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Chained up for whipping and electro

str8hell gay male bondage

Lubos Koryz is shackled to a bench as a naked Mirek Ceslar arrives and begins to whip him. Mirek whips Lubos’ back, and then his legs and feet, before taking a chain and wrapping it around Lubos’ legs and neck, strapping him against the bench. Then he turns his attention to Lubos’ ass, inserting a probe into the hole, attached to a control panel. As he dials in the number, the current surges through the wire to reach that hot ass. Lubos reacts by jerking as his ass feels the current pulsing. His body twitches, repeatedly as Mirek increases the current. Mirek takes the whip again and slashes at Lubos body and legs. Lubos continues to twitch as his hole feels the current entering him. He grimaces as he writhes, and also feels the whip landing on him. After a good, hard session the probe is removed from his ass and the chains taken off, with some final whipping.

gay male bdsm

Title of this shoot: Lubos Koryz – High Voltage

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Metalbond gay male bondage

A prisoner is chained at the wrists in a jockstrap

chained in a jockstrap

Rado Zuska is one very studly guy. He knows what he likes, and he likes Paul Hunter. He has him chained at the wrists and naked, but for a jock strap. He kisses the handsome Paul and plays with his nipples. He also slaps on Pauls great chest as both the oiled bodies rub against each other. Rado pushes Paul to his knees, where he can suck on some rock hard cock. Rado’s dick is throbbing as it fucks into Paul’s eager mouth. He pulls out and slaps that throbbing cock against Paul’s face before fucking the mouth some more. Then Rado wanks himself as Paul laps at his tight balls. He fucks the cock back into Paul’s mouth, slapping his handsome face too. Then Rado lays Paul down and gives him a blow job too. He sucks on Paul’s rock hard cock, taking it deep into his mouth, all the while slapping on that hot body and face. Rado needs more than some cock to suck and Paul eagerly lifts his legs, so his hole is available. Quickly Rado is on it, fingering the tight hole and lapping at it with his tongue. Then Rado’s cockhead is up against the hot hole, and pushing into it as Paul bends over to take it. He loves the dick slamming into his hot ass as hard as Rado can manage it.

muscle man in bondage

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Title of this shoot: Paul and Rado RAW – Raunchy

severe testicle torture

Ivan is tied up and gets worked over by two brothers

gay bondage

Check out the action with sex-mad Ivan Mraz and brothers Romi and Petr Zuzka. Ivan is gagged and shackled to the bed, naked and with clamps on his nipples. The sexy brothers arrive, wearing see-thru underwear and holding their whips. They have fun, whipping Ivan’s hot, writhing body. Ivan moans as he feels the whips, his cock beginning to harden. Romi grabs that cock and is soon sucking on it, before letting Petr have a taste as well. Ivan’s cock gets good and hard as Petr sucks it. Then Romi takes over again. They take turns on Ivan’s cock and then decide to feed him some cock too. Both are rock hard and release the gag from Ivan’s mouth, so he can enjoy some throbbing meat. Romi is naked, and rams his dick in and out of Ivan’s eager mouth.

man chained to the bed

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Title of this shoot: Romi, Petr and Ivan RAW – Raunchy

Metalbond gay male bondage

Gear 365 – Part 2

By Rubrpig

During the morning Skype check-in Daddy Mike noticed that his gear boy Adam was obviously very distracted. As it was a day that he was working at the office, Adam was dressed in gear, this day it was 20″ Wesco Big Boss Engineers, Langlitz competition breeches, a black t-shirt and a leather bar vest. Although Adam was fully geared he still was distracted by something other than his gear or the check-in with his Daddy.

Even though Daddy Mike was in his usual Carhartt work gear and boots as it was a working day, the sight of his muscular furry Daddy did not even arouse him. Adam stood but really did not communicate with his Daddy as usual. The call ended as both men had to leave for their respective jobs, however, Daddy Mike left for work and spent the day wondering what was up with Adam. He was worried that Adam was at a breaking point as it was now almost 4 weeks since he agreed to being locked up in the cararra chastity belt for an entire year along with spending the year in leather or other gear to prove his commitment to him. Daddy Mike grew more and more anxious as he felt that Adam was going to request an end to the commitment.

He finally finished his shift as site manager at the large office building project and left work in his F-150 King Cab and headed for Adam’s home. Knowing that Adam was usually home an hour before he finished work he knew that Adam would be there when he arrived. After 20 minutes in traffic, he pulled on to the driveway of Adam’s home and got out. Using his keys, he walked into the house and called out for Adam.

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A gay bondage fuck

Romi Zuska has Viktor Burek on his knees, hands tied behind his back. Romi’s cock is rock hard and he slides it into Viktor’s hot ass. Viktor moans as he takes that cock deep in his hole with Romi fucking it deep. Romi spanks Viktor’s ass as he fucks him, holding onto the ropes for leverage. Viktor’s moaning gets louder as he takes that throbbing cock and feels the hand spanking on his hot ass. Romi fucks harder, going in as fast as he can, then slowing down with nice long thrusts. He turns Viktor over onto his back and continues to stretch his hot hole with that throbbing cock.

gay bondage suck and fuck in the dungeon

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Title of this shoot: Viktor Burek ROUND 4 RAW – Duty Bound

Metalbond gay male bondage

Overpowered and tied up in the weight room

tied up in the gym

Alois Tomas is in the training room, doing some exercises. He looks very good indeed, with his chest bared, as he stretches. Borek Sokol arrives to assist Alois with his training, spotting him as he lifts some weights. But Borek has something else in mind, and overpowers the handsome Alois. Then he shackles Alois to the cross trainer, gagging him too. He strips him naked with Alois’ beautiful cock full exposed. Borek takes a whip to that hot body, making Alois moan through his gag. Then Borek slaps all over Alois’ chest and applies some clothes pics to the cock and balls.

spanked and tied up in the gym

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Title of this shoot: Alois Tomas – Spanking

forced jackoff in bondage