The Auction – Part 02

By Eckie

I woke up from the noise of the cage being opened. It took a little to realize where I was, caught in rubber at the mercy of someone I didn’t even know who he was until now. Even though I did not have the best rest, I slept enough to be ok. The zip of the heavy rubbersack was opened and I was let out of it and ordered on my knees. ‘Breakfast time’ I heard him say and he took my hand and placed a bottle in it. ‘Drink it all; take your time, but rink it all before I get you ready.’ It didn’t taste any special, I guessed it was some mixture out of proteins, vitamins and other essentials I would need after that past evening and night. I finished quite quickly, but when I put down the empty bottle I immediately got another one pressed in my hand, he must have been watching me while I had the first bottle.

‘Here’s the next one, and another two are still waiting, boy’ I heard him say. With the catheter in my dick I would not be able to piss until he opens it, so I was hoping I would not feel the need of pissing so soon.

Having emptied all 4 of the bottles I was rather filled, but felt well again. He now stood me up and led me to another room. I was pushed on to some bench or table, straps securing my upper body on it, my arms pulled forward and cuffed at the end of that bench, my legs spread and fixed to the legs of that bench, some more straps added to the upper arms and upper legs and I wasn’t able to move very much again anymore.

I felt something at my ass; he worked on the ends of the tubes that were visible there. He connected the two tubes of the plug, making sure the mechanism will work well. ‘You’ll get cleaned out for the next hour, boy, don’t want to get you in trouble there. You will be slowly filled up with this solution, and once the pressure inside your ass is high enough, the valve to the second tube will open and release the content. I think in the next hour you’ll be flushed out enough for the rest of the day then. I heard the door shut and was left alone – immediately feeling fluids entering my ass, building up slowly. I tried pressing it out, but the valve remained shut.

After some time my ass was really filled well and when I then added my own pressing out of the fluids the valve finally opened and I got some relieve – but just temporary, as rather quick the valve closed again and I began to fill up again … The procedure continued on and on, and there wasn’t anything I could do … Being left there following the continuous filling and flushing I realized that my dick still was in his own prison, aching again as I started getting hard on the ongoing procedure … I tried not to think about the flushing, the rubber, the hardon, somehow getting my thoughts to something non arousing, but failed in that – I just had to cope with the pain from my imprisoned dick until nature gives in and lets me get soft again.

gay rat haxzing with paddleAfter somewhat of 10 complete flushes of my ass he was back, removing the tubes, making sure all is sealed and dry well and would not cause any mess, then he undid all the straps and stood me up. I was hoping that he would also use the catheter and relieve my bladder as I felt the 4 bottles of ‘breakfast’ in there by now, but I thought wrong – I was led out of that room again elsewhere. ‘The weather is nice and some of us want to have a ride on the bike today, so I’ll get you done for that, boy. Luckily I could borrow some stuff that will fit you. But first some add-on to make sure you’re not getting cold on the bike.’ he ordered me to stand spread arms and legs. Then he started wrapping some clingfilm over my arm, the other arm followed, the body and each leg separate as well. He then pushes a gag with breathing tube in my mouth and buckles it on the back. Next comes a full hood gasmask on my head, zipped shut on the back and over that he then also applies clingfilm on my head, making sure the valves for breathing are still open fine. With the two layers rubber that was three layers now, and I started sweating already, but gathered I would not be on the bike lie that so there’s more to come.

He now started taping my first arm making sure my hands are in a fist, then the second, continued with the body, down to each leg separate again, then as last taping all of the head as well, again making sure the breathing valves are still free. Taped like that my movability was already some restricted now. But then again, blind as I was I would not walk run away anyway. Someone then was holding me from behind for support while he told me to get my legs into the leathersuit now. Both legs went into the pants of a leather one-piece suit, he pulled it up to my chest, leading my arms inside the sleeves of the jacket and zipped it up, with that tightening it on my body – it was probably just my size, but with the layers underneath made it bit tighter as usual.

Leather mittens were added over my taped fists, he told me to get into the boots – some tall laceup boots, which he laced up then tight. So I was covered all in leather except the head by now. A wide collar came around my neck, I some padlocks locking the collar and bikesuit in place. Last a black visored bike helmet was pushed over my gasmasked and taped head. It was tight, he needed to adjust the still free valves of the mask, but at the end it fitted just right. At this time then there was nothing visible at all from the bonds underneath, nothing to see from the layers of rubber, film, tape, nothing to see from my imprisonment – I looked just like an ordinary biker. Of curse I could not see it but only imagine, I myself felt all of it underneath, felt the sweat heavily building, felt the gag, the mask, the plug, the device on my dick, felt the restrictions of all the layers and taping underneath – and I felt the pain – the pain of getting hard again and again inside that terrible device around the genitals.

