Danny in the Dorm – Part 3

By lukex

Danny fell asleep just a few minutes later, and I lay there, tied tightly to the bed and with my face full of a load of his cum.  I loved having his cum all over my face and being tied up, but I really needed to cum myself.  My cock was still hard, but I couldn’t get any relief with the way he had tied me.

Eventually, I fell asleep myself.  It wasn’t a terribly restful night’s sleep, as I kept waking up and was uncomfortable, but I slept for most of the night.  It was still really early the next morning, and I had to go to the bathroom really badly.  I waited for Danny to wake up, but when it reached the point where I couldn’t wait anymore, I called out to him.

“Danny,” I called.  “Danny, wake up.”

He sort of grumbled in reply.  So I called his name again.

“What?  I’m sleeping.  Go away.”

“Come on, Danny, get up,” I said.  “Untie me.  I need to take a piss.”

He sort of rolled over but it didn’t look like he was going to get up.  Then he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed and looked over at me.  He laughed when he saw me.  “Dude, how’s that cum?  Did it dry up?  Do you need a fresh load?”

“Danny, come on, I really gotta go.  Untie me.”

He stood up and walked over to me.  “Maybe I should just let you piss yourself.”  I didn’t say anything and just waited for a second, looking up at him.  “Oh, alright,” he said and then leaned over and untied my legs.  Next he got up on my bed and reached over my head to untie my hands.  My face was right at his bare chest, and he looked hot as usual.  I really wanted to reach out with my tongue and lick his pec, but I didn’t. Once he had me untied, I threw on a T-shirt and left to go down the hall to the bathroom.

When I got back to the room, he was still awake, sitting at his desk and looking out the window.  I came in and sat on my bed.  “Dude, let me ask you something,” Danny said.  “You really get off on sucking dick, don’t you?”

I just nodded, kind of nonchalantly.  “Well, yeah,” I said.

“And you like it when I come in your mouth?  Or in your face?”  I nodded again.  “Which do you like more?  When I shoot in your face, right?” I nodded again.  Danny looked off out the window for a second and then turned back to me.  “How many cocks have you sucked?”

“I don’t know, maybe twenty,” I replied.

“Huh.  How many at one time?”

“One,” I said.  “I’ve never blown more than one guy at a time.”

“Really?”  Danny said.  “How come?”

“I don’t know,” I replied.  “Just never happened.”

“How many times have you blown me?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t been keeping track.  More than any other guy I’ve sucked.”

He looked over at me, with kind of a goofy, self-satisfied smile on his face.  “Stand up for a second.”  I did.  “All this talk about blow jobs gave you a hard-on, didn’t it?”  Of course it had, and I was just wearing a pair of gym shorts which showed my erection clearly.

“Well, sure,” I said.  “Plus being tied up all night with a load of cum on my face.”

“Okay.”  He stood and walked over to me.  “I’m gonna let you have another load before I go take a shower.”  He put his hands on my shoulders and pressed downward, pushing me to my knees.  Then he pulled out his dick, which was mostly hard, and slapped me in the face with it.  “Open your mouth.”

I opened and looked up at him.  His perfectly smooth and muscled chest above me looked stunning.  He was looking down at me, and then started slapping his cock into my open mouth, banging it against my tongue, which was slightly hanging out, over and over.  He put his other hand on the back of my head, and grabbed a fistful of my dark hair, and then pulled my head to the side slightly, and began rubbing his cock along my cheek. He rubbed and slapped it there for a minute or so, until he turned me back around and pushed it in.  I greedily slurped it in and started sucking and licking it.  I pulled my cheeks in tight around his rock-hard dick as he plunged it in and out of my mouth.

After a few minutes of this, he took hold of his dick and started jerking it.  Again, he grabbed my hair and this time turned my head up to face him.  His dick was jutting out over my face, so I saw his hard cock right in front of me, and in the background his beautiful bare chest and face.  His eyes were partially closed, and his tongue was just sticking out one side of his mouth.  He was moaning very softly, and then, rather suddenly, his cum began to pour out of his dick and onto my face.  Some went across my cheeks and nose and lips, but most went on my forehead and hair, because he still shot pretty far, even though he had cum two times the night before.

When he had finished shooting, he stepped back and then sat down on his bed.  I remained there, kneeling and watching him.  Then he grabbed his stuff for the shower and said, “I’m gonna go take a shower.  Thanks for the blow job, cocksucker.”

