O.E.T. – Part 2

By Areallytallboy

Over the next few weeks, the boys included Sir more and more in their regular play. Jeremy in particular returned several times, largely to be stored back in Sir’s awesome couch. Each time he returned, Sir upped the ante, making use of increasingly more secure chastity devices, thicker catsuits, larger, electro-equipped butt plugs, and even catheters. Sir also insisted that they increase Jeremy’s time spent stored, from the initial four hours, to six, to ten, to fourteen. Jeremy felt more and more comfortable around Sir, trusting his craft and skill, admiring the man for his kinky creations.

Jeremy would learn that many of the pieces of equipment in Sir’s workshop served the purpose of molding fiberglass, bending steel and thus creating many of the concealed storage units all over the house. He learned that his friends were also subject to these units, but as much as Jeremy asked, Sir never revealed where these pieces were, nor who of his friends had been using them. In his mind, Jeremy found the concept unbelievably hot — knowing that only Sir knew who used what, that as a symbolic act of objectification, the boys subject to these units would never know where the other units were, or who, if anyone, occupied them.

Jake still hadn’t returned from his trip, which wasn’t going unnoticed by the group. He was responding to emails, indicating, frustratingly, that his assignment had been extended. Nothing out of the ordinary for him. Meanwhile, Mark and Jack had been unavailable for play for the past week, owing to their own work schedules at the company that employed them both. Phil, for his part, had been occasionally playing, but had become increasingly withdrawn during their sessions. Jeremy, when not with Sir, had been spending time with Graham. Graham had maintained his reservations about O.E.M for some time. He played with the guy a few times, but it never reached the intensity raved about by the others. He and Jeremy were cleaning up after a suspension scene one night, when the topic of conversation turned to ‘Sir.’

“Phil’s been at the guy’s place almost every night this week,” said Graham. “He won’t tell me what they’re doing, other than that he’s feeling unbelievably fulfilled by the experience. What does that even mean?”

“It means Sir is tapping into Phil’s deep fantasies. He’s been getting into my head, too.”

“Does that not make you nervous?” inquired Graham.

“Not really. I trust the guy,” said Jeremy, confidently.

At that point, Jeremy’s phone chimed in with a new email. He grabbed his phone and read it.


Hi boy, I’m gonna be out of town for the next week, but when I get back I’m going to want to try something new with you. In fact I’m going to get the six of you in on this one and have some fun. Come to my place for Tuesday at 8 pm, and we’ll get to it. As usual, no details to be leaked to Phil, Jake, Jack, Mark or Graham (who I know you’re playing with tonight). They have their own instruction.

Before you show up, I want you to spend at least 48 hours on a liquid diet, and of course you do not have permission to cum between now and then. See you Tuesday at 8.



“Speak of the devil,” said Jeremy, looking up after reading the message, to find Graham doing the same on his phone.

“Don’t expect me to take part in this, Jeremy. I’m just not feeling it with this guy,” said Graham. “Let me know how it goes, but I’m going to abstain.”

Jeremy considered this par for the course for Graham. He had always been the last to trust a new player. In time he would come around. Jeremy couldn’t help but wonder how, or, if, Graham’s refusal to play would affect Sir’s upcoming scene.




Tuesday came. A starving but horned-up Jeremy had been dying of anticipation all week. He had spent almost every night wearing a rubber catsuit, making sure to lock on a large butt plug, along with a chastity device. He would have liked to have been bound for the week leading up to this surprise with Sir, but no one was available. Even Graham chose to decline play, stating he didn’t want to indulge Jeremy in buildup with a person he didn’t trust.

Jeremy was instructed to park in Sir’s laneway, enter the house, go straight to the front door, and await instruction. Having parked in the laneway, he made his way to the door, standing there for a few minutes. Suddenly an arm reached out from behind him, forcing a sweet-smelling rag in his face. Panicked flails of Jeremy’s arms proved futile as he quickly calmed and went limp.