A rucksack was put on my back before my hands were cuffed on my back, my legs put inside a small spreaderbar and the collar attached to the wall. ‘The boy will carry some of the toys I might need later on of course, and until I am ready you’ll just have to wait here, boy – but remember, I have something for you not to get bored …” having said that immediately I felt the tens unit starting again, it was of course still in place, the cockring and the plug both worked inside me now, rather intense, he sure was right I would not get bored while waiting here.

About half an hour I guesses passed when he came back, stopped the tens unit, undid the spreaderbar and cuffs and took the collarchain off the wall, dragging me with him then. Each step I made I would feel the tightness of the taped body, feel the sweat rinsing down my body. We went outside where obviously others were waiting already, I was led to a motorbike and helped step on it – not the easiest task with the taped, layered body of mine. One sitting on it my hands were locked to the back of the seat, the engine started and off we went. We were driving quite a long time; I couldn’t tell was it half an hour or 2 hours, all I did was trying to concentrate on the plug working on my ass during the ride and on my dick not to get hard for the pain it will cause again. After that while we slowed down, it got on some really bumpy road until we finally stopped. He stepped off the bike, but as my hands were not unlocked I had to stay put sitting where I was. After some time I finally was unlocked too and helped off the bike. Moving got harder with the sweat inside and the tightness of the layers.

The rucksack was taken off my back and I was led and pushed with my chest against some thin post or tree. Right next another guy, probably another of the slaves of this auction was stood opposite me, also his chest on that thin post or tree, but being so thin we touched each others bodies on most parts now. We were told to hug each other now; our hands were then immediately tied well, so that we would have to remain in that hug until released. His helmet banged on mine, so it seems he was similar dressed as I was. Other straps secured out upper and lower bodies then together, also the thighs and knees were tied together, with the thin post between us we were not only trapped to hug each other now but trapped unable to go anywhere from the place we were standing at now. We were left like that and noises around seemed to indicate that other slaves had similar treatments. ‘Now the decoration is set, so all we have to do is get some beers for us masters and have a nice day here outside in the sun. We’ll be back later’ he said and I heard some bikes started again and driving away.

So we were left there in the middle of nowhere, not knowing where, with whom, they went off to get themselves some beers … The sun made the sweating even worse and every movement I made the other slave felt and the same for each of his movements I felt. After quite long time the bikes could be heard again, they came back. No one seemed to take notice of us now, they did lots chatting and drinking while we were just left there as decoration. Another long time later again the bikes were started and left. No one told us though anything. But then I felt the straps being undone and we both were stood next to each other. My hands then were cuffed on my back again, and with a short chain lifted up towards the collar and locked on there. Legcuffs were locked to my ankles with a short 1,5 foot chain in between – despite the layers, sweating, taping of the body, now I would sure not make any rush movements anymore.

The other slave now got stood right in front of me, with his back touching my front. His hands pulled back around my body too, with restraints and chains then tied and locked there in place. His helmet got taken off now; his legs also got chained and locked like mine, a beltstrap around our waist securing our bodies together again. His blindfold was removed from his hood so he could see now. ‘You see there this little way down into the woods. You will follow it, there will be 6 junctions you run into – the first right, two straight, next right, next right and next left again. Remember it well, boy! Normally I’d say it is a 2 hours walk – for you right now it will be more I guess. You got time until 5 pm to arrive there – when you follow the directions you will find us in a little hat inside there in the woods. If you miss the way or miss the time, you’ll remain out there until the end of the weekend like you are right now.’ With that he went off to his bike and drove away, leaving us here tied together. Me not seeing at all, him seeing little, both unable to talk, both difficulties to move, tied to each other … this will be a hell of a walk – and hopefully we won’t be running into anyone else walking through the woods here.

We didn’t know the time, but as it seems we should get going in case we would not want to spend the rest of the weekend here tied like that out in the woods. We slowly started walking – that is: the other slave could see so started making the first steps, me being helpless and blind trying to adjust to his movements and follow his steps. We could make just small steps with those chains, being tied together didn’t support anything either. We almost stumbled and fell several times, but luckily managed to stay on our feet – I wonder if or how we would have been able to get up again like that…. After some time we seemed to have managed some sort of rhythm between us, so slowly we managed to move further down the way. I hoped the other slave remembered the directions – I would have had them in my head, but gagged I wasn’t able to help, and blind I wouldn’t see when there was a junction either. Within time my body hurt a lot – the constant exhausting moving in my prison and tied as we were, the heavy sweat inside – I wonder if the other slave was layered as I was … the hardon I got regularly in-between – not knowing where we were, if we make it in time, I didn’t even know ho long we were now walking here already. Also during all time of walking I felt the urge to piss, starting to swear on that catheter blocking my relieve.