As soon as he left, I pulled out my stiff dick and began to jerk it.  Kneeling there, with the fresh load of his cum on my face, I came almost instantly, a great big load that ended up all over the floor.

A couple of nights later, I was hanging out in my friend Mike’s room.  Mike was a good guy, really easy-going, funny.  He had a girlfriend from high school who was going to college across the state, and about every other weekend he would take off to go see her.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out, talking about everything and nothing.

On this night, his roommate Adam was there as well.  Adam was a really quiet guy.  He was a total jock who had lettered in everything in high school, and when I was hanging out at Mike’s, I used to like to steal glances at his hunky body.  He was tall and really well-built.  He didn’t have a very cute face; in fact, he was pretty ordinary looking.  But he had a really hot bod.  He was more muscular than Danny was, but he didn’t possess Danny’s grace.  Also, as far as I could tell, he wasn’t a jerk like Danny could be.  He mostly kept to himself, but would sometimes hang out with the guys in the dorm, and though he would speak infrequently, he usually would say something worth hearing when he did pipe in.

Adam was lying on his bed reading while Mike and I tossed a ball back and forth and talked.  There was a knock at the door, and Danny walked in.

“Hey,” he said to me.  “I was looking for you.  Where were you?”

“Um,” I said, slowly and deliberately.  “Right here.”

“Well, come on.  Let’s go.”

“Hey, Danny,” Mike said.  “What’s the big rush?  Can’t it wait?”

“No, Mike” Danny said, drawing out Mike’s name in an obnoxious fashion.  “Luke has to come now.”

“Why?  What’s he gotta do?”  Mike said.

“He’s gotta come suck me off, that’s what,” Danny said.  Even Adam looked up at this.  Danny didn’t say it in a joking fashion, the way guys in the dorm said that kind of shit all the time, he said it like it was for real.  There was a weird silence for a second, until finally Danny said, “Fuck, guys, his sister’s on the phone.  Luke, come on.”

I got up and headed out to my room.  “Later, Mike,” I said as I was leaving.  Danny followed behind me.  When I got in the room, I saw that the phone wasn’t off the hook.  I turned to see Danny just closing door.  “I thought my sister…” I started to say, and then trailed off.

“No, faggot, I want my dick sucked.  Get on your knees.”

And so I knelt down and sucked him off, just like he had said. Just before he came, he looked down at me and said, “Don’t swallow when I come in your cocksucking mouth.”  And so when he came, I held as much of the cum in my mouth as I could, but because he always shot so much, some of it spilled down my chin.  “Let me see it,” he said.

I opened my mouth and showed him all the cum in it.  He looked down with a satisfied grin.  “Okay, faggot, you may swallow my load now.”  And so I did.

Over a week went by with no blow jobs.  Danny was often gone by the time I got up in the morning, or if he was awake he wasn’t interested.  We were getting close to exams, and I think maybe he was stressed or something.  A couple of times I went over to him when he was sitting on his bed and knelt down in front of him, but he would just push my head away and say, “No thanks, cocksucker.  Not right now.”

It was a Saturday night, and Danny was going to stay in and study. This was unusual; he mostly went out with his friends on the weekends (and often during the week too).  But he said he had a lot of studying to do.  I was planning on going to a party with my friend Amanda, and I kind of felt bad for Danny, so I asked him if he wanted to come with us.

He just shook his head.  “No, I’m gonna study.  Thanks for asking, though, Luke.”

So I went out.  The party was at a fraternity where Amanda knew a couple of the guys.  Since we were just freshmen, it ordinarily would have been tough to get in to a party like this, but since Amanda was friends with these guys, we got in no problem.  For a while we hung out with them, just drinking and watching people dance.  Their names were Eric and Chuck. I found both of them really attractive.  Eric had that cute, boy next door quality, and if he wasn’t a jock, he at least was very fit with a lean and muscular frame, easily visible under his ribbed sweater and jeans.  Chuck was more athletic, and had a traditionally masculine look, the strong jaw, the dark complexion.  He was wearing a sweatshirt that displayed his pecs quite nicely.  I think Chuck was interested in Amanda, and she was being sort of flirty with both of them, but not in a serious way at all.

After a while, they wandered off and Amanda and I hung out.  We spent most of the night checking out guys in the room, pointing out to each other which ones we thought were hot.  We danced and we drank and just generally had a great time.

