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Raunchy sex with rope bondage

Jindra has Hugo tied, at the wrists, to a wooden frame in the barn. He is naked and Jindra starts playing with his cock. He kisses his way down the body and takes the cock in his mouth, biting and then sucking on it. Hugo’s cock quickly responds, getting very hard indeed. Jindra slap the balls, making Hugo flinch, as he sucks on the dick. Jindra stands and opens his pants, pulling out his own rock hard cock. He wanks both cocks together as he pulls on Hugo’s nipples and kisses him. Then Jindra releases Hugo from the frame, pushing him to the ground and makes him suck some cock. Hugo loves dick and really works his hot mouth on Jindra’s throbbing member. It doesn’t take long before Jindra bends him over and plays with his hot ass, fingering the hole and getting it ready for more. He bends and rims the hot hole before shoving his dick in all the way.

Title of this shoot: Jindra and Hugo – Raunchy

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Duty Bound at Str8Hell

Lorenc Byro is shackled, blindfolded and gagged and wearing only see-thru underwear. His cock looks hard in the underwear as he wriggles around, trying to free himself. Rado Zuska comes in to find out why Lorenc is making a noise. He berates him and slap him, telling him to be quiet. Taking a whip Rado uses it on Lorenc, making him moan louder. Lorenc’s cock stays hard as he takes the punishment. As he continues with the whip Rado pins one of Lorenc’s nipples and bites the other one. Lorence keeps up with his moaning as Rado torments him, pinning both nipples and the belly button. Then he starts grabbing Lorencs cock and balls before kissing and licking his sexy chest. He releases Lorenc and takes off the gag and blindfold. Then Rado’s big dick is out and being shoved into Lorenc’s eager mouth. Rado grabs Lorenc’s head and pushes it all the way down on his cock. Lorence gags as he takes the stiff dick deep into his throat. Then Rado moves him to lay on a thick wooden beam. He pulls Lorenc’s legs in the air and shoves his throbbing cock into the waiting hole.

Title of this update: Rado and Lorenc RAW – Duty Bound

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Gagged and shackled for rough sex and torture

Kail Kopec is in for a torrid time with Mirek Ceslar. He is gagged and shackled, and otherwise naked, as Mirek joins him. Mirek starts to torment Kail, playing with his nipples eliciting some moaning. Mirek’s attention then turns to Kail’s swinging cock, and he places a clamp on the foreskin and the balls. He pulls on the clamp and then attaches one end to a nipple, still pulling on the foreskin. He starts to whip Kail as well, making him moan even more. Kail then has the gag removed and Mirek shoves his throbbing cock deep down his throat. He fucks that mouth so deep, making Kail gag. Mirek then lifts Kail’s legs and shoves his dick deep inside the waiting hole. He fucks that ass hard and fast, as Kail’s feet rest on his shoulders. Mirek releases Kail and makes him lay face down on the horse for more ass pounding. That dick really gives his hole a good work out. Kail is turned over and wanks himself as Mirek continues to use his hot ass. Kail wanks hard and soon shoots his hot, creamy cum over himself. Mirek is ready too and pulls out of that ass to shoot his load over Kails face. Then he has Kail suck the sticky, cum-coated cock clean.

Title of this shoot: Mirek and Kail RAW – Duty Bound

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Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 08

By PredicamentBondage

If Marco could see a clock, he’d know it was not yet quite 11pm, and his debasement is only just beginning. This once proud example of male heterosexuality has been serving as a bio-filter below a popular gay bar for less than an hour and already he’s taken piss from twenty different guys, emptied his bladder once, swallowed about a half-a-pint of spit, been force fed two loads of slimy man-cum and been milked of his own load twice. It’s not looking good for Marco as he still has four, maybe five, hours to go.

Over the next thirty minutes the visitors to the Gents increase in number until at least one urinal is occupied at all times. The club is now about half full and Marco can hear music reverberating through the walls and floor of his basement, adding extra stimulation through the anal-invader to his already highly sensitised prostrate.

