Master Wayne

Check out these shots of Master Wayne working over Peter at Brutal Tops:

004 005

Pathetic sub Peter is on his knees at BrutalTops. Dominant Master Wayne takes the opportunity to start with a fierce cock sucking training session. His impressive dick pushes deep into the whimpering sub’s mouth and he’s made to deep throat the dick right to the back of his throat. After a ferocious, ass-damaging fuck session, Wayne pulls out and yanks the sub onto his knees, ordering him to open his mouth. There the cruel top deposits a thick wad of hot fresh jizz, the thick spunk covers the pathetic worm’s lips, teeth and tongue and he’s made to lick jizz away as the satisfied Master sneers at him.

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Burglar with no luck

GagnsterfuckMeanwhile over at Gangsterfuck, Kamil gets stripped and tied to a chair with his cock and balls squeezed by a rope. Hector pushes his fat dick deep into the virgin hole of this little straight wannabe-thief. Now it’s time for a real hard fuck. Kamil begs, pleads and cries for mercy. And while he gets fucked he gets continuously spanked as well. Finally Hector pushes the captive into a corner and leaves him alone, naked and humiliated.

Gay_Male_Bondage_Gangsterfuck_01 Gay_Male_Bondage_Gangsterfuck_02 Gay_Male_Bondage_Gangsterfuck_03 Gay_Male_Bondage_Gangsterfuck_04


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