By the time I got home, it was real late, I was real drunk, and I was real real horny.  Checking out all those hot, hunky fraternity boys all night made me ache for some cock.  I hoped Danny was up for something.

When I came in, he was sound asleep.  I didn’t turn on the light, and just stood there for a minute.  He hadn’t closed the curtains, so moonlight flooded the room.  He was lying on his back, his torso bare, one arm stretched above his head and the other across the bed.  The sheet just covered his lower half, and I could make out the outline of his strong, muscular legs and what I thought might be a boner between them.

I kicked off my shoes and walked over to his bed, and then pulled down the sheet.  No, he didn’t have a boner.  But he looked so delicious lying there that I decided to just go for it.  I climbed up and knelt down at the foot of his bed.  He started to stir.  I reached right up and pulled down his boxer briefs and then leaned in and pulled his cock into my mouth. “What?” he said, sleepily.  Instead of a reply, I just sucked him.

I felt his hands on my head and I feared he might pull me off, but he just rested them there.  I sucked gently on his now hard cock, licking the head as I moved my mouth up and down on it.  He lifted his arms and dropped them on the bed behind his head, and I looked up at him while I sucked him.  His eyes were closed — I wasn’t really sure how awake he was — and he looked great.

After a few minutes I felt him start to tense up and his breathing got heavy.  Then he shot his thick, creamy liquid down my throat.  He shot with a ferocious power, and it flew against the back of my throat.  I kept swallowing as more and more kept coming.  It tasted spectacular.

When he was spent, I straightened up and just stayed there for a few minutes.  He kind of opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. “Thanks for the blow job,” he said.  Then he turned his head to the side and in a minute or so drifted right back to sleep.

Watching him there, and loosened by all the alcohol I’d had, I couldn’t resist the urge to touch him.  I moved myself over and lay down in the bed next to him, placing my head against his bare chest and throwing my arm across his torso.  He grunted and shifted, but didn’t really wake up. I rubbed all around his pec with my hand and listened to his heart beating. Before I knew it, I was asleep.

In the morning, he woke up first.  I felt a sudden movement next to me, and my eyes opened to the bright sunlight in the room.

“What the fuck are you doing in my bed?” Danny said, still lying next to me.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said.  “I must have fallen asleep after I sucked you off.”

I thought he might freak out, but he didn’t.  I think it was good that I still had all my clothes on.  “Well, as long as you’re here, might as well make good use of you,” he said.  Then he sat up, with his back against the wall.  “What are you waiting for, homo?” he asked as I just kept lying there.  “Suck me.”

I moved down and over and knelt between his legs, my favorite place to be.  He was already hard, and he quickly pushed my head down into his crotch.  He rubbed my face all over his boxer briefs for a minute or two, and I could feel the spongy hardness of his cock underneath the thin material.  “Okay, cocksucker, you can blow me now.”  I reached up and pulled out his dick and his balls.  I played with his balls as I licked his dick up and down.  “Okay, suck it now,” he said and pushed my face onto his cock.  He held my head in place as he thrust up and down with his crotch, spearing his dick down my throat.  He pushed my head down in rhythm with forcing his cock forward, so each time the head of his dick would end up really far down my throat.

After several minutes of this kind of intense face-fucking, Danny pulled me off him and grabbed his dick.  “Suck my balls now.”  I leaned way in and burrowed under his dick to get at his big, juicy balls.  I licked all around them while he was jerking himself.  “Put them in your mouth and suck them, queer,” he said as he placed one hand on the back of my neck and pushed my face down even further into his crotch.  I slid one of his balls into my mouth and began sucking on it.

He held my head really tightly down there, so that I couldn’t get his testicle out of his mouth if I’d wanted to, because my face was so tight up against his crotch.  Then I felt him start to moan, and he began to shoot.  I felt a drop hit me in the forehead and the top of my nose.  I just kept sucking on the giant ball that was delivering me a nice big load. When he finished, he let go of me, and I sat back and looked up at him.

He burst out laughing.  “Fuck, dude, look at your hair!”  I just looked back at him, and then he grabbed my hand and thrust it into my hair, which I could feel was full of cum.  Some of it was dripping down my forehead.  “You are one cum-covered cocksucker.  Do you like having a big load of my cum in your hair?”

“Yes,” I said.

Danny smiled.  “I knew you would, faggot.”

