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Daddy’s Fist

Alex Killian is chained up and wearing a blackout leather hood. Dominic Pacifico gears up with his girthy set of toys and starts off by sliding his raw cock into Alex’s ass. Dominic pumps Alex’s hole full of cock before grabbing a massive, silicone dong and working it into Alex’s ass. Inch by inch, Alex’s hole adapts to the dildo and swallows it whole. It’s not long before the silicone cock is replaced with Dominic’s fist and the ass stretching really begins. Dominic finally lets Alex loose from his chains and continues to handball his hole. Dominic is ready to let Alex see what’s next and takes his hood off to show him what he’s taking next. To his surprise and delight, it’s another massive dildo for Alex to ride. When Dominic wants Alex to cum, he plants his fist back up Alex’s hole until Alex’s cock blasts off a huge load all over himself.

Dominic Pacifico and Alex Killian


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Title of this video: Daddy’s Fist

Actors: Dominic Pacifico, Alex Killian

Dominic Pacifico, Alex Killian

Muscle fetish porn: Icons

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_muscle_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_muscle_08 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_muscle_09 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_muscle_b_icon_posterframe_preview_950x534

Covered in neoprene and wearing motorcycle helmets, Dallas Steele and Diesel Washington rub each other’s bodies — teasing each other as the tension builds. After sliding his helmet on Dallas’s ass, Diesel reaches around and releases the muscle stud’s throbber — then gets a whiff of it over his open visor. Diesel guides Dallas down, his huge dick soon choking the sucker. Dallas engulfs Diesel’s balls as the side of his face gets dick whipped, spitting down on his own cock as he sucks (“Get it wet,” moans Diesel as Dallas gasps). Diesel returns the favor, worshipping Dallas’ steel rod. Diesel opens wide, huge strands of spit falling to the floor. With one strand still stuck to his face, Diesel moves his head in circles to wrap the spit around Dallas’s cock again. Diesel beats his face with it, moaning as he sucks balls deep. Dallas fingers the spit and feeds it back to the breathless sucker. They kiss, then eat each other out. Diesel pins Dallas against the wall and fucks him hard, the rock-hard bottom then sitting down on the big dick—his massive legs working hard — before getting on his back. The two fire their wads, Diesel dousing the bottom’s groin.


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Padded Cell Inmate: THE VIDEO

Click on the any of the still pictures in this posting to go directly to the Serious Male Bondage site.

Padded Cell Inmate MetalbondPadded Cell Inmate MetalbondMetalbondNYC

Many readers of the Metalbond website will no doubt recall the Padded Cell Inmate and his 19-day ordeal that was extensively documented — in postings, comments and plenty of photographs — here on Metalbond. That’s right, the straitjacketed and hooded Inmate shown here was locked up by The Warden in a padded cell for 19 days nonstop. (If you missed any of the original postings here on Metalbond, or click on the tag for Padded Cell Inmate, below.)

After this series appeared, VIDEO DOCUMENTATION of this most serious of bondage scenes was subsequently added to the many, many offerings at the Serious Male Bondage subscription-based site.

Padded Cell Inmate: THE VIDEO


To read much more about the 19 days in a padded cell, click here

To see the VIDEO, go to Serious Male Bondage

Title of the video: 19 DAYS