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A reader sends feedback on the Prison Library

cufffed11 sent this email recently:

Hi Metal,

I have been a silent lurker for at least 10 years. Lots of horny content, amazing pix, good info, but it’s your Prison Library that I get lost in. During Covid, the huge selection of stories provided me with lots of wank sessions, as well as a re-think on my fantasies. Surprisingly, it also kept me sane, allowed me to dream, and be safe.

I am a transplanted American living in the UK, living here for over 23 years and loving it. I have re-read lthr_jock’s depictions of fictional London numerous times. I recognise some of the areas he describes. Most of it has been razed over now and re-built by the rich, but it still sparks fond memories of my early encounters with warehouse fetish parties, clubs that no longer exist, and encounters with a lot of good guys. (Oh, the memories!)

The reason I am writing is because of Joshua Ryan’s three tales on your site. I have been holding off reading them, as they are very intense and detailed. I was avoiding them as they hit close to some on the “mistaken identity,” “swapping places to go to prison” fantasies I have. I finally took the plunge and read them and studied them over a three-day period. WOW. What a journey. While similar in construction, the journeys, both mental and physical, are very different! He hit the right amount of inner soul-searching for the various protagonists depicted. The three expansive tales re-set my perception of my fantasies and gave me a “wake up” call as to the meaning of “the rest of your life.” Sheesh. What a rollercoaster. Very, very good writing.

Yea, I know of “The Prisoner Fantasy,” “A Game of Chance” and “Darkness.” They get me going also, as do many of the other stories on your site. There are so many!

Thanks a lot for all the work and love you put into your site!

A loyal Fan,



Thaks, cufffed11, for the feedback! I am so glad to hear you like those stories, which are among my own personal favorites!

Risk – Part 12

By lthr_jock

Note: This is the final chapter of a multi-part story by lthr_jock. To start at the very beginning, click for Part 1.

Despite Mike’s experience in sleeping in bondage, it took him a while to get to sleep as he was still nervous about what Barry might do. But in the end he dropped off to come sharply awake as an alarm clock blared out in his ear. As he blinked awake, a muscular arm reached over him and turned the alarm off. The arm then draped across Mike’s torso before idly flicking his nipples. “Morning, Mikey. Time to get up. I’ll let you go once I’ve showered.”

Uncaring that he was naked, Barry got up and walked into the adjacent bathroom. Mike could hear the sound of water running as he struggled against the restraints. He looked at the alarm clock – 05:10 – there was still enough time for him to get to work. Barry seemed to be in the shower for ages before appearing in the doorway with a towel wrapped around his waist. He then took his time undoing, Mike, leaving the hands and gag for last. “Look I’m sorry, but I have to go to work.” Barry nodded “I understand, Mikey. But one question – did you enjoy yourself?” Mike nodded. “Good. Then I’ll be seeing you again?” Mike paused as he headed for the door. “Yes. Not sure when though.” He looked at the clock again. “Sorry, but I really have to go.” Barry laughed and waved Mike out of the room.

Mike sat in his car and looked at the time. He would just be able to get to work, but didn’t have enough time to go home first – so would have to go to work in his leathers. “Dammit!” He slammed his hands against the steering wheel and as he did so the padlock on his collar bounced off his chest. It reminded him that Frank could help, so he quickly texted him. Seconds later he got a response with a tag for a street close to the station. “Understood. Meet me here.”

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Risk – Part 11

By lthr_jock

Mike shook his head as he blearily came back to consciousness.   He was lying on his side in a back alley. He could feel the heat of another person close behind him, skin touching and he could feel the urgent push of an erect cock against the small of his back. He flinched away from the touch and rolled over to see a man lying on his side and grinning at him. Even lying down, it was clear he was bigger than Mike – taller and more muscular – and his hair was in a military flat-top. He was naked except for a black speedo, which did nothing to hide the fact that the man was clearly aroused.

“Hey fella, calm down. Looks like we all got dumped here.” The man seemed unconcerned and levered himself to his feet. “We’re the first ones to recover.” He pointed to another four men who were lying in the alley and seemed to be asleep. Mike looked down to find that he was also naked except for a black speedo. He stood up and headed over with the other man to see if the others were alright.

