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Devin Franco has Tristan Hunter and Liam Skye in the dungeon

Devin Franco gay bondage porn

With a rock-hard cock, Liam Skye lays back as dominating Devin Franco grabs hold of Liam’s cock and works a steel sounding rod deep into his dick. Devin works the rod in and out to massage Liam’s urethra with pleasure and pain, while Tristan Hunter slides his cock in Liam’s mouth. When Devin feels Liam’s meat has had enough, Devin drills his cock in Liam’s ass and pumps him deep. Switching places, Tristian takes his turn stretching Liam’s asshole bareback while Devin gets blown. Both Devin and Tristan take turns alternating in Liam’s holes until Tristan’s cock makes Liam bust all over his abs. Devin wipes up the mess and feeds Liam his own seed while Tristan adds his own mess to the mix.

Devin Franco Submit gay bondage


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Actors: Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Liam Skye

Site: Raging Stallion

Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Liam Skye


Tristan Hunter is tied down with his arms bound while Liam Skye watches helplessly from a steel cage. Dom Devin Franco is pacing the room with his riding crop, taking pleasure in teasing both of his captives. After clamping Tristan’s nipples, Devin sees his sub get hard and slips Tristan’s jock down to tease his thick cock. Devin directs his attention to Liam and uses his whip to strike his horny prisoner repeatedly. After utilizing several more devices of dominance on Liam, Devin opens the cage and lets Liam face-fuck Tristan who is still bound. From each end, Liam and Devin bareback spit-roast Tristan with their cocks and thick dildos. Completely at their mercy, Tristan takes both cocks in both holes until Devin unleashes a thick load that covers Tristan’s crotch. Eager sub Liam finishes up by getting between Tristan’s legs and lapping up Devin’s load.

Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Liam Skye

Video available HERE

Site: Fisting Inferno

Title of this shoot: SUBMIT

Actors: Devin Franco, Tristan Hunter, Liam Skye

Categories: 3-Some, Anal, BDSM, Pumping, Restraints, Submission

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