Chase: Sub Training Camp – Part 1

By Zac Loughty

This story is about adults, to be read by adults only.

The author would like to thank his Discipline Monitor for his ‘encouragement’ to get this story finished, and for proofreading this story.

“Boy, do you have a sec?”

It’s Sir. He sounds excited. I’m looking at porn before I join him in bed.

“Sure. What’s up, Sir?”

“I just received the most exciting news, boy!”

“What, Sir?” I hope we’re gonna host an orgy.

Sir enters our office and takes a seat on the sofa.

“Where to begin?” he ponders out loud.

Wow! Sir rarely becomes this animated.

“Do you know how you’re always saying that you wish you could become more obedient, boy?”

“Um… theoretically…” What? I wasn’t serious! I only say that so Sir will take pity on me and take this fucking cage off my dick so I can blow my load.

“And how you wish you could become humbler, so it wouldn’t take you so long to get ready?”

“Um… yeah… I guess so…” Where is Sir going with this?

“I’ve just been offered the perfect opportunity for you, boy!”

“Opportunity, Sir?”

“Yes, boy! I just got off the phone with a friend. He’s a Dom. He and a couple of our friends are going to be hosting a weekend sub training camp in a few weeks.”

“Um… sub training camp, Sir?” Are Sir’s eyes dilated? He’s got to be on something.

“Yes, boy! Isn’t it exciting? The best part is there would only be you and four other subs. The Doms will have plenty of time to devote to each of you.”

“But… I’m not a sub, Sir.” I swear, you gotta watch these old dudes in their forties. They can lose their faculties at any minute.

“Oh, I know THAT, boy! You’d only ACT the part of a sub for the weekend. As soon as you get back, you’d be a boy again.”

“Act, Sir? Like in a play, Sir?” I’m not a thespian!

“Well, you’d actually BE a sub for the weekend. But you and I both know you’re a boy.”

I’m dumbfounded. I’m speechless. I’ve never been a sub. I’m not a sub. I’ll NEVER be a sub!

“It’s a fantastic opportunity, isn’t it, boy? Now, I don’t want to sugarcoat this experience. It will be difficult. But look on the bright side, boy… you won’t need to worry about your hair being out of place for a while.”

“Um… why won’t I need to worry about my hair, Sir?” What’s this about my hair? Will this camp have a stylist?

“Buzz cut, boy. All subs get a buzz cut upon entering the training camp. It will ensure you look more like your other subs.”

“I don’t think I’d look very good with a buzz cut, Sir.” Is Sir out of his mind?

“Nonsense, boy! You’ll look very masculine. You’ll look like a marine!”

“But… I thought you liked my hair, Sir.” Why does Sir want me to look like a marine?

“I DO, boy! You can grow it back any way you like. But I’d enjoy seeing you with a buzz cut for a while.”

I just stare back at Sir in horror. He can’t be serious!

“I know… you’re worried about what you’ll wear with your new haircut. Don’t give it another thought, boy! All your clothes will be provided. Isn’t that great? We just need to buy you a pair of good, solid work boots.”

“Work boots, Sir?” What in the hell will I need work boots for?

“Yes, boy. You’ll be performing hard, manual labor all weekend. You’ll need good boots to protect your feet. They’ll also stop your ankles from getting chaffed by the leg irons.”

“Um… leg irons, Sir?” I’m not wearing leg irons! I nearly stumbled all over myself wearing them at that fucking Redemption facility.

“Well, you can’t expect to go wandering around without restraints, boy. You’ll be a sub! Subs wear leg irons! Well… at least they do at sub camp. The Doms want to be able to find you easily, boy. This way, they just listen for the clinking of your chains. It’s all very practical, boy.”

I give Sir an ‘are you out of your fucking mind?’ expression. I’m not wearing leg irons! Period!

“Um… you mentioned something about hard, manual labor, Sir?” Eww! I’ll get all sweaty!

“Yes, boy. I told you it would be difficult. You’ll be digging holes, shoveling gravel, tasks like that. Your muscles will be sore after the weekend, so I suggest you take the following Monday off.”

My expression hasn’t changed. Why would Sir think this sub camp is a good fit for me? Poor Sir. I guess it’s time for the nursing home.

“You’re probably wondering how the Doms will keep you motivated. Not to worry, boy. They have a heavy, wooden paddle with holes. They call it the ‘motivator’. If you slack off, they’ll give you a whack with that paddle. It’s guaranteed to get you moving! Ha! Ha!”

I need to be careful. If my eyes open any further, they might pop out.

“Oh dear. I’ve overwhelmed you. You’re obviously distressed. What was I thinking? There isn’t any way you could possibly survive the weekend.”

Finally! Sir has come back to his senses. Of course, I couldn’t survive… wait… what?

“I mean, let’s face it, boy… you’ve been pampered your whole life. You’d never survive a weekend of hard, manual labor.”

“Well… I work, Sir.” What is he saying? I haven’t been pampered! If only he could see me balance all those plates on that huge tray before I serve them! That sucker’s heavy! I think it’s rather impressive!

“Oh, I realize you work, boy. You work in an air-conditioned, fancy restaurant. You’d never be able to handle working outdoors in the hot sun all day.”

