Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 07

By boyinacage

Part 7 – The Hunt

Fuck it was hurting. I had one leg dangling on each side of a tree branch. My metal encased cock dangling through a hole in the branch whilst something was weighing down my balls. My hands were tapped into fists and my boots were weighted down with chains attached by an ice lock to a bolt at the base of the tree. I had to get down as soon as I could because the hunters would be out at dawn but the lock wasn’t budging.

It must have been hours that I was caught in this position because when I finally felt the locking starting to give the horizon started to glow pink and I was able to see the surrounding country. In front of me were undulating paddocks, a clear prospect with perfect visibility. Of course the downside was that for anybody looking I was sticking out like dogs balls. As it began to get lighter I began to make out fences, dams and some sheds.

Once again I pulled at the chains around my boots by pulling my legs upwards. it hurt like hell around my groin but this time was the last time as I felt the lock break. Finally the ice had thawed enough to release the lock. Trying to keep my balance I tried to lift my leg over the branch. On the first attempt my balls prevented it. Using my fisted balls of a hand I discovered that a chain dangled from my balls – pulling it up without turning myself into a eunuch was difficult but I achieved it. When I finally got the leg over I had to do the same with the chain dangling from my boot. Once in position I carefully dropped off the branch.

Orientation was going to be the difficult thing – I had no idea where I was. Once on the ground I could see the wheel tracks of where alpha had driven. Once I got that the plan was simple – to parallel the road in the paddock and try to keep out of site of the tack. Then, once I work out where the house is make a new plan. This proved more difficult than I had imagined – as I walked the chains dragging behind me were getting snagged on bits and pieces of fence, branch and other crap sticking out of the ground. The chain dangling from my balls pulled them backwards and caused a great deal of pain – the same as if I had several kilos dangling from a parachute harness. Indeed I did my best to carry this one.

When I came to the first fence I discovered my first really big problem. They had a mesh running down them. With my hands the way they were I couldn’t do anything. Further down the hill I spied a gate and headed towards it. I managed to get the chain over the bolt but once through I couldn’t get the chain back over, so I had to leave the gate open. The second problem was that the cattle grill managed to tangle the leg chains – it took me quite some time to untangle myself. Judging by the sun it was probably almost 9 o’clock. With a sunrise close to 5am this wasn’t good progress – I’d covered what, 2km?

Up the slope from me I could see the track twisted around to the right. As I headed upwards I could hear bikes in the distance so I swung to a cross-paddock plan which would take me towards a small shed. If bikes were coming this way it was about the only spot I’d be able to hide. On top of that it was beginning to get very hot. I thanked alpha for the water on my back and the tube to drink it.

When I got to the shed I didn’t go in it – I sat behind it in the shade for about 10 minutes to recover. The sound of the bikes had disappeared so I assumed they had headed in a separate direction. From the shed I could see a barn about a kilometre away and decided to head for it. To get there I could see that I would have to head for another gate which meant that it wasn’t going to be a straight line. Just before I got to the gate I heard motorcycles close by. Fortunately there was a bit of drain running towards the gate’s grid and a lay down flat in it. It was muddy and shallow and when I got up after the bike had gone I was caked in thick brown gooey mud.

Once the bikes passed I went through the same thing with the next gate. Not having use of my fingers was completely fucked and getting the chains tangled up in the grid didn’t help. The drain that I had dipped into to keep out of sight of the bikes ran mostly towards the barn and I stuck with it because every now and then a bike would go by.

I reckon the trip was probably closer to 2km than the one and there were another couple of fences along the way, so it was probably close to mid-day when I finally made it the barn. By the time I got there I was covered in a mix of dried and cracking mud and wet stuff. Between them I was beginning to find the walking difficult.

It was as I approached the barn that I decided that this whole thing was ridiculous and that I’d just hole up until the morning. They could come and find me by the beeper in the morning. The barn, when I finally got there was a pretty standard in mid-western sort of way i.e. not very Australian. It had a high level door with a pulley up high, but down at ground level it didn’t seem to have much in the way of doors for tractors and the like. There was a door at the side slightly ajar but lacked windows. Distinctly odd.

As much as I pushed at the door it wouldn’t open further, so I squeezed through the crack best I could. The advantage obviously was that it was unlikely that anybody would think I was able to get in. And if they did look it would give me plenty of warning. It was pretty eerie in side, very gloomy with light coming through the cracks being the only illumination. It was lovely and cool inside though compared with the heat outside.

