By slavebladeboi

Adam smelled the coffee brewing and very soon heard it coming, or rather heard his slave bringing it. The heavy steel chain between Ben’s ankles dragged slowly across the wooden floor as he brought the tray into the room.

Adam pointed to the table next to his recliner and carried on reading. It took several seconds for him to realise something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t something he heard, it was something he didn’t hear. He didn’t hear the sound of the chain being dragged back to the kitchen.


I’m sorry Adam.

What? Something clutched at Adam’s stomach. For the past 9 months he’d been either Master or Sir, never Adam.

He looked up to see Ben, his 24 year old fit, tanned, 5 foot ten slave staring in front of him, eyes brimming with tears.

I’m sorry Adam, but I just can’t do this anymore.

Do what? What do you mean?

This slave Master thing. I just can’t do it anymore. The first tears started to run slowly down Ben’s cheeks, following the curves until they reached the side of his mouth. He quickly wiped them away with the back of his hand.

Adam leaped up from his chair and stood facing his slave. What do you mean Ben, you can’t do it? You do it all the time. You are my slave, that’s it. No questions. You’ve been it for nine months full time now, you signed the contract.

I know but…

But what? We spent several weeks working it all out. We went over and over it, you wrote the bloody contract out!

It’s just not working Adam. We……., well we’re different now. We used to be friends, lovers. We shared our bed together, our bodies, we made love, we enjoyed being together. Now…..

We’re still together. What’s changed? Don’t be so stupid Ben.

No Adam, we’re not. I work during the day, come home, prepare your food, clean and look after the house. You sometimes fuck me then shut me in the cage and go out and enjoy yourself. We don’t make love any more. This is our house. We bought it together, shared all the expenses. Now it feels like I’m a lodger.

Adam felt his temper rising. He turned to the window and looked at the roofs of the houses further down the hill. They were out of focus due to the moisture in his own eyes. Some of that was temper, some of it guilt.

Go down stairs slave. Get out of my sight.


Get out!

He turned back to the window, arms folded across his chest, teeth clenched and heard the scraping steel as it covered the distance to the door and the thud as it hit each step on the way down.

Down the stairs was a small cellar they had converted into a playroom and now a dungeon. They had decorated and equipped it together and had spent many hours there enjoying both bondage and their loves of leather and rubber. Adam was five years Ben’s senior. He was a Web designer for an Insurance firm in the city, Ben designed office furniture for a local company that was really up and coming. Both were quite well paid and both enjoyed life to the full, or so Adam had thought up till now. He hated the thought that it could change.

Several minutes passed before Adam followed Ben. When he got to the bottom step he almost melted. Ben was standing in the corner where he generally stood awaiting punishment, his broad tanned back this time shaking slightly as he sobbed gently into his hands.

But he’d agreed! It was all his own fault, he can’t just back out! I’m Master. I have rights as well! He shook himself.

Come over here!

Ben turned and walked to Adam.

Hold out your arms!

Adam reached over to one of the shelves and took a pair of leather bondage gloves which he slipped slowly over Ben’s hands. He tightened the straps around the wrists and locked them with the small padlocks that hung from the rings on each one.

Turn round!

Ben turned, avoiding Adam’s eyes and staring into space.

Adam reached over and this time selected a length of the soft hemp rope that they used for their joint bondage sessions. He clipped Ben’s wrists together behind his back and then, making a loop with the rope passed it between his wrists before slowly continuing to wind the ends around Ben’s arms. He made sure each loop was tightly pulled before continuing with the next and ensuring that it didn’t pinch the boi’s skin between them. When he got as far as Ben’s elbows he could hear the boi’s breathing become more laboured, his shoulders were now being stretched with the tension the rope caused, his nipples standing proud. When he finished Adam stepped back and looked at his handy work. It was as good as it always was. Ben’s physique, tied like he was, standing with only the steel ankle manacles, a metal chastity pod and a wide studded leather collar made his cock hard.

