New Years Resolution – Part 14

By lthr_jock

Paul was running. Running hard and fast. He tried to remember how long he’d been running, but all he could remember was the fun. From time to time a tube was slipped inside his mouth and he drank, a familiar taste filling his mouth. But apart from that there was just the running. So he ran.

Jay looked up as PJ crossed to him. The gym was empty except for the naked figure of Paul running on a treadmill. The monitors were all flashing images at him at a frightening speed.

“How’s he doing?”

“Just broken three hours.”

“Any signs of fatigue?”

“No, the process seems to have worked well with him. I think we can go to the final phase.”

“Good. I’ll call the auction room. It seems like we already have a few bids.”

PJ left and Jay went over to Paul and switched off his MP3 unit, simultaneously shutting down the treadmill. Paul blinked a couple of times as he slowed down, then stepped off the treadmill. Standing in front of Jay, he stood, head slightly down, legs apart, hands crossed at the small of his back. Jay ran his hands across the hairless, sweat-sheened muscles of Paul’s chest and abs and grinned. This muscle-bound hunk in front of him was a far cry from the podgy guy Paul had been three months beforehand.

“Paul, I want you to follow me.”

Paul didn’t move a muscle and Jay grinned.

“1683, follow me.”

Immediately Paul looked up and fell into step behind Jay. He almost marched across the gym, his movements slightly mechanical. Jay watched him in the gym mirrors – Paul was going to be the perfect specimen. He led Paul to the door to the Advanced Training area and up a short flight of stairs. Inside was a bare room, empty except for two racks of one-piece suits – one rubber, one leather.

Jay went over and selected a suit for Paul.

“1683, dress.”

Jay watched as with mechanical precision, the muscled giant pulled the pre-lubed suit up over his feet and legs and worked it up his body. 1683 required some assistance as the suit covered its crotch. Its cock and balls had to be worked into the solid rubber seed pod of the suit and the anal sheath had to be fitted in place. Then the upper half of the suit was pulled up, turning its torso into a gleaming black landscape of muscle. Its arms were fed in and then finally the hood was pulled on. The hole in the hood’s mouth had contoured lips, which slipped around 1683’s lips, providing a flexible covering. The eyes were covered with solid disks that looked reflective from the outside and turned 1683’s viewpoint into grey and black. Jay moved behind 1683 to smooth any wrinkles out of the rubber and then pulled the rear zip up to the neck. At the neck, the zipper went into a small metal box and the pull tab then snapped off. A thin strip of rubber folded over the zipper, and 1683 could then feel a thin heat as it bonded shut, sealing the suit.

Jay stood back to admire his handiwork. 1683 now looked like a solid rubber version of its human self.

“1683, open your mouth.”

With its mouth open, Jay slid rubber inserts over its teeth. The last vestige of its humanity was now invisible.

Jay then took a leather one-piece suit off of the other rack and began to work it over 1683’s body. This suit was thin and tailored to 1683’s measurements. The leather slid on easily over the rubber, covering the glossed skin with a matt-black finish, adding weight and depth to the statue. It had nothing except a bulge at the crotch and a leather flap covered an access hole to the anus. The boots of the suit were of thickened leather with an inch thick sole and looked like motocross boots – except with no visible strapping or way to open them. The gloves were also thickened like bike gloves, but again with no visible manner of removing them. The hood was manufactured to look like an exact replica of 1683’s face in thin, matt black leather. The back of the suit locked in the same way as the rubber suit and the flap sealed it shut, encasing 1683 in its new rubber and leather skin.

Jay took out 1683’s remote control and began running through the set up programme. Tiny systems within the suit began to insert probes and tubes into 1683’s cock, arse and nose, ensuring that waste products could be recycled within the suit. While 1683 could take human food, he would be fine from now on using a balanced system of electrolytes and vitamins that would prevent muscle wastage and ensure the programming was maintained … Paul would have recognised these as a protein shake. Jay completed the diagnostic and input the final command, pushing the last vestiges of Paul’s mind into a dark recess of his brain and allowing the personality of Robot Slave 1683 to take complete control.

As one final act, Jay took a stencil and in white stencilled “1683” above the robot’s right pectoral. He then led it through the door, and into the auction room to see what awaited it.



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NOTE: This story originally appeared on the Eckie site. It is being re-posted here with the original author’s permission.

Eckie AKA Bondagefan


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  1. What a fine series this has been! Excuisit detail for both Dom and sub throughout took me into both roles. Looking forward to lthr_jock’s next series!!

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