Danny in the Dorm – Part 2

By lukex

After that day, when I was tied up on my knees and sucked Danny off, things were quite a bit different between us.  Danny seemed to carry himself with a little more swagger, a little more arrogance, I think in part because he got off on the idea that I was sexually attracted to him, and because he liked the idea that that gave him some kind of control over me.

Also, I would occasionally find him eying me from across the room when we were both home studying, as if he were trying to figure me out.  And he became an even less considerate roommate in a lot of ways, like cleaning out the mini-fridge and keeping his stuff on his side, which I wouldn’t have thought possible.

But mostly things were different because from that point forward, I was Danny’s personal cocksucker, and whenever he wanted a blow job, he rammed his cock down my throat.

It started the next morning.  I awoke to the feeling of being shook, and as I slowly blinked my eyes open, I saw Danny standing beside my bed, shaking my shoulder.  He was wearing a T-shirt and gray boxer brief underwear.  I lay there for a second, trying to get myself awake.

“Hey, homo, get up,” he said.  “I got my morning hard-on and I want it sucked.  Get to it.”

I reached out my arms to stretch, still trying to wake up, but I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough for Danny, because he grabbed hold of me and pulled me off the bed and onto the floor.  I fell in a bit of a tumble, and he reached down and grabbed my arms and pulled me up to my knees.”Come on, cocksucker, let’s go.  Blow me.”

His crotch was right there before my eyes, inches away from my face.  I could see the outline of his stiff dick beneath his underwear. That sight, and the thought of his beautiful dick, was enough to get me up (in more ways than one).  I reached out and pulled down his underwear, and his dick flopped out, hitting me in the face.  I took a hold of it in my hands and started rubbing.  It was hard and spongy, and began reacting to my touch, growing even further.  This was really the first good look I had gotten at his dick, since the previous day he pretty much kept it in my mouth the whole time.

Danny’s dick was, like the rest of him, perfectly well-proportioned.  It wasn’t either the biggest or the fattest dick I’d even seen, but it was a very good size, I would guess 7-8 inches and pretty thick. His balls were large, larger than most, and then hung rather low and freely.  I kept pulling at his dick, and then looked up at him.  He had his head slightly arched back, looking up and away, and it made the muscles that sloped from his neck to his shoulders stand out in relief.  I wished he weren’t wearing a T-shirt, because I really wanted to see his smooth, hard chest and flat stomach.

I looked straight ahead at his cock again, and I could see a drop of precum at the tip.  I leaned in and licked it off, and then licked around the head.  Danny moaned very softly, and then said to me, “Hey, homo.”

I looked up.

Danny was looking down at me.  “I gotta get to class.  Suck me now.”  And with that, he grabbed my head and thrust his cock forward, past my lips and into my waiting mouth, and kept pressing forward until the head of his dick banged against the back of my throat, and my nose was pressed deeply into his golden brown pubes.  I was unprepared for this, and gagged and sputtered a little, until I was able to catch my breath.

“What’s your problem, fagot?  Can’t take a real man’s dick?”

He loosened the grip on my head, and then he started to fuck my face.  Like the previous day, he maintained a pretty steady fucking rhythm, sliding his dick all the way into my mouth and then pulling back almost all the way out.  I knelt there, taking it, licking and sucking on his dick, and he pounded my face.

“That’s good.  Feels good, cocksucker.  Gonna blow me every morning, aren’t you, fagot?” Danny kept up a steady stream of conversation while I sucked on his thick rod.  After just a minute or two, he started to really pick up the pace and fucked my face rapidly.  At one point, his dick flopped out, and he grabbed it with the hand that wasn’t holding my head, and said “Keep that dick in your cocksucker mouth,” and slapped me hard in the face with it a few times before shoving it back in. I felt the slippery precum and saliva that was coating his dick all over my cheeks where he had dick-slapped me.  He kept jerking himself at the base as he slid my head up and down on the top half of his cock, his fist banging up against my mouth with each thrust.

