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Landon Conrad gets taken down and edged at a bar in broad daylight


It’s early one day, the bar hasn’t even opened yet. Working the first shift is muscle hunk Landon Conrad. Since edging doesn’t pay the rent, Sebastian Keys comes in asking for a job application. Cleaning the counters, Landon is a little ticked off that he comes in so early, but the bar does need a new barback. Sebastian sneaks off to let Van know the bar is empty. Just as Landon is fed up and shoving Sebastian out the door, Van arrives just in time to take Landon down. Tied up to the bar, Landon has his clothes ripped off and his giant cock continuously teased.



Landon gets pissed and demands to cum, but his hard cock is denied. The two pervs tie Landon up to the sofa, eating his hole while edging him at the same time. Landon is reduced to begging before blowing his massive cum all over his six pack.




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Sex behind bars with Damian Taylor and Colby Keller

Get your handcuffs out for this new feature, Vice:

Damian Taylor and Colby Keller

In this scene from “Vice,” Damian Taylor is part of Vice, and he has his perp, Colby Keller, behind bars. Colby won’t nark unless he gets a taste of Damian’s dick. Colby gets on his knees to suck and does such a good job that Damian enters the holding cell to take it a step further. “It’s your turn man,” Damian declares as he gets down between Colby’s thighs to service the hung stud’s big hairy cock. The taste of Colby down his throat gets Damian revved up and needing Colby inside him. Colby opens Damian up with his tongue before Damian hops on to get what he wants most. Colby slides his throbbing dick deep into Damian’s furry ass as Colby bounces up and down taking it balls deep. Colby wants control and bends Damian over the bench to pound his ass from behind. He builds up to a frenzy, pumping in and out as Damian moans with each thrust from behind. “Make me cum!” Colby demands, as he pulls out to spray Damian’s lips and beard with ropes of thick white cum. All of the cum on his face makes Damian ready to blow his load and he lets loose to shoot his jizz all over the holding cell floor.

gay male sex in prison

Damian Taylor is part of Vice

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Vice with Damian Taylor and Colby Keller

Bound body builder Marcus Ruhl

Leather Master Alan Ladd works over his bodybuilding captive before fucking him with an electric butt plug.

gay bondage

Leather Master Alan Ladd enters the dungeon to find his bodybuilder captive bound and blindfolded. As he approaches the muscled stud, he feels the huge muscles of Marcus Ruhl, as well as his cock as it starts to grow in his pants. Alan wastes no time to rip his sub’s clothes off and begins sucking on Marcus’ uncut cock. Marcus is given a beating with the flogger as his body is spread apart for Alan to marvel at. Alan’s cock is hard as a rock for Marcus to swallow every inch.

gay bondage 30142_12 30142_14

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Video: Nick Moretti flips Luke Riley over and works his back and ass


At Daddy’s Bondage Boys, Nick Moretti flips Luke Riley over and works over his back. You can see how Nick is enjoying this as he bounces the bat off Luke’s head — and the captive’s spitting response!


Title of this shoot: Powerplay Part 2

Keywords: bat, BDSM, bondage, hairy, rope

Features: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley

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Duty Bound at Str8Hell

Lorenc Byro is shackled, blindfolded and gagged and wearing only see-thru underwear. His cock looks hard in the underwear as he wriggles around, trying to free himself. Rado Zuska comes in to find out why Lorenc is making a noise. He berates him and slap him, telling him to be quiet. Taking a whip Rado uses it on Lorenc, making him moan louder. Lorenc’s cock stays hard as he takes the punishment. As he continues with the whip Rado pins one of Lorenc’s nipples and bites the other one. Lorence keeps up with his moaning as Rado torments him, pinning both nipples and the belly button. Then he starts grabbing Lorencs cock and balls before kissing and licking his sexy chest. He releases Lorenc and takes off the gag and blindfold. Then Rado’s big dick is out and being shoved into Lorenc’s eager mouth. Rado grabs Lorenc’s head and pushes it all the way down on his cock. Lorence gags as he takes the stiff dick deep into his throat. Then Rado moves him to lay on a thick wooden beam. He pulls Lorenc’s legs in the air and shoves his throbbing cock into the waiting hole.

Title of this update: Rado and Lorenc RAW – Duty Bound

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