On the Sunday of our long weekend in New Orleans, our friend Alex held a barbecue for David and me, plus several other guys at his house. The house itself was in New Orleans’ Bywater neighborhood, a great old section of the city largely free from tourists. It is a gritty area, with some rough blocks of row homes and the occasional restored Greek Revival mansion. Alex’s house was somewhere in the middle, a once ornate home in need of work, but full of charm and mystery in its worn state. Perhaps he preferred it that way, as the faded paint and rusted ironwork gave the home something of an erotic charge.

The stockpile of bondage gear and bondage-related artwork completed the scene, making the whole place feel like a porn film set. In the living room a distressed leather sofa sat near a gleaming standing metal cage. In the dining room there was a pool table where one might find a dining table, and the only chair was a contraption in the corner with a dozen or more leather straps, which happened to be occupied at the moment by a hooded and gagged figure. The courtyard held a serious grill and a picnic table, and also a St. Andrew’s Cross in the corner and numerous heavy duty eye hooks set into the paving and garden wall. There was a brick-bordered pool, which looked perfect for the heat of this summer weekend.

David and I deposited our beer in a cooler and were introduced to the other guests. Some of the guys already knew me from our visit to the Phoenix bar Friday night, where I was hooded most of the time and never got to see them. I still had marks on my back and ass from the punishment these guys delivered while I was secured to the wall in the bar’s dark upstairs. Looking from face to face, body to body, I tried to make out who would have delivered which punishment. Which guy took pleasure from pulling my balls back between my legs and swatting them as I hung from the shackles around my wrists? Still sore, I was not looking for a repeat punishment at this barbecue. This was a group of fit men, mostly in shorts and tank tops, mostly with nice muscles and neatly trimmed hair. One guy stopped me in my tracks, coming out the bathroom and heading to the pool with a perfectly muscular body and huge package shoved into a tiny black and shiny PVC bikini, with a mesmerizing red stripe running from the top of his crotch and forming a seam between his ass cheeks. I think I drooled a bit fantasizing of getting on my knees and burying my face against that bulge, which did not go by unnoticed by David. I was looking forward to seeing the rest of these men strip down and get in the pool, enjoying a few beers, and a real meal.

We mingled a bit and checked out the house while Alex started prepping the barbecue. Most of the party was quickly down to their swim suits, cooling off in the pool. It had to be 90 degrees out and we had walked a mile from our hotel, so David and I were quick to get wet, too. Neither of us had a swim suit, so we asked our host to borrow some. He was only happy to oblige, returning with a simple square cut suit for David, and for me, a black rubber jock strap. It was not quite swim attire, but it looked hot and at least concealed my chastity device, sort of. It was an all gleaming stainless steel tube with a thick stainless ring locked around my balls and an integrated lock. The outline of this heavy device was clear in my jock, though looking around the party, there were plenty of other intriguing outlines to observe. We swam for a bit, played a little volleyball in the pool, and drank too much beer.

After a while David and I both had to pee, so we dried off and went inside in search of the bathroom. In my search, I found the room where I had spent Friday night in a cage, and went in to check out some of the equipment there with David. Just being in this space with all of its possibilities made my dick strain inside its stainless tube, and I could see it was having a similar effect on David. I was checking out a rack of hoods and masks on the wall, when David came close behind me and whispered in my ear. “Think about what you want to try out later.” That is all it took for me to switch into full-on horny slave mode. The beer helped, too. My simple response was, “Why wait for later, Sir?”

David laughed his devious laugh, told me to stay there, and left the room. He came back with one of the guys from the party to lend him a hand. My pulse raced as the hot Adonis I admired earlier came back into the room, still bulging in his tiny suit.“My boy wants to try out some gear for us. Let’s give him a hand.” The friend instructed me to pick a mask, and there were plenty from which to choose. Always having a fetish for military gear, I selected one of the gas masks. It was a black rubber mask with tinted glass for the eyes and a screw-on air filter attachment. I also chose this one because it would still let me see. I put it on and felt the tight rubber shrinking around my head and neck, immediately feeling the concentrated heat inside the airtight seal. From there the decisions were no longer mine.

He then tossed me a shiny rubber chest harness with 2-inch wide straps and reinforced grommets. I buckled it on, feeling the thick rubber straps securing my muscles and shoulders, making my pecs stand out. He then came and further tightened the harness’s buckles, pulling at the straps as hard as he could before re-securing the buckles. David grabbed some heavy locking rubber mitts and fitted those on my hands. They were snug, forcing my hands into fists to fit inside before he could buckle them on. I was then pushed down onto my back, as David sat on my chest and our hot new friend went to work securing my arms and legs. They strapped my forearms to biceps, calves to thighs, so I would be forced to crawl on my knees and elbows like a dog. They then strapped on elbow and knee pads. A sturdy rubber collar over the rubber neck of the gas mask completed my attire, again buckled on tight and padlocked in place. I was then ordered to crawl back into the kitchen to join the rest of the party.

