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Rural Pursuits – Parts 6 to 10

By Kiggle

Chapter 6

It must have been three or four weeks after the episode in Jim’s playroom that I was on my way to do a bit of shopping in the village shop when I heard Pete calling me from behind. There he stood, stripped to the waist, up on a bit of scaffolding doing some sort of building job. He looked down on me smiling broadly, and said “Jim has some new building equipment he wishes to try out and suggests that you could help, if you liked.” I didn’t understand for a moment, then realised that this was a coded message for another session in Jim’s playroom. After the penny had dropped, I said “Oh. Oh good. What time? When?” Pete’s reply was that this evening was as good as any.

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Rural Pursuits – Parts 1 to 5

By Kiggle

Chapter 1

I had grown up at the same time as Jim, although he was not a particular friend of mine. I had always admired him: he seemed so confident and self possessed. His father had owned large market gardens producing some splendid vegetables on the fertile soils surrounding our village. Jim’s father had died a while ago and Jim had inherited the large family home with all its outbuildings and barns. In earlier times these outbuildings had housed the carts and the stable for Dolly their big old horse.

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Latter Jacket story gets updated further

A story that has been re-imagined by Kiggle

Part 4 – Continued

He next took the crotch strap and pulled it, carefully through my legs, and fastened it to the buckle at the back.  It felt comfortable at first.  Then a firm but not sharp tug made it considerably tighter.  At first I thought it might be unbearable, but after a second or two the feeling it engendered was one of security and firmness, not pain.  Odd, I thought, but done with such care and attention to detail that I began to think that Brig had used part of the week at least, to practice on someone else.

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