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Matt on Display – Part 1

By Steellock

Note: This is a follow-up to The Edge series by Steellock, which concluded with “Matt the Demo Boy.” To read the previous chapters by Steellock, click here.

Matt woke early that Friday morning. As Jess was strapping him to his bed the previous night Jim had wandered over and said, enigmatically, ‘Get a good rest Boi, a long and tough weekend ahead of you!’

Matt had therefore spent the night half sleeping and half in wet anticipation of what was coming up. Jim never disappointed – if he said it was going to be tough, then tough it would most definitely be! He also thought about his diet – Jim had put him on a liquid only feeding regime a couple of days ago; always the preparation for a long bondage session and Matt had been wondering ‘when and what’ for a while.

Hooded as he was he couldn’t see the red display lighting go off, but he felt the bed pull back from the display window and knew that Jess was back. His lover started Matt’s day as he always did – by indulging himself in feeling that amazing, muscly, lean body! He ran his hands over the strong pecs, tweaked the large prominent nipples, felt the ribs of the abdomen, kneaded the biceps and then gave Matt a good hard thwack on his cock and balls. Then he leant over and gave the thick black boots a lick – just a quick one; today was not the day for dalliance.

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Now you can get a custom-sized V3 Holy Trainer cock cage

For those who have been interested in chastity but have hesitated, or for those who need to get something that fits just right — now is your chance because Mr S is selling custom-sized V3 Holy Trainer male chastity cages!

The available sizes are:


  • Cock Cage Length: 35mm (1.36″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 34mm (1.3″)


  • Cock Cage Length: 45mm (1.75″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 34mm (1.3″)


  • Cock Cage Length: 55mm (2 .14″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 35mm (1.4″)


  • Cock Cage Length: 65mm (2 .54″)
  • Cock Cage Inner Diameter: 35mm (1.4″)


male chastity devices in custom sizes

More pictures, information and a VIDEO of the V3 Holy Trainer Chastity Cage available by clicking HERE

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The leather Savage Hood is available HERE.

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male bondage and chstity

Stealth cocksucker hood


Mr S writes:

“When you feel this tight rubber hood against your skin as your Master zips it closed, you know you’re about to become his filthy cocksucking pig. Pinhole eyes allow you to see shadows in well-lit rooms, but that’s all. When the dungeon lights come on all sight goes away, you just need to trust him. Nose holes make breathing easier, which is a good thing because Master is going to be skull fucking you hard and rough. In this hood you’re nothing more than an open hole for him to use as he wants. Get ready for a long night!”


To learn more about this hood and see a video, click here.