Billy and Me – Part 6

By Tommy Guns

Because I was so tired from the previous night’s action, it wasn’t long before I drifted off into a restless sleep. I woke up several times with residual pain in my ass, and a desperate need to take a dump and a whiz. I don’t know how long I was out, but it must have been several hours. It was completely dark in the bedroom the first time I awoke. My best guess is that I had been locked in the stocks for about eight hours. I thought, indeed hoped, that Richie would be back soon, but he didn’t come back until just after I saw light creeping through the curtains on the bedroom window. I realized I’d been in the stocks for at least 18 hours.

I had long given up any idea of being able to hold off relieving my bladder, and I just pissed into the cod jock and let it flow wherever gravity would take it. I would have taken a dump if I could, and tried to force the butt plug out at least a little to allow the release of some built up gas and shit. But it was too firmly planted and I was really beginning to experience severe spasms of pain in my gut. To make matters worse, there had been quite a bit of seepage around the butt plug. I could feel and smell the odor of dried shit on both of my inner thighs. There was absolutely nothing erotic about my situation, just the sense of hopelessness, along with a total and inescapable loss of control.

When Richie finally returned, he released me from the stocks and led me to the bathroom. When he unlocked the cod jock from around my waist, it was like a missile blasting off as the pent up gas in my gut expelled the butt plug from my fuck hole. Finally, I was able to take a long and much needed dump. After I finished, Richie told me to clean myself up and I took a long hot shower. My asshole was still sore from the previous day’s ramming, but the pain was gradually fading.

While under the shower and thinking about the whole thing, I got a raging hard on. Knowing that it was unlikely that I’d get to cum later that day, I whacked off in the shower. When I dried myself off, I came into the kitchen where Richie was sitting at the table eating bacon and eggs and drinking a cup of coffee. I hadn’t eaten anything since the previous morning’s bowl of crap I was forced to eat, and I really wanted to dive into the bacon and eggs myself. It was not to be. Just like the previous morning, Richie cuffed my hands and ankles and put another bowl of crap in front of me, along with another bowl of warm water. I knew better than to protest, and ate from the bowl. It was probably the hunger, but it didn’t taste as bad as it had the day before.

After I finished eating, Richie brought me to my feet and walked me into the bedroom and pushed me to the floor. He again fastened my leg irons to the handcuffs with the short chain and put the penis gag back in my mouth and rolled me over on my right side. I became aroused again, and he reached down and squeezed my balls hard. The pain shot through me like a lightning bolt. He brought out one of the larger butt plugs and jammed it as far up my hole as it would go. He just kept pulling it out and pushing it back in again, not slowly or gently, and without any lube. It was not in any way erotic or arousing. It was more like being raped by a machine. I know I screamed out in pain several times, but eventually my protestations turned into whimpers. I lost track of time with the thrusting pain being inflicted on my ass, and didn’t even hear the door open.

My first realization that something had changed was when the thrusting stopped suddenly. I heard a crack like a pistol shot and I saw the welcome sight of my friend Billy standing over me. Richie was on the floor holding a hand to his jaw. Billy kicked Richie a few times, yelling at him something about having told him not to hurt me. With that, Billy gently lifted me off the floor and removed the handcuffs and leg irons. He laid me gently on the bed and put a blanket over me. I was so worn out from two days of torture that I fell asleep immediately for what seemed like hours.

When I woke up Richie was naked and chained on the floor next to the bed, a hood over his head and a butt plug stuffed up his ass. He had a huge hard on, and I really wanted to take care of it, but knew somehow that this would be a gross betrayal of both Billy and Richie. I didn’t understand their relationship, but I knew enough not to get between them or otherwise interfere with what was going on. I shuffled out to the kitchen. Billy was sitting at the table eating a sandwich and drinking a beer. He told me to help myself, and I’ve never tasted anything so good as that first beer. I remembered where I was, and immediately went out and put on my collar, but Billy stopped me and told me that we needed to talk man to man, not as Master and Slave.

I sat back down at the table, still totally naked, and opened another beer. Billy questioned me closely about what had gone on the past two days. I related everything as best I could remember it, and assured him that no actual sex had taken place between Richie and me. I thought that would ease his mind, but was surprised when he told me that Richie was married. Apparently he didn’t enjoy sex with guys, other than to tease them as he had me that first day, and to lure them into bondage. He was definitely into heavy bondage and torturing his subjects with toys and restraints of all kinds.

Billy told me he had set the whole thing up because I had told him I was willing to explore a little more than what we had together the past few years. He asked me to think about whether I had experienced more pain than pleasure out of the sessions with Richie. And I needed to decide if I wanted to go further down the path to more intense sessions with him and other people. He told me our relationship as Master and slave would not change at all, only be enhanced. With that, he brought the collar and had me kneel down and locked it in place. I felt a release of all tension. It was as if I had made it back home after a bad storm and was once again safe and in the hands of someone who loved me.

I put on my leather shorts and went about my chores as if the previous two days hadn’t happened. I didn’t pay any attention to Richie still chained up in the bedroom, and it was a couple of more hours before Billy released him and let him go home. After dinner that evening, Billy asked me if I had thought about what we had discussed earlier about getting into more intense play with him and others. I told him that I trusted him completely. If this would bring us closer together I was more than willing. My only conditions were that there could be no visible marks or permanent damage, and that I didn’t think I would be up for piss play or scat. After my sessions with Richie, I also needed Billy to personally guarantee my safety. He agreed, and we made plans for my next visit to meet some more of his friends. He would come up with a scenario that would more fully introduce me to the next level of bondage in the best way. And that’s how the 36-hour odyssey of pain and pleasure was born.



Metal would like to thank Tommy Guns for this story!



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  1. Really fascinating story, so happy that “Billy and me” continue the relationship. I was worried about a turn for the worst. Billy will take care of his slave, that’s good.

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