He was awake. That he knew. Jeremy could feel his lungs working, breathing in, and then out. The echo sound of each breath let him know his head was in fact covered in something, likely a hood. He could only assume Sir had pulled a knock-out scene on him, but his current state still baffled him. Having figured out his breathing, he attempted to look around. His eyes were definitely unobstructed by a blindfold, but he couldn’t see anything. Either the room was dark, or this hood had no eyes. Now to move his limbs — nothing. He tried turning his head, moving his arms, legs, feet, toes, fingers, with exactly zero result. There was a gag in his mouth. Not a butterfly, no, this one filled every surface in his mouth, as though molded directly in it. It was made of some kind of thick silicone. It wasn’t rigid, but certainly had next to no give in it. There was definitely a tube in it, allowing him to breathe. Finally, he felt the plug in his ass. It was a big one. Steel by the feel of it. This was confirmed when it began giving off an electric current, pulsating against his prostate. If he wasn’t already awake, the plug’s pulsations would certainly have ended his disturbed sleep.

He suddenly felt his world start to rotate. Whatever he was lying on rotated him to a vertical position. It was then that two small screens lit up in front of him. It seemed that this hood had small screens in front of the eyes. The light they gave off started faintly, and over the course of a minute, they lit to their full intensity. A video feed then turned on, and he could see Sir in front of him, or where he assumed was in front of him.

“Welcome back, boy.” said Sir, the sound of his voice crackling over earphones embedded in Jeremy’s ears. “Your vital signs told me you had awoken, and that you’ve been doing a little assessment of your current predicament. I’ll let you know right now that you cannot remove yourself from this one. Let me introduce you to the magic of 3D printing.”

The screen went black, and Jeremy could feel clamps being clasped open around him. He sensed that his feet were now supporting him, though he continued to be completely unable to move. The screens then turned back on, allowing him to see a mirror that had been placed in front of him.

Reflected in front of him was the outline of a human being, but only an outline. From head to toe, this form was covered by rigid and glossy black panels. The panels seemed to be split at the joints, and by the look of them, went all the way around the figure. Looking over the figure, he could see the anatomical face looking straight into the mirror, small lenses made up the eyes, a small nose under them and a smooth black panel where the mouth would be. Seeing this, Jeremy’s cock instantly went erect, which elicited a painful scream.

“Wow, that made its way past the soundproofing, boy. I assume you’ve figured out that your cock is contained in a fun little device. It’s a steel piece, with blunted spikes lining the shaft and ring. As an fyi, the spikes are wired for electro, in the event I want to have some fun teasing the cum out of you. There’s a catheter in there, as well, so no need to worry about getting out of the suit anytime soon, but I’m getting ahead of myself.”

Sir stepped back in front of the figure.

“My couch box, the one you’ve come to enjoy, also doubles as a scanner. Since we started playing, I’ve been using your body scans to fabricate this suit for you. I’m really proud of this, considering it’s an advancement from my previous work. Each panel conforms to your body, and the panels are joined by hinges, bound by magnetic locks. This means that with the press of a command on an app on my end, the suit will release the magnets on some or all of the locks holding your limbs together. This would explain why you’re unable to move right now. As for the hood, it’s another product of the body scan. It’s molded to your head, with a nice thick layer of soundproof carbon fiber lining it. As you can see, the hood is complete with cameras for your eyes, integrated earphones that fit perfectly in your ear canals, and a gag fitting perfectly in your mouth. The gag contains both a feeding and breathing tube. There are also tubes in your nostrils, allowing for breathing, or the introduction of knock-out gasses.”

Sir continued. “You’re wearing a base layer of rubber. It’s a full suit, with an internal set of nozzles that will deliver a cleaning solution on a regular basis. Your body hair was removed while you were out, so that you can better enjoy our little scene. Oh, and you’ll find electrodes stuck to various limbs and muscles, to keep you in relative shape while wearing the suit. Finally, the plug has its own nozzle in it, both to clean you out on a regular basis, and to deliver nutrients that you will absorb”

Jeremy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and what he saw. In his wildest fantasies he had dreamed of being subjected to a self-contained and completely controlled level of bondage, and now he was in it.

“Before I set you up for our scene, I’d like to show you the other pieces I’ve fabricated for the house. Follow me, boy.” As he uttered those words, he pressed a button on his watch, and the magnets locking Jeremy’s hips, knees and ankles released. He was able to maintain a steady balance as he slowly followed Sir out of the gear room, and up the stairs to the main floor. Heading up the stairs, the video feed on his eyes narrowed to the sight of Sir’s back, with no peripheral vision or ability to reference to familiar points in the house. Jeremy’s cock continued to strain against the spiked device, realizing the level of control he had actually lost.

