The Chair

By Mister-X/Spartan

“Hi, Mr. Master. I’m Ronnie. I’m here for my first lesson.”

The two shook hands, and Ronnie handed the master the money. After counting it, the master brought him into his house.

“You will be bound and gagged and restrained to my chair. I will be doing various things to you which you will be unable to prevent. I’ve found that this is the best way to teach guys the self-discipline they weren’t taught by their parents.”

“I understand.”

“And you will call me either Sir or Master.”

“Yes, Master.”

“First I will need you to take off all your clothes. I’ve got an area set up here for you to undress.”

Ronnie went into the area while the Master waited outside. When he emerged the Master took a look at his cock and saw that it was flaccid.

“I will first need to put these items on your cock.” The master first strapped a cock sheath on, then put a condom over the end.

“Next I will be gagging you. Before I do, do you have anything you want to say or ask?”

“No, Sir. We covered everything in our earlier conversations.”

“Open wide.” The master started stuffing a large rag into Ronnie’s mouth. He had to adjust it in several places until Ronnie’s mouth was completely filled, forced open. The master then got out a roll of duct tape and started wrapping wrap after wrap of it tightly over Ronnie’s mouth. When he was finished he said “take a deep breath and let out your loudest yell.”

Ronnie did so, and only a minimal sound emerged. The Master smiled and said “perfect. You won’t be making any sounds.” He then got a leather strap and told Ronnie to put his hands behind his back. After Ronnie did so, the Master put the strap around Ronnie’s arms above his elbows and pulled the strap as tight as he could. He left Ronnie’s wrists free. The master led Ronnie into another part of his house.

Unlocking a door, he helped Ronnie down the stairs which were inside the door after relocking it behind them. Downstairs there was another door which opened with another key. Inside this one, after the light was turned on, Ronnie saw the chair he would be restrained to. It was metal, was pretty thin, and had a high section that obviously went behind the head. The master led Ronnie to the front of the chair and had him bend forward to raise his hands so they could be fit over the back rest to be behind the back of the chair. Positioned correctly, the Master helped Ronnie sit down on the chair.

There were built-in leather straps at various parts of the chair. The Master started strapping Ronnie to the chair. First was the strap at the mid-section. He told Ronnie to suck in as much of his stomach as he could and to hold it while he pulled the strap as tight as he could. After this was strapped tight, the Master was pleased to see that no fat rolled over the top of the strap. Obviously Ronnie was in good shape. That meant he had some self-discipline.

Next the Master strapped Ronnie’s upper legs to the chair. These were combination straps. They both strapped Ronnie’s legs together, and strapped his legs to the sides of the chair. Ronnie wouldn’t be able to move his upper legs in any direction. The Master got wide leather straps, as wide as the ones on the chair for the upper legs, to strap his lower legs together. He also got some metal cuffs and locked Ronnie’s ankles together.

Ronnie’s legs had been on the floor in front of him. The Master then bent Ronnie’s legs under the chair and got down on the floor to strap his legs to the underside of the chair as well as lock his ankle cuffs to the chair. Soon Ronnie realized that he wasn’t going to be moving his legs at all.

Finished with this, the Master got up and went behind the chair. He yanked the strap tighter which went around Ronnie’s arms above the elbow. He got some metal cuffs that were circular with a bar separating two halves. They also had a ring connected. He adjusted Ronnie’s wrists until they were together, and started putting them into the two halves of the cuffs. Positioned properly, he started screwing the cuffs on with an Alum wrench. Finished, he pulled Ronnie’s arms down forcefully and locked the cuffs to the furthest down attached ring on the back of the chair.

Ronnie realized that his arms were pulled down as far as they could go. He also realized that he couldn’t move any part of his arms and wrists. He also realized that his shoulders were starting to hurt from this. And he realized that the chair had padding under his armpits. He appreciated this one consideration.

Finished with the arms, the Master walked in front of Ronnie to take a look. He said “I love doing the hands that way. It makes the chest stick out, which, of course, makes the tits and nipples very prominent. I’ll be dealing with those in later sessions. Now I’ll need you to look down.”