Hours (or I thought years) later we seemed to arrive at the right place, I heard some people shouting towards us and being there finally heard my master telling me: ‘good boys, you just made it – 5 minutes later and you would have overdone the time I have set.’ The straps and chains holding us together were undone and the other slave was led away by his owner, while I was taken by mine. I was sat on the ground now, my hands attached to the restraints on the ankles. He connected a bottle to the tube of the gasmask that was fed inside the gagtube. “Here’s some more to drink for you, boy – take your time again, but finish all of it, there’s again 5 bottles in total now.’ One by one I emptied them, and of course my bladder by then was almost about to explode. I would have begged for relieve if I would not have been gagged and unable to tell him. Having finished all the bottles my hands were undone, I was put on all fours and dragged away. He dragged me towards his chair at the fireplace they had. ‘Hold still now, don’t loose anything I put on your back, boy, for now you’re the side table for me here!’ He then called another guy: ‘Your slave is a pisspig, why don’t you get him over here to give my boy here some relieve.’ That other slave was sent over and had to lie down behind me, his head between my legs just underneath my ass. I felt some connection made to the catheter that ended out on my back, a tube from there was led into the tube gag of that other slave, and finally my catheter was opened to release all the pressure I had in my bladder. I was happy to be allowed to get it out now, while I was also feeling same time stuff being put on my back, probably a plate, or a ashtray, or a glass, I could not tell, but tried as hard as possible not to make any wrong movements, making sure nothing on my back will spill or drop or fall … After that exhausting day as it was it was not an easy task, but somehow I managed to keep all where it was on my back.

The masters (and maybe some slaves) had their chats and drinks and food at the fireplace for quite some time, but during time it got more and more quiet, so one after the other seemed to disappear for playing. ‘You have been really good so far, boy,’ I hear him say to me. So you deserve some release. Said that he stood me up and took off the helmet first. Then he carefully cut the tape around the head to remove it from the head, also then he removed the gasmask and the gag. I was playing and stretching my jaws, after that whole day they hurt also, but it was great to have a clean breathing again. Next he also took off the mittens, the boots and the leathersuit, so I was standing with the tape layer visible only now. ‘I think you can use some cooling down as well, boy,’ he said and dragged me behind him somewhere, I could then hear some water flowing and before I even knew he pushed me forward and I fell into some small trough with cold water, just long enough for me to lay inside. I managed to get my head out of the water immediately, but he then turned me on my back, attacked another collar and chained that to the top of the trough. he also chained my feet to the end of it so I could not get out of the water anymore, yet my head was left out of the water. but still I was in the water deep enough that slowly the cold water ran into the layers of tape, film and rubber. After the initial shock of the cold water it slowly started feeling good, having sweat all day so much this cooling was more than welcome to me. He went away and just left me there, but I didn’t really mind at that moment, just enjoying the cool down.

Some time later he returned and removed the chains from the collar and my feet and took me out of that trough again, by that time I was actually very cool inside all my layers, still lots of water has been collected inside all of the layers, and with the rubbersuit being tight closed all over the body, I made some squashy noises walking then with all the water inside. ‘Now got to get you dry again, boy, don’t want this mess going anywhere’ he said and ordered me to lie down on the ground. He put my feet in some boots again, not too tall boots and laced them tight – really tight … the water inside the feet was squeezed upwards by that. Those boots were screwed on a wooden board, in a bit spread positions. The board then was hooked up to a winch and he raised my body all up until I was completely hanging upside down in the air. All water inside my layers came out, the first seconds it was difficult to keep breathing, but then it only slowly dripped on and on. ‘I’ll be back when you’re dry, boy’ he said and left me hanging there…

It must have been about 20 or 30 minutes later when I was let down again to the ground. It was a warm evening (or night already?) so I wasn’t cold. He knew that too and said: ‘It’s nice and warm tonight, so you’ll stay out here till breakfast time. Don’t want to have you feel lonely, so you’ll get your pal to spend with you again. I was to sit now and another slave was sat next to me – back to back. Our upper bodies were strapped together, also around the waist we were strapped together. We both got a collar on our neck and both collars were tied together on both sides on their attached d-rings. My arms were then dragged backwards around his stomach and chained together, same for his arms and hands around my stomach. Our chained wrists were then interconnected with each other between our legs. My ankles then were spread and each tied to a tree or post near us, same with his ankles. We had each other for company, but still weren’t able to do anything again … ‘You won’t speak a word till tomorrow, boys – if we hear anything coming from you – there’s a shithole behind this barn and you’ll spend the night inside it if you make any noise.’ he said – I for sure didn’t want that, so would make sure he got no reason to punish us. I heard him walk away and we were left on our own – I doubt there will be much sleep, but what else to do … Being exhausted and tired from the day I still managed to get some sleep during the night – interrupted as all the time only by the pain caused from a rising hardon inside his prison.

To be continued …

NOTE: This story is by Eckie, and it originally appeared on his own site, Eckie aka Bondagefan. It is being re-posted here with Eckie’s permission.

Eckie AKA Bondagefan


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