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Island Master UK – Part 10

By Wakeysub

Solidly mounted and impaled with my mouth open I was desperate to just swallow but that wasn’t an option. I had been transformed into a sex toy existing solely for the pleasure of the top. Here I was in total darkness waiting for my mouth to be used. Reduced to being a fleshlight with a pulse.

“Fuck, I’ve got to break this one in.”

I felt movement at my lips. The first cock just drove into me with a single thrust. My head positioning meant that the cock had a straight run to deep in my gullet. My gag reflex triggered but I had no room to react. My body convulsed as he continued to thrust. I could hear the moaning sounds he made as my throat closed around his cock. He pulled his cock right out of my mouth and I gasped for breath. He plunged back in with a single hard thrust. I couldn’t breathe. He started pumping his cock buried deep in my throat. I started to feel lightheaded. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper in my throat. My lungs were hurting as they were desperate for air. Every reflex in my body said I had to take a breath but there was nothing I could do. The shield was spreading my jaw firmly to maximise his access. All I could do was focus on the cock down my throat. As his fucking intensified my head became foggier. Suddenly, the shaft throbbed in my throat unloading his load deep into my throat. He started to pull out leaving a trail of cum as he pulled out of my mouth. As soon as my throat was unblocked air rushed back in and my lungs gasped for air.

“Clean it”

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