Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 11

By Boyinacage

Part 11 – The Beach

The night was long. It’s difficult to sleep standing up at the best of times, although I thought that being as tired as I was it would be relatively easy. Not being able to move created some of the problem; the real problem though was the “dildo on a stick” concept. They say that sooner or later everybody has a day where they feel like a Muppet, today was more like that character from Avenue Q.

As time passed I drifted on and off. Each time I nodded off though was a precursor to the sudden awakening caused by skewering caused by slumping onto that plug. Eventually morning came – how did I know when I was locked into a cupboard in the cellar? Morning is always the time men like to take their biggest piss dump, and this morning it would appear that they all took it in the room with the red bucket. This of course meant that it landed straight on my head.

God knows how long I stood there in the dark stinking and dripping, I sure as hell don’t. Eventually the door opened and there stood alpha. “Morning shit head, sleep well?” I tried to curse him through the bit gag but all that came out was an unintelligible muffle. “Well boy, I can see you enjoyed yourself, so let’s get you hosed down and cleaned for the boat.” He disappeared from sight for a few moments before reappearing with the hose, the full force of which was used to wash me down.

Once washed he removed the stick and the dildo, popped an attachment on the end of hose, and stuck it up my arse. It wasn’t long before I was cleaned out. “Boy, I’d take a piss now if I was you, who knows when you’ll get another chance.” On this score he was right and I let flow into my cubicle. Another wash down with the hose and he was done.

“Let’s get you down boy, my boots need licking”. With that he started to remove the braces holding me in position, middle ones first, then the top one. I swayed forward and he caught me, kicking out the last brace around my ankles. Exhausted I couldn’t stand. Using his powers of persuasion I was forced to crawl across the floor to where he had seated himself. Once there he removed the gag, put his right boot on the back of my neck, shoved the other under my head, and before you knew it, I was polishing them with my tongue.

As I was putting my tongue to good use somebody came up behind me and started binding my legs together with duct tape. When I tried to look the right boot pushed forcefully down on my head. Tape soon cocooned me from the feet all the way up to the thighs. Next my hands were taped together. Folded behind me they were taped from wrist to elbow, not exactly comfortable. Finally, the tape started around my head and soon only my nostrils and mouth were left.

Lying completely blindfolded and prostrate on the ground I really felt like I was a worm. Unable to move and completely exposed to the elements. Just as I was beginning to wonder what next a hand slipped around my head and a rag was held to my mouth and nostrils. I passed out to the smell of chloroform.

A slight headache accompanied my awakening; no doubt it was the chloroform. I was on a boat. The gentle motion of the waves combined with the squawk of seagulls, the clanking of the halyards and other general nautical type sounds alerted me to the fact. The tape was still wrapped around my head although I now felt like I was swinging in a sling with my limbs attached. I groaned. Immediately I got a response. “Velcome aboard The Sailor’s Shaft. She’s been named for all those boy toys that consent to occupy the sling you’re in. If you’re thirsty I have some water here, let me know.”

Well, that made a nice change. One of the German Masters rather than alpha. I grunted my desire for water. “Pardon boy?” – oh dear, it wasn’t all plain sailing – “Sir, please may I have some water, Sir?” He gently poured water down my parched throat. Immediately I began to feel better. “Now boy, shall I explain what’s happening here?”.

When I assented he outlined what was happening. It was mid-afternoon and we were moored near Neutral Bay. The exclusion zone was now in place so we were now anchored until 12:30am tomorrow. For the next 12 hours or so I would remain in the front cabin where I was being held in a standard leather sling using cling film and duct tape. The only parts of my body open to the external world were my arse and nipples. My cock and balls were tightly bound in a ball of thin rubber – enough to stop me getting a hard on but thin enough to feel everything that was happening. As always, my nipples were exposed but pulled towards a point above from their rings. My head was fully taped but once he was satisfied that there were no ill effects from the chloroform a full gasmask would be pulled over it with a long tube going up through the hatch. It didn’t take a genius to work out that it would be set up as a urinal – these German boys seemed to love giving me their piss.

And so it came to pass. There were about 20 guys on board and with 12 hours of carousing they made use of both the urinal and the arse. The afternoon was the most enjoyable part of the last week as until now it was just guys proving to each other that they could give me good fuck. The fact was some of these guys knew how to turn on the guy they were fucking. Over most of the last week it was just fucking for the pleasure of the guy doing it, in some cases it wasn’t even for that, it was just the ability to humiliate.

So really the afternoon, whilst the most pleasurable, was the hardest to take. I hadn’t cum in god knows how long and some of the fucking was driving me wild, yet my cock was wrapped in such a way that a hard on was nigh on impossible. However, as evening came on, and the beer was consumed, it returned to the normal pattern: a bunch of guys trying to outdo each other.

In the next few hours after the sun had set I just drank piss and took the odd bad fuck but not long before the 9pm fireworks started things took a different twist. I was just lying there when I felt something hot on my left nipple. It was soon followed by a hot spot on my cockhead and then one on my right nipple. Before long I was squirming and crying into my mask as hot points lit up all my sensitive areas. The fireworks down here were candles.

Once enough wax had been dripped erratically over different touch points somebody must have decided to stand the candles up. And, as the boat bobbed up and down, wax flicked all over my body. This kept me fully entertained until the mid-night fireworks, interspersed by bouts of piss drinking and fumbled fucks.

Not long after the fireworks the boat started moving and I drifted into sleep. I awoke with a start not, long after dawn. Not on the boat. I was a confused. Where was I? Where was everybody else? I was on a beach, wearing the smallest white bikini you could imagine without being completely illegal. My cock was pushing against the taut, flimsy, material. Putting my hand to my groin I felt a metal cock ring, which explained the extra bulge. The touch of my hand made my arse tighten and I realised that I had a plug up there. Embarrassed I sat up and looked about me. I was not alone. There were groups of sleeping people here and there, others walking dogs, others just sitting about.

No idea where I was, how to get home, nor how to cover up my bulging manhood without getting arrested.


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  1. Started reading and could’t stop with cumdripping all over Great story – hope a few more will cum this way.Cheers.

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