Again for the next week, no blow jobs.  I began to wonder if maybe he was losing interest in getting sucked regularly.  It was probably about a week later when I was home alone, reading.  It was pretty late, past 1:00, and Danny still hadn’t come in yet.  As usual, the heat in our room was messed up so that even though it was almost November, it was really hot in there.  I was just wearing a pair of gray gym shorts and a T-shirt, lounging on my bed.

I heard the door, and Danny walked in.  “Hey, cocksucker!” he said, rather loudly.

I just kind of nodded back and watched him for a second.  He was kicking off his shoes and teetering a little; maybe he was drunk.  He dropped down on his bed and starting pulling off his socks.  He was wearing a tight sweater that hugged his muscular chest and showed off his torso quite well, and a pair of worn, faded jeans that fit him perfectly.  He kind of jumped up from the bed and stood looking down at me.  “Hey, I’ve got an idea, Luke!” he said with a kind of glee in his voice.  “Why don’t you suck my dick?”

I smiled and stood and walked toward him.  He held out his hand to indicate I should stop.  “First, I’m gonna give you a real rough workout, so you should take off your shirt.  It’s gonna get pretty hot in here.”  I kind of shrugged and nodded and then reached down and grabbed the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it off.

I started to kneel down in front of him, but he grabbed me and stopped me.  “Wait, come over here,” he said, leading me to the mirror that hung on the wall by his dresser.  I looked in the mirror and could see him standing just behind me.  I could just see his handsome face and the tops of his shoulders just behind my own bare shoulders in the frame of the mirror.

He was smiling at me, a big, goofy smile.  “Take out my cock.”  I turned to face him, but he pushed me back.  “No, I want you to watch me in the mirror while you do it.”  So I stood, facing the mirror, with him standing right behind me.  I reached back with both arms to get at his jeans.  It was kind of hard to do backwards and behind me, and not being able to see what I was doing.  But I got my hands on his belt buckle and undid it, and then went for the snap at the top of his jeans.

I felt his hand on my wrist.  “No, take my belt off first.”  He was looking at me in the mirror, his green eyes captivating me with a penetrating look.  I grabbed hold of the belt and pulled it all the way off him.  I felt his hand on mine, and he took the belt from me.  “Now you may undo my jeans,” he said.

I reached back and undid the snap of his jeans.  They were button-fly, so I head to keep trying to unsnap them (a zipper would have been much easier!), which was surprisingly hard to do in this position.  As I was going at it, all of a sudden Danny grabbed both my wrists in a tight grasp, and then used his body to push me up against the dresser.  I felt the cold leather of the belt against my skin; in just a second he had wrapped it tightly around my wrists and buckled it, firmly binding my hands behind my back.

He stepped back and I was able to stand normally again, no longer forced against the dresser.  I tired to pull my hands out, but the belt held them securely.  I was watching Danny’s face in the mirror; he had a curious expression, half grin and half sneer.

“Okay, cocksucker,” he said, and he grabbed my arms and pulled me back from the mirror, positioning me a few steps back more towards the center of the room.  He spun me around so that I could face him.  “I see you’ve got your usual boner,” he said.  I looked down, and it was obvious that I was rock hard, my erection pushing against the thin fabric of my gym shorts.

Danny took a step back, away from me.  He stood there, letting me look at him.  “You gonna suck me off now, faggot?” he said.  “Maybe you should be down on your knees, with your mouth open, waiting for me to let you taste my dick.”

It had been over a week since I’d last sucked him, and in that time I had barely even seen him, which meant I didn’t even get any looks at his hot bod when he was getting dressed.  “Can you…” I said, my voice trailing off.

“What?  What do you want, homo?” he asked.

“Can you take off your shirt?” I said softly.

“Christ, faggot, you really get off on my body, huh?”  He laughed, a dismissive laugh.  “Alright, cocksucker, special treat, you get to view the whole package while you suck my cock.”  And then, in one sweeping motion, he reached down and peeled off his sweater, exposing the ridged muscles of his awesome chest and flat stomach.  “Do you like what you see?”

I nodded.

“Do you want me to let you touch it?” Danny asked.  I nodded hungrily.  “Okay, faggot, go ahead.”

I took a step towards him, but he put his hand out and pressed firmly against my chest to stop me.  “How are you gonna touch it with your hands tied behind your back?” he asked.  “Do you want me to untie you?”