Danny started to tense up.  As he was pulling my head away, I felt a strong spurt that shot from his cock just inside my lips and violently hit the back of my throat.  Then his dick was out of my mouth, and he kept jerking it, shooting a couple more times, big wads that hit me in the nose and cheeks, until he pushed it back in and shot a few more times.  Again, he pulled it out, and two more shots of cum spewed forth, one landing on my chin and one just above my eye.  Then it was over, and he rested his dick against my face for a minute.

Danny took a couple of steps back.  I looked him over, his cock still glistening and now beginning to soften.  His strong, muscular legs were covered with a thin layer of blonde-brown hair.  I looked up at him; his eyes were closed, and I noticed the way his pecs caused his T-shirt to hang away from his body.  My own dick was hard and leaking, and I reached down and rubbed it through my underwear, looking at Danny and licking the cum around my lips as I did.

Then he opened his eyes and looked at me.  “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, fagot?” he said harshly, and he kicked at my hand, hard.  Then he grabbed me by the hair and angled my face to look up at him. “You do not play with yourself in front of me, you got that?  You suck me off, you drink my cum, and that’s that.  Got it?”  Without waiting for a reply, he pushed my head roughly so that I fell backwards against my bed.

“Alright, I gotta shower and get out of here.  Thanks for the blow job, fagot.” And Danny put his underwear back on, grabbed a towel, and walked out.

For that first week, I probably sucked Danny off twice every day. And every one of those times, it was the exact same blow job.  Me on my knees while he stood above me, him holding my head tight and sliding his dick in and out of my mouth.  Most of the time he shot his load into my accepting mouth, a couple of times he shot all over my face, and once he just started wagging his dick like mad as he was cumming, and sprayed cum in my hair and on my face and on my shirt and on the floor behind me.

Danny came like no guy I had ever seen.  I’d probably sucked off about 20 guys before (high school adventures — but that’s another story), but never one who shot as much cum as Danny, or as many times, or as far. When he would cum, he would shoot 8, 9, 10 times, most of them pretty big shots, and they were forceful.  When he came in my mouth, I could feel it violently spewing, hosing the back of my throat.  And when he came in my face (or around it), I could see his cum shoot out with a real force and travel far.  (Once, I was kneeling in the center of the room, and he shot over my head and his cum landed in the middle of his bed.  He chastised me for moving my face, and then ordered me to go lick it off his bedspread so it wouldn’t leave a stain.)

Once, after a particularly rousing cum bath, when he left to go to the bathroom, I stood and walked over to the mirror.  I was astonished to see how much cum was on my face.  It looked more like two guys had shot their loads on me.  It so happened that he came in sooner that I expected, and caught me looking at myself in the mirror.

“Like what you see, fagot?” he asked.

I didn’t reply.  Then Danny walked over to me, and stood behind me, so that I could just see his face behind mine in the small mirror.  “You like having a face full of cum?”  I didn’t want to tell him how much I loved having his hot sticky jism all over my face, so I didn’t say anything.

“All that sperm going to waste.  That’s Grade A, high quality sperm, full of protein.  Hey, you could use some more protein in your diet.”  Then, suddenly, he placed his left arm around my head, and maneuvered my head into the crook of his elbow, holding it tight, while he swiped his right thumb along the edge of my face, sweeping up the cum that was dangling there.  Danny roughly pushed his thumb into my mouth, pressing it back and down tightly in a manner that was quite uncomfortable.  “Suck my cum off, like a good fagot.”  I sucked most of the still warm cum off his thumb as he pulled it out, and then he spooned up some more cum and stuck his thumb back in.  He kept this up until I had pretty much swallowed all the cum off my face, each time more forcefully plunging his thumb in my mouth.