“I worked in the hot kitchen washing dishes before I was a server, Sir,” I remind him. Pampered… my ass!

“So, you think you’re up to a weekend of hard, manual labor, boy?”

“I absolutely am, sir!” Who does Sir think he is?

“Perfect! I’ll make the arrangements.”

Wait… what just happened?

Beep! Beep! Beep! That’s the load of shit backing up, ready to be dumped on Sir to get me out of going to his fucking camp.

“Um… I can’t possibly allow you to pay for this training weekend, Sir. You were so generous paying for my punishment at the Redemption facility. I’d pay for it myself, but I’m trying to save up money, as you suggested, Sir.”

“That’s the beauty of it, boy. There’s no charge! The Doms do it for free because they love training subs. I’ll call my friend right away to let him know you’ll be participating.”

“Um… this sounds great and all, but I can’t afford to lose all those weekend tips, Sir. The weekends provide me with most of my tips for the week. I’d love to go, but I’m really trying to follow your suggestion to save, Sir.”

“I can’t allow you to throw away such a fantastic training opportunity, boy. I’ll pay you your average weekend take, boy. You won’t lose a dime. Just be sure to request Friday through Monday off three weeks from now.”

I don’t know what to say.


“Don’t worry about it, boy. I see paying you for your time off as an investment. You’ll return a more humble, obedient boy. I guarantee it! I’ll let my friend know you’ll be coming right away.”

Sir gets up and leaves the room.

Wait… did I just get played?

* * * * *

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I’m waiting for Sir to come to bed. I gotta put a stop to this nonsense before it gets out of hand. I’m NOT a sub! I’m NOT getting a buzz cut! I’m NOT wearing leg irons! That’s the way it is! Period! A guy’s gotta take a stand!


It’s Sir. He just entered our bedroom. Good. I’ll put a stop to this once and for all!

“I’m so proud of you, I’ve decided to remove your nub cage and stroke you until you shoot your boy juice!”

… and I’ll be sure to absolutely, positively do that… right after emptying my balls.

I hear Sir in the shower. My dick’s straining in its cage. I reach down to squeeze my poor cum-filled balls. It’s gonna be so great to finally shoot my load. My poor nuts are trapped between the metal outer ring and the inner ring of the cage that imprisons my dick. The gap between the two rings is only about a quarter of an inch thick. My sorry balls can’t slip through that narrow gap to escape the cage.

The head of my cock presses hard against the bars. OUCH! The swollen flesh pops out between them. I take my finger and try to poke it back inside, so it won’t strain against the bars so much. I can’t wait until Sir gets out of the shower and removes my cock from this terrible, horrible, awful torture device!

Thankfully, Sir doesn’t take too long in the shower. His naked, muscular hairy body enters the room. I swear, my cock’s gonna bust out of its cage.

“I know you’ll make me proud during your training, boy. You’ll return a changed boy! I was afraid you wouldn’t be up for it, but I’m very pleased you’re willing to give it a try.”

Blah, blah, blah. Just get this fucking cage off my dick!

“I’ll just position myself over your face while I remove your cage, boy.”

Sir climbs over me. His hairy butt is over my face. Oh heck, yeah! I love rimming Sir. He keeps himself very clean, and his ass crack is shaved.

“My goodness! Look at your little boy nub, boy! It certainly is straining to get out of its cage!”

“Yes, Sir. It wants to come out and play, Sir.” Let it out, already!

Sir grabs hold of my caged package. I hear him insert the key. I know exactly what’s happening. The key picks up the locking piece as Sir turns it. As he removes the key, that horrible little piece of metal that keeps my dick cruelly imprisoned comes out with the key.

Ah! The pressure from my cock finally presses the cage forward and off the base ring. I can achieve a full erection now!

“We’ll just remove this cage, boy.” He pulls the cage off my dick.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” My dick throbs as blood rushes into it. It feels awesome to have a full boner.

“You’re so hard, boy, I don’t think I’ll be able to remove the base ring. Are you okay with wearing the base ring as a cock ring for now, boy?”

“Oh, yes Sir! It feels great just having a full hard-on, Sir!”

Sir moves off me to retrieve the lube off our nightstand.

“Are your boy nuts full, boy?”

“Are they ever, Sir!”

“Do they want to shoot your boy goop all over the place and make a sticky, gooey mess, boy?”

“They sure do, Sir!” I don’t care how much of a mess I make. I’ll clean it up later.

“Okay, boy. Well, I’ll just take a seat on your face so I’m nice and comfy.”

Sir’s beautiful, muscular ass starts heading for my face. I stick my tongue out so it’s in position to rim him. I close my eyes since I won’t be able to see anything anyway. I use my hands to part his ass cheeks so it’s easier to find my prize.

“There you go, boy. I’ll keep stroking as long as you keep licking.”

Sir’s just taken a shower, so his musky scent is muted. I find his rosebud and begin licking the smooth exterior lips. Umm… it’s all clean and soapy.

Cool lube runs down my shaft. Sir wraps his hand around it. Thick fingers grasp it securely. His fist moves up and over my sensitive head.

“Oh!” I gasp into his ass crack. I stick my tongue in his hole and wiggle it.