The truth is I didn’t want him to untie me; I liked having my hands tied behind my back.  I just stood there for a second considering my reply, when he said, “Well, I’m not going to untie you no matter what you want, cocksucker.  So I guess you don’t get to touch me, huh?”

He had dropped his arm back to his side, and I stepped forward and leaned my head in, diving straight for his right nipple.  I took it between my lips and sucked it, as I felt his hands go straight for the back of my head.  I expected him to pull me off, but he didn’t, he just held me there. He crushed my face against his nipple, and I licked and sucked it like crazy.  He pulled my head over to his other nipple after a minute, and as I was slobbering on his pec he reached down with one hand and started rubbing his crotch through the opening at the top of his jeans.

After a few minutes of this, Danny brought both hands on my shoulders and pushed down roughly.  “On your knees, cocksucker,” he said hoarsely.  I dropped to me knees before him, my head falling slightly into his crotch as my balance was slightly off.  He placed one hand firmly on the back of my head and pushed me into him, rubbing my face all over the denim of his jeans and the soft cotton of his underwear, a gray triangle just visible in the place where his jeans and the top of his fly were unbuttoned.

Danny pushed me back and then used both hands to unbutton the rest of his fly and pull down his jeans and boxer briefs.  His cock, which was mostly hard, sprung out in front of me.  I could faintly smell his great jock smell.  “Look at me,” he commanded, and I complied.  “Now take my cock,” Danny said, and I leaned in and slid my lips over his beautiful, thick, firm dick.

It turned out to be one of Danny’s more vigorous sucking sessions. He kept me down on my knees, swallowing his thick dick.  At times, he had me bob my head back and forth on his cock while at other times Danny held my held firmly between his two strong hands and fucked my face mercilessly. I could feel the power of his virile, hunky body as he thrust his hips forward, pushing his penis past my lips and all the way down my throat in one firm, continuously forward motion.  It was an intense and animal power; he fucked my face with the abandon and urge of a horny, hot, athletic, young man in the prime of his fucking power.

Several times he would push my head back by pressing hard against my foreward, so that my gaze would be directly up.  Then he would pull out his cock and just rest it across my face while he caught his breath.  He’d have me suck his balls while his cock was lying across my nose and cheek, or he’d push his thumb down into my mouth, saying “I know you gotta have your cocksucker mouth filled at all times.”

Finally, he had resumed his intense face-fucking and I could feel him start to get close.  I was kneeling on the floor before him, my hands tied behind my back, the full measure of him before and above me.  He grabbed hold of my hair and pulled it roughly as he took his dick in his other hand and began shooting with a great cry.  Cum poured from the tip of his cock, shooting out with an unbelievable intensity and flying against my face.  He shot five or six big spurts, each one hitting me directly in the face, mostly on my cheeks and nose.  Then there was a brief lull, and I thought he was done, but instead as he leaned forward slightly, another four or five explosions of cum spewed forth, most of these landing higher on my cheeks and on my forehead.  Then he squeezed his cock and two more pearls of his delicious cum slipped out, and he flicked his cock so even the last of his load ended up in my face.

It was a huge load, the biggest he had ever shot on my face.  I could feel it all over me, dripping down the sides of my face and my cheeks.  Danny had stepped back and fallen onto his bed.  “Fuck, homo, that was a good fucking blow job.  I haven’t cum in a week, man.”

I believed it, with all the cum on me.  “Hey, stand up,” Danny said.  I rose to my feet.  “There’s a little bit of cum on my dick, come lick it off.”  I walked over and leaned my face down into Danny’s crotch, and then licked his dick completely clean.

As I was straightening up, Danny said, “Holy shit, faggot, you are like totally covered in cum.”  He leaned forward to get a better look. “Your whole face has cum all over it.  You better clean that off.”

I shot him a look.  Obviously that would be difficult with my hands tied.  “Uh, yeah, right,” I said back.  “Good idea.”

One thing that Danny hated was when I got sarcastic with him, and so my snide reply might not have been the smartest idea.  He stood and walked towards me.

“Yeah, it is a good idea, I think,” he said.  He pulled one of his big, strong arms around my torso and pulled me toward the door.  “Yeah, why don’t you go wash that cum off your face right now?”

“Danny, come on, don’t,” I said, trying to resist, but he was stronger and having my arms tied behind me made it harder to resist.