They quickly came round with mixed expressions of confusion and disgust. Mike was still trying to process what had happened – the whole thing had such a dream-like quality that he could almost convince himself that it had never happened. The man that had been spooning Mike walked up to him and offered him his hand. “I’m Barry. Barry Andrews.” Mike replied “I’m Mikey” and nervously shook it. As he did Barry pulled him in for a hug and as he did whispered in his ear, “Don’t know how much you were into what happened, Mikey, but I thought you looked amazing in that rubber.” Mike started to ask how Barry knew which one was him and then realised that his skin still had fragments of the liquid latex on it.

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Risk – Part 10

By lthr_jock

Mike panicked at the thought of being paraded down his own street dressed like he was and braced his feet, trying to resist as Jan pushed him towards the door. “Jan, come on, you can’t…” Mike paused as the muscled Pole pushed him another foot towards the door. “You can’t fucking DO this!”

Mike twisted out of Jan’s grip and turned to face him. Jan’s reaction was to shove Mike hard in the chest causing him to crash into the door with a massive thud. As he hit, the back of his head slammed against the door, causing him to see stars momentarily. That was all the time Jan needed. Before Mike could do anything else, he slammed a fist into Mike’s stomach. The young copper doubled up and as he gasped for breath, he felt Jan force a large rubber ball into his mouth. In seconds it was secured behind his head. Mike was relieved as he knew Jan couldn’t take him outside while he was gagged. He stood up, gasping for air through the gag and watched as Jan pulled a spit hood out from a pocket on the stab vest.

He pulled it down over Mike’s head and then secured it around his throat. Mike peered out through the cloth and realised this had been treated somehow – it was hard to see anything because Jan had painted the inside of the hood so that his features would be totally invisible. He relaxed as he realised that no-one would recognise him and he stopped struggling as Jan opened the door.

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Risk – Part 09

By lthr_jock

As Gordon walked away, Mike wondered what he had agreed to – he always knew that Gordon would respect his boundaries but he had no such confidence in the Polish skinhead. He turned towards Gordon’s retreating figure and tried to yell around the gag, but his head was twisted back by Jan’s strong fingers who pushed his head back and poured more beer down his throat. As Mike coughed and choked around the beer, Jan grabbed another bottle and did the same. Mike gulped the fluid down as fast as he could. As it went down, Mike could feel several small objects as they passed over his palate – Jan had put some kind of pill in the beer!

Mike started to struggle against the restraints but found they were solidly in place and, hampered as he was by them, there was little he could do. The alcohol in the beer seemed to be affecting him quicker than normal and he shook his head as the world took on a fuzzy appearance. At the same time, he started to wonder why he had been worried and he stopped struggling. Jan leant in close to him. “Good lad, Mikey.   Now just tipping your head back again?” Mike did so and Jan poured another bottle of beer down his throat, this time not hiding the small green tablets that he had in his hand. Mike gulped it all down.

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Risk – Part 08

By lthr_jock

The day at work was a bit of a pain. Mike and Dave went to several tricky jobs, and by their lunch break they were both tired and irritable. To make it worse, every time Dave spoke he brought up Mike’s new look and was constantly criticising and complaining about his partner “looking like a thug.” As they got back into the station at the end of the shift, Mike finally had enough. “For fuck sake, Dave, just fucking let it go.” He stormed out of the car and slammed the door. He avoided Dave as he finished off his paperwork and only then remembered that he had got a lift from Dave that morning. Cursing quietly to himself he spotted Frank, a younger officer who lived near him, and went over to him to cadge a lift. He thought about leaving Dave waiting, but then changed his mind and texted him to tell him he had got another lift. He got no reply, so he shrugged and settled into the passenger seat of his colleagues’ car.

As they worked their way through rush hour traffic he became aware that the younger man was repeatedly glancing over him and seemed to be summoning up the nerve to say something. Mike shifted uneasily and before the other guy could say anything snapped at him, “What? Come on, you clearly want to say something. What is it?” The driver flushed and looked away before saying, “I just wanted to say that it’s a good look on you, Mike. I’ve been thinking about shaving my head as well but haven’t got the bottle for it. I haven’t exactly got the gear either.”

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