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10 Days in Detention – Part 17

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

John stood me up and walked me into the cell. Inside I was made to sit against the wall and the wrist shackles were padlocked to a ring on the wall, forcing me to sit there. John looked back at me as he walked towards the door, closed it and a moment later the lights went out, leaving me in complete darkness.

I had been in the cell like this before so it wasn’t the hard, difficult bondage I had expected to spend the night in. Yes, if left this way for a long time with wrists cuffed behind my back the shoulders would start to experience that deadening pain that is so hard to contend with after a couple of hours. But I had made it through this before and could do it again.

It wasn’t to be, though. After a short time the cell door opened and a little light from the dungeon space partially illuminated the cell. John was standing in the doorway holding lengths of chain. He entered the space and let the chains drop just short of the center of the cell’s floor.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave you like this all night, did you? This would be too easy,” John chuckled as he came and stood over me.

He had me lean forward and released my wrists from the wall. Next he removed the length of chain going from the front of the steel collar to the ankle shackles. He also removed the ankle shackles, leaving the steel collar and the wrist shackles on me. John picked up the chains and shackles he removed from me and left the cell for a few moments.

When John returned, he had another set of shackles and some padlocks.

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Substance Abuse

By lthr_jock

PC Keith Phillips checked his watch and sighed – still an hour to go before the end of his shift. Tonight had been a long, frustrating evening and while he had been busy earlier, the last couple of hours had been quiet and he had been patrolling on foot on his own. The usually busy streets were empty due to a combination of a fine drizzle and the fact that it was three days before Christmas. He sighed again as he turned to head back towards the station. On nights like this, he really wished he had a police dog to keep him company.

Keith took out his phone in the forlorn hope that someone would have texted him – no luck. Everyone he knew apart from work colleagues was probably asleep. As he resigned himself to a miserable trudge back through the silent streets, he caught sight of a car’s headlights shining out from a garage block. The block was at the end of a narrow, darkened lane and he had often found people up there shooting up. At this time of night, any light was unusual so he squared his shoulders inside his stab vest and walked up the lane.

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Ethan’s Cruel Robbers

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesIt was the end of summer and the beginning of college fall semester, but the Georgia air was still humid and warm. Off campus, young sophomore Ethan was asleep in his apartment. He was a fit, shorthaired, clean-cut young man. An aspiring business major who enjoyed kickboxing. Two young men, disguised with neoprene ski masks, quietly entered his apartment as he slept. They were local kids looking for any valuables that would allow them to buy drugs. One of them had blonde hair draping out of their mask, the other had brown hair. Ethan woke up, however, and noticed the intruders in his place. He grabbed a nearby golf club and prepared to defend his home. Upon making his way into the hall, though, the robbers noticed of him and quickly pounced on Ethan before he could take defensive action.

The two thieves pinned him to the floor and held him down. Ethan, only wearing his underwear, experienced awful carpet burn in the struggle. That, and the pressure of their weight holding him down firmly was defeating.

Ethan tried to yell for help, though, hoping to alert the neighbors in his apartment complex, but the blonde thief cupped his hand over his mouth while the brown-haired robber flipped him over on his stomach. They bound his hands behind his back using a nearby extension cord they yanked from the wall.

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In the Woods

By Rubrpig

This is a work of fiction and so do not attempt anything in this work of fiction without proper supervision.

Master Thomas signed off from the group Skype call with his leather brothers. The call had been about their annual trip to his mountain cabin for their leather retreat with their slaves. The 3 Leather Masters had discussed what the main scene would be and how best to provide a extreme test of endurance for their slaves. Finally, they had come up with a consensus which they had all agreed to and all felt would be an extremely hot scene.

He sat back in his leather desk chair and smiled as the thought of what was planned for their slaves was going to really push their limits and provide for the Masters a scene which should proof highly erotic. After a while he logged into the Mr. S website and placed an order for 3 pairs of the 4 buckle wrist restraints which would be needed for the scene. After processing the order was scheduled for delivery in several weeks which was more than enough time for the shipment to arrive prior to their leaving for the cabin.

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