“In fact, don’t come back until you’ve washed every drop of that cum off your cocksucker face, got it, faggot?”  He opened the door to the room and with all his might pushed his body against mine and forced me into the hallway.  I tried to step back in, but he thrust his arm out and planted his big hand into the hollow place in my chest between my pecs. The feel of his hand against my bare skin sent a shiver through me.  He looked down at my crotch and laughed out loud, saying “nice boner, faggot.” I looked down and could see that not only was my dick still rock hard, but there was a wet, dark spot on my shorts from all the precum I had leaked while I blew him.

Then he pulled back in suddenly, the door shut before me, and I could hear the click of the lock.  “Come on, Danny, let me in,” I called out softly, desperately trying not to wake anyone.

“When you’ve washed all the cum off, cocksucker,” Danny said back through the door.  “I’ll let you in then.”

Our room, as fate would have it, was at the end of the hall.  There were about 6 rooms on either side between me and the end of the hallway, where the door to the bathroom was.  It was late, which gave me hope that I might go unseen, but in our dorm, people were coming and going at all hours.  With my hands tied behind me and wearing only a pair of gym shorts, there was no way I was going to get all that cum off my face other than by getting to the bathroom.  I tried leaning way over to see if I could wipe my face on my shorts, but of course that didn’t work.  Six rooms on either side, two guys in each, that meant two dozen people could walk out at any second and find me in the hallway — my hands tied behind my back, my dick hard and a huge wet spot in my crotch from my pre-cum, and a face full of semen.

I walked quickly down the hallway.  I was just at the door to the bathroom and was starting to lean in against it to push it open when it suddenly was pulled open from the inside.  I looked up, startled, to see Adam, Mike’s roommate.

“Hey, Luke, what’s going on…” he started to say, but then trailed off.  I tried to look away and push past him, but he wasn’t moving out of the way, and the doorway wasn’t wide enough for both of us.  Then I noticed he wasn’t alone; another guy was walking out right behind him.  This guy looked vaguely familiar but I didn’t know him.

“What’s that stuff on your face?” Adam said and he moved in to get a closer look.  I just pushed hard against him and moved past.

“What’s going on?” the other guy said, and as I walked past him he looked me over.  “Holy shit.  That guy’s got cum all over his face.”

“Come on,” Adam said and the two of them walked out.  I stood there nervously, my heart racing like crazy.  As far as I could tell, there was no one else in the bathroom.  I walked over to the sink and turned around so that I could turn on the faucet with my hands behind my back.  When I turned back to face the sink I looked in the mirror and for the first time got a look.  It was unbelievable.  Thick, white cum covered my cheeks. Some stretched across my nose and forehead.  There was a single, thick drop in my hair.

I leaned in and pushed my face under the faucet.  It was hard to do with my hands tied, but I managed to mostly wash my face pretty well.  Of course, most of my hair got wet while I was doing it.  But when I looked up again my face was pretty clean.  There was nothing to dry my face with (and no way to do it anyway), so I just shook my head back and forth a couple of times to get all the excess water off me.

I was trying not to think about Adam and the other guy, and what I was going to say when I saw him next.  I pulled open the door and used my foot to prop it open while I turned to face out, checking to see if anyone was there.  But the coast was clear, so I made my way quickly down the hall.

When I got to my room, I was suprised to see that the door was slightly open.  I pushed it open and walked inside.  Adam and the other guy were standing off in one corner, and Danny was standing in the other, just inside the door behind me.

Danny pushed the door closed behind me with a bang.  I stood there, uncertain what was going on and what was going to happen.  Finally Danny spoke.  “Hey cocksucker,” he said.  “D’you get all the cum off your faggot face?”  I looked over at him, and he was smiling.

“Luke, did you really blow Danny?” Adam asked me.

“Yeah, faggot, these guys saw you with all that cum on your face and wanted to know what happened.  So I had to tell them that you’ve been sucking my dick for months, that you are my personal cocksucker, a cum-hungry faggot who can’t get enough of my cock.”  Danny paused and walked past me.  “But they were skeptical, and wanted me to prove it.”

“And if it’s not true,” Adam said to me, “if he did something to you against your will, Marc and I are going to beat the shit out of him.” I looked at Adam and the other guy, Marc.  He looked somewhat familiar, like I had seen him in the dorm before.

