By Marknorth

Part 1

I was in complete darkness and I knew that I was never going to be free again.  My knees were sore from kneeling on the cold concrete and the shackles had rubbed my wrists, neck, and ankles raw.  I had already lost track of the number of days that he had kept me locked up in this dank room.

There had been an old, grimy mattress in the room and a bucket to shit and piss in, but he had removed them before locking me inside.  The cell already reeked of piss and shit and he refused to wash down the room as further punishment; and I was reduced to curling up on the floor to sleep.  Food had become two bowls of cold oatmeal and a jug of water.  I had used the meals to try to mark day and night – assuming that one was breakfast and one was dinner – but I lost track of even that. This had to be what it was like to be locked away and forgotten in some medieval dungeon.

Sadly, even though I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into, I had basically given myself to him and forfeited my “real” life.  I had signed the contract and agreed fully to every stipulation it contained.  To me it was just part of the bondage experience; a cementing of our relationship for future role play.  To him, however, it was the real deal; a fully binding and legal contract that had no “escape” clause.  It was final and he had every right to enforce it to the fullest extent.

Mike and I had met at a local bar.  It’s a relatively small town that caters to tourists looking to go boating, hiking, hunting and fishing; so there isn’t a gay bar in sight.  This place had become a bit of gathering spot, but you always had to be careful.  There were plenty of beer drinking rednecks who had no idea we used it as a pick up joint.  Coming on to the wrong guy could get you beaten or worse. Anyway, we recognized each other for what we were and had a few drinks. We met there a few times before I was comfortable enough to ask him over for dinner and time to get to know each other better.  He was just as cautious as I was and it took a few weeks for us to relax around each other.  He was a soft spoken guy, had great brown eyes, was in good shape, a few years older than me and was ruggedly handsome (any straight guy wouldn’t have a clue that he was gay.)  We got on great and began to spend quite a bit of time together.

After a pizza one night Mike asked if he could use my computer to go online as his internet connection was crap – he lived pretty far from town on a few hundred acres that he inherited from his family.  I didn’t even think about it, but while he was online he ran across all of my favorite links.  Most of them were bondage related.  That led him to dig around on my PC and he found the many pictures of me in bondage sessions with various buddies from back in the city.  He was laughing when I came back in the room and I must have turned bright red when he showed me one of the pictures on the screen.  My embarrassment quickly was replaced by anger at him for invading my privacy, but he apologized and said that it was great.  He was deeply into bondage and had accumulated quite a bit of gear over the years.

He asked to see some of my gear and I reluctantly took him downstairs.  Before long I found myself handcuffed and gagged as Mike pulled my jeans down and started to rub my dick.  As they say in the movies – it was the start of a beautiful friendship – or so I thought.   Since he lived so far out of town, he started to spend Fridays and Saturdays at my place.  I liked having him there and he helped with some of the “money pit” projects that needed to be done on the old house that I owned.  We played in the evenings and it became readily apparent that he was a pure and experienced dominant.  He had no interest in being in restraints, but he enjoyed topping me.  As things progressed so did the intensity of the bondage.  Mike brought new stuff from his “collection” regularly and started to keep me bound for longer periods of time.  Even though it was becoming harder and harder to take, I had no complaints; in fact, I lived for it.

I often found myself naked, cuffed, gagged and sitting at his feet while we watched movies.  Once the movie was over Mike would haul me downstairs and make sure I was uncomfortably secured before he went to bed.  As time went on, I spent entire weekends locked up in my basement.  His favorite restraints were heavy iron shackles that connected my wrists, ankles, and collar with short, heavy chains.  They limited movement to a stooped shuffling walk and quickly became hard to take. When I complained, however, he either locked me in a harsh hood or gagged me – before adding hours (or days) to my confinement in them.  I learned to quietly suffer and got used to pissing and crapping in a bucket, while relying on him for food and water.  Looking back, it was obviously Mike’s way of training me and to make sure that I was up to his standards as a submissive.

