Joey – Part 04

By slavebladeboi

Drink it? Throw it? Do what it said? The bottle sat on the top of Joey’s desk where he had put it half an hour earlier. His gut crawled, but whether it was with fear or excitement he was too wound up to figure. The “do what it said” was the small message written on the base of the bottle-

Here 6pm tomorrow.

So what? Bring it with him, drink it now or what? He couldn’t think straight.

It didn’t help when Chris barged in through the unlatched door. “Hey dude, did you manage to … anything wrong J?” Chris saw Joey sitting staring at a clear plastic drinking bottle perched on his desk like it was some kind of religious idol. He gave a sort of embarrassed laugh. “Joey. Hey, what’s the matter?”

Joey looked up. He half smiled then looked down. “Nothing. Really. Just a long day. Um, sorry no. I totally forgot your stuff. Sorry.”

“No worries, I’ll get to the store tomorrow myself anyway.”

“Thanks Chris. I, um,” he hesitated and went over to the window so Chris couldn’t see his face, “would you do a me a favour?”

“Sure. If I can.”

“Will you be here about say, nine-ish tomorrow evening?” He turned and looked straight at his friend. “It’s important. I have to meet someone and I just want you to make sure I’m back here by nine.”

“Jeez, J. Sounds mysterious.”

“No, nothing like that but, um,” he paused again, “Maybe forget it. It’s OK. Yeah forget it.”

“Joseph Daniel Klein. What are you talking about. What’s going on here?”

“Nothing Chris. No, it’s just this guy I know from work, he always gets me to go along with his stupid plans and I didn’t want another late night, that’s all. I thought if I knew you’d be waiting for me I’d have a decent excuse to get back on time. I just need to be stronger willed. Nope, all good. Stupid idea anyway.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, totally,” said his mouth while his brain was screaming the opposite. “G’night Chris.”


Maybe just a sip. It didn’t smell of anything. Could he remember if there was anything funny about that bottle he knew blacked him out last time? No taste, no smell either as far as that went. A sip it was then. He put it to his lips and tipped the bottle slightly, just so the liquid touched his tongue. Nothing. As far as he could tell just water. Another go. Water. Just water and nothing else, or was that because he’d only just tasted it.  Fuck. His favourite phrase when he couldn’t think of anything else to say. Fuck fucking fuck.

His hand went to his crotch and once again found the steel bars that prevented him any pleasure. Again, he pulled at the device but this only sent an aching pain through his balls. So, maybe tomorrow he’d get the key, or at least they’d – they again, who the fuck were they? – unlock it for him. That was the thought that he took to bed with him, and through the next day.


The late afternoon was hazy sunlight and a bit cooler than the previous one. Joey was beginning to think this whole thing should come to an end one way or another. He felt like a puppet now, his strings being pulled by unknown hands and he wanted out. Out. But out of what? Every time he made up his mind to confront whoever he might meet this evening and tell them enough was enough, police if necessary, he felt the icy thrill of a new feeling run through him. He knew it. He wanted to find out more, experience more but he was afraid to make that step. He needed a guarantee, but a guarantee would nullify the very intoxicating emotion he so desperately wanted to feel again. He clumsily tried to wank himself but got even more frustrated with the awkward, pointless action.  He pulled on his riding gear and left. Swinging a leg over the cross bar he made for the park.

What greeted him, when he was close enough to see properly, was the “other” cyclist, sitting on the bench swigging from a bottle, bike resting against one end, and looking hot in every way Joey could think of, his cock was obviously thinking the same as it pushed against the bars.

“Hi Joey, thought you might decide not to come. Glad you did though.”

Joey slung his bike down at the other end of the bench and looked set for a fight, but the guy simply patted the seat as an invitation for him to sit down. Joey sat. “Who the” deep breath, “what the f…” another deep breath. Urrrrgh.

“I know. It’s hard isn’t it” He looked at the outline of Joey’s shorts as he said that and smiled. “Let me explain.”

“I wish someone fucking would,” erupted Joey, “because there’s gonna be a load of trouble if it’s not.”