“Oh, it’s true,” said Danny.  He stood in front of me.  “And this little cocksucker will tell you so himself.”  Danny started to rub one hand under his pec seductively, and rested his other hand just at the top of his jeans, which were still partially open.  “He’ll have a hard-on in no time just from all this talk about cocksucking, won’t you faggot?”

I still had said nothing since entering.  There was obviously no way this was going to end without Adam and Marc knowing the truth.  And Adam had always seemed like a pretty good guy, so I didn’t worry too much about it.  It wasn’t the fact that they would know that I was gay that bothered me; it was that I was Danny’s cocksucker.

My cock started to harden as I watched Danny.

“He’s not saying it’s true,” Adam pointed out.

“Alright, faggot, here’s how I want you to answer him.”  Danny pointed down at the floor in front of him.  “I want you to kneel down before my crotch and open your cocksucking mouth.”

Danny pulled down his jeans and underwear and exposed the top of his dick, and my eye was immediately drawn to his crotch.  Both Adam and Marc noticed this.  Resigned to the situation, and in the power of Danny’s cock, I dropped to me knees before this hunk, opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and waited.

“Holy shit,” Marc said under his breath.

Danny pulled out his dick and slapped me in the face.  “What’d I tell you guys?” he said, continuing to dick-slap me as he spoke.  “This is one cock-hungry faggot.”  He looked down at me.  “Do you want to blow me?” I nodded as he kept hitting me in the face with his now hard cock.  “Say it out loud.”

“I want to suck your cock,” I said.

“Beg me.”

“Please let me blow you again.  Please stuff your cock down my throat, and dump another load in my face.”

“Maybe,” Danny said.  “Do you want to blow them too?”

“Yes,” I said, without even thinking about it.  I had lusted after Adam’s body since the first day I saw it, and from what I could see, his friend Marc was a hunk too.

“Whaddya say, guys?” Danny said to them.  “I’ll let my faggot blow you if you want.”

Adam shook his head.  “I’m not into that.”

“Dude, you should try it,” Danny said.  “This little cocksucker can take it like you wouldn’t believe.  You can fuck his throat like crazy. You’re never gonna get a blow job like that from some girl.  You can dump your load in his mouth or on his face or wherever you want.  And he’ll do whatever I tell him too.  Won’t you, faggot?”

“Hmmm,” I said in reply, trying to get my tongue on Danny’s cock, which was still hitting me all over the face.

“What the fuck,” Marc said.  “I want my dick sucked, sure.”  He came over and stood by Danny.  He undid his jeans and pulled out his dick. It was soft, but even soft looked like it was at least six inches long. Danny stepped aside and Marc moved over in front of me.

He placed his dick against my lips and I opened wide and moved forward, sliding his dick into my mouth.  I sucked on him and began to feel his dick start to harden.

“Come on, get down on it,” I heard Danny say from behind me, and he pushed my head forward onto Marc’s cock.  Danny pushed my head back and forth, making me suck Marc’s cock.  Marc had gotten harder, but his cock had only grown a couple more inches.  Still, this made for a pretty big dick.

Marc steadied himself into a firmer stance and then began to push his cock forward and up to meet my face as Danny pushed it down into his crotch.  Within a minute, he had built up a steady fucking motion that slowly began to gain speed.  I wasn’t able to catch a breath, the two of them were making me suck him so hard and fast.  But Danny’s hand left my head for a moment and I took the chance to pull off and take a deep breath.

“Christ, it’s fucking hot in here,” Marc said.  He took off his sweatshirt and tossed it on my bed.  Then he pulled my head back down into his crotch, and slapped me in the face a few times with his hard dick.  I looked up at him, really taking a good luck for the first time.  He was a very handsome guy.  He was Asian, or half-Asian, half-Caucasian, and had longish dark hair that fell around his face.  He had a strong jaw line and luscious red lips.  The T-shirt he was wearing fit him snugly, and I could see that he had a muscular, toned body.  He was muscular and athletic like Danny, not quite as built up as Adam was; he appeared to have a well-proportioned, fit frame.  I wished he would take off his T-shirt but he didn’t.

Then Marc began fucking my face steadily again.  Danny had sat down on his bed, with his back up against the well and his feet up on the bed. “Go ahead, Marc, really stuff it down his faggot throat.  He loves it. Don’t you, cocksucker?”