After Ronnie obeyed this request, the Master adjusted the headrest to the proper spot and pulled the attached strap which went around Ronnie’s neck. It was just as thick as the other leather straps. He pulled it back as much as he could and buckled it shut. He looked at the side, and told Ronnie to look down as best he could. After Ronnie obeyed, the Master buckled the strap another notch tighter. Ronnie noticed that there was padding behind his head, but that he couldn’t move it.

The Master stepped back and started trying to tighten each of the straps. He found that he was able to tighten the one over the arms above the elbow another notch, but that was the only one he could tighten further. He stepped back and said “okay, you’re now confined to the chair. This is where you will be for the next two hours, and where you’ll be for each of the next sessions. Now first I need to find out where you can move. You mentioned that you are ticklish. I’ll put some of this itching powder on to see where you are able to move.”

Hearing this, Ronnie started to object, but no sound came out. The Master threw a little itching powder on various parts of Ronnie’s exposed front, and soon Ronnie wanted to move to scratch the itches, but couldn’t. His eyes started streaming tears from the agony and frustration. The Master started calmly saying “just relax, don’t fight it, let your body accept the torment and stay still.” Ronnie didn’t obey the comments at first, but finally they sunk in, and he tried doing that. He found that he was better able to deal with the torment by doing this.

Seeing Ronnie calm down, and also having seen that there was no slack anywhere on Ronnie’s body that was able to move, the Master said “good. That is your first step in learning self-discipline. It’s better to deal with problems with a clear mind than to try to react without thinking. You need to have your mind take command of your body.”

Ronnie digested this bit of knowledge while his itching torment gradually subsided. The Master said “I’ll leave you here to get used to being in this position while I go get dinner. Your shoulders will start aching more and more. That will be the next agony you will have to deal with, the next one you’ll need to start exerting self-discipline over. But in the meantime I’ll hook up some electricity to the metal chair and put it on a pleasurable level for you to get some enjoyment.” Soon Ronnie was receiving pleasurable feelings. His cock was starting to respond accordingly. That’s when he noticed the spikes in the cock sheath. As his eyes opened wide, the master saw the reaction and said “no pleasure without pain.” He left at this point.

When the Master returned, he looked into Ronnie’s eyes and saw that inevitable look people get when they have to deal with constant pain. He turned off the e-stim and said “your two hour session is up. Your first lesson is finished. I hope you learned something. But now it’s time to release you from all this.” Ronnie’s eyes got some hope in them.

It took some time to remove all the restraints, but finally Ronnie was able to get up off the chair. The Master removed the tape and rag from Ronnie’s mouth so he could talk. The Master helped Ronnie over to a nearby comfortable chair and sat him down. He asked “how did the session go? Were you able to deal with everything? Would you like to come back for another session?”

Ronnie thought about everything he’d been through. It was definitely a rough session. While he was thinking, the Master said “you should feel a sense of accomplishment for having to endure a session like this. It should help your self-esteem to realize that you can put up with this much pain.” Ronnie thought about this as well, and realized that the Master was right. He did feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that he’d been through such a session. That made up his mind for him. “Yes, Master, I would like to come back for another session.”

“Good. You’re making progress.” The two made arrangements for the next session. It wasn’t until Ronnie had dressed and left, thinking about the bondage he’d been placed in, that he realized that the Master had left the spiked cock sheath and condom on. He decided to leave them on for when he got home. His roommate was a top, and had something planned for him on his return. Ronnie figured that whatever it was couldn’t possibly be as severe as what he’d just gone through. The Master hadn’t asked, but he had erupted a couple of times while the pleasurable e-stim was going. He would be trying out his newly learned self-discipline lessons to try not to complain about what his roommate would do to him. He wanted this relationship with his roommate to continue, and his complaints were the one problem they were having. That was what had caused him to schedule the visits with the Master.

Back home, his roommate was waiting for Ronnie. He was quickly naked with wrists cuffed behind his back. His roommate noticed the cock sheath and condom, and was holding the chastity device when he pointed to the cock sheath and asked “what’s this?”

“A spiked cock sheath.”

His roommate smiled and asked “did you erupt with it on?”

“Yes. Twice.”

“And did it cause you a lot of pain?”


“Good. I’ll leave it on.” Ronnie was thinking that this fit with how sadistic his roommate was. His roommate continued “okay. Talk. Tell me everything that was done.”

