A boi’s Afternoon

By slavebladeboi

“So,” he said rather menacingly, looking straight into my eyes as he held my chin in his fist, “think of a number between one and twenty five.”

Shit, another mind fuck no doubt.

“Yes Sir,” I answered. “Six.”

What the fuck is he thinking now?

“Well done, boi. Good answer.”

Why. How’s that good?

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re getting 25 with the crop.”


“But I’ll deal it out in sets of six with a short break between each set.”

Whoopee fucking doo. I’ve only just recovered from the last training session.

“Thank you, Sir.”

I tested the restraints that held me in a tight vertical spread eagle.

“Now, boi, do you want a gag?”

What now?

“Think carefully. I know you rather like gags.”

“Yes please, Sir. I’d like a gag.”


I knew it was a bloody trick. Why do I always fall for his mind fucks?

“OK. A gag it shall be. Now to explain the rules.”

I fucking knew it.

“You know I enjoy beating you in silence, yours not mine.”

“Yes, Sir”

“Well, here’s today’s plan.”


“Without a gag I’d have extended the beating by two strokes of the crop for every three noises that came out of your mouth. As you know, we’re training you for silent punishment.”

Do I know that…?

“As you’ve chosen to wear a gag, then I’ll extend the beating by two strokes for every noise that manages to break through it. You’ll just have to learn to bite down and take it.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

He fixed the pecker gag so that it was dead central in my mouth and strapped it tight.


Now I know some of you are thinking “25, with a crop? Easy peasy. May take a bit more control to stop any noise, but all in all not so much. But easy peasy it ain’t. It’s real, it’s not like some of those videos you can get where the sub is yelling blue murder almost before he gets a rather gentle swipe with a whip. My Sir leaves deep welts with every swing, some blood quite often too.

After he gave me a smile he stepped aside, his boots clipping the concrete floor.

I hate those smiles. He’s enjoying this, as always. But then he can. He’s Boss.

It’s sometimes said that you can prepare yourself for the first hit, and then the subsequent ones, by hearing that swish as the crop slices through the air on its way to your arse. It’s a lie. At least it is in my case. I hear that swish but the raw pain ignites so soon afterwards there’s no time to think. It’s sort of a single thing rather than two halves.

I take the first with a silent intake of breath.

I think my body is a sort of pain bin, one that you can fill up but then overflows.

The first three or four strokes bring the pain to the rim of my pain bin. Five makes it overflow.

I snort.

“Oh shame, boi. That sound earns you two more.”


“And that earns you two more still.”

Shit fuck fuck bastard fuck!!!

“I did say any noise, didn’t I?”

Shut the fuck up. Don’t think of answering.

“Well done lad. One more, then we rest for a moment.”

That one made me bite hard on the rubber pecker.

He came round in front of me and kissed the front of the gag as he gently massaged my arse cheeks with his leather gloved hands.

I bloody love that feeling, his caress, he’s trying to make me moan. Not sure if break time means I can make a noise but I ain’t bothering.

The next set of six goes the same way. I manage not to even breathe loudly. Biting down helps, but it doesn’t stop the fire ripping through my body from that crop.

More hands-on time.

“You’re making me proud, boi. I can say I’m most impressed with your efforts in obeying the rules. Just under halfway now, that is if you keep up the silence. I wonder…”

He can’t be serious. Don’t fucking change the rules now!

He didn’t say any more. He just walked round behind me again. I knew something was up though as he took longer than normal to lay the 13th stripe.


“Dear oh dear, boi. 31.”

Give me a fucking break you bastard, what was that? Felt like bare electric flex with the power on.

“You can congratulate me later, unless you want to do it now…?”

Fuck off

“No? OK. I don’t often manage to get a second blow directly over a first, do I? Oh my, yes that was a good one. Broken the skin good and proper.”

I shut my eyes and tried to disappear into myself. I won’t bore you with the details. It goes on till he’s finished. Christ knows how I managed to keep quiet through it, but I did. Tears, drool, sweat and sore wrists from struggling but I did it.

He unlocked my wrists and I slumped down in front of him.

“On your knees, boi. Follow me. Time I fed you some of my juice.”

—slavebladeboi 21


Metal would like to thank slavebladeboi for this story!


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  1. Aw, man, I love a good game of “I’ll tell you the rules after it starts”! Thanks, slavebladeboi, for this “afternoon delight”.

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