“First of all it’s your own fault.” Joey balked at that and began to splutter something. “By the way, I’m Jack, but anyhow, you’re such a great stud on that bike of yours, you go around with almost nothing on which shows up every gorgeous inch,” he looked down again, still smiling, “it’s no wonder you’re, how shall I put it, popular.”

“Fuck that as an explanation!”

“Bit thin I grant you, but it’s true all the same. I know from experience.”


“Yep, I went through the same game changer as you did. Same position, same cellar, same drink and same … addition.” He put his hand on the outline of Joey’s cage, “I quite like it on now, although it’s totally my decision.”

“Well, it isn’t mine,” retorted Joey, “I want mine off, NOW!”

“No can-do Joey, not my pay grade. But I know who can and maybe if you listen to the rest of what I’m on about then he’ll do exactly that.” Joey sat and glowered, but this time kept his mouth shut.

For the next 10 minutes Joey sat listening to Jack, variously open mouthed, dumbfounded and, at times, disbelieving. “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious? Do you mean to tell me that there’s a gang…”

“No Joey, it’s not a gang, it’s more of a club, pretty exclusive and small but definitely not a gang. They’re all quite respectable.”

“My ass respectable. You mean they take guys off the street just like that, have some fun with them and drop them back, and you expect me to believe that they’re the good guys?”

“You didn’t come to any harm did you? You obviously enjoyed yourself most of the time in bondage seeing how hard you were. Every time I saw you there you sported 7 inches of ram rod that was also in the photo. And the money’s good.”

“What photo. You telling me now that … fucking hell. What bloody photo? And what money?”

“Ah, I wondered. You haven’t seen it have you. I was told to leave it where you would find it so I followed you a bit and then put it on that bench you woke up on, after, well after you came back, but someone else must have got there first. Something we’ll have to see about. Sorry about that.”

“Sorry? You mean someone else is walking around with a photo of me in bondage? What the hell were you thinking?”

Jack took a deep breath, got up and stood in front of Joey. “I told you already, I’ve been where you are now and look, no harm done, fit healthy and happily earning a shit load more than a shelf stacker.”

“Fuck you.”

“Not something I’d object to.” Jack smiled at the thought. “I’m here to tell how to lose that cage, that is if you still want to.”


“You come with me this evening. You have to trust me. I’ll blindfold you and you’ll meet a guy. He’ll make you an offer. And you need to think about it carefully. These guys, they make a load of money from their, I suppose you could call it a video hobby. And the models get a cut. Quite a big one, actually. If you really don’t want to take part then the cage comes off, you return here and bike home. No one will contact you ever again, including me. But, if you feel like making some real pocket money in your spare time, taking some pain with all that pleasure, and you know it was a lot of pleasure, then it can be arranged. You can still lose the cage, but it will be your choice, you’ll get the key.”

Joey sat and stared in front of him. His brain felt like it had been fried. “Why me?”

“I told you. You’re a gorgeous hunk of horny, healthy, and definitely sexy 19-year-old man. And you don’t seem to recognise the fact. Once they spotted you it was easy. One small addition to the energy drink you left on the bench when you went for a pee meant you were in no shape to cycle more than a few minutes and you accepted the help that was offered, me actually, although I doubt if you remember that. It’s a mild drug but it does affect the memory a bit.” Jack looked down at Joey who was slowly shaking his head and taking long deep breaths.  “And one more thing.”

“You mean there’s more?”

“Only slightly, and OK it’ll probably make you cross but there was no harm done, they made a few enquiries before anything happened, so they already knew about your bondage gear and…”

“You broke into…”

“No breaking, you left the door open when you went upstairs to that other guy’s room, I just had a quick look round and, well, I simply thought you’d be up for something interesting on the last couple of days of your midterm break. I wasn’t exactly wrong, was I? We have to go. Either come with me or not. Up to you now.” He reached into his backpack and took out a leather blindfold. “Pull up your hoodie and no one will notice, it’s almost dark now anyway. Ready?”

To be continued…

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  1. Ah, well done! Things are coming clear.

    Best wishes during your next adventure, Joey. I hope you enjoy yourself… more or less!

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