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A jail cell blowjob

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At Iron Lockup, Sir visits the prisoner in his cell, giving us a rare close-up of Sir pissing. The inmate greets him with the customary blowjob. When Sir is getting ready to cum, he permits the captive to lick his balls until Sir blows his load in a long, enthusiastic shower.

Video at Iron Lockup

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.


Mr. Kristofer is hooded and fucked in a sling

At Iron Lockup. In this update, Sir begins to fuck Mr. Kristopher hard, slapping his balls as he goes. When Mr. Kristopher appears to be enjoying it too much Sir starts beating his balls with his nightstick, but that doesn’t stop the prisoner from blowing a massive load a moment later.

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Of course a blown load doesn’t mean stop, especially in the cock-teasing department.

Video at Iron Lockup

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.

male bondage in prison

The prisoner awaits Sir with a rock-hard erection


At Iron Lockup. Kneeling on the wetroom floor, mostly naked except for boots, a hood and his chains, the prisoner awaits Sir with a rock hard erection. Sir taunts the sub with a little cock and ball torture but what he really wants is to ram his cock deep inside the prisoner’s throat and make him choke on it. The prisoner only gets hornier and begins to eat Sir’s cock with hungry enthusiasm.

Video at Iron Lockup

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.


male bondage in prison

Sucking Sir’s nightstick in prison

At Iron Lockup, the prisoner’s eyes are transfixed on Sir as he orders him to open up and deep throat his nightstick. The captive is then bent over the prison toilet and made to take a beating to his junk and ass. Sir then face fucks the prisoner, but instead of cumming he showers him in piss.

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Video at Iron Lockup

NOTE: Iron Lockup is no longer being updated with new content, but all their old videos are still available.

male bondage in prison

Robbed and Humiliated

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonIt’s past two o’clock in the morning in a quiet upscale neighborhood. Two disguised men have crossed a lawn belonging to one of the larger homes at the end of the street’s cul-de-sac. Using a suction cup and glass cutter, they break into one of the side windows of the darkened house.

They look like classic burglars. Dressed in blue jeans and long sleeve shirts, they’re wearing latex gloves with black neoprene ski masks disguising their faces. One is tall and broad shouldered. The other is average height and slim. Both of them are wearing light backpacks.

The thieves make their way through the rooms with flashlights, assuming no one is home. They’d be casing out this house. When they reach the living room, however, they notice evidence to the contrary. The TV is still on with a PlayStation console connected to it and the game menu on the screen. The fresh smell of pizza and weed is in the air as they notice a pizza box on the coffee table next to a bong.

They’re not alone after all. But they’re prepared for such contingencies as they remove duct tape and several plastic zip tie cables from their backpacks.

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The WORC Program – Part 09

By Joshua Ryan

The Haute Cuisine de Paris Select Tour … Mike had finally agreed to book it … I was lingering on a foggy street on the Ile Saint-Louis … Then from somewhere — some seventeenth century house? Some charming local church? — a bell was clanging. “Cmon,” Mack said. “Ain’t got all day.” He was already on his way to the shit holes, where a line had formed — a line of identical packages of rocklike muscles dressed in identical boxers and tees. A dream, and a nightmare.

I was one of the last to get to the holes, so I was glad I’d shat my guts out the night before, and all I needed to do was piss. I didn’t bother to line up for the sink. I went back to my bunk and started turning myself into the image of Mack, who had already dressed.

I can’t say they didn’t give us enough time. It was all hurry up and wait for our turn at the Chow Hall. While waiting, the workies shot the shit with each other, paying no attention to me. They weren’t interested anymore. I wasn’t new. I just stood by my bunk until Boss Web yelled, “Awright, make your line!” and we all marched off to the chow palace. Bill of fare: egg and cheese on bun, grits on the side. Hearty food! What you’d get in a fast food place, if the place was about to be closed by the health inspectors. Also a cup of coffee. No cream, no sugar, but the first coffee I’d had since I signed those papers. By the time I got through with it, I was so high that Ace came up beside me and said, “Coffee. It happened to me too. My first day. Watch your step. I don’t want you havin any accidents.”

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Bondage in 2020 Cell Without Bars – Part 01

By felon

Most of this story is true, and if there is interest it can be continued.

It all started out with my interest in bondage of all kinds, especially Law Enforcement, Military and Prison settings. For years I traveled all over the country to participate in heavy metal bondage actions.

I had made several trips to The Academy, and its later brother – The Training Center. Several trips to west coast areas and Washington State, and as we all know some of these trips work out great and others not so great.

So keeping that in mind I wanted to relay my most recent experience — a different kind of bondage experience in this Covid situation.

I had responded and had a conversation with a man into prisoner control. In fact we eventually determined that we were in the same general area. Although we have exchanged emails we never actually met in person. Finally it was decided that we should meet. Now his idea was different, he wanted to try something non-traditional. Being starved for any kind of action I was of course interested in pursuing a meeting.

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