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The Weekend

By Marknorth

I had just stepped out of the shower when I heard the heavy knock on my door. It was quickly followed by more rapid-fire pounding. My mind was racing as I quickly pulled on a pair of sport briefs and half-jogged to the front door. I had come home early and was hoping to have a nice. quiet Friday night and relaxing weekend.

The door almost flew off its hinges as it was slammed open the moment that I unlocked the deadbolt. I caught a quick flash of uniforms and barely heard the shout of “Police!” as I was thrown against the wall.

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Unexpected Total Control

By Marknorth

I had been bothering my buddy to get together for some bondage fun for quite awhile – he was the one who locked me in bondage for 24 hours (see A Device for Self-Bondage) but our schedules just never meshed.  He travels for work (he’s in sales) and he is on the road probably 3 weeks every month).  I told him that the “Lost Identity” story that I wrote was going to be on the Metalbond blog and he should read it again (I had emailed it to him when I first wrote it).

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A Device for Self-Bondage

By Marknorth

I thought I would share my personal best bondage story and self-bondage technique. Here’s the problem: I live in a rural area and there aren’t too many bondage buddies to be found, making it difficult to be kept as a prisoner on a regular basis. Well, self-bondage is the only option. I am, however, continually frustrated by the fact that I do need to be able to get out of the bonds; making the “scene” somewhat less than “real” for me.

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A Fantasy Revealed

By Marknorth

My heart was pounding as the plane taxied to the gate. It wouldn’t be very log until I was fully at his mercy and the second thoughts were looming large in my mind.  Not that I had any choice but to follow through.  I had no return ticket and too little money to even get out of the city at this point.  Besides, he had enough humiliating pictures of me that would be posted all over the internet if I tried to avoid the inevitable.  I was going to be locked up and under his complete control for the next three days.

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