Across the shed I could see a ladder up to what in the Northern Hemisphere would be a hayloft (but was completely out of place here ) , so I decided to head towards it. Bad idea, two steps in and I tripped on some rope suspended about 6 inches above the ground. Not being able to help myself due to the hands and the chains getting tangled I fell forward – straight into a pit of slimy diesel oil or at least something similar. As I tried to get up a voice came out of the darkness saying “not so fast” as a boot pushed my arse back into the pit.

What the?  Helpless, I tried to struggle in the gunk as a couple of hands pulled my arms behind me and cuffed me. The hands then removed those water bottles that alpha had put on my back. “OK boy, on your knees” – hands helped me into kneeling position. “Forward” I struggled forward on my knees until I found the edge of the trench. “Lick” a boot pushed me down firmly until my head hit a boot. “I said, lick, boy” and with that a boot pushed down on my head and I did as I was bidden.

“Classic spot, eh, boy. We knew you’d come here once we worked out where you started. There are only two ways out of the Lonely Tree paddock – didn’t take much to work out which one you used.” We? “My friend here has lusted after your arse for a long time – I promised and delivered – one of the advantages of knowing the right questions to ask”.

The next 15 minutes or so was spent cleaning four biker boots. They enjoyed themselves pushing me back into the grunge but soon tired of it. Eventually I was pulled out and forced to crawl into the area under the hayloft. There was a door there and when I went through I could see daylight streaming through from upstairs. They manoeuvred me to a point in the middle where a chain dangled from the ceiling. This chain was attached to my harness and I heard an electric motor whirring as I was lifted of the ground. When I was a couple of feet up I was tipped into a horizontal position – they hooked the chains on my boots to some posts that kept me horizontal, albeit with my legs stretch out in the open position.

A spyder gag was inserted into my mouth, these things were intense. From my position I couldn’t see much but I could see pretty clearly at cock level. One guy had what appeared to be the world’s largest, roughest looking cock and I couldn’t help being relieved that it wasn’t going to fit in the gag. “OK boy, your arse is nicely greased up with all that oil, but I didn’t want to trust it on a condom – don’t know what a fag like you has got, so I’ve got here a  Rough Rider Cock Extender, should even touch the size of a loose arse like yours!” He then disappeared from sight.

He wasn’t wrong, it was rough, and he didn’t really spend a lot of time trying to loosen me up either. He just rammed it in there hoping the oil would do its work. “This’ll teach you, you little prick tease, to turn down my advances over the years” and has he started ramming himself into a rhythm his mate started on my mouth. So pre-occupied had I been with the cock extender I completely missed the size of his PA. It wasn’t long before I was drooling out both ends.

Time started meaning nothing to me as the first guy shot down my throat. His mate then came round the front, took of his extender and started attempting to fuck my mouth. No wonder I’d passed him up – he needed the extender – a wonder with a cock that small he could even keep it on. Eventually he shot his load, or could I call it a dribble? As he stepped aside his mate – who had enough cock for both of them came back into view dangling a rather nasty hook. The hook had a steel ball on the end.

“OK boy, we’re going to go for a rest up above, but we’re just going to make you secure first. I’m going to put a head harness on you, I’m then going to extend the chain dangling from your balls to a long rope, pull it out to the post over there, thread it through a D-ring and bring it back to the harness, pull it through the D-ring on it. This hook and ball will be up your arse and attached to the end of it.”

All he got from me was a lot of drool dribbling out of my mouth. With that he proceeded to do what he said. When he attached the hook to my arse the guy with the small cock pushed me toward the pole which obviously gave them enough dive to get the hook in and keep it taut. A blindfold was attached to the head harness and I was completely in the dark again.

So here I was suspended in the air, legs wide apart, with my head pulled back, balls sore and stretched, hands cuffed behind my back. If that wasn’t enough one of them gave my balls a few good thumps as a good measure. And, just as I though it couldn’t get worse, two streams of piss shot into my mouth through the gag.


To be continued …


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  1. Wonderful story – i am really enjoying it – it is keeping me hard all the time that i am reading. Have to stop part way through but looking foward to reading the last 4 days. Thanks

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