Mike and Rory

By Aussielthrbiker

I walked back to the dorm I lived in after a late lecture that evening.  I had barely sat down when there was a knock at the door.  “Come in” I called.  Mike and Rory entered my room.  Now seeing Mike and Rory was always a treat for me – they were both around 6 foot and athletic build.  Mike had short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes; Rory was blond with blue eyes.  Tonight was extra special as they were both in army cammos. I figured they must have either been to or were about to go to a University Regiment meeting.  I wasn’t out at this time but I certainly noticed great looking guys like Mike and Rory.

Mike spoke; “James, could we please borrow your car for a couple of hours?”  Now everyone in the dorm knew that I didn’t lend my car to anyone.  I had an old BMW that was my pride and joy.  In fact it was often joked that the reason I didn’t have a girlfriend was that my car fulfilled that role.  (If only they knew the truth!)

“Mike, you know I don’t let anyone else drive my car, if you’re going somewhere local, I’d be happy to drive you there.”

Rory spoke: “Mike you knew what the answer would be, we’ll just have to go for plan B.”

The next thing I found myself face down on the floor with Mike and Rory on top of me.  One of them held my legs together between his thighs; the other was on my back.  I struggled but was held firmly down by them.  First, I was gagged with a strip of duct tape.  Next my hands were forced them behind my back with wrists crossed and they proceeded to bind them together with rope – while this was happening, I noticed that I was getting one hell of a hard on!  Next my ankles were tied together, then ropes were added around my legs just above and below the knees.  Further ropes were added around my upper arms and chest with the rope cinched off each side between my arm and chest.  They then tied a rope around my boots, cinching it off between my feet, keeping them together. Finally they forced my ankles up until they were almost touching my wrists and added more rope tying my wrists to my ankles leaving me in  a tight hogtie. Another strip of duct tape was stuck over my eyes blindfolding me.

I heard the sound of my keys being picked from my desk.  “Don’t worry, we will look after it.”  Mike said as I heard the door close.  I tried to yell out but my cries were muffled by the gag.

I struggled against my ropes when Mike and Rory left.  The tight hogtie left me barely able to move. I tried to find the knots with my fingers but theses had been tied out of reach. As I struggled, I realised I was completely helpless, there was absolutely no way I could escape from these ropes.  I thought about the Swiss Army Knife in my desk but the way I was bound, there was no way I could get at it.  My only option was to wait, tied and gagged, until the boys returned!  As I lay there helplessly struggling, I realised that this was turning me on in a way I had never been turned on before.  The hard on I had got when the boys had tied me up grew harder!  I wondered how long I would be left here.  No one else in the dorm would miss me until at least breakfast tomorrow.

I lost track of the time and it must have been a couple of hours later when I heard a key in the door.  Rory spoke, “So what do we have here, a cute tied up blond boy at our mercy, must be our luck night, Mike.”

“Rory, you are so right.”

I looked at them in fear – what did they mean by this?

My blindfold was pulled off and I was rolled on my side. I saw Mike and Rory still in their army cammos. Rory put his hand down the neck of my t-shirt and started to play with my tits.  I tried to scream and pull away but at the same time my hard on was getting harder and I could help but stare back into those piercing blue eyes of his.  I felt Mike unbutton my 501’s – he pushed my briefs down and pulled my rock hard cock out, which he started to stroke.  Again I tried to pull away but in my bound state could offer no real resistance.  I felt something cold and wet on my cock – lube.  Mike began to jerk me off, slowly at first but with a rapidly increasing pace.  I tried hard not to be turned on, I heard Mike say, “Come on now, we’ve seen the looks you’ve been giving us over the last semester, don’t tell us that this isn’t what you always wanted.”  He was right, I relaxed and in that moment I had the biggest orgasm of my life and shot a massive load.  Oh what a feeling!

They untied the hog tie but left me otherwise tied up. Rory pulled my gag off, embraced me and tongue kissed me – I reciprocated.  Mike hugged me from behind. We rolled around on the floor for ages with Mike and Rory taking it in turns to hug and kiss me. Much as I was enjoying myself it was getting very late and I was getting very tired. Mike and Rory wished me a good night and announced they were heading off to bed. “Are you going to untie me?” I asked.

Rory replied, “Yes, all in good time”. Mike gagged me with another strip of duct tape. They picked me up, laid me on my bed and left. All the fight had gone from me and I soon drifted off to sleep.

I was woken by the sound of my door opening. Mike and Rory walked in, this time wearing black leather jackets, white t-shirts, faded jeans and black work boots. My gag was removed and they took it in turns tongue kissing me and sucking my cock. They worked me up to orgasm and I shot another huge load after which they untied me.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!




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