He started to take me out to his place during this period.  It was about a 45-minute drive from town and was truly isolated. It was once a hunting lodge and there were several rustic cabins, some outbuildings, and the main house all overlooking a pristine lake.  Though old, the house was amazingly well kept and the log exterior hid a thoroughly modern interior.  The buildings were basically located in the middle of the acreage down a long, narrow dirt road.  There wasn’t another house anywhere nearby and the isolation only added to the beauty.  He primarily worked from home with a few sales trips from time to time.  He was a software developer and had installed a satellite dish for internet access.  I assumed that it had gone out the day he needed to use my computer.

The first few times out there we just chatted, fished a little, and walked in the woods.  He set me up in one of the cabins as a guest room and we played a little.  Mike would lock me down for the evening in lighter shackles that were then locked to the cabin floor with a length of chain.  Again, as time passed the intensity of the bondage increased and he started to fuck me harder.  He basically raped me, as I had no say it whatsoever.  I would have told him no, but I was always gagged or hooded before he did it, so I had no way to do so.  It was harsh but, again, I really didn’t complain.  It satisfied my needs as a submissive and he was such a strong top that I just learned to accept it.

As fall settled in I lost my job.  I had been working for the same little publishing company for the three years that I had lived in town and they just decided to scale back.  As the newest hire I was the one to go.  I wasn’t worried too much, I had made a bundle when I sold my house in the city.  I had no mortgage and minimal expenses. My savings and investments would keep me going for quite awhile and there were plenty of opportunities to freelance.  Mike was friends with the owner of the publishing house and he told me that the owner truly felt bad about having to let me go, but his business had declined and he needed to make some cuts to stay viable.  Since I had more free time, Mike and I started to spend even more time together.  We finished the repairs to my house and I was sure that it would sell quickly if I needed the money down the road.

Mike told me that he had an acquaintance that was looking for a place to rent in town and wondered if I might be willing to rent the house.  He said he would spruce up one of his cabins and let me use it as long as I wanted.  I thought about it for a while and decided that the rental income would be helpful, but I told Mike that I would pay him rent for the cabin – even though he didn’t want the money.  We moved my stuff out and stored most of it in one of the buildings on Mike’s land and I settled into one of the cabins after we updated it a bit.  It was cozy, had a nice fireplace, and a great view of the lake.  I had space to write and, even better, my bondage buddy was just a few steps away.

I started to run the errands for both of us. Shopping, picking up the mail, whatever needed to be done.  I liked to cook, so I made the meals and kept his place clean.  As the days passed I found myself writing less and less and concentrating on the things that needed to be done around the lodge.  Most days, after we were done with dinner, he would put me into some type of bondage.  It was typically light during the week and far more intense during the weekends.  I was frequently kept locked up in one of the old sheds for several days at a time.  Wearing the heavy shackles and locked to the floor by a length of chain.  He started to keep me locked up like that when he had to leave town.  He would leave me enough food and water to carry me though, but it was often cold as hell and he rarely left me enough warm clothes or blankets.  Every time I swore that I would never let him lock me in like that again, but every time I acquiesced.  I complained once only to find myself gagged for an overnight and locked to the floor with such a short chain that I could hardly move. I was panicked as I could not eat or drink and all I could think of was what would happen if he didn’t come back.  I kept pretty quiet after that.

As Winter set in his workload increased and we played less regularly.  He occasionally still shackled me in the shed when he left; but never left me enough clothes and blankets to stay completely warm.  I, perversely, enjoyed being kept as a prisoner like that – but was always glad when I heard his truck coming down the driveway.  A month or so later the engine on my car blew on the way to town.  I had it towed to the repair shop and it was going to be over fifteen hundred bucks to get it fixed, an unexpected expense.  Mike suggested that, since it was old anyway, I scrap it and use one of his trucks for the winter until I could look for something new.  I argued for a bit but he said why not, he could only drive one vehicle at a time, anyway.  Again, I gave in; it was generous of him to offer and would save me a lot of hassle.  Besides, the road to the lodge was narrow and slippery, and a truck was far better than my car in the snow.