“Ooh, your tongue feels good slithering around up in there, boy!”

Oof! His fist returns to the base of my cock. Up and down, up and down, he pumps my shaft.

Up, down, right, left, up, down, right, left, my tongue explores his hole.

“Oh! I’m not gonna last long, Sir!” I warn him.

“That’s all right, boy. You just expel all your pent-up boy juice.”

Pump! Pump! Pump! Sir’s thick, muscular hand rides up and down my cock.

I keep my tongue moving inside Sir’s hole. It’s keeping Sir’s fist stroking my cock.

My balls start to tense up. They’re getting ready to shoot!

“Oh! I’m gonna cum, Sir!”

“Go ahead and cum, boy!”

My balls contract and force a nice load of cum up my shaft and out of my piss slit.






“Ahhh…. That feels great, Sir!”

“Good boy! Look at all your boy juice!”

Sir removes himself from my face. He brings his fist up to my lips.

“Lap up your sticky, slimy, gooey mess, boy.”

“Yes, Sir!” Lapping up my own cum isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it’s worth it to have an orgasm!

Lap! Lap! Lap! Lap! Lap! I clean my salty goop from Sir’s thumb and fingers.

“You made a mess all over your tummy, boy.”

Sir scoops up a load of my mess from my stomach and feeds it to me.

Lap! Lap! Lap! Lap! Lap! I lick up every slimy drop.

Sir wets a washcloth and washes off the rest of my mess.

“It’s time to put your boyhole to good use, boy.”

“Yes, Sir!” Sir’s gonna fuck me! Yay!

I turn over and position my pillow under my hips. I want to give Sir easy access to my hole.

Sir parts my cheeks. His tongue dives right into my hole.

“Oh! Your tongue feels awesome, Sir!”

“Gotta get you loosened up for my cock, boy!”

“Yes, Sir!” Your tongue is welcome to stay as long as it wants, Sir.

Sir puts lube on his fingers and on my hole. I feel a finger at my backdoor.

“Go ahead and stick it in, Sir!” I encourage. I wiggle my butt to show him I really mean it.

His finger slides inside me easily. He probes me a bit before adding a second finger.

“Nice, Sir.”

“You okay with that, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. I can’t wait for your cock, Sir!”

A third finger enters my anus. I know Sir’s dick will be next.

Sir moves behind me and straddles me. The head of his cock pushes against my rosebud.

“My cock’s gonna pay you a little visit, boy!”

“Yes, Sir! It’s most welcome, Sir!” I push out to get ready for him to make his big entrance.

There’s pressure… pressure… pressure…

“Ugh!” A gasp escapes from me. His head pops inside me.

“Are you okay, boy?”

“I am, Sir. Go for it, Sir!”

Sir’s dick begins sliding deeper inside me. The walls of my love tunnel part to make way for the intrusion.

He slides in until I feel his balls against my ass.

“I’m in, boy!”

“Fuck me, Sir! Fuck me hard!”

He backs out a bit, then…


His balls slap against my ass as he thrusts his cock home.






In and out, in and out, Sir fucks my hole.

“Oh, your cock feels great inside me, Sir!”

“You have a nice, tight ass, boy. I’ll be unloading my balls in you soon.”

“Cum inside me, Sir!”






“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! It won’t be long now, boy!”






“I’m gonna cum, boy! I’m gonna cum!”

“Fill me up, Sir!”

Sir stops thrusting. I feel his cock expand inside me.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Sir’s balls dump their load inside me.

“Wow! Thank you, boy! That felt great!”

Sir’s dick slips out of my ass.

Sir and I take a shower together. We clean each other’s body. Sir cleans my cock which causes it to become erect. It’s still erect when we crawl in bed together.

“Let’s just leave the cage off tonight, boy.”

“Really, Sir? That’d be great, Sir!” Wow, my cock can flop around all over the place.

I know I should speak with Sir about the training camp, but he’s in such a good mood, I don’t want to spoil it. Plus, he’s likely to stuff my cock right back in its cage.

* * * * *

Three weeks have passed. I know! I know! I was supposed to talk Sir out of sending me to this fucking camp.

The problem is, every time I think about the camp, my cock strains in its cage. My cock really wants me to go to this camp.

I think about working in the sun with these other guys. Watching their muscles bulge as they struggle. Sweat will be running down their bare chests and backs. I know I’ll be struggling and sweating too, but I’ll have a front-row seat to view the other guys.

“Are you ready to head out, boy?”

“I am, Sir. Are you sure I only need my toothbrush, Sir?”

“I’m sure, boy. Your head will be buzzed, so you won’t need any of your fancy haircare products. They’ll furnish you with an electric shaver you and your fellow subs will share. You won’t need any of your fancy skin crap. They’ll supply you with sunscreen. They’ll issue you your uniform. All you’ll need are the work boots on your feet.”

“Okay, Sir. If you say so.” This is weird. I NEVER travel this light. I’m wearing shorts with boxers underneath them, a t-shirt, socks, and my hunky, sexy work boots. I’m also wearing what Sir calls my ‘boy collar’. It’s a chain padlocked around my neck. I can’t remove it. You guys already know about my chastity cage.