Ronnie was afraid to do so. He was concerned that his roommate would start inflicting some of the intense pain that the Master had done. As he hesitated, his roommate said “you know I can always get you to talk when you’re reluctant to do so. And you know I enjoy getting you to talk.” As Ronnie thought about what his roommate had done to him in the past to get him to talk, he realized that he was going to eventually have to talk. And he knew his roommate was almost psychotic at being able to tell when Ronnie was lying or holding something back. So Ronnie told him everything the master had done.

“Two hours in Chalet cuffs behind your back with wrists back-to-back and arms straight down? That might be some kind of record. Although apparently that is this guy’s normal session, so maybe not. But I’m proud of you for enduring that.” His roommate came over to Ronnie and put his hands on Ronnie’s shoulders in a kind of comforting gesture. Ronnie reacted to the touch on his super-sore shoulders by jumping. His roommate said “oh, I guess your shoulders must still be sore.” Ronnie was thinking that his roommate obviously knew they would be and had done this deliberately.

“Are you going back for another session?”

“Yes. We’ve set a time.”

“This Master sounds like my kind of guy. I’d like to get to know him. It sounds like he could give me some ideas on other positions I can put you in.”

That was just what Ronnie was afraid might happen.

“But enough of this. Let’s get started.” The roommate got the heavy iron slave collar he always kept on Ronnie when they were at home and locked it on. It was skin-tight, was three inches high, and had a heavy chain which his roommate kept locked onto the back. He locked the heavy iron ankle shackles on with the heavy iron connecting chain. He picked up his sharp stick, pushed the sharp point into Ronnie’s back, pulled the collar chain back taut, and said “into the dungeon, slave.” Ronnie had to start thinking about his Master’s lesson as he was being pushed to their playroom. It was late Friday night, and he knew that he would be kept in these through the weekend.

The next Friday night, after Ronnie had stripped off his work clothes, the Master sat Ronnie down before restraining him to the chair and asked “were you able to maintain your self-discipline since our first session?”

“Not completely, no, Master.”

“That sounds like you tried, but weren’t completely successful. Tell me about what caused you the problem.”

“It’s my roommate, Sir. He treats me like dirt. He’s very rough on me. I can take it for a while, but he seems to enjoy pushing me and pushing me until I erupt in anger at him. I don’t like doing that.”

“If it bothers you, why not leave him?”

On hearing this, Ronnie hung his head. The Master waited for him to speak, and finally Ronnie said “I don’t know how to explain this, Sir. I want the abusive treatment, but yet I don’t want it to be as abusive as my roommate wants it to be.”

The Master thought about this. He finally said “I see. Well, you’re not here for counseling. Let’s get started. I notice that you still have the spiked cock sheath on with a new condom.”

“Yes, Sir. My roommate liked the fact that my erupting would cause me pain.”

“That sounds in keeping with your roommate. But tell me what it was that your roommate did that finally caused you to explode at him.” After telling the Master, Ronnie was gagged with his elbows brought together with the leather strap, and they were headed to the chair.

After Ronnie was set up like the last time, the Master said “this time the session will be for three hours. And I’ll be doing to you the action your roommate did that caused you to explode at him. You need to exert some self-discipline to get you through this.”

On hearing both of these Ronnie’s eyes lit up. He tried complaining, but realized quickly that it was of no use. He wondered whether it was wrong to tell the Master about his worst problem with his roommate, but then thought that he was here to help him get through this, so if the Master could help him with this, then it was the right thing to do. All he could do was concentrate on ignoring the building pain he was feeling.

After the two hours were up like before, with Ronnie having to also sit on a massive butt plug that corresponded to the one his roommate had kept in him to build up for the session that had caused Ronnie to get angry, it was time for the Master to begin setting up that session. He first had Ronnie’s neck strap removed so Ronnie could bend his head forward. After the Master had removed the duct tape and rag, he held up a massive leather dildo which was bent to fit deeply into the throat.

The Master said “I don’t have a 12 inch one like you said your roommate keeps in your mouth over the weekend when he’s not fucking you, but I do have this 13 inch one. Would the extra inch cause you a problem?”

“No, Sir.”

