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Birthday Treat

By NWsubguy

“Do you mind if I check my emails on your laptop? Mine’s still running funny,” Ste shouted down the hallway.

“Yeah, no problem.” Dan had gotten used to Ste borrowing his stuff since he’d moved in. He knew he should probably start setting some boundaries but Ste was the hottest guy he’d ever seen so having him as a roommate was too good for Dan to put at risk through a needless argument.

Ideally if he could’ve afforded it Dan would’ve preferred to live alone so he could indulge some of his kinkier desires. Ste knew Dan was gay and he hadn’t said anything negative when Ste had guys stop the night but Dan didn’t want Ste knowing most of fantasies were about being made to submit to a Master. Pain, humiliation, domestic service and chastity were just some of the things he’d jerked off thinking about. Unfortunately the furthest he’d got with most of it was looking at it online. On his laptop. Oh shit.

“Dan, what the fuck?” Dan panicked. He turned round to see Ste walk into the room carrying the laptop grinning. He turned it around so Dan could see a guy tied up and blindfolded on the screen being whipped by another naked guy.

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The Stag Night

By NWsubguy

The stag week had been going better than expected. Ben, the guy a week from marriage, had been having a great time enjoying the last few days of freedom in Amsterdam. Even I had managed to put an ill-advised night between myself and his fiancée out of my mind, at least enough not to give away what had happened to Ben.

All in all there were 5 of us and the week had been spent mainly drinking and exploring the seedier areas but on the last night the best man Mark had suggested visiting a fetish club that he thought would give Ben a suitable send off into married life. I’d had one or two sessions of being loosely tied up but had never really got into it and considered myself fairly vanilla so I had no real idea what to expect from the night but was willing to give it my all in an effort to keep Ben happy.

From the outside the club seemed like any other. There were a couple of bouncers at the front of a pretty large queue made of people in both normal night out clothes and some others in more extreme, and often revealing, outfits. I started to head to the back of the queue but Mark stopped me and said that he’d called ahead and got our names on the list so we could go straight in which, considering the cold weather, seemed like a definite blessing. We all gave all our names to the bouncer and they just nodded as each of us went in but as I went past one patted me on the shoulder and said “hope you enjoy your time here” to which I just replied “thanks” and hurried to get in. Looking behind me on the way down the corridor I saw the 2 bouncers laughing to each other over something.

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