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Devin Franco has Tristan Hunter and Liam Skye in the dungeon

Devin Franco gay bondage porn

With a rock-hard cock, Liam Skye lays back as dominating Devin Franco grabs hold of Liam’s cock and works a steel sounding rod deep into his dick. Devin works the rod in and out to massage Liam’s urethra with pleasure and pain, while Tristan Hunter slides his cock in Liam’s mouth. When Devin feels Liam’s meat has had enough, Devin drills his cock in Liam’s ass and pumps him deep. Switching places, Tristian takes his turn stretching Liam’s asshole bareback while Devin gets blown. Both Devin and Tristan take turns alternating in Liam’s holes until Tristan’s cock makes Liam bust all over his abs. Devin wipes up the mess and feeds Liam his own seed while Tristan adds his own mess to the mix.

Devin Franco Submit gay bondage


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Actors: Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Liam Skye

Site: Raging Stallion

Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Liam Skye

Fun with a strap-on dildo gag

strap-on dildo gag

Grant Ducati willingly complies with whatever Master Devin Franco commands, and that includes wearing a dildo mask to face fuck the gaping mouth of fellow sub Lucas Leon. The bearded captive gags and gulps down the dildo as it is thrust into his mouth and until his Master is completely satisfied. Lucas soon finds his body tied down by shrink wrap as his open face hole takes Devin’s dick and his ass is invaded by human dildo Grant. The two tops swap places and with Lucas, still wrapped up and unable to move, and turn the sub into their own personal cum rag by erupting all over his helpless body. Only then does Devin set the hairy fucker free and allow him to drain his own aching balls.

strap-on dildo gag gay porn


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Title: Highway

Actors: Devin Franco, Grant Ducati, Lucas Leon

Site: Fisting Inferno

Devin Franco

Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco

Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco

When Devin Franco arrives to the offices of “Maniacal” Doctor Chris Damned for treatment, the doc orders Devin to undress. The horny, psycho physician gets Devin laid back on the hospital bed in just his jock, so he can hike Devin’s legs up and eat his ass. The rimjob is an easy distraction for Devin as Chris ties him down with rope and uses a penis pump to swell Devin’s cock and an electro-shock wand to zap his balls. With Devin’s cock growing and his cries intensifying, Chris uses a ball gag to muffle Devin’s moans. Chris strokes Devin’s cock and slaps his balls, demanding total submission. Chris continues elevating his dominance as he works a sounding rod down into Devin’s throbbing cock, which Chris then strokes until all the kinky stimulation reaches a fevered pitch. The ecstasy gets so intense that Devin blasts off a thick load onto his abs.

Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco


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Actors : Devin Franco, Chris Damned

Title: Maniacal

Site: Raging Stallion

gay porn Maniacal doctor Chris Damned overpowers Devin Franco

Only a Boy Can Hope – Part 03


After the movie was over Sir looked at me and stated, “I guess it’s time for bed, let me help you up.” Sir came over to me and grabbed the straps at the front of the straight jacket and helped me to my feet. Sir then led me to the stair and to the bedroom on the second floor. Sir’s bedroom was an average size, but it had so much stuff it in besides the furniture. There were several shelves with books and a bunch of gear on the floor. The bed was covered with a rubber bed sheet and had straps coming from under the bed. Sir reached to the gear on the floor and picked up a neoprene sleepsack and laid it out on the bed. Sir stated, “you will sleep in this tonight, boy.”

I replied, “Yes Sir, thank you Sir.”

Sir came towards me in the front and reached down at the catheter still in me. Sir took a plug off his dresser and swapped the catheter tube with the plug and removed the leg bad that was attached to my right leg. He left me standing there and went to the bathroom to empty the catheter bag.

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Devin Franco captures Quin Quire

Quin Quire was just minding his own business, skating around in Venice and catching some sun. He really doesn’t know what happened. One moment he had pulled into a back alley looking for some dick, and the next he woke up suspended from the ceiling and under the control of leather-clad dom Devin Franco, unable to escape and at the mercy of his every whim. Quin was a skater boy, but he learned to be a good sub boy that day.

Devin Franco leather bondage


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Title of this video: Sk8er

male bdsm stories Bondage Bros

male bdsm Devin Franco

Officer Devin Franco gets overpowered by bodybuilder Davin Strong

Officer Devin Franco gets overpowered by bodybuilder Davin Strong

Bodybuilder Davin Strong just got caught taking a piss in public by officer Devin Franco, but the muscle man isn’t planning on going away in handcuffs. Instead, Davin grabs the cop by the collar and drags him to a secluded space where Devin can strip naked, invade Davin’s pits, and worship his bulging biceps. Now chained to a wall, a nearly naked Devin gasps as the stranger chows down on his hole and fills him up with his hairy cock. Devin’s own dick begins to slip out of his jockstrap as Davin continues pumping himself inside of his sweaty ass. A few more bareback thrusts has the strongman erupting deep inside of Devin and breeding his worn hole.

Officer Devin Franco gets overpowered by bodybuilder Davin StrongOfficer Devin Franco gets overpowered by bodybuilder Davin Strong


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Actors: Devin Franco, Davin Strong

Title: Tough Enough

Site: Fisting Inferno

Officer Devin Franco gets overpowered by bodybuilder Davin Strong gay porn