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Size Doesn’t Matter – The Next Phase

By pennagwm

I have been a cock/chastity slave now, for 6 months. My master, Thomas, and I had initially started dating after meeting for coffee. We had met on an online hookup site that had no connection to kink, S&M or bondage, and had gotten to know each other for several weeks while we had conventional, but very hot sex. I became his slave last July when he talked me into letting him tie me down one night, at which point he locked me in a chastity device and a shock collar and spent the rest of the weekend dominating and humiliating me.

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Size Doesn’t Matter

By pennagwm

There are a lot of fantasies out there about being enslaved, having a hot, demanding master who can physically dominate you. But there’s reality to consider. If you’re locked up 24/7, unless your master is wealthy and somewhat obsessed, it’s not always viable in reality. What about health insurance? How do you stay fit? When do you get to go to the bathroom? How do you pay the bills? Reality intrudes on our fantasies.

My situation, on the other hand, combines fantasy and reality pretty effectively, and inescapably.

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