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A muscle worshipper is forced to sniff and lick armpits and ass cracks

In this video from Brutal Tops, two bullies are getting pumped and working up a big sweat. But there’s a desperate lurker watching them. They mercilessly tease him, making him lick the stinking moisture from their hairy armpits and arse cracks. They order the horny fag to lap at their real men’s bodies like a fucking mutt!

muscle worshipper is forced to sniff and lick


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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 13

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 13: What Everyone’s Wearing on Palmerston Road

When you first get your collar, it feels so heavy, it’s almost like you’re an animal wearing one of those wooden yokes you see in pictures of, like, primitive places or whatever.  Of course you get used to it pretty fast.  But when they first put it on you, it’s a big thrill.  I mean, it’s not like, hmmm, this is a new piece of clothing, I wonder how I’m gonna like it, maybe I’ll take it off.  Your collar is fuckin ATTACHED to you!  And you’re gonna be wearin it for the rest of your life!  So like I said, big thrill!

“What’s this?” Malcolm said, looking down at my cock.  Which was sticking straight up.

“Dunno,” I said.  “Guess it likes my number.”

“He really is a smartass,” Jojo said.

“Whatever,” Malcolm said.  “Now sit on that chair.”

Too bad, I thought.  Nobody likes my dick.  Anyway, there were some old wooden chairs in the room, and I sat down on one of them.  Behind me, something switched on.  Something electric.  Something that made a loud whirring noise.  “Hold still,” Malcolm said.  “I’m gonna buzz you off.”

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Pleroma – Part 15

By Taurus

Epilogue 1 – Explanations

“Revolution for prison; recent developments in implant interfacing have triggered significant change in incarceration. Prisoners will only experience their sentences mentally while their physical bodies experience only a small fraction of their sentences.”

Luke returned the tablet after listening to the

“Mr Dominique, are you sure you -“

“Yes. As Subject L, I understand perfectly how this stuff works.”

“No,” the officer stood up, “I’m asking if you need some clothes.”

Luke chuckled. “Officer Dunn, it’s summer. That and I’m gonna be posing for a photo shoot all day, so underwear will be all I need to really wear anyway.”

“Will you be alright? You can use Pleroma under supervision for now, but as it is, some of its…functions have to be removed.

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