* * * * *

Sir and I have a pleasant conversation on the way to the rendezvous point. Sir explains that I and the four other subs will get in a van to be transported to camp. Sir isn’t allowed to accompany me to the camp.

We’ve reached the last turn to arrive at the rendezvous point.

“Now boy, I want you to know that it’s okay to use the safe word. I admit, I’ll be disappointed, but I don’t want you to become physically ill. You’re not used to work like this. Try to pace yourself as much as you can.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll really try not to use the safe word, Sir.”

We’re in a rural section of a public park. We pull up by a couple picnic tables. There are three guys at each table. There’s a beat-up van parked alongside it.

Three guys at one table are sitting up straight with their hands folded in front of them. They aren’t talking. They have nametags chained around their necks. These must be the subs. The three guys at the other table are relaxing and talking. I guess they’re the Doms.

We exit our truck.

“Bill! How the hell are you!” a guy yells. He gets up from his seat, heads over to Sir, and grabs him in a hug.

“I’m great, Russ! Good to see you!”

They break their hug.

“Is this your boy?” Russ says, eyeing me.

“It is!”

“Your place is with your fellow subs at that table, boy,” Russ informs me, pointing at the table. “My assistant will get your nametag. No talking! Just sit still with your hands folded in front of you like the other subs.”

Um… that’s kinda rude. Can’t he introduce himself properly? I guess he already knows my name if I have a nametag. I’m willing to forgive him. He’s hot! He’s all beefy and muscular.

And what’s with the no talking shit? We should at least get to know each other. What about team building?

I approach the table. Sure enough, the other three guys are sitting at the table with their hands folded in front of them. They’re staring at their hands. This looks boring.

I take a seat and fold my hands in front of me like the others. Unlike them, I’m gonna check them out! All the guys are about my age. The dude across from me is blond. He’s really cute. His nametag reads ‘zero’. Um… yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s not his real name. The guy diagonally across from me may be Hispanic. He has beautiful facial features. He reminds me of a friend I have in Puerto Rico. His nametag reads ‘nada’. Ha! Ha! Very funny! I happen to know that ‘nada’ in Spanish means ‘nothing’. I try not to turn my head too much to look at the guy seated next to me. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to. I don’t want to break any rules in front of Sir. Anyway, the guy has lovely ebony skin that glistens. I want to lick him from head to toe. When no one’s watching, I check out his nametag. It says ‘zilch’. Hmm… I see a pattern here.

Anyway, I’d do any of them, tbh. I wonder if we’ll get to have an orgy. Sir explained to me that all the subs will be wearing dick cages, but we could still do some fun stuff.

Uh, oh. A Dom is heading my way. He has a muscular build. He also has a mustache. I’ll call him Stache until he properly introduces himself.

“Gotta give you your new name, sub!” Stache says.

“Yes, sir,” I reply. What the fuck do I need a new name for? What’s wrong with Chase?

“Your sir says you speak a little French, sub,” Stache says.

“I do, sir!” I answer with pride.

“Your new name is rien, sub!” Stache declares.

Ha! Ha! Very funny. ‘Rien’ means ‘nothing’ in French.

“Actually sir, it’s pronounced ‘rrrrrree – uh’, sir. With a rolled ‘r’ and a nasal ‘uh’ at the end. The ‘n’ is silent,” I inform him.

He looks at me as if I’m crazy.

“Rien?” Stache says, making a point to really stress the ‘n’ to annoy me.

“Um… yes, sir?” I ask.

“I don’t give a fuck!” Stache informs me.

“Yes, sir,” I answer. I put my head down. It’s okay with me if you want to be a total ignoramus! What an idiot! If you’re gonna speak French, speak it properly, doofus!

Stache puts the chain with my nametag around my neck. He uses some tool behind me to affix my nametag.

“This weekend, your name is rien or sub. No one uses their real name. Got it?” Stache asks.

“Got it, sir,” I answer.

“Good. Just sit here quietly with your fellow subs. The last sub should be arriving soon,” Stache tells me. He goes back to the Dom table.

I want to check out how he attached this nametag, but I’m afraid to unfold my hands.

So, we’re just supposed to sit here and stare at our folded hands? That’s bullshit!

You know what this reminds me of? This reminds me of my crabby-ass teacher in middle school… Mrs. Jenkins. When most of my teachers gave me detention, I’d sit and get my homework done. But not Mrs. Jenkins! Oh no! I had to sit at my desk with my hands folded in front of me just like this. It was a total waste of time. We couldn’t move. We couldn’t talk. It sucked! Bitch!

This is SO BORING! I try to catch zero’s eye. I need to find a way to communicate with him. I want to tell him how fucking cute he is.

Trying to catch his eye isn’t working. He’s just staring down at his hands like a fucking goody-two-shoes. I gotta try something more drastic, yet subtle, so we don’t get caught.

I move my right foot forward… forward… forward… until… contact! Then, I slowly raise my foot against his. He shoots me a dirty look.

Well, excuuuuse me! I just want you to know that I think you’re HOT.

The slam of Sir’s door indicates that he’s returned to his truck. He starts the engine, puts it in gear, and drives away. Don’t leave me here, Sir! This is boring!