No. This mustn’t change.

He pressed a control button on a flex and the winch above Ben’s head came to life, lowering a chain with a hook on the end until it was level with his wrists. Adam hooked the link between Ben’s wrists to the chain and reversed the motor. As the chain rewound Ben’s arms were pulled up behind him causing his back to bend. When his body was practically at 90 degrees Adam stopped the motor. He knew by now that Ben’s shoulders would be on fire with the pressure of that position and he enjoyed that thought.

Stepping to the end of the room he chose an item from a rack on the wall that contained floggers, whips and belts. He took what he thought of as the “Mother of them All”, a cavalry whip he bought at auction. Similar to a crop it was about three times thicker, essentially just a thick tube of solid pliable leather ending in a six inch flap of belting leather. It was a delight to hold but could be evil in use. Adam used it carefully and never at full power. The rod part of it was several times more painful than a crop or cane and the flap could inflict equal damage as it wrapped around a body, stinging those tender parts under the arm pits or round the inside of a thigh.

Oh yes, thought Adam. I need this now.

He swung it at Ben’s ass. Ben yelled. By the third stroke Ben was screaming. Adam continued, stroke after stroke, swinging the whip over Ben’s legs, his ass, his lower back. The cellar echoed with a noise that suddenly Adam realised was not only Ben screaming. With every stroke he was also crying loudly too.

He threw the whip down and ran from the room, the door swung on its hinges as he disappeared up the stairs two at a time.

Ben burned. His arms burned from the pain of the bondage, his body burned from the pain of the whipping, his heart burned from the pain of the situation he had caused. He simply closed his eyes and sobbed.

He felt Adam’s hands on his shoulders. Opening his eyes he saw Adams boots standing in the wet patched his tears had caused.

Adam lowered the winch and gently massaged Ben’s shoulders as his arms gradually became vertical again. He stepped behind the boi and, slowly and gently again, unwound the rope rubbing and massaging the flesh as it appeared from under each coil.

Finally he unclipped the leather bondage gloves. Taking a key from his pocket he unlocked the right one, slipped it off Ben’s wrist and dropped it on the floor. He held Ben’s palm open and placed several small items in it, closing his fingers over them.

I’m sorry too Ben. I’m leaving now for a few hours but I’ll be back later this evening. In your hand you have the key to the other glove, your collar, the ankle chain and lastly the hex key to your chastity pod. Don’t lose that one, it’s the only one there is. He smiled briefly. It’s up to you. When I come back you’ll either still have everything on you apart from the glove or you won’t.

It’s for you to decide.

Either way things won’t be the same as they have been and we’ll have to try and work things through. Take your time because this is the last time you’ll be able to change your mind and us to be partners.

Ben saw Adams face, it was showing great signs of emotion and he quickly turned and left before Ben saw his tears start to fall.

Ben turned round and sat on the edge of the thin mattress that covered the cot pushed up against the opposite wall. The cellar was more silent that he could have imagined.






6 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. Sad. When one partner (Adam) no longer seems interesting in fulfilling and resolving the issues and needs of the other partner (Ben), the partnership ceases. Just sad.

  2. Wow! Never heard of a story about a M/so splitting. Very well written. The anticipation of the next chapter?

  3. Thanks for the supportive comments guys. I haven’t written the next chapter but it’s great to think you want one. Will work on it. T.

  4. Thanks for this great story!
    It seems sad a first sight, but it also offers an opportunity for things to get better. It’s just life and conflicts are inevitable. Sometimes life long partners do not realise or forget about other’s needs. In this case it was Ben who had courgage to step out of his slave role and tell it to his partner. It was an act of desparation. Adam, a bit surprised first, quickly realised his fault, but wanted to play a tought master in front of his partner. It was a bit risky strategy, but hopefully Ben would be willing to continue.
    Please, I’d like to see a next installement.

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