Suddenly Jeremy’s legs locked up again. The video feed then expanded. Jeremy was in a large room, clearly an office, complete with a glass desk, modern glass shelves, and what appeared to be an overly thick leather desk chair. He couldn’t help but notice the chair’s high back, and its long leg, allowing the user to recline.

“This is where I work, boy. Normally this room is off-limits. In fact, you’re the only other person, besides me, to be allowed in here. Not even the third person currently in this room has seen it.

The chair, Jeremy thought, as Sir walked over and sat behind his desk.

“What I love about this chair is its versatility,” he said with a smirk. “Mark spilled the beans to you about my chair, I hear. That’s yet another body scanner of mine. It was pretty easy to use high-density foam along with my fiberglass molds to make a perfect mold for him. He got here on Friday, and like you, woke up with quite a surprise. When I told him where he was, he shot on the spot. The best part of this chair, though, is that the center piston that holds it up is actually pinned to a dildo stuck in Mark’s ass. Whenever I sit on it, Mark will get nicely fucked.” Sir then stood up and proceeded to remove the very top panel of the chair, exposing a hood much like the one Jeremy wore, only without eyes. Sir ran his hand over the hood, eliciting a barely audible response of screams from the hood. “He doesn’t need eyes in his hood, but I did equip his hood with earphones.” Sir replaced the chair’s panel. “Mark wanted to be dedicated, as an object, only to his Master. He got his wish. We’ll see how long he lasts.”

Jeremy regained control of his legs as Sir walked by him. “Follow me,” he instructed.

His peripheral vision narrowed once again, as they climbed another set of stairs. They found themselves in a large bedroom. As his legs locked up, vision came back to Jeremy, he could see that the modern theme continued here, as well. The room contained a large four-post bondage bed, and nothing else, save for the large dresser in front of it.

“This is where I sleep. I also occasionally get into some light play up here. I guess Jack told you he enjoyed being fucked by me. I couldn’t agree more. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I wanted him available a bit more often for my use.” By the press of a button on the watch, the side and top panels of the dresser folded away, with the base rising three feet off the ground. The dresser’s content was revealed.

In front of them was the outline of a body on all fours, with extensions to posts in its front and back. Another press of Sir’s watch actuated the shiny black fiberglass halves of the outline, which folded away, revealing a rubber-clad body, held up by a steel and leather rig, with fucking machines slowly working at the body’s ass and mouth. The figure’s hood again matched Jeremy’s, only it had an fixed open mouth, allowing the dildo in.

“Jack got here on Saturday. I had him get in a nice, thick-gauge rubber suit. He even put the hood on himself. I then put the rigid mitts on him and then rigged him on the frame and fucked him for literally hours. When I finished, he got a catheter, and the two fuck machines. I then told him he’d be sticking around for a while, closed up the mold, then the dresser. He’s been running on this since then, and won’t stop cumming. I’d say he likes it.” Sir hit a button and the machine in Jack’s ass sped up. Not a minute later, Jeremy distinctly heard a loud grunt coming from Jack’s dildo-impaled mouth, followed by the sound of swallowing.

Sir chimed back in “I rigged the system so that every time he blows a load, it flows through the catheter and back into the dildo in his mouth. I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed driving him nuts with this feature.” Sir pressed another button, and the fiberglass halves sealed Jack back in his fiberglass cocoon. The dresser then re-formed, and Jack was once again out of sight. “And now for my next piece,” Sir said, as a hidden door opened at the opposite end of the room. Revealing a room no larger than a closet, lights illuminated its content.

“Approach”, ordered Sir.

The form in the closet stood up. It was a figure attired similarly to Jeremy, with several notable features. Its hands were replaced with small boxes, its hood was not anatomical, but rather molded, showing a face identical to that of Phil’s, displaying an expression of Phil in mid-orgasm, mouth open. It had a large dildo between its legs, with a rigid codpiece under that. Its shiny black form approached Sir, moving slowly and in an almost robotic manner.

“Service position,” Sir stated loudly. The form then bent onto its knees and extended its hands at shoulder-height on either side of it, before going completely rigid.