And so it was for that first week.  I couldn’t believe my luck. Danny was an unbelievably hot stud, and if wanted his dick sucked often, I certainly wasn’t complaining.  I would have sucked him five times a day if he’d demanded it.  I would usually wait until he left for class and then I would jerk myself off, the taste of his cum still fresh in my mouth, or sometimes his cum still sticky all over my face.

In the weeks that followed, the blow jobs became slightly less regular, as we each got more involved with classes and studying and just college life in general.  But there was never more than 2 days in between blow jobs, and usually Danny would have me suck him off just about every day. Once, after he’d been away for the weekend and I hadn’t blown him for 4 days, he gave me a real rough workout, and shot an unbelievably huge load, even for him.

And there was finally some variety.  He would occasionally sit on the edge of his bed and have me kneel in front of him, or I’d be sitting at my desk and he would just come stand next to me and immediately start rubbing his crotch in my face.  A few times, he laid back on his bed while I knelt on the bed between his legs and blew him.  Or I might lay on my bed, while he knelt over me, sometimes holding down my hands over my head as he stuffed his cock down my throat.

A Tuesday night.  We were both studying at our desks.  We had set up our desks so they faced each other, which gave us more floor space in the room, and for me had the extra advantage of when I looked up from my books, I saw the gorgeous face of a hunky stud.  We both had exams that week.

Danny said to me, “Hey.”

“Yeah,” I said, not looking up.

“I think I would study better if you were blowing me.”

I laughed.  “Maybe at the end of this chapter.”

“No, Luke, I’m serious.  Now, come over here and suck me.”

I looked up at him.  He was half-smiling.  I wanted his dick.  I pushed back from my desk and walked over to his bed, where I waited for him.

“Why don’t you come over here and do it?”

I looked at him.  “Where?”

“Down here,” he said, pointing at the floor in front of him. “Under the desk.  That way I can keep reading while you go at it.”

“Uh uh.”  I said, shaking my head.  “Just come over here.”

“Hey listen, homo, I gotta read this shit.  Now get your fagot ass on the floor under my desk.” When I still didn’t move, he snapped his fingers and pointed at the floor in front of him.  I walked over to his desk, and he pushed back his chair so that I could get under the desk.  It was cramped, but I managed to get on my knees, and holding my head down I could just fit under the desk.  Danny pushed in his chair so that his crotch was near my face.

“Take it out,” he said.

I reached up and unzipped his jeans, and then pulled out his dick. It was half-hard, and I slurped the whole thing into my mouth and began sucking on it.  I could feel it hardening in my mouth, until he was stiff and his cock completely filled my mouth.”

“That’s the way, queer.  Now just suck on it and take your time.” Danny reached under the desk and placed his hand on my head.  There was very little room to move down there, and at first I wondered if he was going to start caressing my hair.  But he just rested his hand there while I sucked on his rod.

A couple of minutes later there was a knock on the door.  I tried to remember if it was locked; this was a dorm after all, and people walked into other people’s rooms all the time.  We were always pretty careful to lock the door whenever I was blowing Danny, but we hadn’t this time.

“Who is it?” Danny shouted, and we heard a voice say “Mike.”  Mike was a friend of mine who lived down the hall, a good guy that I had struck up a solid if still early friendship with.  I immediately went to move away, put Danny pushed his cock up and my head down, and pushed his chair even further forward, so there was no where for me to go, and no room to move my head.

“Come in,” said Danny, and I really started to freak out.  The desk had a full panel on the side, so that I didn’t think I could be seen, but I did not want my friend to catch me under Danny’s desk.

“Hey,” Mike said to Danny.  “You seen Luke?”

“Um,” Danny replied.  “He was here, and then he said he had to go down.”

“Go down?” I heard Mike say, with a weird tone in his voice.  “What do you mean, go down?”

“You know, go down.  Go down and get something to eat.”  There was silence.  “Down to Cooper, to the grocery story.”  I desperately wanted to pull myself away from Danny, but I was trapped, and with his dick pushed so far down my throat and no way for me to pull back, I was starting to have trouble breathing.  “You know how much Luke likes to go down and get something to eat.”

