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He gets locked into a chastity cage as punishment

Meanwhile over at BrutalTops, soccer hooligans Derek and Toby are in their element. Marching a rival supporter back to the Tops lair, hand gagged and in an arm lock, this dirty cunt is under their complete control.

Brutal Tops MetalbondNYCTied to chair, the Masters first use its mouth for some beer-spitting target practice before moving on to getting their sweaty armpits and dirty arse cracks cleaned by it’s slutty mouth and tongue.

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Given a boner by his Master it’s now Ben’s turn to get them hard. Even with some encouragement he does a shit job and receives a good caning. Derek puts the useless cunt’s tiny flaccid penis into a chastity cage as punishment.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 10

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 10 – Eat & Run

In two adjacent isolation cells, the captives are being prepared to sit down for a meal. They’re being kept bound and gagged, so the preparation is a little unusual. Not to mention they are still recovering from particularly intense experiences.

Denny has been lowered by hoist to the padded floor of the cell, and Ben unlocks his head from the VR helmet. Ben releases Denny’s legs from the hogtie and stands him up. Denny’s arms are bound in a rope harness, and his head is buckled into a black leather muzzle, covering a silicone gag in his mouth. Ben moves in and wraps his muscular body around Denny, pressing him into a bear hug.

“Mmmmphhmmmmm timenmmm let mmmmp go Mmmph?” (“is it time to be let go?”)

He moans and his eyes adjust to the light, and he sees the padded room where he has been kept a few hours. It is an isolation room. A cell.

His head touches Ben’s masked face and leans on his shoulder.

Ben’s gloved hand reaches out and gently presses Denny’s head into his shoulder. The warm smell of Ben’s leather and his man musk nearly overwhelms Denny.

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Interrogation Game: Chapter 6 – Reversal

By BondageChallengeGames

The plan, as Andrew had explained to me, had been this:

Tom would see me all trussed up and hopefully let his guard down. Andrew was going to further lower Tom’s defenses with sex, and then the moment was right, I was going to grab whatever part of him I could reach and hopefully overwhelm him enough that Andrew could tie him up.

To do this, Andrew unlocked my wrist cuffs. Because my chest and neck were still locked to the wall – with padlocks whose keys were far out of reach – I was still very much restrained and unable to turn on Andrew. I let my arms fall limp to my side, finally getting rest after being tied above, behind, and beside me.

“I’m going to attach cuffs where your wrists had been, but they’ll be loose enough you can slip in and out.” Andrew said, “I’m also going to be nice and ungag you – give your jaw a bit of a rest in case I need it later. But know that if you scream, or mouth off, or try to get free, I’ll tie you to that wall in the most uncomfortable way imaginable, and spend the whole time waiting for hubby to arrive by torturing you. Understand?”

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A captive gets handcuffed in a public park

At Brutal Tops, Dave and Maurice team up again to humiliate a feeble nameless sub in a public park. Confused people walk past the horny threesome as the cute prisoner is abducted by the snarling duo. The stripped guy is humiliated as the Masters forcibly explore his arsehole with their fingers and a dildo. Then snarling Master Dave attaches pegs to his pubes and barks in the runt’s face to humiliate him even more. Bewildered members of the public watch as the sub parades around revealing his pert arse and stripped body, fully exposed.

male BDSM in public park

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male bondage with handcuffs

Public outdoor humiliation

At Brutal Tops, Masters Dave and Maurice team up to humiliate a feeble nameless sub. In a public park with countless people walking past, the naked captive is humiliated and ordered to suck cock. Snarling Master Dave gobs in his face before pulling the runt to an even more busy place and barks at him to humiliate himself more and more. Bewildered members of the public watch as the sub parades around revealing his pert arse cheeks.

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