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Iowa Cowboy – Part 06

By Atlanta Stud

After Dave led me (Jake) back to our room, he went back to Brody’s room to find him still standing in front of the mirror, tugging a bit on the cuffs locked through the ring on the transport belt. Standing directly behind him and putting his hands on Brody’s muscled shoulders, he leaned in and quietly said, “Yeah, that’s it stud, keep tugging on that metal you’re locked up in. Ironic that all that muscle you’ve worked so hard on can’t help you right now. But you like this, don’t you, not being in control. I could tell that first day you tried on those cuffs we bought. Bet you’re in ROTC for the same reason, so you can have someone telling you what to do. Am I right? Tell me I’m right, Brody.”

Brody turned to face Dave, swallowed hard and kept silent.

“Yeah, just what I thought, big boy. So here’s what I’m proposing for the week, and when I’m done with the proposal, you’ll have until morning to give me your answer as you’re locked to your bunk for the night. First, I’m the Warden around here and you’re the inmate. This week you’ll be wearing that jumpsuit that you seem to like so much, or you’ll be in your fatigues, boots and your new ARMY T or shirtless if the weather dictates. You’ll see what’s been issued to you each morning after you shower. At all times while indoors, at minimum you’ll be locked in legcuffs, but for now get your ass on that bunk.”

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Strapped to the fuck bench by a brutal dominant top

male bondage and discipline

At Brutal Tops, horny master Bob voraciously fucks his sub into the floor, making the wimp groan in pain and discomfort. Then the snarling top viciously lashes the runt’s arse until deep red welts appear, much to his sexual satisfaction. The humiliated worm is completely defeated by this damaging session!

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Special Western Clothes

By Mister-X/Spartan

I grew up in the big city. My college roommate grew up on a country ranch. Our backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. But we hit it off from the first time I set foot into our dorm room.

I was bringing in my stuff to load into the room, when I saw Darren making knots in some rope. I had been into being bound for the last five years. When I saw the rope I said something like “I hope you’ll use that rope on me, roomie”.

Darren looked over at me and got a big smile on his face. “It sounds like I’m going to enjoy rooming with you!”

I put my stuff down and said “hi, I’m Louis Short. Just call me Louie.”

“Hi, Louie. I’m Darren Hartford. And I love to tie guys up with my rope. You won’t be able to get out of any rope work I do.”

“Great! I love to be tied up. And I don’t want to get out.”

“Can I help you get your things brought in?”

“Sure. I’ve still got a couple more loads. My car is out front.”

After we’d brought everything up and I parked my car, I started putting things away. Darren and I started getting acquainted then, and we found out where we were from and what we were majoring in at school. We checked our classes and found that, while we didn’t share any classes, they were at pretty much the same times, giving us some extra time together. At that thought, we both started getting smiles on our faces as we thought about the possibilities.

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