I crawled around to the jeering and fondling of the guests. As one guy was holding my head tight into his crotch, so I could breathe in his scent through the gas mask, David came to retrieve me. He clipped a leash to my collar and led me out to the pool area, dragging me down the couple of steps through some French doors to the brick patio. Through limited vision of the gas mask, I could see a few guys in the pool and standing around, like they were expecting a show. David led me to the middle of the patio and found an eyehook in the paving to which he clipped my collar, effectively securing me in place. I was on my elbows and knees leaning toward the ground, ass in the air exposed in my jock strap. He pushed my thighs apart and started playing with my ass, first with his fingers. I felt a little lube on my hole as David pushed two fingers inside me. Then I felt his dick rubbing around my hole before he started pressing it inside. He thrust inside hard and pounded my ass, sweating in the afternoon heat and putting on a good show. He was grunting and pulling at my harness, as I gasped for air through the gas mask and struggled to keep my balance, pushing back hard to drive him deeper inside me. My mask quickly fogged up, so I could no longer see even the ground in front of me. I just concentrated on breathing and the incredible feeling of David using my ass hard, visualizing what it might look like to be in crowd watching myself in this position and David’s muscles tensing as he pulled himself inside me.

The crowd was aroused; I could hear one guy asking for his turn next. David told me to stay still and take him, or he would let everyone at the party have a chance. Within just a few minutes of pounding away relentlessly, he exploded inside me. He collapsed on my back in a sweaty heap, holding me tight and telling me what a good performer I was. He was the one who put on a good performance, and I could feel how much he liked us being at the center of attention. I then stayed there in position, waiting to see what was coming next. Moments later with no warning I felt a cold plug sliding inside me, filling my ass and sealing David’s cum inside me. I stayed in that position for a good half hour, ass filled and chained to the ground, reveling in the humiliation and baking in the heat.

David unclipped my collar and let me back inside the house to cool off, removing the collar and gas mask so that I could hydrate. My arms and legs were aching from the straps as I hobbled around on my knees and elbows. At this point Alex was done with the grilling and the guys were ready to eat. My meal was served in a stainless steel dog bowl on the floor. Alex threw in some chicken and then poured his beer over it before ordering me to eat my dinner like a good dog. I would need the energy. I was grateful he did not piss on my food, and I dove in face first. He pushed my head down with his bare foot, making sure I cleaned the bowl with my tongue.

After lunch David took me back to the room with all of the gear to undo the straps that were by then causing uncontrollable aching in my arms and legs. He let me rest and stretch for a bit, then asked if I wanted to try something new. At this point in our relationship, I did not know how much new stuff there was to try. I asked what David had in mind, and his response was to grab me roughly by my harness and shove me down until I was flat on my stomach against the old wood floor planks. David placed his bare foot tight on my face, holding my head down, simply stating “the question was rhetorical.” He then reached down to remove the plug from my ass and unbuckled the harness. I was still mitted and just tried my best to wriggle out of the harness for him.

David laid out a yellow rubber body suit for me to wear. It went from head to ankle, and down to the wrists, with a zipper in the back to slip in. There were single thin black stripes down each side in a gloss finish rubber. Once I stretched it on, forcing my mitted hands through the tight sleeves, the suit took on a translucent quality. I could see dark spots where the rubber trapped sweat against my skin and stretched tight over my rubber jock and chastity cage. From behind in the mirror, I could make out whip marks still across my back from two nights prior. David then pulled the hood part up over my head, which left only a hole for me mouth. The eye area was double lined, so I could make out light but nothing else through the layers of translucent rubber. It was a great looking and feeling suit, something I could spend a long time trapped inside. David and his friend run their hands all over my body, flattening and wrinkles in the rubber and getting me completely aroused.

They then led me out to another room and pushed me down on my knees and mitts, bent over some pads. They had a pillory set up, and I was quickly secured by several guys at once. First my ankles and then my arms into this sturdy metal contraption. Then my neck was locked in, so I was down on all fours like a dog and unable to move. Finally straps around my chest and waist limited movement further, so I was rigid and barely able to rock back and forth on this frame. After a few minutes I felt a gag forced in my mouth. It was large and had a tube for breathing. It completely filled my mouth, pressing to the sides of my cheeks and forcing my tongue down. It was strapped on my head tight, forming a seal so the only air came through the tube. I could feel it was attached to something but not sure what. In a minute I figured it out as I tasted a beer draining into my mouth. It had to be a piss gag with a funnel attached, which was clearly the new thing David was making me try. I could be a total piss slut, getting off on guys covering me all over in their warm piss, but I was never one for drinking it.