I was starting to really miss our regular sessions, which were becoming less frequent, and I was getting a little bored acting as the cook and cleaner around the lodge.  He was gone most Fridays and Saturdays now as he travelled for work, so I was left alone more than I wanted.  I explored the house and found a very solid door that was always locked; I assumed that it led to the basement.  All of the outbuildings were also securely locked including the building that we had stored my stuff in.

One day, only a few minutes after I had returned to the lodge from exploring, he pulled up in his truck.  When he was inside he told me to follow him.  He unlocked one of the heavy doors that I had noticed earlier and, when were inside, locked it behind us.  The door was very solid and sealed tightly.  We were in a short hallway with a similar door ahead, that he also unlocked and relocked once we were through.  As I had suspected, we were at the head of a set of stairs that led to the basement of the house.  I followed him down and we passed through another heavy door at the bottom; which he also locked behind us.  When he locked the last door I realized that the only way out was with his keys; I was a little nervous and excited at the same time.  We were standing in a dark room that was outfitted like a dungeon.  There were chains bolted to the walls with manacles and collars at various levels. There were also several, smaller metal doors along one wall.


Part 2


I couldn’t take my eyes off of the many restraints and I was getting hard as hell just looking at them.  I had many fantasies about places like this but I really never dreamed I would be in one.  I told Mike that and he chuckled a little.  He asked if I would like to move deeper into more restrictive bondage and explore and test my limits with him.  I really didn’t hesitate a bit; yes that was something I would like to do.  He smiled at me and then forcefully told me to strip immediately and drop to me knees in front of him.  I almost tore my clothes off to obey and my dick sprang to life as I dropped my underwear to the floor.  Once I was on my knees he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back so that I was looking right into his eyes.  He just stared into my eyes for what seemed like an hour before he pulled me to my feet and half-dragged me to a set of manacles set into the wall.  He locked them in place and stepped back to look at me.  My arms were pulled above my head, my legs were spread apart, and a collar held my neck tight to the wall – it was a bit too high for my height so I was forced to stand on my tip-toes to stop it from digging into my neck.  He stared at me for a few more minutes and then turned away without saying a word.  He walked to the door, unlocked it, and slammed it shut behind him.  As I heard the lock engage the room was plunged into darkness.

It didn’t take too long before the strain on my legs began to take its toll.  My calves were aching from having to stand on my tip-toes and I could only relax for a moment or two at a time as the collar dug into my neck and damn near choked me.  My arms quickly began to grow numb and I was shivering in the damp basement.  I yelled for Mike to come and release me until I was hoarse, but all I heard was the echo of my own voice.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out that the room was sound proof after moving through all the heavy, locked doors.  All I could think of was how quickly I had agreed to wanting to delve deeper and test my limits.  This was certainly testing my limits.  The darkness and silence in the room was complete.  I strained to hear anything other than my own breathing, but there was nothing.  Without warning the lights came on, blinding me before I could slam my eyes shut.

The lock turned and the air pressure changed as he opened the door and walked in.  He asked me if I was having fun and laughed when I told him that I wasn’t.  He grabbed my cock and stroked it until I was hard, then he just walked away.  I feared that he was going to leave me like this even longer, but he walked over and unlocked one of the steel doors along the opposite wall.  He turned the light inside on and stepped aside so I could see the interior of the room.  It was a fully outfitted jail cell right down to the metal sink and toilet.  He said that maybe later I would want to spend some time inside, but for now he would release me.

I fell into his arms as he undid the manacles, it felt great to have him holding me gently as the feeling returned to my arms. My legs protested as we walked back up the stairs.  He told me to get some rest, so I returned to my cabin and dropped on the bed.  I think I fell asleep almost immediately.  In the morning I went back over to make him breakfast but he had already left for town.  I tried to get some writing done, but was too distracted.  My thoughts kept returning to the dungeon room and the jail cell inside.  I wondered what was behind the other doors down there.

