Brig Story – Part 03

By Tommy Guns

It didn’t take long before the pain in my shoulder blades from being cuffed in that position became severe. I could no longer feel my legs, just a tingling sensation every once in awhile in my calves. I have no sense of how long I remained kneeling, but what little light that had been coming through the cracks at the top and bottom of the cell door had long since disappeared, and I was in almost total darkness. From my years in the jungle, I had become used to extreme low light conditions, but this was beyond that. I could just make out the commode in front of me, and the outline of the steel rack next to me, but nothing else.

I must have dozed off, because I didn’t hear the key turn in the lock, and was startled by the sudden opening of the hatch and the rush of cold air that came with it. I could just make out one of my two guards of that morning when he entered my cell. He ordered me to turn around, but to remain on my knees. I tried to comply as best I could, but my legs would not cooperate. I fell over on my side, and my guard kicked my right leg and told me to get on my knees. I managed it after a couple of tries, and was facing him. I was on my knees, just about six inches from the zipper of his uniform trousers. I could see a bulge in his crotch, and something told me what to expect next. I was right.

My guard unzipped his fly and pulled out his half engorged cock. It was huge, and I wondered just how big it would be when it got hard. It wasn’t very long before I found out. He stepped closer to me and slapped his cock against first the right side of my face, then the left. With each slap his cock got larger, and some part of my perverted mind wondered just how big it would get if he kept slapping my face with it. But at the same time my own cock had come alive at the sight of this beautiful man, with his gorgeous cock, standing in front of me.

He pushed the head of his cock between my lips, and I did what has always come naturally to me. I pulled back slightly and first my tongue came out and licked the head of his cock. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and did my best to get his entire cock inside. I gave him one of the best blowjobs I’d ever given in my life. Believe me, I had had plenty of practice over the years, and if they gave qualification badges for it, I would have had yet another expert medal to wear on my chest — expert cocksucker. Instead of the crossed rifles or pistols, it would have crossed cocks!

When he was finally ready to shoot his load and tried to pull out, I clamped down with my lips on his cock and sucked his full load out of him and swallowed it hungrily. The salty yet strangely sweet load was larger than I’d ever had before. It slid down my throat easily, but somehow it wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I kept licking the head of his cock to make sure I had gotten it all, and felt deprived when there was no more to be had. My guard, breathing heavily, had to lean against the bulkhead of my cell while he put his cock away and zipped up his trousers. I guess I had given him a workout. He just looked at me in a strange way, and mumbled something about coming back in a few minutes. He then barked at me, “The prisoner will lay down on the rack, face down, at attention, and remain that way until further ordered.” I replied, “Sir, yes Sir,” and gratefully made my way to my rack and lay face down as ordered. The relief on my legs was immediate, and even my shoulders felt less stressed.

I lay on my rack for what seemed like an hour or more before I heard footsteps coming down the passageway. There was more than one set, but I couldn’t tell if it was just two, or more than that. It turned out to be three sets that came to a halt outside of my cell. The hatch was opened, and all three Marines came into my cell. My earlier visitor ordered me out of the rack and down on my knees. I complied immediately, but managed to bang my knee as I was getting in position. I let out a yelp of pain, which earned me a sharp slap across the side of my head, with the words, “Shut the fuck up, faggot!” I steadied myself and found that I was kneeling facing the crotch of the middle Marine, who had a nice hard-on straining the front of his trousers. He pulled his zipper down and reached in and pulled out his cock. Dear God, it was even larger than the one I had already sucked dry earlier!

This Marine immediately tried to force his cock in my mouth. While I wanted to take it all, I gagged on it when it was only about halfway in my mouth. Damn! That tool was big and fat! He was definitely into being proactive about the whole scene, and grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. I had to swallow quickly to keep from gagging on it again. Instead of me blowing him, he was face fucking me, and did he ever have good control. He rammed his cock in and out of me so much, for so long, that my jaw muscles began to ache in a way they never have before from giving head. Finally, he was ready to shoot his load, but he had no intention of pulling out. With a cry of, “Swallow it bitch, swallow it,” he shot his huge load right down my throat. I enjoyed every drop of it, and he let me lick his cock and shaft clean when he was through. Damn, this was turning into quite a night. I didn’t know what I had done to get me where I was, but with this much action to be had, I might have to plan on a return visit!

