Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 13

By PredicamentBondage

As it turns out, by the time I’d slurped my coffee, sent a few emails, made a few phone calls, collapsed in front of the television to relax, and relaxed a bit too much and fell asleep, I left fuck-face being tortured by the unsympathetic computer somewhat longer than I’d planned.

I awake with a start. Checking my watch, I realise that fuck-face has been tormented by the tireless machine for a full nine and a half hours. “Oops!” I say out loud. “Guess I should have set an alarm. The scally-lad will be well-done by now; charred around the edges I expect.” I smile.

Rubbing the sleep from the corner of my eyes, I muscle myself out of the too-soft sofa, and stroll back to the rack-room.

Not quite sure what to expect, I tentatively open the door, enough to squeeze my head into the room to assess the damage. First impression is of an overwhelming smell of sex, testosterone and musty sweat. I open the door enough to step through and hesitantly step towards the prisoner’s prone body.

The semen collection jar is virtually full of beautiful, thick, pearlescent white schlong juice. The cock appears puffy, swollen and discoloured. I can see the distended dark-blue veins bulging from the engorged, throbbing tube-steak. Amazingly, the balls have almost doubled in size, the stretched scrotum skin, rice-paper thin. Looking closer, I can see the slave’s pulse surging just under the gonad membranes.

Forcing my gaze from the slave’s genitalia, I realise that it’s, alternatively, soundlessly crying and silently screaming. The effect is eerie, convulsive breaths as the slave sobs without the slightest noise, the stomach juddering sympathetically. Moments later, a deep wheezing intake of air, and a completely silent scream. Perhaps, the screech is too high-pitched to hear.

The dental gag is still in place, ratchetted open to the max, holding the slave’s mouth wide. The tongue vibrates during the 19 year old’s sobbing, and protrudes obscenely with each silent scream. Clear, suds of snot-slime bubble from the slave’s nose and pours directly into the mouth, to be recycled down the straining gullet; raw from the screaming.

The skin is flushed red and I can feel the heat radiating from the slave’s torso. Copious, oily sweat covers every inch of flesh, so thick you could butter toast with it. My god, the whole effect is totally overwhelming and utterly beautiful. My boner strains down my left thigh, trapped by my now bulging Levi’s. My joystick is drooling sticky globs of pre-cum that slither between leg hairs towards my knee.

Fuck-face tenses and strains, as another wrenching orgasm is force through body and soul. The electro-torturer once again imposes incredible agony across the slave’s ensnared body and the silent scream turns to an ear-splitting shriek that I find instantly unbearable.

“Mmmm! Better do something about that, hadn’t we?” I say as I turn off the electro-stim systems and remove the electrodes. I carefully release the ratchet on the gag and ease it from between the slave’s teeth. The jaw stays open as if dislocated but it’s only muscle memory. I slowly ease the jaw closed and massage the jaw joint below each ear. The screaming subsides, but the crying continues unabated.

I carefully remove the full specimen bottle, sealing the top with an airtight lid. Unclipping the top of the long sound, I slowly extract the diabolical skewer expecting the engorged cock to immediately wilt and wither. To my surprise, the magnificent rod stays resolutely vertical looking not unlike a nuclear missile, prepped for launch.

Stripping off all my clothes, my boner springs to attention. Clambering onto the rack, I straddle the slave’s stomach, my knees resting on the rack, supporting my weight, its hot belly teasing my ball-sack. Feeling like a sun-heated, oiled, leather saddle, my balls rest on the stretched skin and the heat radiates into my groin, forcing my erection to bob and slap hard against my abdomen.

Leaning forward, I reach under the slave’s arms to support its head in my hands. My face, now just inches from the victims face, I stare into its eyes.

There’s definitely nothing there!

Searching deep into the defocused stare, where Ryan once resided, defiant and self-obsessed, there’s now a vacant void without identity or purpose. The scally-lad has left the building. I smile.

The treatment has been a success. Now I have something I can build on. Now I can create something from nothing. The perfect sex slave in the perfect body.

The crying continues…. “There, there, baby. I’m here now. I’ll take away the pain. You’re safe now. Your Master loves you. There, there. I’ll protect you now. You don’t have to worry. No one will hurt you.”

I luxuriate in the heat radiating through the slippery blanket of sweat sandwiched between the slave’s skin and mine. I wipe the snot from the slave’s nose and mouth and kiss it passionately. There’s no reciprocation, of course. Consciousness has not returned yet. It will take time for the body to regain cognizance. My cock is sliding back and fore across the slick abdomen and I stop myself just short of orgasm. I peck fuck-face on the lips and raise to sit back in the saddle. My buttocks and arse crack are now thoroughly basted in the pubescent congealed perspiration.

I reach behind, forcing the slut-slayer to point at my expectant arse-hole. Precisely aligned, I engage reverse gear and gently back up onto the magnificent joystick. The object’s gelatinous sweat is ample lubricant as I ride the enormous dong, slowly at first then, gaining confidence and getting increasingly horny, harder and faster.

I drop forward again so I can kiss my conquest, and hug it in a passionate clinch. As my prostate is assaulted, my hard shaft rubs across the smooth, slick six-pack of this most cherished possession. Gradually, I feel my balls starting to boil. The semen within my testes is heated by the warmth of the slave’s vibrant metabolism.

As the slaves veined fuck-pole pushes deep into my guts it promotes an inevitable, mindless climb to an unavoidable climax.

I suddenly realise that I’m using this once proud scally-lad as the masturbation toy it was meant to be. It’s essentially a living dildo, its sole purpose: to bring me off to a massive cumsplosion.

Minutes later, my intellect now residing in my cock-head, I explode all over the slave. Melting pearls of cock snot splatter all over my subjugated victim’s anatomy. I continue to ride the rampant rod as spurt after spurt of hot ejaculate is pumped from my churning nuts, discharging from my throbbing assault rifle.

As my runaway climax ebbs, I look lovingly into my slaves eyes. I know I’ll regret losing this one to my customer. As I reflect on the emotional rollercoaster that is all-pervasive in my job, I see fuck-face blink. “Ah! You’re back!” I grin.

That was three weeks ago, and fuck-face is now a dedicated, autonomous, efficient slave. Having been broken and rebuilt as an obedient servant, I look forward to training it as the perfect sex slave.

Training starts tomorrow.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank PredicamentBondage for this story!

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