“Phil got here on Sunday. To be fair, he’s been coming here daily for the past month. Each time, he’s been subjected to an intense battery of visual and audio stimulation, all while bound in various positions. The programs he’s been subjected to have been retraining his brain to respond to my commands, and to seek only to serve the commands I give him. He’s also been re-trained to move using the constraints of the suit I created for him. You see, when I discovered Phil’s fantasy, I also discovered his profound desire to be used as an object, and particularly an object existing to facilitate and witness his owner’s pleasure, it was easy to have him submit. He’s quite happy here, aren’t you?”

A robotic voice emanated from the figure: “Yes Sir”.

“His hands are encased in rigid plastic, and the boxes on top of them contain various supplies I generally resort to when I have play friends over. Take a look,” he said, and the boxes opened to show a litany of condoms, lubes, and various cockrings, ball weights and bottles of poppers. “Just the basics, but that’s all I need from this unit. And I haven’t even shown you the best part.” He then barked an order towards the figure: “Lubricate.”

Having said this, drool started leaking out of the figure’s mouth. Sir stuck two fingers in the open hole, removing them and wiping them on Jeremy’s rigid chest plate.

“I added a little pipe under the suit, which feeds lube to this unit’s open mouth. It means I can face fuck it to lube my cock, and go right back to whatever, or whoever, I’m playing with.” Sir replaced his fingers in the figure’s mouth hole and thrusted in and out, eliciting a moan from the body inside the shell. “It helps that whenever something is inserted, the fat plug stabbing its prostate will pulsate with electricity …” Sir chuckled. “Store,” said Sir, at which point the ‘unit’ got to its feet, and shuffled back into the closet, which closed, once again hidden behind the wall.

Sir led Jeremy out of the bedroom. Jeremy’s vision again narrowed, as he was led down a flight of stairs, into what he recognized as the main floor washroom. Sir locked Jeremy’s suit as he unzipped and pissed in the urinal. “There’s one more setup I’d like to show you before we get to something different,” he said while emptying his bladder.

Having flushed the urinal, he once again pressed a button on his watch, revealing the hidden door in the bathroom. Walking in, Jeremy was allowed to follow, with his sight narrowed. Sir began to speak. “You’ve probably been wondering how all these pieces become self-contained. I mean, realistically your friends will need to come out, right?” He mused. “I’ve actually built in self-cleaning devices in each suit, just like yours. And like yours, they all have outlet ports that hook up to drainage pipes in the house. Specifically, the cleaning water is simply disposed up as-needed. As for the urine collected from your catheters, well, see for yourself.” Sir allowed the sight on Jeremy’s lenses to expand. Before Jeremy were five pipes, each with its own label: MARK, PHIL, JACK, JEREMY, GRAHAM.

Jeremy froze, as did the suit encasing him. It was then that Sir unlocked the magnets holding Jeremy’s neck straight, allowing Jeremy to turn and see the rubber figure, hogtied on its knees, bolted to the frame, under the open case. He realized each of the pipes led to the mouth of the figure, and became acutely aware of the absence of a name on the pipes …

“My processing unit,” said Sir, proudly. “You knew him as Jake. He’s been here about two months now, and is working out beautifully. He processes the waste generated by your friends, along with anything flushed down the urinals. He was such a piss pig, I simply had to have him. He showed up for our first visit and hasn’t left, since. It was pretty easy to be him, online, to placate the rest of you, I must say. If all goes to plan, I shouldn’t need another processing unit for quite a while.”

With his neck still mobile, Jeremy looked back at the pipes. He kept his eye on the one labeled ‘GRAHAM.’ Suddenly his neck returned to its rigid state, and a sweet smell entered his nose.

“Time for your conversion, boy,” said Sir, as the lenses cut out and Jeremy fell into a deep sleep.

Slowly, Jeremy began to realize consciousness. As before, his world was black. Senses deprived, he quickly remembered what he had witnessed. Seeing the gimped Jack, forced for months to recycle over and over, in that painful position. Bearing witness to those five pipes, and particularly the fifth one. Graham had bowed out, Jeremy knew it. He tried not to think of the fate which could have befallen his overly cautious friend. The screens in his eyes suddenly came back to life.

Displayed in front of his eyes was a clip show. Firstly were the resignation letters of he and his five friends, effective the dates they were written. Next were pictures of movers boxing up belongings at each of their homes, along with photos of their empty houses and apartments. Pictures of boxes labeled to addresses all over the world were up next. Then shots of each of their cars being crushed and cubed at a junkyard. More letters quickly shot across the screens, these to family and close friends, indicating the intentions of each of the six to move far away, severing their local ties. Their signatures were forged perfectly. Next was clip was a video, showing a collection of every piece of ID the six friends owned, in a vat, being doused by lighter fluid and incinerated.

