A Nickel Will Get You Five Days of Chastity

By hushpuppy1980

“Now, make sure you listen carefully,” He said, “because I am not going to repeat myself. Each of these nickels represents 5 days. There are five in total. That’s 25 days. For each nickel you drop on the floor, you will spend 5 days in chastity. Now, if I were you, I’d stop fiddling around and hold still. Enjoy your hour.” I heard Him settle down in His leather chair, put His booted legs on the stool and pick up what I thought was a book.

I had always been interested in bondage and particularly chastity, but never had the money to purchase any gear. Over the last couple of weeks, I had started chatting with this Master who said He particularly enjoyed training new subs. We had developed a good relation online and had agreed to meet. Last week, as we’re leaving the local pub where we met to talk and have a drink, He handed me a small plastic bag.

“You will wear this, and I trust you will return them if you choose not to go forward, next week, when you come over to my place.”

When I got home, I emptied the bag onto the kitchen table, the contents and a small note. There was a chastity device (I had seen it while browsing online), a red ball gag, a mouth-only nylon hood, ankle and wrist leather cuffs, a leather collar, and a single opened padlock. I noted that all of these were lockable, but no key came with the padlock.

The note read: “Next Saturday morning, you are to put the chastity belt on and lock it. I will expect you to show it locked on webcam. You are then to arrive at my place at the address printed on the back at 7pm – as I turned the sheet I realized he lived a 5 minute walk from my place – you will ring twice and open the door. In the lobby, you will strip naked, but put on the rest of the gear you found in this bag. You are then to kneel, with your buttocks resting on your feet, your hands together, behind your back and wait for me. If you choose not to go forward with this, let me know by next Saturday and bring back the gear.”

By then, my briefs were tenting quite prominently. I tried on all the equipment (except the chastity belt) for the feel. I wanted to see what the leather felt like as I moved around. The hood was nice and restricting and yet I could breathe normally. I could almost make out what was in front of me (or was it simply that I knew the layout of my apartment?). I went to bed with the restraints still on.

Saturday morning, I woke up with the usual hard-on. As I lingered in bed, brushing my hard cock, I heard the sound of a text message. It was Him asking if I was ready to come on cam. I rushed to my computer and started the session. He laughed when He saw my uncovered hard cock. He walked me through how to put the chastity belt on and changed my mind to make the “swelling” go down. I took the ring and instantly got hard again. More laughing. The whole thing was turning into a much longer production that I had anticipated! When the cock cage was finally set in place, I took a deep breath and locked the padlock.

“Excellent, He said. I will see you tonight then.” And He disconnected with a little wink.

It was quarter to seven when I turned the key in the front door of my apartment and I was on my way to His place.  I walked swiftly and got there in no time. I rang twice and entered the lobby as He had instructed in the note. I stripped naked, folded my clothes and placed them on a small stool I saw in the corner. The wrist and ankle cuffs came on first, followed by the hood, the collar, and finally the gag. I knelt down and clasped my hands firmly in the small of my back, sitting on my feet. And I waited.

Several minutes later, I heard the inside door open. He silently walked over to me and felt my torso and my back. He rubbed His gloved hands down my body, groping my pecs, my shoulders, my arms, and my throbbing crotch.

“Stand up.”

He clipped something do my collar and led my inside the house.

“Keep your hands behind your back.”

We walked a little. I could barely see where I was going, and walked slowly. We walked into a small reading room.

“We’re going to play a little game now; nothing too serious to start with. Kneel down in front of the wall, knees apart.”

He gently pushed me down, separated my legs with His boot. My knees were touching the wall, about shoulder-width.

“Keep your knees where they are, but put your ankles of top of each other.”

I did and it was a fairly comfortable position. I heard Him clip the ankle restraints together with a padlock.

“Now, hands behind your head.”

He corrected the position so that my wrists were on top of each other and He clipped them together with another padlock.

“Keep your elbows on the wall.”

He turned and picked something from the table. He pushed something between my knees and the wall and again between my elbows and the wall. Finally He placed a coin on the wall in front of my face and pushed my nose forward to hold it in place.

After about 45 minutes, my legs started to shake a little. That position, initially comfortable, was becoming harder and harder to hold. One of the nickels, the one between my right knee and the wall, had already fallen on the floor. The left knee was barely holding its nickel. I had managed to keep the top three ones on the wall, but I was now in some awkward position with one elbow higher than the other and my head tilted sideways.

“You’re doing good, kid, you’re the first to only drop one after 45 minutes. By now, most of the other guys I played with were already down for 20 days of chastity!” He laughed. And I slid into an even weirder position with my legs shaking even more and the left nickel joining its other friend on the floor.

“Five more minutes.”

I heard Him get up. He walked over, knelt down behind me. He started tonguing my ears, kissing me softly on the neck. The nose nickel fell off on the floor. I firmly planted my elbows into the wall: they would not come off. At least I could tilt my head back and enjoy His kissing.

“You’re done,” He whispered in my ear, and pulled me towards Him, the two remaining nickels falling down. I could feel His gloved hands running up and down my chest. He pulled me back away from the wall, my legs under Him. He slowly knelt down on my feet and started stroking His cock. I could hear the condom wrinkling as He thrusted His tool in His hand. He lowered me onto his cock. I took a deep breath in and slowly breathed out. After a couple of minutes of maneuvering, He was fully in me.

“I’m going to enjoy fucking your tight ass, He said. Don’t worry, I’m not going to send you back home for 15 days of chastity and ignore you! You’re welcome to come by any time you want.”

The thrusting continued, my throbbing cock was the one now pushed on the wall, my freed elbows and knees getting a little sore and my shoulders were killing me. Somehow, I barely felt the pain. It would be an interesting 15 days.


Metal would like to thank hushpuppy1980 for this story. He can be found on Recon.


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  1. This is a fantastic story! I love the written instructions left for the boy and really wish I was in chastity now too!

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