Well, now that Sir’s gone… fuck it! I move my foot up zero’s leg again.

He shoots me another dirty look! Not only that… he kicks me! Ouch! Fuck you, dude! I kick him back. Goody-two-shoes piece of shit!

He growls at me! “Leave me the fuck alone!” He kicks me again!

“Quit kicking me, asshole!” I don’t even try to be quiet. I kick him again!

Nada and zilch are glaring at us.

“Is there a problem over here?” Russ asks as he walks over.

“No problem here, sir!” nada speaks up.

“It appears there may be a lover’s spat. We know how to deal with subs like you two.”

“There’s no spat, sir. We’re not lovers. I’m just trying to follow the rules, sir,” zero states.

“We’ll make it real easy for you two to follow the rules. In the meantime… you!” he points to zilch. “Switch places with the troublemaker here.”

Oh, so now I’M the troublemaker! Fuck! All I’m trying to do is liven things up around here.

Zilch gets up, I scoot over, and he sits across from zero.

“All I’m asking is for you subs to sit here, in silence, with your hands folded in front of you. Is that too much to ask?”

“No, sir!” zero, zilch, and nada reply. I remain silent. Don’t treat me like a child!

“Your other sub will be here shortly. Then we’ll get you subs loaded into the van and whisk you off to camp.”

I sit and stare at my folded hands. This bench is hard! I wish the other sub would hurry and show up. Let’s get this show on the road already!

* * * * *

Finally, after an eternity, I hear another vehicle pull up behind me. It’s about time!

Car doors slam. Russ is talking to someone. Then, I hear him say…

“We’ll take good care of your sub for you.”

A car door slams, the engine starts up, and the car drives off.

“Ok, sub! Your new name for the weekend is ‘zip’. No one uses their real name this weekend. Got it?” Stache asks.

“Yes, sir,” zip replies.

“I’ll just fasten your name tag around your neck,” Stache says.

I guess that keeps Stache busy for a minute.

“Subs! Get up! Form a line! Stand at attention!” Russ yells.

I’m just happy to get off the fucking bench!

We all scramble to form a line. I avoid zero.

“We’ll provide you with complete instructions once we reach camp. A safe word will be provided to you there. If you gotta take a piss, do it now.”

No one moves. I guess we’d just piss in the bushes.

Russ continues, “Now, we’re gonna shackle you up for transport.”

Whoa! Shackles? Already? Why?

Stache and the other dude disappear into the van. The other dude doesn’t have a mustache, but he is burly. I’ll call him Burly. There’s clinking and clanking as they bring out a bunch of chains and some belts.

GULP! These guys are serious.

They take the chains behind us. There’s a crash as a pile of chains is dropped behind me.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! They start with zero at the other end. I know the sound of leg irons being fastened around a guy’s ankles. Well, at least he won’t be able to kick me anymore.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Zip is losing his freedom now. Stache and Burly are both applying the leg irons, so they’re moving fast.

They quickly shackle nada and zilch next to me. Then, Stache heads back for zero while Burly moves behind me.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! The arm of one of the cuffs is being pushed through the locking mechanism so it can be brought back around to imprison my ankle.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! I don’t feel anything! The cuff must be over my boot.

Clink! Clink! Clink! I guess he’s straightening out the chain so he can cuff my other ankle.

Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! Clack! I guess my ankles are chained together now. At least it doesn’t hurt.

“Hands on your head, sub,” Burly orders.

I comply.

A belt comes down over my head. He tightens it around my belly. He appears in front of me with handcuffs.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! He passes the arm through the locking mechanism. Then, he takes the free arm and passes it through a ring on the front of the belt.

“Right hand, sub.”

I offer my right hand to get cuffed. Wow! My dick’s really pressing against the bars of its cage.

He puts the cuff against my wrist…

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! And tightens the cuff to confine it.

“Other hand, sub.”

I surrender my left hand.

He quickly traps it in the other cuff. He takes the key and double-locks the cuffs. He moves on to zilch.

I try to move my hands. I can’t. They’re stuck in front of me at waist level. I can’t move them away from my body cuz they’re connected to the belt. Crap! Why is my cock so happy about this?

At last, we’re all shackled.

“Subs!” It’s Russ again. “Carefully make your way over to the back of the van. Do NOT trip over your shackles! We have a lot of work for you to do this weekend, and we don’t want any injuries. You three!” He points to zero, zip and nada, “will take the left side. You others will take the right side. Move it!”

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink!

We hobble over to the back of the van. I hate having my legs chained together. The doors are open. There are wooden bench seats on each side. There’s room for five guys per side. Burly’s inside waiting for us. Stache is standing outside by a stool. He motions for zero to come forward. He helps him step on the stool and up into the van. Zero takes a seat on the left side in the back, and Burly puts on his seatbelt. Then, he takes a padlock and locks zero’s shackles to a bolt in the floor of the van. Yes! He won’t be kicking anyone now!

One by one, my fellow subs are secured in the van. Then it’s my turn.

