock pouch, Adrian discovers Killian’s dick is hardening. To keep it that way Adrian binds Killian’s cock and secures it to his cleats. Now the bastard can’t kick out without causing himself intense groin pain. Dave slaps him about and slides his fingers into his tight warm arse. All the while Killian’s cock is aching hard. The big manly bastard can’t control his body or sex drive. His face still glows with masculine defiance so Dave unleashes a fresh stream of stinking piss all over his proud mug. After all that fight this furious stud is reduced to a weeping fucked whore!

Here is a preview video:


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