As Spring came Mike brought the guy that had been renting my house out to the lodge.  He told me that he would be interested in buying the house from me if I was willing to sell and suggested a generous price.  We talked a bit about it and I told him that I would think about it, but wasn’t too sure that I wanted to sell it right now.  The guy left after dinner and Mike and I sat in front of the fire talking.  He said that there really was no reason for me to hold onto the house.  I could rent the cabin from him for as long as I liked and there was plenty to do around the lodge to keep me busy until I could get another job.  My bank account had stabilized a bit as my expenses continued to decrease and I could invest the money from the sale of the house to earn some dividends.  The guy had made a more than fair offer and I would be able to recoup all the money that I had sunk into the repairs and still come out pretty far ahead.  I told Mike that I would think about it.

We made a quite a few visits to the dungeon room. Each time he kept me manacled to the wall for longer periods of time, but never used any other restraints.  He never showed me the inside of the cell again, nor any of the other rooms.  It seemed that once he found a means of restraint that he liked, he stuck with it.  Although it was painful and difficult to withstand, I learned to look forward to being shackled to the wall of that dungeon.

Mike brought up the sale of my house from time to time and later in Spring I decided that he was right.  I should sell the house and invest the money.  I liked living out here and there was no reason to keep the house any longer.  I would have plenty money to buy another one in the future.  I signed the papers and turned the keys over a week or so later and felt somewhat relieved to have one less thing to worry about.  I had started to do the Spring clean-up of the grounds.  Raking leaves, cutting up some old trees that had fallen and other general maintenance.   Most of the time Mike kept me in shackles while I worked and I found that I really didn’t mind.  He reduced the rent on the cabin as compensation for the work, so it was a good deal for both of us.  He started to travel again and I found myself locked back in the shed regularly.  It had become his practice to use the shortest chains all the time now.  I was held tightly to the floor of the shed and as the weather warmed I was kept there completely naked.  From time to time I wondered just why I let myself get locked up like that, but I never could find an answer.  It was obvious that I liked it and kept willingly surrendering to him.

From time to time Mike hosted groups at the lodge. Guys who wanted to fish and relax.  He said it earned him a little extra money and gave some life to the old place.  I had to give up my cabin on those occasions so there was enough space for the guests.  I cooked and cleaned up after the guys and bartended for them in the evenings.  I was usually exhausted as I had to start almost at dawn and didn’t finish until the last one hit the sack after drinking himself into a stupor.  Mike didn’t give me a bedroom in the lodge to sleep, he gave me use of the jail cell in the basement and I slept on the cot inside.  The doors to the basement and the cell were never locked, but it was strange just the same.  Once the guests left he started to keep me locked up in the cell as his prisoner overnight; something that I found very exciting.

Once Summer started to wind down there were no more guests to worry about.  Mike had reduced my rent on the cabin to nothing to pay me for all the work I was doing around the place.  I didn’t argue with him as I definitely felt that I had earned it.  He was travelling less and he started to run all the errands into town.  Weeks went by when I never left the lodge grounds and I saw no one but him.  I had changed my address to his post office box, so he brought back the mail and anything else that I needed.  He had started to talk more about his interests in bondage and how he loved seeing me helpless and shackled.  He fucked me only when I was heavily restrained and it was always harsh and painful for me.  I had taken to wearing a collar almost all the time and felt naked without it.  I was trim and fit from all the work that I had been doing around the place and I was content.  It was then that he suggested that we have a serious discussion about our future.

I was intrigued when he talked about some guys he knew who had signed a contract setting out their expectations for one another.  Mike noted that it wasn’t really serious, but they liked the way that it formalized their relationship.  We talked about it for a while and I asked him if he could get a copy to look at from them.  He thought that he could and said we could talk about it more later, but right now he wanted me to really spend some serious time in that jail cell.  I, again, followed him through the heavy doors and into the dungeon room where he had me strip and kneel.  After a bit he tossed an orange prison jumpsuit at me and told me to put it on.  I, of course, obeyed as my dick throbbed to life.  He manhandled me into the cell, had me kneel, and locked a single shackle that was chained to the floor to my ankle.  He had me stand and face him. I was surprised when he slid a barred cell door from a gap in the wall and locked it, I had always thought that there was only the steel outer door. Once he had it locked he smiled at me, said lights out in 10 minutes, and slammed the outer door shut.  The finality of the lock being driven home sent a chill down my spine.  I had spent quite a few nights in this cell, but never shackled to the floor.  I thought about the situation and realized that even if I could get the shackle off that I would have the barred door, the steel door, and three other heavy steel doors to get through before I would be free. That was a hopeless situation and I tried not to dwell on it as it sunk in and the lights went out.


