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What the Fuck? – Part 1

By convict 975468

Eventually I woke up. I didn’t want to. Sleep was so nice and comfortable. I kept luxuriating in it, easing back into it. It was so nice. I did wake up, but slowly and reluctantly.

It was very dark, I couldn’t see. I lay there cozy, lazy. I was lying on my side. I slowly turned over. Far above me, I saw a skylight showing ambient light. That was nice.

I moved again. Something was dragging my right ankle. Something was wrapped around it. I was naked. That was nice. Everything was nice.

Slowly, slowly I began to think. There were no covers. I don’t have a skylight!

With a start, I sat up. “Where am I?”

I couldn’t see in the dark. I felt around, and realized that I was sitting on a mattress. I pulled my right foot toward me, and felt my ankle. There was a shackle attached to my ankle, and a chain!

What the fuck!

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