Stache motions me forward. I step on the stool. I hafta be careful since my leg iron chain isn’t very long. I need to stoop to avoid hitting the van’s ceiling as I step on up into the van. Fuck! It’s hot in here! Burly directs me to take a seat on the right side, just one seat away from zilch. I sit down. He brings the seatbelt down over my shoulder and across my waist and secures it. He padlocks my shackles to a bolt in front of me. Click! Guess I won’t be kicking anyone either.

“No talking!” Burly warns us.

Burly exits the van and slams the door shut. We’re left to sit and stare at each other. It’s hot as fuck! I’m already starting to sweat.

To be clear, this isn’t a professional prison transport van. This is a guy’s cargo van that’s been temporarily converted for our benefit. The two wooden benches we’re sitting on can be unscrewed from their bolts and removed. There aren’t any windows back here. There’s caging between us and the front seat. There’s a padlocked door in the caging that can be opened if necessary.

The front doors open, and I guess Russ, Burly and Stache climb in the front seat. The van starts up and we’re off.

We feel every bump in the road. Someone really oughta invest in a pair of shocks. We’d be bouncing all over the place, but our seatbelts keep us anchored.

I figure we could talk without the dudes hearing us, but I don’t want to cause any problems. We all just kinda sit and stare at the floor. I hope we’re able to talk later. I want to know each guy’s story.

Sweat’s starting to drip down my face. I hafta lean way over and wipe my face against my knee to catch it. My fellow subs need to do the same thing.

After a while, the stench of sweaty guys reaches my nose. I know my own pits are contributing to the reek. My dick is loving it! It really wants to escape its cage. I guess it loves guy stink.

I don’t know how long we’ve been traveling when the ride gets bumpier. I guess we’re on a dirt road. Thank goodness for the seatbelt, or I’d be on the floor.

We take some turns and roll to a stop. Have we reached camp? I guess we’ve been riding for about an hour.

Russ and company exit the van. The back doors are yanked open. Warm, but fresh air whooshes in. Thank God!

“Phew! You subs stink! We’ll get you processed. Then, you can take a shower,” Russ says.


Burly jumps into the van and unlocks nada’s padlock across from me. He unfastens his seatbelt.

“Get out!” he directs.

Nada gets up. He has to stay hunched over to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling. He shuffles to the end of the van.

“Jump!” Stache orders.

CLANK! His chains rattle as he hops down to the ground.

“Over here, sub,” Russ orders.

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Nada hobbles to wherever Russ has ordered him.

Burly unlocks the padlock anchoring me to the van. Then, he unfastens my seatbelt.

“Move!” he orders me.

Geesh dude! Pushy much?

I get up but stay hunkered over to avoid hitting my head. I move to the edge where Stache is waiting for me.

“Jump!” he orders.

CLANK! I hop to the ground.

“Over here!” Russ orders.

I hate these fucking shackles.

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! My leg iron chain rattles with every step I take. I’m extra careful to avoid tripping. I’m waddling like a fucking penguin! With short steps, I make my way over to take my place next to nada.

While my fellow subs are exiting the van, I take a few moments to look around. There’s a small single-story house. There’s also a barn. There are some bushes, but I don’t see any trees. It’s hot.

Soon, we’re all lined up in front of Russ.

“Anyone need to take a piss?” he asks.

We all nod.

“Turn around and piss in the weeds,” he orders.


We all shuffle to the edge of the dirt. It’s difficult to unzip my fly and pull out my caged dick with my hands cuffed. Somehow, I manage to do it.

I’m relieved as my pee squirts out between the bars of its cage like a firehose. I guess my bladder won’t burst after all. It’s kinda fun pissing in a group. There are five yellow streams watering the weeds.

When we’re done, we stuff our imprisoned dicks back in our pants and zip up. We hobble and clank until we’re standing back in front of Russ.

“This weekend, you are all subs. I don’t give a shit who you are out in the world. Here, you’re all equally nothing. You’re all subs.”

Um… so, I guess raising our self-esteem isn’t a goal here.

“To drive home the point that you’re all equally nothing, we’ve provided you with your sub names for the weekend.”

What’s wrong with calling me Chase? It’s only one syllable. Even you morons should be able to remember that.

“We can’t call you by number. That would imply some hierarchy. We can’t call you by a letter for the same reason. So, we got creative.”

Oh yeah, very creative! I’m SO impressed! You managed to find five names that mean nothing. Big deal! Someone must own a thesaurus!

“This weekend, we will turn you into humble, obedient subs. You all have equivalent names. You will all wear the same uniform. You will all eat the same food. You will all have the same haircut. You will all be treated the same unless punishment is required. Is that understood, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we all yell.

“You will be worked hard this weekend. You will not be abused, but you will be expected to perform hard, physical, manual labor. The sole purpose of the labor is to keep you sweating and working. We don’t want to hear your opinions or ideas. We don’t care that the labor appears pointless. It isn’t pointless. It’s making you toil and sweat. That IS the point! Is that understood, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we all yell. Okay, this is gonna suck.

“Some of you aren’t used to hard, physical labor. If you become sick, the safe word is ‘RED’. Use it. We will not cancel your training. We will sit down with you and work out how to get you back on track. No one will fail this camp! That is a promise! Is that understood, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we yell.