“Uh, yeah, whatever,” Mike said.

“He’s probably eating something right now,” Danny said.  “Yup, I’ll bet he’s chewing on something even as we speak.”  I was getting closer and closer to choking.  There was no way I was going to stop it.

“Yeah, right,” Mike said, and I could hear in his voice that he was confused and annoyed.  “Just tell him I came by, okay?”

“You bet,” Danny said.  I heard the door close, and finally lost it.  Unable to breathe, I coughed and gagged, spitting all over Danny until he released his hold and I pulled back and took a deep breath.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I said to Danny, angry.

“Oh, shut up, and get back where you belong, sucking cock,” Danny said back and once again pushed his chair forward and his dick in my mouth. I sucked him off until he blew his load, and I swallowed it down.  Then he pushed back and let me out from under the desk.

“Why’d you say that shit to Mike?” I said as I was coming out.

He grabbed me by the collar as I passed him.  “Listen, fagot, I say what I want to whoever I want.  And don’t forget it.  Or else.”

The room was hot.  It was late October, but the heat was messed up and our room was boiling. Danny had come in a few minutes earlier, and almost immediately started complaining about the heat.  It was really hot, I was wearing only gym shorts and a T-shirt, Danny had on jeans and a sweater.  “Christ, it is so fucking hot in here,” he said, and then he peeled off his sweater.

I watched him from the bed where I was sitting, admiring the muscles of his chest and his perfectly flat, hard stomach, or his strong back when he would turn around.  He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks (Danny almost always took off his shoes and socks when he came in, he was a little obsessive about it.).  Then he plopped himself down on his bed, and rested his arms above his head.  From where I was sitting, he looked so fucking hot: shirtless, the muscles in his arms and shoulders in profile, his bare feet jutting out from his snug jeans.

I got up and walked over to his bed and then knelt down between his feet and reached for his crotch.  This was the first time I had ever made a move to blow him without him first telling me too.  I half expected him to tell me to stop, but he just lay there, looking up at me with his sparkling green eyes, his hair hanging in a mop against the bed.  I unbuckled his belt and jeans and then pulled down his fly.  He lifted up slightly to let me pull down his pants and underwear; his cock was already starting to grow.  As I started to lean in towards it, he pulled back his leg and placed his foot against my chest and pushed me back.

“I didn’t say that you could suck me.” Danny said, looking at me with a sneer.

I didn’t reply.

“Did I?  Did I say you could suck my dick?”

I shook my head.  “No.  No, you didn’t.”

“You need to earn the right to suck my cock.  Perhaps you can start by asking me politely.”

“May I suck your dick, please?” I said.

Danny pushed me harder with his foot, and I leaned back.  He lifted his foot from my chest and brought it higher.  “Maybe you should kiss my feet first.”

His foot was right in my face.  I kissed the bottom of it, then licked it a few times.  “Hmm,” Danny said.  “I don’t think that’s quite enough.  A lowly cocksucker like you should do better than that.  You need to lick my feet all over, and beg me to let you suck my dick.”

I started licking Danny’s foot more and more, really slobbering on it.  He pushed his toes into my mouth where I sucked them.  He would stick his toes deep into my mouth, trying to push as much of his foot in as he could.  And I sucked on it.  Then he brought his other foot up, and pressed both his feet into my face, sometimes alternating which foot’s toes were in my mouth, sometimes holding my face between his two feet.

He kept this up for a couple of minutes and then said again, “You’re doing a pretty good job of kissing my feet, cocksucker.  But I don’t hear you begging to eat my dick.”

“Please, Danny,” I said, pulling his foot out of my mouth momentarily.  “Please let me taste your hard dick.  I want it in my mouth so bad.  I am desperate to have your cock down my throat.  Can I please suck on it?”