I was pretty much exhausted at this point, and would have gladly fallen asleep, with dreams of hot cocks dancing on my chin, but it was not to be. The third Marine still needed to be serviced. He had been standing quietly to the left of the Marine I had just been face fucked by. His own cock was standing at full attention, and I hadn’t noticed when he had pulled it out of his trousers. His wasn’t as large as the first two, so I figured this one would be easy. But he had other plans for his engorged cock. He turned to his buddies and said, “Get him on the rack and let’s see if he really is a fudge packer!”

The two drained and happy Marines dragged me over to the rack and forced me down on the mattress, face up, and each held one of my ankles, spreading my legs high and wide, while the third Marine dropped his trousers, spit in his hands and stroked his cock a few times. He then spit on my butt and rubbed it into my butt crack, inserting first one finger, then a second, and yet still a third. Finally satisfied, he pulled out his fingers, and I could feel his cock exploring the opening, tentatively it seemed, before he rammed it inside me with one hard thrust that made me gasp.

I had had far larger cocks and butt plugs shoved up there in the past, but always with at least some lube, or a lubricated condom, and never with the kind of violent thrust that this Marine used to gain entry. Once inside of me, I relaxed my sphincter muscles slightly so that he could ram his cock in as deeply as possible. Now it was my turn to use my well-trained muscles to milk his cock. We got into a kind of rhythm. As he thrust his cock all the way in, his balls slapping against my butt cheeks, I would tighten down on my sphincter muscles so that he had more difficulty pulling his cock back out again. He really didn’t have a lot of control, and I was able to make him cum in about ten minutes or so of his somewhat inept thrusting. Still, it satisfied him, and the feel of his hot sticky load up my butt was a great sensation. Even before the advent of HIV, it was pretty hard to find anyone to go bareback with, since too many Marines had come back from Nam with a particularly virulent form of clap. I was a little worried about my three Marines, but not that worried. Besides, I had just had as much sex in a few hours as I had had in the last few weeks. I was definitely in a place where I wanted to be more often!

After my Marines were all serviced, they allowed me to sit up on my rack. I still had a raging hard-on that I had been unable to relieve, and the third Marine was so inept at fucking me that he couldn’t make me cum. I don’t imagine he gave a damn about my getting an opportunity to relieve myself, and was only bent on satisfying his own urges. I reached down to try and stroke myself, but couldn’t reach my cock because my wrists were still cuffed to the leather restraint belt. Remembering the drill. I barked out, “Sirs, prisoner number 65, cell number 48, cellblock number 4, requests permission to relieve himself, Sirs.” They looked at each other and started laughing. The Marine who had just fucked me regained his composure to bark at me, “Permission denied, prisoner. Get back on your knees and face the rear bulkhead.” I did as I was instructed, sliding off the bed and on to my knees, facing away from my three captors.

One of them slapped a pair of leg irons on me, and tightened them down to the point that they were painful, but didn’t cut off circulation to my ankles. They then ordered me to lay face down on the rack, and a connecting chain was attached to the restraint belt. Suddenly my legs were pulled up as far as they would go and the chain was attached to the leg irons. I was effectively hog-chained, face down on my rack. Next thing I knew they were shoving a pair of dirty, smelling briefs in my mouth and taped it in place. They left me that way, and the next thing I heard was the three of them leaving my cell, locking the hatch behind them. I could hear them laughing and joking with each other, the way Marines often do after scoring, bragging about how good they had been and how well they had fucked that bitch. It wasn’t long before exhaustion took over and I fell into a deep sleep, my hard-on still raging, and my ass and throat full of hot, sticky, jarhead cum. My last thought was, “Can it get any better than this?” Yes it could.


To be continued …



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