Another video then appeared, this one showing what Jeremy could only assume was his encased form, being lowered by winch into a case, keeping him in a spread-eagle position. The case appeared to be like the others; fiberglass, made to fit his body, and the solid panels imprisoning it, in place. He saw Sir close the case’s top. The top was molded in such a way that it displayed the outline of a muscular, bound sub, limbs spread in every direction. Sir then plugged in wiring and piping to the box and removed himself from the void that contained the case. What appeared to be a glass panel then lowered on top of the entire contraption. The video feed panned out, and Jeremy realized he was now embedded in the entryway floor of Sir’s modern home. Sir looked at the camera and spoke:

“The glass is a little feature I found abroad. It can be set to opaque, or one-way mirrored. Let me show you.” Sir pressed his watch, and the glass turned white. Another command, and the glass turned mirrored, then back to clear. “This way I can entertain my vanilla friends, or leave the house inconspicuous for the maid, while I can also enjoy my floor feature, or display it for kinky and kink-minded visitors.”

Jeremy remained perplexed as to the need for a mirrored setting.

“Ah…” said Sir as he set the panel to a mirror setting. “Well, see for yourself.”

A new video appeared before Jeremy’s eyes. The view from camera set high up in what Jeremy recognized immediately as Graham’s apartment. The door opened, and Graham walked in. Walking past the first doorway in the apartment, a figure stood up behind him, cloth in-hand, and gripped Graham’s face. He went limp. “Graham was a bit of a hold-out. He had clearly made up his mind, but not to worry, I figured he’d appreciate being housed with his friends.”

The video feed changed. The image on the screens faced straight up. He could see the soles of Sir’s boots. There Sir was, in the floor inches away from Jeremy’s encased and immobilized body. Sir handled his watch, and suddenly a ceiling panel high above the both of them opened. Winching down from the rafters in the ceiling was a case of pure white. The polished case took the exact form of a body stuck in a tight, unyielding hogtie. The form hung there, illuminated by spotlights on all walls. The head-portion of the case displayed a face matching that of a terrified Graham, its eyes replaced by a pair of black lenses.

“Like you, he now has selective vision. He knows you’re all here, in this home, with him. But unlike you, he has no idea where, or what, you have all been transformed into. When he is brought out and winched down as the centerpiece of my foyer, his lenses will show only his reflection in the mirrored floor. He will be reminded at all times of the suspended object he is, and will be from now on.”

“The case is a tight fit. He has a very thin, clear rubber self-cleaning catsuit on. There’s a large plug in his ass that is programmed to run when he is on display. He can move just enough to sway slightly back and forth, so I can always see his torment. That molded cock in the case contains his actual cock, which, aside from the catheter leading to my urinal processing unit, contains a number of electro bands which will shock him when he is not responding to the plug’s stimulations. He will learn to stay hard and struggle when he is on display, and the cock-piece will reward him accordingly. Failing to enjoy his predicament will result in intense pain. Through this program, I hope to have him trained in a few months.”

The suspended case retreated back into the ceiling, and Sir’s boots returned to frame. He looked down, into the lenses of Jeremy’s hood.

“This way, boy, I’ll never be alone in this home. This way, I know I’ve fulfilled the deepest fantasies of six pervs. In time you will all forget your former identities, and fully embrace your role, be it an object for my comfort, for the use of your owner, or for beauty. I hope you enjoy it. I certainly will.”

The plug flushed Jeremy’s insides and began an electro program. He felt the rhythmic, repetitive ins and outs of the respirator controlling his breath, along with the increasing electro signals stimulating his cock, which painfully hardened against the spikes of the unrelenting chastity locked on him. Simultaneously, the video feed in his eyes faded to black, and his ears filled with the soothing sounds of Sir’s voice. Jeremy slowly fell into unconsciousness to the repeating of a simple phrase:

“Property of Object Encasement Top.”


The End


Metal would like to thank Areallytallboy for this story. You can find Areallytallboy on Recon and Xtube (same scree name), and also check out his Tumblr page, available here.


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  1. This is why He’s my Master! Can’t get enough of the beautiful twisted mind that concocts these fantasies (and then approximates them on His willing victims)!

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