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The Cop and the Young Punk – Part 02

By Mister-X/Spartan

Somehow Harry managed to make it through the several hours of standing at attention. He hated that tie and the tight shirt collar. He wondered how people could stand being dressed this way all the time. His stomach had been growling, and he wondered when he was going to be fed. Soon he started hearing the sound of a door opening and one of the ‘prisoners’ being marched out. He figured he was finally going to be fed.

When it was Harry’s turn, he was first checked to make sure he was at an erect attention, then marched out and down the hall. He was marched into that standing cage again. His cuffs and shackles were removed, and he was told to take off his shirt, tie and pants. After he’d done so, the clothes were folded neatly into a bag with his name on it, put on a shelf, and the cuffs and shackles were put back on. This time he also had something else put on. It was a leather hood with only two pinholes at the nostrils. After it was tightly strapped on over his gag, the pinholes lining up properly, he now could no longer see, and his breathing was a little restricted. He was then marched out of the cage and room and down the hall.

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