“Maybe,” said Danny.  “First tell me what will do.”

“I’ll suck your cock deep down my throat, and make it feel real good.  I’ll make it all nice and warm and moist and deep throat you so far. I’ll make you shoot your hot cum like crazy, you horny stud.”

Danny rested his feet back down on the bed.  I leaned forward again to put my mouth on his dick, but he said “Ah, wait a second.”  I looked up at him, my head less than a foot from his dick, which was now fully erect and pointing towards the ceiling.  “Ask me again.”

“Please let me suck your cock, Danny,” I said.

He stared at me hard, held my gaze.  “What are you?” he said, with a tension in his voice. When I didn’t answer, he said it again.  “Tell me what you are.”

“A cocksucker.”  A pause.  Your cocksucker,” I said, looking deep into his eyes.

He smiled and nodded.  “That’s right.  Now go for it, fagot.”  And I buried my face in his crotch, rubbing his hard cock all over my face.

Danny just lay back as I sucked him, keeping his arms over his head on the bed, relaxed.  For a change, I started to jerk his cock and then leaned in and began sucking his balls.  I pulled one all the way in my mouth and rolled it around.  “Ooh,” he said.  “Yeah, suck on those balls, fagot.  Suck the other one.”  I moved to his other testicle and then alternated sucking and licking them.  “Yeah, lick those balls.”

I kept jerking him while I sucked on his balls, and then as I was adjusting my position and was kneeling straight up, he started to cum.  I jerked him even faster, and watched as he shot arcs of cum through the air. As usual, he shot far and often, with a couple of them shooting up past his nipples and onto his pecs, one landing on his left nipple, and the rest pooling just at the top of his hard abdomen.  It was a beautiful sight, his cum shooting across his strong, muscular torso.  As the last of his cum shot out, and he lay there in the afterglow, I could not resist.  I leaned all the way in and began licking the cum off his pecs.  It was the first time I’d ever touched his chest, and as I licked one pec I rubbed the other one.  Then once I had licked all that cum, I took his cum-covered nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it.  I swallowed down the hot juicy cum that was there and kept playing with his nipple, when I felt him start to move. “Alright, fagot, that’s enough,” he said, and pushed he off him.  “Keep your fagot mouth where it belongs from now on, in my crotch.”

He sat up and I looked at the rest of his cum dripping down his body.  I desperately wanted to lick it off him, but I could tell from the look on his face that that was not a good idea.

“Get off my bed, homo,” he said, and I returned to my own bed.  He looked uncomfortable with my watching him.  “Give me your T-shirt,” he demanded, and I pulled off my T-shirt and handed it to him.  He used it to rub himself clean and then walked over to me.  He pushed me down on my bed, and then pushed the cum-covered T-shirt in my face.  “Here, fagot, you want my cum that bad, you can have it, queer.”  Danny started really rubbing it all over my face, pressing down really hard.  I reached up to stop him, but then pushed down my arms and knelt on them.  He again started roughly smashing the T-shirt into my face.  I could feel the gooey liquid rubbing off on me.  “You can have all my cum, all over your cocksucker face.”  After a couple more minutes of this, he pulled back suddenly and got off me.

I lay back fully on the bed for a couple of minutes with the T-shirt still covering my face.  The smell of Danny’s cum was strong, and my dick was really hard.  I hoped he would leave so I could jerk off, but he didn’t; he put his sweater back on and then just sat down at his desk and started going through his book bag.

He didn’t look like he was paying attention, so I started to rub my dick through my jeans while I lightly rubbed the cum on my face.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull my cock out and jerk off, but I couldn’t stop myself.  Danny walked over to his closet, not even looking at me.  With my hand in front of my face, I wasn’t really paying attention to him either, but then he was suddenly at my bedside.  I looked up at him, confused, and he was scowling.  “I told you never to touch your little fag dick in my presence, didn’t I?” he said.  I immediately pulled my hand away from my crotch, and he jumped on top of me.  Then he quickly pulled my arms above my head and knelt down on my upper arms while he wrapped a rope around my wrists.  (Of course — the closet!  He had gone to get a necktie to tie me up again.)  He tied the tie firmly around my wrists, and then pulled on them and tied them to the bed post.  “If you can’t keep your hands off your dick, then we’ll just have to make sure you won’t.”

