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Duty Bound at Str8Hell

Lorenc Byro is shackled, blindfolded and gagged and wearing only see-thru underwear. His cock looks hard in the underwear as he wriggles around, trying to free himself. Rado Zuska comes in to find out why Lorenc is making a noise. He berates him and slap him, telling him to be quiet. Taking a whip Rado uses it on Lorenc, making him moan louder. Lorenc’s cock stays hard as he takes the punishment. As he continues with the whip Rado pins one of Lorenc’s nipples and bites the other one. Lorence keeps up with his moaning as Rado torments him, pinning both nipples and the belly button. Then he starts grabbing Lorencs cock and balls before kissing and licking his sexy chest. He releases Lorenc and takes off the gag and blindfold. Then Rado’s big dick is out and being shoved into Lorenc’s eager mouth. Rado grabs Lorenc’s head and pushes it all the way down on his cock. Lorence gags as he takes the stiff dick deep into his throat. Then Rado moves him to lay on a thick wooden beam. He pulls Lorenc’s legs in the air and shoves his throbbing cock into the waiting hole.

Click for video: Rado and Lorenc RAW – Duty Bound

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Dominated by a security guard in black leather gloves

stud in black leather gloves

Meanwhile at MEN At PLAY, Dato Foland is a hot security guy looking to give Jake Bolton a hard-handed fucking. Dato finds Jake in the men’s room cubicle and decides to carry out a full-body security search. But despite Jake protesting his innocence, Dato is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means stripping Jake of all his clothes. He orders him to pull his trousers down and gives his ass a close inspection, rimming and probing his with his gloved hands. Then he pins Jake against the urinal to give him a deep, hard fucking.

leather glove fetish


See the video HERE

Site: Menatplay

Title of this video: Frisked, Editor’s Cut

Models in this video: Dato Foland, Jake Bolton

hom/gom black leather

Mitch Vaughn gets edged and tortured at the gym

Ripped muscle god Mitch Vaughn is taking a piss at the gym when he catches the ever-pervy Sebastian creeping on him. Mitch brushes it off and goes back to hitting the weights. Before he knows what’s happening he finds himself bound to the bench press with his legs high and his ass exposed.


Sebastian licks the pink hole between Mitch’s plump ass cheeks and gets his cock hard. Mitch keeps saying he doesn’t like it, but he nearly cums anyway. With a dildo firmly inside Mitch’s ass, Sebastian tickles the hell out of him. Every twist and turn makes Mitch fuck his own ass. In rope from head to toe, Mitch is tied to 100lb. weights as he’s violated by the Fucksall. Sebastian’s next toy is the e-stim dildo. Mitch nearly cums from the electro right on his prostate but Sebastian walks away. Mitch begs and begs for him to return and finally launches a huge load all over his muscular chest

38229_5 38229_10 38229_14

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Wes is strapped down for a hard spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom straps Wes to the table in the prone position, putting a bolster cushion under his privates to lift his round bubble butt into a good spanking position. He then begins with a hard spanking by hand, which gets the captive’s butt bright red. Tom follows that with a hard leather strapping. Next up is a session with a small, painful PVC flog. The spanking then ends with hard lashes from a large leather slapper that continue until Wes proclaims, “I can’t take any more, Sir.” Wes struggles against the leather straps binding him to the table throughout this session. He can and does move his arms, head and shoulders about, but the straps keep him from moving his butt more than a few inches. By the end, his butt is nearly as red as his shirt and Wes is worn out.

spanking his bare ass

See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this episode: Wes Strapped to The Table

spank his bare butt

Marky’s Tickle Torture

Today’s video is from Franco over at Tickled Hard. In this update, Marky exhales anxiously as Franco restrains him and tickles him with a long feather. Marky has packed on a lot of muscle in the past three years, and every one of those muscles now activates as he thrashes under the tickle torture. Marky screams and begs for it stop, but Franco just moves to the next part of his hot, muscular body. It doesn’t really matter where Franco goes because Marky is super-ticklish absolutely everywhere! Franco tickles his ribs (the worst), inner thighs and cute size 8 feet, causing Marky to laugh maniacally. With veins popping, Marky repeatedly begs for the torture of his ribs to end. He finally agrees to a devil’s bargain of having his bare foot tickled instead, but the deal doesn’t last long once the foot tickling begins. Between howls of laughter, Franco confirms that the deal is off and finishes by tickling Marky in each of his major ticklish spots.

Franco restrains him and tickles him

See the video at Tickled Hard

Marky screams and begs for it stop