I grew extremely anxious at the unpleasant thought of drinking piss, especially thinking about the dozen or so guys at this party who were just guzzling down beer. Lost in that thought, I barely noticed when someone unzipped my suit at the rear. Again my ass was lubed up and this time I felt a cool dildo going in slowly, then out, and back in. Then quicker like a jackhammer, and slowly again. They had set up a fucking machine. I could hear David: “I hope getting fucked by this machine will take your mind off of the piss you’re about to drink. Starting with mine.” He then pissed down the funnel a long hot stream that I choked on and then resigned myself to swallowing. “We’re going to keep you in that suit until you recycle that piss and it fills up to your neck.” He then placed some headphones over my ears, which were playing white noise, and left me there for the afternoon. The fucking machine methodically worked away at my ass for a bit, and then I got a break. And then it started again. And stopped. After a half hour or so something removed it complete, give my ass a much-needed break. The break was short though, as I quickly felt a real dick taking the dildo’s place. I hoped it was the hot guy who I kept drooling over, and imagined it was. He fucked me relentlessly, as hard as the machine, holding on to my strapped torso. I felt him pull out and then the warmth of his cum exploding on my back through the rubber. He sealed me up and left me there.

I just kept pissing myself every so often as guys filled the funnel with either their own piss or beer, each time catching me off guard since I could neither see nor hear it coming. My suit filled up, become a wet mess with piss pooling around my stomach and knees, working its way down to my feet. Eventually I pissed so much that I felt the wetness around my chest and pushing up to my neck, dripping down my arms with a bit escaping at the ends of the sleeves and trickling into my mitted fists. I was disgusted at first, then I started to get turned on by the absolute humiliation of being locked in and drowning in the piss of these guys, serving as nothing more than their urinal. I went from gagging and trying in vain to reject the piss streaming into my mouth, to guzzling it and hoping for more. The ultimate piss humiliation came when the wetness worked its way up around my neck and to my face so that my entire body was covered in a slippery film of piss and rubber, from head to toe, and unable to escape. And in my crotch the precum leaking out of my caged dick mixed with the piss trapped in my rubber jock strap for a sensation that was simultaneously ticklish, arousing, and completely frustrating.

By the time I was let free from the pillory and rubber suit the sun was setting. I was released and let outside to be stripped down and hosed off, already missing the warm rubber second skin moments after it was removed. The majority of the party was making its way to the French Quarter to a bar, but David instructed me stay behind to help our host clean up from the party, whispering something in his ear as he left to join the others.

The party was down to just Alex and me. Even the man who was hooded and gagged in the bondage chair when we arrived was gone. Standing there naked except my chastity cage, I started searching for the clothes I wore to the party. I found my shorts and t-shirt in the playroom, and got dressed. Before I could finish, Alex came into the room to stop me. “Who said you could get dressed, boy? I’m not done with you yet.” I was exhausted, and just wanted to help clean up and then relax. I just stood there for a bit. “What are you waiting for? Strip.” My response was a simple “Yes, Sir” as I once again stripped down, wearing nothing but my chastity cage. Alex flashed the key to this cage. “What are you willing to do for this key?” he asked me. My mind was split on a response. I wanted to just crawl up in a ball and nap. I didn’t even care if the cage stayed on, and feared what I would have to do to get that key. But I knew Alex would not let me off easy. He had me stay around for a reason, and that was not to just pick up empty cups. As I stood there gazing around the room and all of the devices of bondage and torture, my horniness started to overcome my exhaustion. I thought, how can I control this situation? Get myself into a situation I want, rather than fully submit to this man with some clearly sadistic tendencies. This was a guy who chained me to the ground and let a bar full of guys piss on me before locking me in a cage overnight with a plug locked in my ass. I was intimidated being there alone with him, and angry at David for leaving me here.

