Jimmy’s Vacation – Part 2

By lostouteast

Jimmy had no idea where he was being taken. That was far from the most immediate thought on his mind, however. The tight ball tie that he had been put in had begun to put considerable strain on his muscles, and his entire body was in open mutiny. His muscle cramps developed muscle cramps as every attempt at movement was foiled by the leather straps connecting his biceps to his thighs and the chains that unyieldingly connected his wrists to his ankles.

The duffle bag he had been stuffed in tightly encapsulated his body as the stench of a cum and piss soaked jock strap, stale socks and a sweat saturated pair of bike shorts permeated his compact prison. Jimmy was acutely aware of the rubber penis pressing against his tongue, as well as the tight leather hood that hugged his face and robbed him of his vision. But more than anything else, he was aware of his cock, which oozed a constant stream of precum with every bump in the road.

Jimmy had fantasized about bondage since he was in middle school; he had just never followed through on his impulses. Well, not completely, anyways. He had made a profile on Recon, getting his rocks off talking to the men he met there, spinning elaborate fantasies with his words. Of forced submission. Of control lost. Of no way out. Jimmy always told himself that it would never be anything more than a fantasy, that he could never bring himself to actually submit to another man and to his darkest desires. It was just a game, just pretend. But he should have never downloaded that Recon smartphone application, and he never should have left the GPS function on …




How long Jimmy spent in transit, he had no way of knowing. After what seemed like an eternity, the car slowed to a stop and Jimmy heard the driver’s side door open. This prompted a fresh wave of fruitless struggle that was barely noticeable were someone to look at the duffle bag that contained his naked bound form. A blast of cool air hit him as the trunk was popped open.

“We’re home, boy.”

The chill that those words sent up Jimmy’s spine had barely registered when he felt his body being jerked upwards. A few more oscillations indicated to Jimmy that he was being carried up a set of stairs. More movement. More stairs. This time, a longer flight of them and definitely heading downward. His grunts from behind the gag grew more and more urgent, as hope that someone would hear and rescue him diminished with each step his captor took.

Jimmy felt himself being placed on firm ground again. The surface beneath him felt cold and unyielding through the plastic of the duffle bag that encased him. In one swift motion, Jimmy’s captor unzipped the bag, and the faint smell of mold and dampness wafted into Jimmy’s nose. It was a refreshing change from the concoction of sweat, piss and precum that had been Jimmy’s only companion in the duffle bag, but his attention quickly shifted to what felt like his captor manipulating the restraints. The tension between his wrists vanished and the loops linking his biceps to his thighs were unfastened, sliding through the crooks of his arms and from behind his knees. Finally, the chains between his ankles were removed.

This was it, if he couldn’t escape now, all was lost. Summoning every once of strength he had, Jimmy rose to his feet and tried to swing his arms towards where he thought his captor stood.

Pain. Searing pain like he had never felt before dropped Jimmy to his hands and knees.

“Stupid, boy. Not entirely unexpected, to be sure, but stupid. That was the lowest setting on this stun gun. There are 3 more, in case you decide to test me again.”

Jimmy heard a whirring sound, and felt a slow but irresistible pull on his wrists.

“Better stand up if you don’t want those chains to dig into your wrists, boy.”

Sure enough, Jimmy’s wrists were being pulled up and diagonally away from the rest of his body. Still shaking from the shock of the stun gun, Jimmy slumped against the pressure on his wrists until the pain was too much and he was forced to rise to his feet. He felt something new fastened around his ankles, but was in no state to resist. Once his captor was through, Jimmy’s feet were spaced a bit more than a meter apart, a stance that Jimmy could not seem to change no matter how hard he tried to close or open his legs.

As the mechanical winches pulling Jimmy’s arms into a spreadeagle position finally stopped their gradual work, the same voice whispered in his ear, “See? You never had a chance to escape, anyways. I just wanted to prove to you that I’m in control and erase the foolish idea in your head that I haven’t thought of everything.” Something about this man’s voice suggested a smile. Jimmy could almost see lips curling into a mocking sneer, and he was horrified to find that the thought made his hard cock twitch.

Suddenly, Jimmy felt the leather prison encasing his head loosen. His eyes snapped shut as light flooded his eyes, and his mouth felt oddly empty as the pecker gag attached to the inside of the hood was pulled slowly out of his mouth. As world he had been isolated from slowly came back into focus, and the first thing that left his ungagged mouth was a gasp of shock.


To be continued …



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