He is now consuming piss without thinking about it, and his mind wanders back in time to his life of partying, fucking and playing sports – snatched from him just hours ago. He tries to hold onto the memories but his concentration keeps coming back to his need to piss and his desire to cum yet again.

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Used sexually while tied up in bondage

Tomas Hozman is shackled and spread-eagled, with his sexy ass on show. Tom Vojak is working on him, playing with his cock and then fingering his hot hole. As he fingers the hole, Tom also squeezes Tomas’s balls and wanks that throbbing cock. Tomas feels that finger ramming into his tight ass and grimaces, but takes it well. Tom also spanks that sexy ass from time to time as he finger fucks it. Then he rams a butt plug into the hole and starts sucking on Tomas’s cock. Pulling the plug out, Tom gets back to fingering the hole as he sucks on Tomas’s cock. He has more in mind too, taking a dildo, on a pole, and stretching Tomas’s ass with it. His ass gets fucked nice and deep, and his cock stays rock hard all the while. When he has played for as long as he wants, Tom leaves Tomas to relax a while.

Title of this shoot: Tomas Hozman ROUND 3 – Hot Ass

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Bondage ass play

Petr Zuska is in the dungeon, shackled and gagged, straining to free himself. Naked too, his cock flops as he tries to release himself. Then Borek Sokol arrives, whip in hand, and gets to work on that hot, slim body, with Petr moaning all the while. Borek plays with the nipples as well, which gets Petr moaning even more. Then Borek works on Petr’s cock as well, using the whip intermittently as well. He releases Petr, bending him over and getting to work on his ass. A toy slips, easily, into Petr’s hot hole and fucks him nice and deep. Petr moans, as the rubber dick works in that hot ass then we get a close-up look at the well-used hole. On his back, legs up, Petr feels his hole being fingered by Borek before the dildo is shoved back inside it. That ass is stretched wide and fucked hard as Petr keeps up with the moaning. When he has had that ass fucked for a good long time Petr sits up and wanks his cock until he shoots his sticky cum for Borek.

Title of this shoot: Petr Zuska – Hot Ass

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Dungeon suck and fuck with bondage and discipline

Matej Borzik is shackled in the dungeon as his master, Marek Borek, enters the room. He places a gag into the naked Matej’s mouth and then releases him from the shackles. He pulls Maten onto the floor, between his legs and immediately removes the gag. Marek rubs Matej’s face over his solidly hard cock. Pulling it out of his underwear, he then pushes Matejs mouth down on that cock. Matej’s hot mouth bobs on the beautiful curve, and rock-hard dick. He sucks it so well as Marek guides his head. Matej licks the balls and up and down the shaft too, as he continues his sucking. Then he is moved to a table and laid on it, with his wrists and head in the stocks. Marek’s cock goes back into that mouth and he reaches over and spanks on Matej’s ass too. He fucks his cock into the open mouth and whips Matej’s back to encourage some good sucking. Marek then moves behind Matej and shoves his throbbing cock deep into his tight ass. Matej moans as he takes that hard cock all the way into his hole. He is whipped as well while his ass takes that rock hard cock, stretching his hole. Marek turns Matej over and continues to fuck his tight hole, making him moan as the dick works in and out. Ready to cum Marek moves to Matej’s face and dumps his load all over it. He shoves his cock into the mouth again to have it cleaned off. The he release Matej to kneel and wank himself off too. Then Marek takes his sexy subject back to the cage.

Title of this shoot: Marek and Matej RAW – Duty Bound

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Roger – Part 1

By David Sellers

“You’re going to be locked in here,” Roger says, slowly stroking my cock as he looks into my eyes, “while I sleep in your bed, with your husband. But first he’s going to fuck me. Then I’m going to fall asleep in your husband’s arms and you’re still going to locked in here, helpless and miserable, because your sadistic husband allows his sadistic boyfriend to do this to you. He lets me put you away like this, lock you up like this, you pathetic fuck.”

That’s usually what Roger says — or something close to it — before he snaps the blindfold to the hood. I’m already gagged, laced tight in a sleepsack, and strapped down to the bondage board in the playroom my husband and I built a few years before we met Roger.

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