The Master proceeded to push that into Ronnie’s mouth and strap it in the back. With this secured, he re-buckled the neck strap which was attached to the chair. The Master then turned on the e-stim to the painful level Ronnie said his roommate had kept it at for the session. The Master then picked up the alligator clamps and put them on Ronnie’s nipples. He noticed that Ronnie’s eyes were closed as he was trying to deal with all the pain he now had added. The Master waited for Ronnie’s eyes to open before he started talking.

“Remember, concentrate on dealing with the pain. Don’t lose your temper. Try to keep a level head. Try to realize that you need to use your mind to overcome whatever complaints your body gives you. Try to be relaxed. Ready?”

Ronnie couldn’t move his head or speak, so he just stared ahead at the Master. The Master could see in Ronnie’s eyes that he was trying to keep calm. So he started doing what his roommate had done that caused Ronnie to get angry. He started twisting the alligator clamps back and forth. The sudden extra pain caused Ronnie to react by initially yelling into his gag, which was not as muffled as the gag the Master would initially put on. The Master kept soothingly reminding Ronnie to get his mind in control to overcome the pain, and Ronnie started concentrating on doing that. Finally Ronnie was able to calm down enough to be able to deal with the pain. It was still a major struggle, but he succeeded. When the Master saw that Ronnie had succeeded, he stopped the session.

After removal from the chair and restraints, back to sitting on the sofa, the Master commented “your roommate is certainly extremely sadistic to do that to you.”

“I realize that, Sir, but I still crave that treatment.”

“I can relate to your roommate, because I also enjoy treating guys that way. If you ever do leave your roommate, contact me. In the meantime, do you want to schedule another session?”

“I think this time I will call you if I find that I need to schedule one due to getting angry again at my roommate, Sir.”

“I understand that. I have enjoyed having you as a patient. I hope you are able to reach some understanding with your roommate.”

“Thank you, Sir, for everything.”

Ronnie had called twice more in the coming weeks to set up additional sessions. But then the Master hadn’t heard from Ronnie for a few months. The Master figured that he had gotten Ronnie to be able to cope with the abusive treatment from his roommate. The Master had gotten more clients to deal with in the meantime. So it came as a surprise when Ronnie called him again.

“Sir, remember your offer to me if I should ever leave my roommate?”

“Yes, Ronnie, I do. And the offer is still open.”

“My roommate left me. When I was able to deal with his abuse without complaining, I was no longer someone he wanted to be with. He would complain when I would complain, but he actually wanted me to complain. I hadn’t expected that.”

The Master started laughing and finally said “be careful what you wish for. So your roommate indicated he wanted you to change into somebody different, and when you did, he didn’t want what you became. Relationships sure can be complicated. Did you want to move in here with me?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m giving up my apartment. I hoped the offer was still open, because I’m already packed and ready. I can bring along the toys we had, since I owned them.”

“That includes the slave collar, the spiked stick and the ankle shackles that he used to push you to your playroom?”

“Yes, Sir, as well as the little cage he managed to squeeze me into for the weekend.”

“And you wanted all that done?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I would enjoy doing that to you as well.”

“And, Sir?”


“Could you also keep me in that chair a lot?”

“Of course, when it’s not in use. How about at night during the week.”

“That would be perfect, Sir. Thank you.”

“Oh, thank you, Ronnie. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“Me, too, Sir. At least the pain from the cock sheath is something I’m used to.”

“I’ve got others with longer spikes.”

“I’m looking forward to being there, Sir. I’ll start packing my car. I should be there in a couple of hours.”

“I’ll prepare for your arrival.” The Master started getting the chair ready, as well as the additional restraints. He decided to add the butt plug, as well as the cock sheath with longer spikes. He hadn’t had anyone else living here since his previous partner. He had kept all his previous partner’s things in the spare room hoping he would return, and decided it was time to pack those and empty the room in expectation of Ronnie’s arrival. It was the first time the master had been happy in years. He was thinking that his soliciting of business had finally paid off with what he’d been hoping for.

The end

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for another hot story!

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  1. A follow up story suggestion.
    Ronnie’s roommate happens to show up at the door and the master and Ronnie torment we’re on his former roommate. Go wild on this Sir.

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