I moaned in response.  Marc was plunging his cock all the way down my throat.  On each thrust, he would push himself as far down as possible, and my nose would end up pressed firmly against his pubes, his balls would slap up against my chin.  He started to pick up speed, and then began jerking his cock.  He exploded with a great burst of cum, and somehow my head turned slightly as he started to cum, so that his semen shot against the side of my cheek, and the rest shot just past my head.

He finished dumping his load and let go of my head.  “Fuck, dude, you got jizz on my feet,” Danny said, and I looked over.  Some of Marc’s load had flown past me and landed on Danny’s feet, which were right at the end of the bed.  “That is fucking gross.  Faggot, get over here and clean this up.”

I edged over to Danny so that my face was near his feet.  “You moved your queer face out of the way and his cum got on me.  That is so fucking disgusting.  What are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll get it off, Danny.”

“Ask for permission.”

“Danny, may I please lick his cum off your feet?”  Danny kept glaring at me, not yet satisfied.  “I’m sorry I made his cum get on your feet, Danny.  I’ll clean it off now.”

But Danny kept glaring.  “Not good enough, faggot.  Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a cocksucker,” I said.  “I’m your cocksucker, and I should have caught all his cum on my cocksucker face.  Please let me lick that cum off you.  I want to lick your feet and eat his cum.”

“Go ahead, faggot,” Danny said, and smiled.  I leaned over and licked all the cum off his feet.  As I was doing it, Danny would stick his toes in my mouth.  At one point, he kicked against the side of my head with his foot.  Because my hands were bound behind me, I lost my balance and fell to the floor.  “Clumsy faggot,” Danny said.  “Get back here and finish cleaning me off.”  I got back up on my knees and licked all the rest of the cum off until Danny was satisfied.

Then Danny stood and whipped out his cock again.  He held in the air in front of me.  “Do you want me to dump another load on your faggot face?” he asked.

“Yes, please.” I replied.  “Please fuck my face and dump your cum on me.”

And so Danny began to face-fuck me again.  As he was plowing my throat with his cock, Adam came over.  It looked like he had a boner under his jeans.  “Go ahead, Adam,” Danny said.  “Make the faggot blow you.”

And so Adam unzipped his jeans and pulled out his dick.  He hit me in the side of the face with it while Danny continued to stuff his dick in and out of my mouth.  Then Danny pulled aside slightly and Adam turned my face towards his crotch.  He had a short, fat dick.  It was much thicker than either Danny’s or Marc’s, but it was not very long.  It was a bit of a struggle to get my lips all the way around it, but once I did, I could take it all the way in no problem.

And so I sucked them both, down on my knees, my hands tied behind my back, Marc’s cum still on my face and in my belly.  They would move my head from one to the other, and the one whose dick I wasn’t sucking was usually slapping me with it, or jerking himself and pushing the head into my face.  Danny called me a faggot and a cocksucker the whole time, and his hand was almost constantly on the back of my head, pushing my mouth to where he wanted it.  And I loved it.  I loved being on my knees for these two studs, my mouth just a place for them to stuff their dicks and shoot their loads.

Just a minute or two later, Adam started to tense up, and his cum poured into my mouth.  The first of his load shot right down my throat, and the rest landed on my tongue.  I heard Danny cry “Fuck!” right then, and he shot his own load, which splashed against the side of my face and then shot across my cheeks and nose.  They both poured their cum in and on me.

When it was over, I knelt there waiting to see what would happen. Marc said, “That was a good blow job, faggot.  Hey, Danny, send the cocksucker upstairs tomorrow.  I’m on the fourth floor, 412.  I’ll drop another load on his faggot face in the morning.”

“Sure thing,” Danny said.  “Just say the word.  You too, Adam.  Let me know if you want the queer to suck you off.”

“Okay,” Adam said quietly, and then the two of them walked out.

Danny pulled off his jeans and bounced onto his bed.  “Did you like sucking their cocks, Luke?” he asked.

I nodded.  “Yes.”

“How many cocks do you think you could suck at one time?  Five? ten?”

I shrugged.  “I don’t know.”

Danny didn’t say anything, but settled into bed as if he were going to sleep.  “I guess we’re gonna have to find out, then.”

I remained where I was, watching him.  In just a minute, he had fallen asleep.  And I was still on my knees, hands tied tightly behind my back, his cum on my face.


To be continued…


Note: This one has been posted to various other story sites for a while, but I have never been able to locate the original author, lukex.  If you are out there, lukex, please get in touch.

Thanks to Slave2RubR for his help in preparing this for posting.



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