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Collared and ordered to wank

Horny Master Leonardo returns to discover his sub completely nude and pathetically wanking on his own. This enrages the top, who orders that the semi-hard runt pull off his Master’s top and licks clean his armpits and body. The excited Master then orders that his trousers are pulled down, and the worm has to lick clean the Master’s sweaty balls. Finally, the top demands that the sub wank and spunk all over Leonardo’s shoes. Then the humiliated worm has to lick clean the sticky jizz.

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Master Leonardo


Handsome Master Leonardo has an incredible body and highly impressive dick, which he quickly rams into the back of this pathetic sub’s throat. The two guys are completely naked and we find Leonardo putting a dog collar and chain onto his sub and mistreating him. The Master pushes the runt onto his all fours and ploughs his meaty dick deep into the sub’s gaping areshole.

Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_02 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_03 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_04 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_05

The Master’s thick cock causes considerable damage to the runt’s arsehole as the top powerfully pumps into him. Eventually, the Master can hold back no longer and spunks his load into the sub’s mouth, ordering him to lick clean his monster dick as the snarling top watches on with sadistic pleasure.

Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_06 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_07 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_08 Gay_bondage_domination_humiiation_09

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