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The Trucker

By Steellock

Matt sat on the grass bank by the roadside and checked the note that had come with the package of leather that the Trucker had sent through via Jim:

‘Wear your bleacher jeans, Levi jacket and those boots. Nothing else.

Buckle on the padded wrist restraints, lock them on.

Then buckle the ankle restraints over your boots and lock them.

Pull on the hood then zip it closed and lock the zip to the collar with the last small padlock

Use the big padlocks, one through the D rings on your ankle restraints to lock your boots together and the last through the D loops on your wrists behind your back.

Sit on the bank and wait by the mile marker and wait for me.

He looked down and checked his body. His bleacher, sleeveless Levi jacket hanging open, pushed out by his wide shoulders and hanging open over his heavy pecs and ribbed 6 pack. His arms with their bulging biceps and triceps hanging down by his sides, the wide black leather belt cinched tight round his narrow waist, through the loops in his 501 bleacher jeans. His heavily muscled thighs filling out the legs. The jeans stopped in a turnup mid-calf, and he could then see his heavy, polished black, Grinder boots with their neat tight yellow laces showing as a row of 20 lines on each one.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 7

By rts


We reached the cabin and went inside, I was hungry thirsty and tired. He walked through the room in front of me, his rubber shining as the light played over his moving body. He handed me a large jug and told me to drink. It was some sort of protein shake and I eagerly drank as much as I could. When I had finished he came to me holding the heavy rubber straight jacket, turned me around and helped me struggle into it. He crossed my arms across my chest and strapped them behind my back, pulling tight the other multiple straps confining me securely in it.

Ignoring my protests, he next took an inflatable gag pressing it into the mouth opening of my hood and then filling it with air sealing it in my mouth. I could now only breathe through the two nose holes in the hood.

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Hooded bondage: Christian Mitchell and Blue Bailey

Check out these shots from Mr S, featuring hot, hunky porn star @ChrisMitchellXX wearing a Fetters Deluxe Tight Hood and getting worked over by @BlueBaileyxxx:

Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_01 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_02 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_03 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_04 Christian_Mitchell_and_Blue_Bailey_leather_bondage_hood_05

Fucking hot if you ask me!

Click for Deluxe Tight Hood


Hint: If you click through to the product listing above on the Mr S site, you can watch a short video of Christian Mitchell getting fucked by Blue Bailey while wearing this hood and other restraints. It’s not to be missed!

As Christian describes it, the hood fits snug throughout the head, especially around the jaw.

Lots more hoods available here

I love the SOUND this leather bondage gear makes as the prisoner struggles

This guy is seriously ENCASED in leather … SeriousMaleBondage-style. Check out this video clip:

The guy in the leather is Felix – RubCop on Recon, when he visited the SeriousBondage Institute. The gear is his unique leather sleepsack from Mr S that has both straitjacket arms and internal sleeves, which allows for more versatility.

To see the complete video, go to SeriousMaleBondage

Title of this video: Leather Leather And Leather

BootedRay male bondage video