Alex could clearly sense my apprehension. He said he would let me off easy since I had such a rough day, but something in his voice sounded disingenuous about the word “easy.” He wanted to put me into a straight jacket to “relax” a bit. Then he would remove the chastity cage. I was happy to comply, for both the feeling of being in a straightjacket and the chance to relax. My cage coming off would just be a bonus. Alex went into a closet and came back with an amazing leather straight jacket. It looked and smelled hot, made of thick leather with numerous straps up the back. I was all too eager to outstretch my arms and slide them into the sleeves. He buckled the straps, wrapped the sleeves around and buckled those on, and then ran straps between my legs and buckled those on tightly. It was a nice snug cocooning fit, comfortable yet slightly stiff. As he tightened the last strap around my chest, I felt a rush of adrenaline and as my dick flexed in its tube. Alex honored his word and went about removing the cage from my dick and balls. Of course I could not help but get an erection within seconds of him sliding the stainless tube off of my dick, not the right reaction. Observing this, Alex changed his tone a bit, telling me he knew I did not really want to relax. He started scanning the room, observing the instruments of bondage and punishment all around, mind racing. Contemplating his options, Alex told me, “I don’t know if I want to collar you and drag you down to the bar in that straight jacket, or store you away in a box on a steady diet of electro and poppers.” He continued a sort of interrogation, watching my dick for a reaction like it was a needle swinging on a polygraph test. Which would make it twitch more, the threat of being bound and humiliated in public, led down the street in a straightjacket and whatever else Alex chose? Or being isolated in a padded box with an electric plug in my ass and his ball crusher with electrodes clamed on tight? How many hours until David would return to release me? My twitching and leaking erect dick was going to get me into trouble.

And then I said the worst thing possible. “What is option three, Sir?”

“Option three is I make you cum, and then I choose.” And with that, he came towards me and pushed my whole body back towards the door, out of this room and into the room with the pool table. He pushed me back to the chair in the corner and firmly seated me in this chair, straightjacketed and unable to resist. Alex then produced some lubrication and went to work on my dick. I tried to think of anything but my situation, tried to feel nothing and shut him out. I knew the moment I came I would dread my predicament. But Alex stroked my dick as he explained what he was going to do to me the second I came. I was going to be hooded with a thick locking leather hood with just a small grommet for breath, laced up tight and locked on at four points. My dick would go back into its chastity cage and he would mail the keys back to our home in Florida, waiting for David when we returned. A huge electro plug would be shoved up my ass. Legs put into lace-up leather binders. And then he would place me in his padded box, strapping down my legs, torso, and neck. He would shut the box and padlock it. Then he would play with the electro for hours just to hear me scream and struggle. I shot my load all over Alex. I just kept erupting.

He smiled a wicked smile, wiped the cum off of his bare abs, and brought his fingers to my mouth to lick clean. He then made me lick the remainder off of his body, where it dripped from his stomach down over his swim briefs, his legs and boots. I lapped up my cum off of his crotch, wetting his suit as his cock grew in side until I could see a slick outline through the thin nylon. Alex then pushed me down so I could lick his boots clean, where he kept me busy for a few minutes.

Alex then fulfilled every bit of his promise, starting with that hood. I fought the leg binders, but acquiesced after a few brutal slaps to my balls. He locked the chastity cage on again, and for the first time ever, I did not get hard during this process. I just kept thinking of his threat to mail the keys away and make me go through airport security in this. Alex hoisted me up over his shoulder and carried me upstairs. I heard the creaking lid of a box open and then he placed me inside. I settled into the cushioned inside of this box, took in the smell of its rubber upholstery combined with plywood. I felt the straps over my ankles, then my torso as he pushed me down flat on my back. Then the neck strap fit like a collar, giving me just an inch of movement to lift my head. Next I heard the doorbell ring, and Alex excused himself as if that was the polite thing to do.

I laid there in a mix of fear and exhaustion, wondering if he invited someone else over to torture me or if he would just forget about me. I could make out several people climbing the old wood stair treads, then into the room. David had returned early from the bar, along with a few others, from what I could hear through the hood. I could hear their conversation, Alex telling David that he planned to keep me locked in this box until David returned. I was so relieved that David was there to free me, hopefully to take me back to our hotel. He came over to check on me. I could feel and hear him leaning over the edge of the box, kissing my hooded face. He asked if I behaved for Alex, whether I helped clean like a good slave, to which I nodded and spoke in the affirmative. He asked if I wanted to get free. Again, I made out my best “Yes, Sir!” through the hood and nodded the best I could with my neck strapped down.

I then heard David, speaking especially loud so I could make out every word. “You can keep him till morning.” The next sound I heard was the box lid shutting and its padlocks clicking. Then silence.



Metal would like to thank JR for this story!


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  1. I just want to be him whilst at the same time rescue him for myself, then, of course, be just as hard on him as Alex is.

  2. There is something so hot about being restrained with no choices in what happens when my cock is locked in a cage and not able to expand, much less get hard, no matter how much it wants to.

    Great story, I need that situation so that I learn to drink piss too.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys. I enjoyed writing – and experiencing much of – this series. Last segment is on its way.

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