Handcuffed naked at the police station


The uniformed officers at CMNM.net know there’s no better way to get a wild untamed lad to submit than to bend him over and shove a finger up his ass. Oliver’s big pink cheeks show handprints nicely as the officers aggressively manhandle him. The proud straight thug calms down until his rival winds him up again. The uniformed officers have to use a lot of force to stop these two naked lads from having an all-out brawl right in the middle of the station.

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Muscled hunk Micah Brandt is edged in bondage

Micah Brandt has been watching Men On Edge for years and says that he gets turned on because he’s never done it before. Though he’s edged himself in his personal life he’s never been bound and been edged by another.

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They start with him tied up to the bedpost while balancing on a stack of books. Jessie Colter tears Micah’s underwear off with his teeth and plays with the ripped stud’s pre-cum. In no time at all Micah gets pissed off by the teasing and sensory deprivation. He fucks Jessie’s mouth with clamps on his balls, but he’s reduced to a whimper as Sebastian and Jesse leave him alone in the room.

38221_10 38221_11

Next, bound on the bed, Sebastian and Jessie suck his toes while making Micah suck their own. In a piledriver position on the bed, they fuck his ass with the vibrating dildo, making him beg again and again. With Jessie’s ass smothering Micah’s face, he continues to beg. After a full day of edging, he rockets his huge load all over himself and receives the post-orgasmic tickle torture.



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Metalbond rants: The Rentboy.com bust is an outrage

I’m completely infuriated, appalled and disgusted about the Rentboy arrests and the site being shut down.

First of all, what the fuck is the Homeland Security Department doing, going after gay male escorts? Don’t they have more important things to do, like going after the fucking terrorists!!??

This bust had nothing to do with terrorism, money laundering, sex trafficking or illegal exploitation of minors — all of which should be stopped, unquestionably. Rentboy was as a safe, reliable way for CONSENTING ADULT MEN to connect with each other. They had been operating openly for almost two decades.

Personally, I am going to miss the site very much. From time to time, I have hired guys off Rentboy. Why? Because the escorts who advertised on Rentboy paid a subscription fee and were reviewed by their clients, I found it was a FAR SAFER way to find what I needed than relying on Craig’s List or a phone line or somebody off the street. (And, truth be told, sometimes I just enjoyed browsing the guys on Rentboy and fantasizing, beating off looking at their pictures and reading their profiles!)

A lot has been written already about this stupid, anti-gay attack. If you have not already done so, you might want to read various articles and blog postings and view videos posted by Matt Baume, Dirk Caber, JamesMichael Nichols and Matthew Ebert. There are many others. Even The New York Times has editorialized against the raid.

Perhaps the most compelling account yet is from our own Rob Yaeger. You might recognize him from some of his bondage-themed porn shoots that have been featured here on Metalbond. The video below featuring Mr. Yaeger is a must-see:


UPDATE: YouTube deleted the video, but you can watch it by clicking here.


Rob, thank you for telling your story!




On the Sunday of our long weekend in New Orleans, our friend Alex held a barbecue for David and me, plus several other guys at his house. The house itself was in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood, a great old section of the city largely free from tourists. It is a gritty area, with some rough blocks of row homes and the occasional restored Greek Revival mansion. Alex’s house was somewhere in the middle, a once ornate home in need of work, but full of charm and mystery in its worn state. Perhaps he preferred it that way, as the faded paint and rusted ironwork gave the home something of an erotic charge.

The stockpile of bondage gear and bondage-related artwork completed the scene, making the whole place feel like a porn film set. In the living room a distressed leather sofa sat near a gleaming standing metal cage. In the dining room there was a pool table where one might find a dining table, and the only chair was a contraption in the corner with a dozen or more leather straps, which happened to be occupied at the moment by a hooded and gagged figure. The courtyard held a serious grill and a picnic table, and also a St. Andrew’s Cross in the corner and numerous heavy duty eye hooks set into the paving and garden wall. There was a brick-bordered pool, which looked perfect for the heat of this summer weekend.

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