Part 3


He kept me chained in that cell for over a week.  He delivered food three times a day, removed the old trays and never said a word to me the whole time.  I found out quickly that if I tried to talk to him the meal rations were reduced. So I, too, kept silent.  I was going stir crazy before long and passed the time doing sit-ups and push-ups and running in place.  I started to worry that this solitary confinement was never going to be over.  He could keep me here for as long as he wanted and no one would ever know.  I also wondered if he was upstairs jacking off as he thought about me locked up down here.  I certainly hoped so, as somebody should be getting off on this – it was no longer me.  When he released me he told me that he was still testing and pushing my limits to see what I could take and, yes, he was definitely getting off on seeing me locked in that cell.

I was settling back into the regular routine a few days later when Mike told me that he had received a copy of the contract that we had talked about from his friend.  He said he had read it several times and decided to put his own version together.  We sat down and he pushed the pages across the table for me to read.  He said it was written to sound very legalistic to give it some “weight,” and that it covered a lot of ground.  It was an agreement between a dominant and a submissive and as I read it I grew excited.  It was definitely detailed and clearly defined the two roles and the responsibility of the dominant.  It was apparent that the only true responsibility of the sub was to obey without hesitation.  Mike had outlined some of my limits and agreed not to exceed them.  The whole thing was pretty intense and the long and the short of it was that I (the sub) would basically be giving control of my life over to him.  When I finished reading it all that was running through my head was how cool it would be to sign this and formalize our roles.  After all, it was just setting out guidelines and it really wasn’t a “real,” legal document.  After all, how would anyone expect it to actually be real.

We talked about it some more and I told him that I would consider it, but wanted to think about it more.  He said that was a good idea and that I should think about it in the cell.  Before I really knew what I was doing I was shackled back in the cell watching him slam the door closed.  Of course, I had nothing else to do but think about the contract; a copy of which he had, helpfully, left on the cot.  He, again, never spoke to me and gave me only limited meals.  I assumed that he was only trying to pressure me into signing the damn thing.  It must have been very important to him for some reason to formalize our arrangement.  But, from inside that cell, it was pretty clearly defined already.  After another week he released me.  I was beginning to crack a little under the mental strain of being locked away like that and I told him so.  He was somewhat sympathetic, but said that it was important to keep expanding my limits so that I could get more and more out of the experience.  All I was thinking that I got out of it was a sore ass from the pounding I took as he raped me in that cell before releasing me.

A day or two later I realized that it would be interesting to take it to that next level with Mike.  Although I felt that I had been pushed to my limits already.  But maybe he was right and there was still something deeper that I was missing.  Maybe this contract would help to open that door for me by putting me in the right mindset.  I told him that I wanted to sign it and take that next step, but I offered a few revisions that set some additional things that I wanted to be “off limits.”  He agreed and re-did the contract.  A few days later he had two friends over for dinner; they were going to be our witnesses as we signed the document and one would also keep a copy in a safe place to add an additional air of formality.  After dinner Mike told me that I should start my new life as I had started my old one, naked.  I hesitated but obeyed after seeing the look in his eye that meant I would regret not stripping.  Once naked he had me kneel beside him as he signed the papers.  He had me sign them and we both watched the guys sign as witnesses.  Mike smiled at me and said that this was a great new beginning for both of us.