“You have three bosses this weekend… me and these two fine gentlemen here. You will call each of us ‘Sir’! Is that understood, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we yell.

“Now, if you do as you’re told, when you’re told, we’ll all get along fine. If, however, you decide to do things your own way, you will be punished.”

Burly hands Russ something wooden. He holds it up for us to see. It’s a heavy wooden paddle with holes. Crap!

“What we have here, subs, is a ‘motivator’. We have found that when we bring it down firmly against your backside, you are motivated to do as you are told. Sometimes a sub will need multiple applications of the motivator against his bottom. That’s okay. We’ll give you as much motivation as you need!” Russ assures us.

I can’t help but wince when I think of that horrible paddle slamming into my butt. Looks as if I need to be obedient. Crap! This is going to be difficult.

“Each of us always carries a motivator with us, subs. There’s always one available to correct your behavior. Do you understand, subs?” Russ asks.

“Yes, sir!” we shout.

“One more thing,” Russ says. “Your Doms have given us permission to use you sexually. However, we will not use you against your will. We will ask you for your consent. If you withhold your consent, you will not be punished, nor will you be used. Is that understood, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we yell. Actually, these guys are kinda hot. I wouldn’t mind sucking their dicks.

“Okay boys, let’s get these subs out of their shackles so they can get naked.”

Wait… what? I mean, I’m glad to be getting out of these chains, but what’s this about getting naked?

Stache approaches nada and starts removing his chains. Burly heads toward zero.

“We’re not too worried about you subs running off since there isn’t anything around for miles,” Russ assures us.

Stache lets me out of my cuffs.

My belly belt drops to the ground. He also removes my leg cuffs before moving on to zilch.

I stand there and rub my wrists. I guess I won’t be cuffed again until they take us back. We can’t work in handcuffs. Thank God!

A couple minutes later, we’re all standing unshackled with a pile of restraints at our feet.

“Listen up, subs! Strip! Everything off! I want to see bare asses and caged peckers!” Russ yells.

Geesh. Someone should warn him that he’s gonna lose his voice if he keeps yellin’ like that. But it’s not gonna be me.

I’m excited to see my fellow subs naked. I’d do any one of them, tbh. Truthfully? I’d do them all at the same time. Ha! Ha!

“Fold up your clothes neatly and lay them at your feet,” Russ instructs us.

I hafta sit to remove my boots. I’m real proud of these suckers. Sir and I went shopping together. He bought these for me, which I really appreciate. They’re real work boots. They aren’t pretty. They’re meant to work in, which I guess is what I’ll be doin’ this weekend. They’re brown, so the dirt will blend right in. I feel real butch wearing them. Sir insisted I wear them a lot to break them in. I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.

I remove my boots and set them aside. I strip off my socks. I stand up, pull off my t-shirt, and shuck my shorts. I take my time folding my clothes. I don’t want to be the first guy naked cuz I want extra time to ogle my fellow subs.

Zilch is the first dude to shed his boxers. Hell yeah! He has a beautiful bubble butt. I want to bury my face in it! I wish his cock wasn’t stuck in that cage. I want to suck on those beautiful, pendulous balls.

“Are you gonna stand around in your boxers all day, rien?” Russ asks.

“No, sir.”

Crap! I strip off my boxers, fold them, and add them to my pile of clothes. There! I’m naked! Are you satisfied, asshole?

“Pick up your boots, clothes, and restraints, and follow me into the barn, subs,” Russ orders.

There’s a lot of clinking and clanking as we pick up our chains. I place the leg cuffs, belly belt, handcuffs, and pile of clothes in my left hand, and carry my boots in my right hand. I keep my eyes on Zilch’s toned ass as we march toward the barn.

It takes my eyes a few secs to adjust as we step from the bright sunlight into the dark barn. There’s cool concrete under the soles of my feet here in the barn.

There are pegs on the wall as we enter to hang up the leg chains, handcuffs, and belly belts. Well, they’re organized. I give them that.

“Grab a bag, write your sub name on it, and stuff your clothes in it, subs. Hang onto your boots and your toothbrush!” Russ instructs.

These are just plastic shopping bags. I grab a marker, write “rien” on one, and slide my clothes in it. Okay cool, now I just got my boots. I grab my toothbrush out of my short’s pocket and toss it in my boot. Well, what the hell else am I gonna do with it?

“Listen up, subs! March over to the hose and wash off your stink. You got five minutes,” Russ yells. He’s pointing to a corner of the barn. There appears to be a hose dangling from the ceiling with a nozzle on the end. But there isn’t any water coming out of it. What the hell?

We set our boots down along the wall of the barn and form a circle under the nozzle. There’s a concrete slab under it to catch the water and drain it outside.

“You can share the soap, subs,” Russ says as he throws a bar of soap our way. Nada catches it.

“You don’t need to worry about dropping it, since your peckers are locked up,” Russ says, laughing. Such a funny guy.


Suddenly, we have more water than we know what to do with. The nozzle drenches us. The water temperature starts out cool, but quickly becomes cold… ice cold. Crap! I step out of the stream to wait for the soap.

Nada lathers up fast and passes the soap to zero. Zero must think he’s at a day spa cuz he carefully rubs the soap in a circular motion in his pits.

