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Used sexually while tied up in bondage

Tomas Hozman is shackled and spread-eagled, with his sexy ass on show. Tom Vojak is working on him, playing with his cock and then fingering his hot hole. As he fingers the hole, Tom also squeezes Tomas’s balls and wanks that throbbing cock. Tomas feels that finger ramming into his tight ass and grimaces, but takes it well. Tom also spanks that sexy ass from time to time as he finger fucks it. Then he rams a butt plug into the hole and starts sucking on Tomas’s cock. Pulling the plug out, Tom gets back to fingering the hole as he sucks on Tomas’s cock. He has more in mind too, taking a dildo, on a pole, and stretching Tomas’s ass with it. His ass gets fucked nice and deep, and his cock stays rock hard all the while. When he has played for as long as he wants, Tom leaves Tomas to relax a while.

Title of this shoot: Tomas Hozman ROUND 3 – Hot Ass

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Bondage ass play

Petr Zuska is in the dungeon, shackled and gagged, straining to free himself. Naked too, his cock flops as he tries to release himself. Then Borek Sokol arrives, whip in hand, and gets to work on that hot, slim body, with Petr moaning all the while. Borek plays with the nipples as well, which gets Petr moaning even more. Then Borek works on Petr’s cock as well, using the whip intermittently as well. He releases Petr, bending him over and getting to work on his ass. A toy slips, easily, into Petr’s hot hole and fucks him nice and deep. Petr moans, as the rubber dick works in that hot ass then we get a close-up look at the well-used hole. On his back, legs up, Petr feels his hole being fingered by Borek before the dildo is shoved back inside it. That ass is stretched wide and fucked hard as Petr keeps up with the moaning. When he has had that ass fucked for a good long time Petr sits up and wanks his cock until he shoots his sticky cum for Borek.

Title of this shoot: Petr Zuska – Hot Ass

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Dungeon suck and fuck with bondage and discipline

Matej Borzik is shackled in the dungeon as his master, Marek Borek, enters the room. He places a gag into the naked Matej’s mouth and then releases him from the shackles. He pulls Maten onto the floor, between his legs and immediately removes the gag. Marek rubs Matej’s face over his solidly hard cock. Pulling it out of his underwear, he then pushes Matejs mouth down on that cock. Matej’s hot mouth bobs on the beautiful curve, and rock-hard dick. He sucks it so well as Marek guides his head. Matej licks the balls and up and down the shaft too, as he continues his sucking. Then he is moved to a table and laid on it, with his wrists and head in the stocks. Marek’s cock goes back into that mouth and he reaches over and spanks on Matej’s ass too. He fucks his cock into the open mouth and whips Matej’s back to encourage some good sucking. Marek then moves behind Matej and shoves his throbbing cock deep into his tight ass. Matej moans as he takes that hard cock all the way into his hole. He is whipped as well while his ass takes that rock hard cock, stretching his hole. Marek turns Matej over and continues to fuck his tight hole, making him moan as the dick works in and out. Ready to cum Marek moves to Matej’s face and dumps his load all over it. He shoves his cock into the mouth again to have it cleaned off. The he release Matej to kneel and wank himself off too. Then Marek takes his sexy subject back to the cage.

Title of this shoot: Marek and Matej RAW – Duty Bound

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Roger – Part 1

By David Sellers

“You’re going to be locked in here,” Roger says, slowly stroking my cock as he looks into my eyes, “while I sleep in your bed, with your husband. But first he’s going to fuck me. Then I’m going to fall asleep in your husband’s arms and you’re still going to locked in here, helpless and miserable, because your sadistic husband allows his sadistic boyfriend to do this to you. He lets me put you away like this, lock you up like this, you pathetic fuck.”

That’s usually what Roger says — or something close to it — before he snaps the blindfold to the hood. I’m already gagged, laced tight in a sleepsack, and strapped down to the bondage board in the playroom my husband and I built a few years before we met Roger.

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Caged prisoner forced to submit for sex

Alan Carly has been left in a cage, with his wrists cuffed. He rattles the cage to try to release himself, which alerts Laco Meido and Peter Zuska. They come inot the room and start to torment Alan, releasing him from the cage and trying to make him eat his shirt collar. Then they pull out their hard cocks and push Alan to his knees to suck on them. He takes turns on each of the throbbing cocks, repeatedly sucking each one. Then Alan has his hands shacked above his head, as he is naked below the waist. Laco begins to play with Alan’s cock, sucking it to make it very hard indeed. Peter begins to kiss Alan as Laco keeps on sucking. Then Laco gets behind Alan and slips his cock into his ass. He fucks that hot ass as Peter smothers Alan’s mouth. Then Peter takes over the fucking, his rock hard cock going deep into Alan’s hot hole. They are enjoying that ass and take turns fucking it, getting it stretched nice and wide.

Title of this shoot: Petr, Alan and Laco RAW – Duty Bound

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Shackled to a wooden post

Adam Potora is shackled to the wooden post, and blindfolded, wearing only some see thru underwear. His tormentor appears and starts to whip Adam, who moans as the whip lands on his body. Then more moaning as his nipples are pulled too. His punishment continues as his underwear is pulled down and the whipping continues. The tormentor hits at Adam’s cock too, making him flinch and try to avoid the hand that slaps his balls and pulls on his nipples. Clothes pins are applied to Adam’s balls with intermittment slapping of his thighs. Then pins are attached to the cock as well. Adam is turned, and his ass starts to get the attention it deserves, as the hands spank it and the whip lands as well. The hands pull Adam’s ass cheeks apart, to show off his hole. Then that hot ass gets spanked some more. Released from the wooden beam, Adam is placed on the floor and whipped again, moaning all the while. He is made to grab his ankles, showing off his hot ass, which has lube applied. A finger is shoved deep into that ass, opening the hole very well. Then Adam is made to stand and wank his big cock, getting it very hard. As he wanks he shoots his hot cum over the floor, which brings his punishment to an end. He is shackled and left there, maybe for more to come.

Title of this shoot: Adam Potopa – Spanking

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Raunchy sex behind bars

Alan Carly is in a cage, enjoying a cigarette. He is barechested as he smokes. Rosta Benecky appears outside the cage and beckons for Alan to kiss him. Their lips meet through the cage wires as Rosta’s hand opens Alan’s jeans and pulls out his stiffening cock. He drops to his knees and begins to suck on Alan’s rock hard cock as it pokes through the wire frame. Rosta then moves the frame and Alan comes out to join him. Rosta plays with Alan’s cock some more, slapping his balls too. They kiss and then Rosta turns Alan around and bends him over. His sexy ass is available and Rosta quickly spreads the cheeks and gets his tongue lapping at the hot hole. With the hole wet, Rosta then starts to finger it as he continues to rim. That hole is ready and Rosta’s massive dick slams into it, stretching it wide and fucking it deep. His big balls swing as his big dick keeps pounding Alan’s tight, hot, hole. Alan moans as his ass gets fucked so deep and hard. Rosta uses a hand to cover Alan’s mouth as the moaning gets louder. The big cock keeps slamming in and out of Alan’s ass really giving it to him good.

Title of this shoot: Alan and Rosta RAW – Raunchy

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