He told me to remember to obey him in all things without hesitation, reservation, or question – the words used over and over in the contract.  I agreed, of course, thinking that he was really making a big deal out of this occasion.  Still naked, he led me downstairs and I was surprised that the other guys were following us.  I was just about to ask Mike about it when I remembered that I was not to speak unless spoken to. I thought I could follow this rule for Mike tonight as he was obviously relishing this.  Every door was securely locked behind us as we entered the dungeon room and Mike led me across the room to one of the other steel doors.  It opened into a room a little larger than the cell next door. In the middle of the room was a leather-covered table with restraints locked to it.  He pushed me onto the table on my stomach and locked the restraints around my wrists, ankles, neck, and waist.  My dick hung through a hole in the table and my face was firmly pressed into an indent in the leather that contained a large leather gag; a large strap held my head tightly so that I could not lift my head off of the gag – it made it difficult to breathe. Mike told me that in honor of my new position he was giving me to his buddies tonight as payment for their service as witnesses to the signing.

I heard the door close after that and assumed that he had left me alone in the room with the two guys.  It took only a few moments before one of them was crawling on the table and sticking his already hard dick in my ass.  I tried to yell as he started to fuck me, but all I was able to get out was a muffled yelp.  He and his friend laughed and the guy fucked my ass harder and harder.  He was riding me hard and he pulled out only at the last minute to spray cum across my back.  His buddy replaced him in my ass almost immediately.  This guy was even rougher and kept smacking my back and the back of my head as he fucked me.  I was already in tears at that point, but they were only just beginning.  Once they tired of fucking my ass, they released me from the table and stuck their cocks down my throat.  The second guy didn’t even bother to try to pull out and came fully in my mouth.  He stopped me from trying to spit it out and held my mouth shut until I swallowed all of it; slapping me around just for laughs.  Eventually they tired of it and pulled me back onto the table and strapped me down.  They shoved a plug up my ass and I heard the door close as they left.


Part 4


I was sobbing into the leather as I realized what Mike had done.  He just tossed me to them as if I was his property.  I was horrified at the thought that they might return for more; it seemed that may be the reason that they left me in this position.  I hadn’t had a chance to piss after dinner and eventually I went on the floor.  What choice did I have?  I eventually passed out and woke sometime later in the darkness and silence of the room.  I couldn’t move at all in the position I was in.  The guys had made sure the restraints were tight before they left.  Who knows how much time passed before Mike returned?  I was startled when the door opened and was scared that it was those guys coming back.  As Mike started to undo the restraints I realized who it was and I yelled at him for letting those guys fuck me like an animal.  He immediately pushed me hard down on the table  and told me to shut the fuck up.  I had no rights as far as he was concerned; I had given them away a few hours ago when I signed that contract.  I was his to do with as he pleased.  I was stunned into silence.  He left the room leaving me half-strapped to the table, but returned quickly.   He pulled my arms behind me and locked on a pair of rigid handcuffs before undoing my feet from the table restraints and pulling me off the table.

He dragged me out of the room and out into the larger dungeon room to where a heavy metal collar hung from the wall on a large chain.  He locked the collar in place and then went to get a set of rigid ankle restraints, which he quickly locked on.  He looked down at me with disapproval and said that my punishment would begin now.  I was never to speak unless spoken to and I would always accept whatever came my way without hesitation or reservation.  I had already failed to comply with those aspects of the contract.  He also told me that I would be punished for pissing on his floor too, but that would come later.  He then walked away and closed and locked the door to the stairs behind him.  He did not turn off the lights.  Naked, wrists and ankles firmly locked, and collared to the wall – I sat on the cold concrete scared as hell.   Mike truly thought that the contract was real, not just something that formalized our play together.  As I thought over the many stipulations in the contract I became more and more afraid.  I had basically just signed my life over to him – completely.  The few little things that I had added to the contract were, in hindsight, ridiculous.  Besides, looking at it from where I sat now how did I even know that he had any intention of honoring those limits anyway?

As I sat there I noticed that one of the other metal doors had been left open.  I now knew why he had left the light on. The room was his storage area and was full of restraints of every type and style.  Heavy metal, leather, gags, hoods, harnesses.  He must have spent a fortune on the stuff in that room and I had a terrible feeling that I was going to experience a lot of it in the days to come.  I started to shiver from the cold and damp; something that I had become accustomed to in the many previous hours that I had spent locked up in this room.  With my arms behind me and my ankles firmly locked together I could not find a position that was even remotely comfortable – something else that I had grown accustomed to.