I struggled underneath him but it was clear I wasn’t going to be able to release my arms.  Then he stood, walked over to the closet again, and came back with more ties.  This time he sat on my legs and tied my ankles together.  Then he used another rope to tie my ankles to the base of my bed, so that my body was stretched tight.

Danny stood and looked down at me.  He reached across me for the T-shirt that had fallen by my side.  “Here, you wanted this cum, right?” And he began slowly and methodically pushing the T-shirt into my mouth, little by little.  When he had completely filled my mouth, he stopped, stood, said “so long, cocksucker,” and walked out.

Shortly after he left I was able to spit out the T-shirt.  Then I lay there, immobilized and now even more desperate to cum but unable to. Several hours went by.  Danny didn’t come back until late that night.  When he came in, he said to me, “Don’t say anything, homo.  Not one word.”  He turned on the light by his bed, and I looked at him.  He looked a little drunk.

He took off all his clothes except his underwear (it was still really hot in there) and came over and knelt on the bed next to my head. Then he leaned way in towards my face and said “Where’s your little cum rag?  You done chewing on that?”  Then Danny pulled down his underwear and began jerking his cock.  “This stupid girl I was with all night, and then she won’t even put out.  Fucking waste of my time.  But I thought, hell, at least I can get a blow job from the fagot when I get home.”  He placed his cock, now half-hard, across my lips.  “Don’t open your mouth.”  I just waited, feeling the pleasant weight of his cock on my lips, smelling his great teenage jock smell.

Then Danny took his cock in his hand again and began jerking it. “You know what, fagot?  You don’t deserve to suck my dick tonight.  Not after your misbehavior earlier.  You can just think about it while I jerk off.”  And he proceeded to rub his cock, inches away from my face.  I stuck out my tongue trying to reach it, but he laughed and pulled back in time. I pulled on the ropes to try and get myself closer, but the way I was tied up I couldn’t move more than an inch in any direction.

After a few minutes of this, I could sense Danny’s breathing starting to get heavier as he neared his orgasm.  He started jerking himself really hard and fast, and then he let out a moan as he shot his load.  Cum poured out of his dick and onto my face; he shot his usual 7 or 8 big gooey loads, every one of them hitting me right in the face.  It went on my lips and cheeks and chin, and on my nose and forehead and a little in my eye.  One shot I think landed in my hair.  When he was done cumming, he looked down at me and said “You are all covered with cum, fagot.”  Next he rubbed his still hard dick all over my face, squeezing one last drop of cum out, and spreading all the cum that was there all around, so that every inch of my face was covered with his sticky jism.  He especially made sure there was plenty on my upper lip, and the smell of it was strong and intensely arousing.

Between the earlier blow job I’d given him, the fresh load he just dumped on my face, and being tied up so tight for hours, I desperately, urgently needed to cum.  I figured that as soon as he untied me, I’d go to the bathroom and jerk off in a stall.

But Danny walked over to his bed and started to climb in.  “Wait,” I started to say.

“I said don’t say anything, homo.  I told you never to touch your dick.  But apparently, when you have cum on your face, you can’t help yourself.  So now you will get to spend the entire night with a load on your face, so you can get used to having a face full of cum and not playing with your dick.”  He flicked off the light.  “Goodnight, fagot.”


To be continued…


Note: This one has been posted to various other story sites for a while, but I have never been able to locate the original author, lukex.  If you are out there, lukex, please get in touch.

Thanks to Slave2RubR for his help in preparing this for posting.





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