Jared gives Glen’s butthole a male bondage workout

Glen is completely mesmerized by Jared and the idea of totally submitting to this pain-robot in a hoodie. His cock gets rock-hard as Jared fucks his asshole with two fingers then dangles a massive, hard rubber “punishment dildo” in front of him. His eyes widen in terror as Jared moves the thing to his quivering butthole and pushes it in. He gasps and moans, half in pain, half in pleasure, as Jared fucks him and strokes his cock, keeping him rock-hard despite the pain. His lean torso convulses as Jared strokes his cock even harder until he busts a huge load of cum like he’s never done before.

Jared gives Glen’s butthole a male bondage workout

Jared gives Glen’s butthole a male bondage workout


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Title: GLEN: Total Submission – Chapter 5

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Jared gives Glen’s butthole a male bondage workout

The Tournament Affair – Part 03

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 3 – Presentation

For the opening orders of the competition, Denny is removed bound and gagged from the cart, still tied up, and brought into the tournament opening ceremonies for presentation.

Every team has brought a hostage – they’re all young men, they’re all bound and gagged, and all are scared shitless. It’s then that Denny begins to get really scared. The competition shares some rules and activities with paintball or other competitions like Capture the Flag, but in this tournament the hostages are the prize.  The rules say they have to be fully restrained and well gagged throughout – there are penalties for hostages that breach their bonds or manage to cry out.

During play the contestants – warriors from different teams – use their airsofts to eliminate their opponents, but they are also supposed to locate and abduct competing teams’ hostages.

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Video: A captive puts up a good struggle

This is a classic bondage scene, something that many of us crave. The modified spread eagle is very emotionally exciting and sexually appealing. You are completely helpless and vulnerable, and you are under the control of the restraints themselves. You are also muzzled like a wild animal and blindfolded to prevent you from seeing your captors. This is the real deal. This is the thing bondage fantasies are made of.


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