I was surprised when Mike came back into the room. I had been expecting to be kept locked up like this for much longer. Since I knew that I was stuck, I lowered my eyes to the floor as agreed in the contract.  He went into the storage room and I heard him dragging heavy chains behind him as he walked over to me.  I recognized the sound of the heaviest set of manacles that I had been locked into in the past.  He locked my ankles and wrists into them as he removed the rigid restraints. He unlocked the collar from the wall but did not put the other collar around my neck.  He dragged me to my feet and led me into the storage room.  I kept my eyes on the floor as I did not want to add to whatever punishment he had in store for me.  There was a workbench in the room and he put the collar around my neck and pushed my head down onto the work surface.  He then proceeded to rivet the collar into place.  I saw the size of the metal rivet and the weighted hammer that he used to pound it into place and realized that the collar was not coming off without a serious metal saw.  He then did the same with the wrist and ankle restraints.  For all intents and purposes I was permanently locked into the manacles.  The chains were not long enough to either stand fully or walk more than a shuffle.  My heart sank.

Without saying a word to me he pulled me out to stand in front of the last, unopened steel door in the dungeon room.  Pushing me to my knees he unlocked the door and went inside.  When he came out he was carrying an old grimy mattress and a bucket like the ones that I had been force to use in the past to shit and piss into.   He left me kneeling there while he hauled them away.  I was sore, my ass was throbbing from being fucked and from the plug that was still shoved in.  I knew that these manacles would start to chafe in a few hours and their weight would become a burden.  Knowing  that they were not coming off anytime soon, if ever, added to their weight.  I was screwed.  I was a prisoner in the truest and most final sense of the word.  I would now be subjected to whatever whim Mike had for however long he decided.  I began to weep.

When he came back he saw me crying and said that he was glad that I had finally realized the enormity of my situation.  He said that alone was what he had hoped for – forcing me into the depths of despair – that was his absolute turn-on.  He dragged me into the room – it was completely empty – cold concrete floors, walls, and ceiling.  The only thing that wasn’t grey concrete was the metal grate set in the middle of the floor.  The room smelled of piss and worse.  The grate was covered in sludge and I noticed that there were no lights anywhere.  He pulled the plug out of my ass and tossed it on the floor and told me to remain silent.  He locked my restraints to a heavy, rusted chain that was bolted to the wall.  He then grabbed me by the chin and told me that I would remain in this cell as punishment – it would give me time to reflect on how I would follow every stipulation in the contract that I had signed.  I would stay here until I realized that I was nothing, absolutely nothing.

As I looked into his eyes I saw they were cold and without sympathy.  He then recalled how I had already given up everything.  How he had used his influence to get me fired at the publisher, convinced me to sell me house and rigged my car’s engine to blow and how I had allowed him to continue to train me ruthlessly until he was satisfied that I was exactly what he wanted.  I had ceased to exist in the world and he had orchestrated it all.  It was an easy matter, he said, to transfer all the funds that I had in my bank accounts and investments into his accounts.  There was nothing left of me outside the walls of this dungeon.

Eventually he might bring me upstairs to serve him. Eventually I might earn that honor.  For now and for a long, long time to come, I would remain here.  Locked away to suffer as he saw fit.  The manacles would never come off – never.  He then told me how he would be jacking off thinking about me rotting down here while he seduced another nobody to keep down here as his prisoner.

My knees were already sore from kneeling on the concrete when he backed out of the cell and slammed the door – leaving me in complete and total darkness and silence.  All I could hear was the sound of my sobs.



3 thoughts on “Darkness”

  1. Excellent story, thanks .
    Would like to experience the permanence of rivetted or welded restraints till I was well past that dispair stage.

  2. Of all your stories, I love this one the best. It would be great to read the sequel… how long is he kept in the cell, does Mike entice another guy, what happens next? I really want to know…

  3. Bondage is when you want out. Great story of bondage, obedience, discipline, role play and mind trips. I’d like to read next parts.

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