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Portable fuck sling

Available from Fort Troff, the PORTA PLOW allows the bottom to get drilled, legs-up, sling-style, anywhere.

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Fort Troff says: The bottom’s legs stay up, supported by sturdy padded stirrups that cushion your legs without digging into your skin. The sweat-proof nylon strap has a plump detachable pillow to support your neck and back. Porta Plow lets you amp up your endurance for XTRA long play sessions.

For more information and VIDEO of this being used go to Fort Troff

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Tom of Finland Trough

Available from Fort Troff, the TOM Of Finland Trough has inflatable edges so you keep the fluids contained. It’s perfect for messy play.

piss trough

Fort Troff says: This playpad is PERFECT for a mini piss pool. Use gobs of fist lube without ruining the carpet. Use silicone lube without ruining the sheets. Take a jizz shower.

To order, or to see VIDEO of this being used, visit Fort Troff

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