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30-Day Test Subject – The Story Continues

By Red

Chapter 5 – The Test Enters a Rough Phase

Soon after the guards had left for the day I began to hear the hum of a motor.  It sounded like it was geared down to move slowly but strongly.  Although all of my senses were at attention I could not feel any assault on my body for about a half hour.  Suddenly I knew what was going on.  Something that they had lowered into the Pit while they were fitting my new chains was approaching my asshole.

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30-Day Test Subject

By Red

I saw the advertisement on the Metalbond blog. Since I had been forced to take a month off from work because of the company’s new vacation policy, I applied. Rather than forfeit my accumulated vacation days, I decided to submit an application for 30 days in heavy chains that the advertisement on Metalbond was offering. I never expected my hastily prepared short essay would win, but I duly received a notice informing me of my being selected for a month of heavy metal prison restraint testing.

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