“Hurry up, dude!” zip yells.

“I’m moving! I’m moving!” zero responds.

Zero starts to run the soap through his hair, but zip grabs it.

“It’s gonna get cut off anyway, dude!” zip reminds him.

Zero gives him a dirty look.

Zip doesn’t take too long with the soap and passes it to Zilch. Zilch lathers his pits and ass and passes it to me. I focus on my pits, ass, and crotch. I pass it back to him.

“One minute, subs!” Russ warns.

Crap! I steel myself and step into the stream. It’s as if knives are attacking my body. I get the soap off as quickly as possible. Zilch does the same thing. Then, the water cuts off.

“Dry yourselves, subs,” Russ commands while throwing us a towel.

One towel for five guys! I would have brought my own if they’d have asked. I didn’t realize there was a towel shortage.

The towel is passed from guy to guy. I hafta wring it out before I can use it. Somehow, I get sort of dry.

“Listen up, subs! We will now provide you with your uniforms. You will receive another clean uniform after work tomorrow. You will wear your complete uniform unless given permission to remove it. Do you understand, subs?”

“Yes, sir!” we all yell. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen. As soon as I can, I’m gonna be naked, licking ass and sucking balls!

Burly comes in carrying a pile of brown which he sets on a table.

“Zero!” he yells.

Zero steps up and is handed a pile.


Zilch gets his pile.


I step up and Burly hands me a pile.

I grab my boots and head to a spot along the wall. I set the pile down on top of my boots, so it won’t get dirty.

The top article of clothing appears to be a pair of boxers. I hold them up. They’re cheaply made and coarse. Makes me kinda glad my dick’s protected by the bars of my cage. I stare at the color.

Wow! It’s uncanny. No, really… it’s amazing. How did they manage to purchase uniforms the exact color of the turd I dropped in the toilet this morning? How did they know?

I step into the boxers and pull them up. Eww!

What’s next in the pile? Oh, some socks. Okay. Yeah, they match the boxers. I pull them over my feet.

I pick up the next heap of brown. What the hell? I hold it up so I can figure out what it is. It unravels to reveal… wait for it… pants? Looong pants! Why can’t we wear shorts? All I can see is ‘SUB’ written in HUGE black letters across the butt. Great. I guess the label is to help the Doms know who they can boss around. Whatever. I pull them on, only to discover that they’re way too long. I look at my fellow subs and find that the other guys’ pants are just as long. They’re just rolling them up. I do the same.

The last hunk of brown appears to be a… shirt? It’s a bag with too short sleeves attached. Again, the word ‘SUB’ appears in big, bold letters across the… front? Oh wait, okay, I see a tag. Yep! This is the front. I flip it around to put it on and see ‘SUB’ in the same gigantic letters across the back. I guess I’m a sub whether I’m coming or going. Okay. I pull it over my head and stick my arms out the sleeves. The course material rubs against my nips. Ha! Ha! That feels good, actually.

But wait… there’s more! There’s still a wad of brown lying on the ground! What’s left? There’s nothing left to cover up! I unfold the lump to discover… um… not sure.

I look at the other guys. Fuck! Are you kidding me? It’s a hat! I don’t wear hats! I go to stuff it in my back pants pocket. Only to discover that the pants don’t have any pockets. My shirt has a pocket, but it isn’t large enough to hold the hat.

“Put your hat on rien!” Burly orders.

I give him a dirty look. I unfold the ‘hat’. ‘SUB’ is printed across the front.

“We don’t want you to sunburn your head, rien,” Burly informs me.

I smile sarcastically and flop the piece of crap on my head. Happy now? I’d love to peal this shit off and get back into the clothes I came with, even though they stink. Unfortunately, our sacks of clothes have disappeared!

I plop my ass down on the ground and grab my boots. I slip my toothbrush into my shirt pocket. I pull on my boots, being careful to tuck my pants inside. I may be a sub, but a sub’s gotta look presentable! My dick tries to get hard as I lace them up. My cock sure likes wearing these boots.

“Subs! Line up for inspection!” Russ shouts.

We all fall into line and stand at attention.

“Tuck your pants into your boots, zip!” Russ orders.

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir,” zip responds. He hasta sit down to unlace his boots to tuck in his pants.

“Get that hat on straight, rien!”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir,” I reply. How can I tell if it’s straight or not? I do my best to adjust it.

“Alright! You’re beginning to look like proper subs! Just a couple steps left. Next, we’ll be applying your irons,” Russ informs us.

We all groan. I guess I forgot about the irons. I was hoping maybe we’d only have to wear them on the van.

End part 1

In Part 2, Chase (rien) gets his leg irons applied. He’s also hoping the Doms forget all about that incident with zero. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Metal would like to thank the author, Zac Loughty, for this story! To read much more by Zac, click for his own story page, Naughty Boy Stories.

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  1. It was great the way Chase’s Sir got him to agree to attend sub camp. Chase is a funny guy…but he sure wasn’t laughing when he got to camp! Looking forward to Part 2.

  2. It didn’t take Chase long to cause trouble, and the van hadn’t even left for the camp! What a naughty boy! He does have a sense of humor, though. Great beginning, Zac!

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