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Heavy-duty male BDSM gear: Asylum Hood

Heavy-duty male BDSM gear

Available from Mr S, the Asylum Hood features a detachable mouth and chin covering as well as a detachable padded blindfold. Both these leather coverings are bucked to the sides and top of the hood when you want to isolate your captive completely. When not using these two covers, you have open eyes and an open mouth and chin for easy breathing or sucking your favorite cock. Nose holes are part of the main body of the hood, however, the lower mouth and chin cover is made without any nose holes and when buckled on, covers the nose holes on the hood itself. When the blindfold is also strapped on his breathing will be labored as air will come from around the edges of the two covers. He can still breathe, but it becomes a very intense scene. This hood laces up the back and does not include a locking collar — although you could add a padlock to male it even more secure, if you wish.

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Matt on Display – Part 1

By Steellock

Note: This is a follow-up to The Edge series by Steellock, which concluded with “Matt the Demo Boy.” To read the previous chapters by Steellock, click here.

Matt woke early that Friday morning. As Jess was strapping him to his bed the previous night Jim had wandered over and said, enigmatically, ‘Get a good rest Boi, a long and tough weekend ahead of you!’

Matt had therefore spent the night half sleeping and half in wet anticipation of what was coming up. Jim never disappointed – if he said it was going to be tough, then tough it would most definitely be! He also thought about his diet – Jim had put him on a liquid only feeding regime a couple of days ago; always the preparation for a long bondage session and Matt had been wondering ‘when and what’ for a while.

Hooded as he was he couldn’t see the red display lighting go off, but he felt the bed pull back from the display window and knew that Jess was back. His lover started Matt’s day as he always did – by indulging himself in feeling that amazing, muscly, lean body! He ran his hands over the strong pecs, tweaked the large prominent nipples, felt the ribs of the abdomen, kneaded the biceps and then gave Matt a good hard thwack on his cock and balls. Then he leant over and gave the thick black boots a lick – just a quick one; today was not the day for dalliance.

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Taking care of rent man clients

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! These rent man clients are a bunch of daddies in a private guesthouse, looking for some fun with the hottest dick-for-hire around. Can he handle 10 guys at a time? The rent man makes his entrance in a leather harness, flirting and teasing the guys, making them want his big dick and muscular body. Arousing the daddies, he takes them on one at a time and gives them a fuck they’ll never forget.

looking for some fun with the hottest dick-for-hire

See the video here

Site: GDude-JP

Title of this shoot: Rent Man II

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Journal to Hell – Part 01

By rts

male bondage storiesI’m a leather-loving biker riding an old rigid harley chopper, always in my boots and full hides. I made contact online with a man with similar interest, exchanging photos, both of us into just living in our leathers all the time. He invited me for a meet-up if I agreed to his conditions. I was to wear only my leathers, my leather jeans tucked unto my 18-inch westco boots, gloves on and naked under the hides except for a leather jock and pack, no other clothes. He would ship me a leather hood with an open lock but no key. I was to put on this hood and lock it while live on camera for him to see on the day I was to head out. I was turned on and agreed to these conditions.

A week later the hood arrived along with a crude map and directions to a small almost abandoned town in the desert about 100 miles down an old country road. The hood was hot, with small ”pepper pot” eyeholes, two small nasal tubes and a mouth hole lined with a rubber tube that would keep my mouth open, making it difficult or almost impossible to speak. The zipper pull down the back would fit over a small lock post, through which I would be able to fit the enclosed lock.

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