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The horn blows and the lights come on simultaneously.  I roll off my bunk and with precision and without hesitation fold my blanket and sheet.  With the utmost care I place them perfectly aligned on the shelf above the bunk, and carefully place the plastic pillow on top.  I raise my bunk and hook it against the wall, ensuring that the thin plastic mattress is centered on the bunk, leaving the same amount of space all around the frame.

At once I move to the mark at the center of the cell and stand at rigid attention facing the bars.  Three short minutes are all that is allowed to accomplish my wake-up tasks.  If I take too much time, or anything is even slightly out of place, I’ll feel the prison strap on my ass.  My rigid piss-hard standing at attention sometimes merits a swat with a riding crop by a grinning guard.

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Best Buddies – Part 02

By convict 975468


Right from the start I seemed to notice the look that Dave had when he won the toss.  He looked like he would have preferred to lose.  So I decided to test it – I wanted to see if that look was real.  Two or three times I told him that the coin said heads, when it was actually tails.  Yep, there was that disappointment that he tried to hide.  I have to admit, the more I was a slave the less I enjoyed it, no matter what the rules were.  So I was disappointed too.  But it would be interesting to see how real this could get for Dave, or slave dave, as I was starting to think of him.

I was looking for ideas, and I even went online and discussed it with a couple of guys I’d been following, such as Toolman, who seemed to know a lot about the subject.  He gave me some pointers.  While chatting, I got an enormous hardon.  So at least I knew where my interests lay.

After I thought about it for a while, I decided to get Dave to agree that the master could change the rules.  If he liked it so, maybe he needed slavery full time.  He turned out to like it so much that he suggested that business about the contract!

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Best Buddies – Part 01

By convict 975468


Dave and I have been friends since high school.  We went away to college but would get together on holidays, so we never lost touch.  After college, we came home, and after a few months decided to become roommates.  We are both gay, but we never got it on with each other, which was OK – we just seemed to be attracted to different types of guys.

Then we hit the jackpot – literally!  We won the lottery – millions.  We were very excited – partied for a week.  Then the trouble started.  Everyone – I mean everyone – wanted our money.  Friends and relatives became so much more friendly – being gay was OK now.  What was worse was the endless solicitations.  Lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, just to name a few. No one would leave us alone.  We had to do something.

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Twenty-First Century Slavery – Part 04

By convict 975468

One day Ted and Blake were ordered to a large area in the center of the new camp.  They saw other prisoners naked and washing while guards sprayed them with water from hoses.

They were told to strip and throw their clothes in the trash barrels provided.  Again their hair and beard were cut, as they had regularly been.  Soon their turn came they were sprayed with cold water and given soap to wash.  After that they were sprayed with an insecticide and washed again.  It was humiliating being naked in a group being sprayed with water.  The water was very cold – but in the end they were glad to be clean at last.

After they finished washing, they were then led naked over to the paved area, where there were trucks parked and tents erected.  The trucks were backed up to the tents and prisoners were being issued new uniforms.

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Twenty-First Century Slavery – Part 03

By convict 975468

Seated at the table in a tent at the center of the open area were the camp superintendent and several of the higher ranking guards.  They were talking with the military doctor assigned to the camp on a part time basis.  He was supposed to see to the medical needs of the guards and the prisoners, and advise the superintendent with regard to sanitation.

The doctor was expressing his concerns about the lack of bathing facilities for the prisoners.  He was not concerned about the plans for disposing of human waste on a temporary basis, but emphasized the need for washing.  The superintendent explained that the program and the camp had been established by executive order of the president, and that Congress had not yet approved the enabling legislation nor appropriated the funds.  Under these circumstances, there was not enough money to provide everything needed.

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Twenty-First Century Slavery – Part 02

By convict 975468

On the third or the fourth day—it was hard to keep track of time–the 12 civilian prisoners were allowed to dress in their own clothes.  Then they were chained up and moved by truck to the airfield, where they were taken into a military plane and locked to benches running along the side.  After a flight of several hours, they landed at another military base.  MP’s boarded the plane and unchained them from the benches.  They were led off the plane to an army truck, placed in the back, and secured.

Upon arriving at the base stockade, they were removed from the vehicle and led inside.  They went through two barred doors into a room with barred doors leading in several directions.  Their handcuffs and leg irons were removed and they were told to strip and put their clothes in the plastic bag given to each of them.  They were taken through the barred door to their right into what turned out to be a shower area.  They were sprayed with a foul smelling chemical and after a few minutes were allowed to shower it off.  They were issued olive-drab towels.  When they were dry, they were returned to the first room. The bags containing their clothes were gone, replaced by two stacks of skivvies and tee shirts.  One of the MPs said, “Civilians are not allowed to wear a uniform, so you’ll have to make do with these.”

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Twenty-First Century Slavery – Part 01

By convict 975468

Ted was summoned to appear before the local Citizens Council, with a warning to report or be arrested.  He wasn’t particularly concerned, but figured he might be confronted about some of his postings online. The worst he expected was perhaps to be harassed and instructed not to continue to post.  He decided to show up dressed casually.  He wore a nice pair of jeans, a polo shirt, and a light jacket.

As he approached the council office in the courthouse, he was stopped by a man in an intimidating black uniform with silver buttons and a silver insignia on his collar.  The officer ordered Ted to stop and demanded his driver’s license.  He examined the license and consulted a list attached to a clipboard. He then clipped Ted’s license to the board and told Ted to stand facing the wall with his toes touching it and his hands clasped behind his head.  When Ted objected, three other officers dressed in the same uniform appeared – each wielding a nightstick.  Ted was told to be silent and face the wall as ordered.  Realizing he didn’t have much choice, he did what he was told.  Ted didn’t realize that this was but the first of many humiliations he would suffer.

Ted, 35, at 6 feet and 185 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, was still buffed and in great shape.  He had had to struggle most of his adult life. Even though many jobs were being shipped overseas, Ted was lucky and at 18 got a good job at a cabinet factory.  He married his high school sweetheart, April.  They were able to buy a nice house, and in time had two kids.  Things were going great till the cabinet plant shut down.

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What the Fuck? – Part 2

By convict 975468

He came again.

I heard him on the stairs, and stood as I had been told before he reached the top.

He approached and with an evil glint in his eye, he again placed his finger across his lips indicating quiet.

He didn’t need to, I was acutely aware of the rule. I had been worried all morning that I might somehow piss him off and not be fed. I was fully resolved to do whatever I could to please him. He held a mighty weapon with my hunger.

He walked up to me stopping about a foot away, staring into my eyes for what seemed a year. Then he slowly walked around me, stepping over the chain, and stopped facing me again.

I must have turned a bright shade of red, as I flushed from the humiliation. He had no fear! I was his – he owned me. Now, I knew it too.

He stepped closer. I could feel his breath on my face.

“You are doing well.” He smiled.

“Once I give you permission to move, you may request to speak. You will do so by raising your right arm, and pointing upward with your index finger. Do it now.”

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