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Locker room antics turn into a BDSM scene

At str8hell.com, a naked Jeremy Robbins is setting up his fitness bench which he then sits on and relaxes when he hears a phone ringing. He calls to Peto Mohac, who rushes in to answer the phone. He too is naked and when his call is over he takes a scarf and ties Jeremy’s hands behind his back on the bench. Jeremy complains, it seems this has happened before when Peto is horny. Ivanek Ukara arrioves, wanting to know what is happening. Peto tells him that he is about to fuck with Jeremy and invites him to join in. Peto goes off to shower and Ivanek releases Jeremy. They decide that they should actually fuck Peto when he returns. Peto has a quick shower as the others work out what they will do. Peto returns and they quickly overpower Peto, shackling him to the cross.

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Gagged and shackled in the dungeon

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Meanwhile at Str8Hell, Alan Hemar is at the mercy of Leo Dinar. They are in the dugeon and Alan is gagged and shackled as the hooded Leo slaps his and gropes him. Alan writhes around and moans as he feels the rough hand pulling on his dick and his hair. He also feels Leo’s whip and has his nipples pulled as well. Alan moans loudly as hot straight guy Leo really works on that sexy body.

See the video at Str8Hell

Metalbond gay bondage

ImmobileRestraint – Chapter 13

By Nitro

nitroatlA reward? What did that mean? His hole was hungry? Was he going to finally be able to fuck his Sir for the first time in months? Sir was typically not up for being on the receiving end of anything but a tongue up his ass, but sometimes when the wind blew just right…

The very idea of this had his cock throbbing inside the spiked chastity cage, which made him groan into the gag. Now that he felt Sir was no longer watching he tried to stay very still. He didn’t think he could handle much more of the heavy electro that gets delivered when he moves. His entire body was aching, and the massive plug in his hole felt like it was the size of a Buick.

He was so tired from putting on such a show, and his muscles ached from being locked in here all day. He started picturing his Sir sitting back in that chair earlier while his dick was serviced, and he felt his own cock throbbing into the spikes. He pictured him leathered up and in tall boots, his thick cock pushing against his codpiece. He pictured him slowly sucking the phallic cigar as he exhaled a plume of smoke.

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Prisoner Shackles Used by Aliens From Outer Space

By Master Margarita

The story I have written here is 100% Fiction and written to give a sensational experience of an event that never actually occurred.

For those of you who do not believe the stories of an Alien Ship crash landing in the Nevada Desert and a Top Secret Military Base in the area where the Alien Ship crashed (better known as Area 51) never existed, I am able to tell you from my personal experience that many of the stories about it are true. You see, I was one of those working for the United States Government at the Top Secret Military Base. The Base had always been considered Top Secret; however the Alien Spaceship was never intended to be the initial purpose for the base.

My story starts with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) entering the Top Secret Military Bases Airspace. Any Aircraft, regardless of what it is that does not have authorization within this Restricted Air Space would be shot down. On October 21, 1971 an Alien Spacecraft entered into the Top Secret Military Bases Airspace. The Spaceship was cigar shaped and appeared as a large object, about three times the size of a football field. Military Protocol was to immediately take out anything invading the Restricted Air Space, so that is exactly what happened. A large missile that operates on stealth technology was launched. The UFO was at about a half mile in height and distance from the ground when the missile made a direct hit on the Spacecraft.

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The Bet – Chapter 10

By lthr_jock

Note: This is the final chapter of a multi-part story by lthr_jock. To start at the very beginning, click for The Bet – Part 1


“We’re here, Sir.”

I jerk awake, confused at the unfamiliar surroundings. I look at the face staring at me, the peaked-cap indicating his job as a chauffeur.

“We’re here, Sir. I’ll pick you up at 5:30 as usual, Sir.”

I mutter something to him and as I open the door, my left hand touches a brushed steel briefcase on the seat beside me. I grab it and get out of the car to find myself in front of the bank that I manage. I’m disoriented and confused and just stand there in the drizzle until a concierge comes out with an umbrella and ushers me into the building.

Inside, the receptionist gives me a dazzling smile and by the time I walk to the lifts, the express lift for the Executive Floor has arrived. I lean against the back wall of the lift and wonder what the hell is going on. The repeated “ping” indicates the lift passing floors as it progresses to the top of the building. I can see myself in the mirrored doors. I am wearing a well tailored suit, the fabric shining with a gleam that reminds me of the rubber that Bob made me wear. I’m clearly more muscled than I was before and my fully shaven head stands out in stark contrast to the suit.

I unlock the briefcase and open it, expecting some kind of twisted surprise.

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More With Jonas – Part 3

By ty dehner

I was exhausted and fell asleep bound to the table. I don’t know how long I slept, but Jonas woke me up with a slap to my relaxed cock.

“Time to wake up and get ready for your next round, gimp.”

He started working on the rope and slowly released each part of my body. Once I was free, he helped me sit up and turn, letting my legs hang off the edge of the table.

“Now we are going to really change things up for you. I am going to remove everything you are wearing, everything. I want you fully exposed for this next round. So, you will not speak even through your mouth will be empty, and you will keep your eyes closed when the hood is removed. I will let you know when you can look at me. If you understand, nod your head two times.”

I do so and am relieved that I am going to get out this rubber suit.

Jonas is in no hurry as he works to remove the duct tape on my head. As it reveals more and more of my skin, I feel the cool air drying the sweat. He then took out the cloth and I was ungagged for the first time in a long while. But I didn’t speak. Keeping my eyes closed, I felt his gloved hand stroke my face and head. At one point I leaned into his hand and placed a gentle kiss on his glove. He patted my cheek. He started working on the suit.

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