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Leather Lover Lunatic Asylum

By Mister-Spartan

Ryan and Walt were in bed. Ryan was tightly enclosed in his favorite leather straitjacket, plus leather pants. His cock, as usual, was in chastity. Walt was alongside, his arms around Ryan.

“You’ll be gone for a whole month? What am I going to do during all that time?”

“I’ve thought about that. There’s this place that you can stay at called the ‘Leather Lover Lunatic Asylum.’ You’ll be able to get your leather fetish satisfied while they keep you secure, feeding you, bathing you, taking care of all your needs. They call it a ‘lunatic asylum’ not because it is an official one, but because their guests are kept in leather straitjackets. It should suit you perfectly.”

Ryan thought about it. It sounded like just what he would want. He finally smiled and said, “You’re right. It won’t be the same without you, but it sounds like the next best thing. You know what I like. Thank you.” The two kissed and turned over to go to sleep.

When it came time for Walt to leave on his business trip, he called the facility. In a couple of hours, a white van drove up. Two beefy guys got out that were dressed in all white, looking just like attendants at a mental facility. They brought along a gurney that had a lot of straps attached to it, as well as a pile of black leather gear lying on top of it.

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Living an Extremely Disciplined Life

By Mister-X/Spartan

I was never in the Marines, but I’ve always been fascinated by them. In particular, I love their uniforms and their discipline. I purchased various of their uniforms on e-Bay which I wear at home.

I also have been interested in being bound and dominated. It was at the local bondage club that I met Jerry. He had been a Marine drill sergeant, and liked topping guys, as well as reliving his drill sergeant days. I invited him to come to my home on weekends to relive his favorite times. He was only too happy to do so.

Sometimes others with my desires would join us, and sometimes some of his Marine buddies would join us as well. He always wanted me to dress in my Marine uniforms at home, uniforms I had to keep in spotless condition, standing at attention for his arrival, saluting him when we would meet. He would, of course, inspect me and start yelling orders into my ear. I wasn’t allowed to relax from attention until he told me to. Any shortcomings, real or imagined, would be punishable by bondage. This suited both of our desires.

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Testing the Metal Sleep-Sack

By Mister-X/Spartan

Mitch invited me over to see his latest creation. He makes bondage gear, and he gives me the first chance to try it out. Sometimes the gear he creates is great, but sometimes, well, let’s just say that not everything always works the way it is intended to work. I never know what I’m going to experience when I go to visit Mitch.

When I got there Saturday morning, Mitch asked whether I had anything scheduled for the weekend. It was a holiday weekend, and I don’t like to get out on the road on holiday weekends. I’m retired from work, so if I want to go anywhere or do anything I do it during the week, leaving after the commute traffic has dissipated. I told him I didn’t have anything up.

“I’d like you to try this little baby out, but you’ll need to spend a couple of days in it. To get you prepared, you’ll need to take an enema. I’ve got a kit set up for you in the bathroom over here.”

I was thinking that this was just like Mitch. None of this ‘would I be willing to spend a couple of days in something I’ve never seen before’ or ‘would I mind taking an enema’ — just orders of what I will be doing. But I appreciate that Mitch has me be his guinea pig for trying out his new creations. It certainly adds interest to an otherwise boring retirement.

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A Crazy Guy at This Year’s Event

By Mister-X/Spartan

“Wow, that suit is tight!”

Roger had finally managed to get his body and arms into the canvas bondage body bag. It forced the legs together like in a sleep sack, with a zipper up the middle like a sleep sack. The arms, however, were forced together behind the back like in arm binders. There was also a zipper there. At this time, Roger’s arms were not that tightly together, because the zipper had not been pulled up. His partner Dominic, or Dom for short, was the one who was putting him in the suit.

The suit was similar to a Max Cita sleep sack, but with modifications. It had been custom-made. It had a zipper in the front which went up all the way to the chin, as a sleep sack did, with straps periodically placed, as the sleep sack did. There were also rings on both sides of the zipper between the straps. It was made to fit a thin person, which Roger was.

After Roger had finally maneuvered his body inside the bulk of the sack, he took some time to adjust. Dom waited patiently. Finally Roger said, “You can start buckling the straps together on the arm binders, forcing my arms to get together, and start zipping it up.”

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A Week Without Arms – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

Spence pulled Brad into the crowded room. He was looking around to see someone that he knew when he heard someone address him from behind.

“Bind-em-tight, looks like you got a new one.”

“Oh, hi, bcman. How ya been?”

“I’ve been fine, but it looks like you’re doing better. Who’s your new sub?”

“This is my roommate at college.”

“You move fast. I see you’ve already lived up to your name with him.” The guy started inspecting Brad.

“His hands are cuffed behind his back, and there’s leather arm binders on. This is a leather top that has no arm holes that is strapped on. Then there’s this coat that has the arm holes seamed over.”

“He must be really into the scene. How did you get him bound up so tight so fast?”

“He’s got a class assignment to go a week without arms to see what kind of life a double amputee has.”

“Wow, that played right into you. Is he turned on by being restrained?”

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A Week Without Arms – Part 1

By Mister-X/Spartan

That night Spence could see that his roommate Brad had something on his mind that he wanted to tell him. He decided to wait for Brad to bring up the subject. Finally Brad spoke.

“Roomie, I’m going to need your help for a class I’m taking.”

“What help do you need?”

“It’s from my class to help rehabilitate people who have lost their arms. The teacher wanted one of us to volunteer to go through a week of not having use of their arms and report back to the class about the experience.”

“And you volunteered for that?”

“Well, not exactly. When the teacher asked for volunteers, no one did. Then he said that the person would need the help of a roommate, and he asked whether any of us had a roommate. I stuck up my hand. I was the only one in the class who did. That’s how I got the assignment.”

Spence was thinking about having his roommate without the use of his arms. The more he thought about it, the more he was enjoying the thought. Spence was the more dominant of the two, but that had not yet progressed into them having a relationship. He had wanted to have one with Brad, who was obviously a physical hunk and seemed not to be attracted to women. But he hadn’t figured out how to broach the subject. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. He smiled and said, “Sure, I’d be more than willing to help you out.”

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An Important Day in the Life of Don Stewart

By Mister-X/Spartan

The alarm went off. It was set to only last 2 seconds before turning off and not coming on again, but it was enough to awaken Don. He stretched and turned over to his side of the bed. His partner, Jake, was on the other side. Don knew that Jake was awake and waited for Don to get up. Jake enjoyed watching Don try to get his morning duties done.

Don brought his cuffed ankles up and pushed against the covers. He was able to get his legs outside the bed. He turned his body to the left, and with his hands cuffed behind his back, was able to reach the top of the covers and throw them down onto the rest of the bed covers. Without the covers hindering most of his body, he was able to bend his legs, and by supporting the edge of the bed with his cuffed hands and by bending his knees, was able to get upright. He started walking over to the bathroom, able to do so because of the chain between his cuffed ankles, though having to take small steps due to the short length of the chain. Don knew that Jake would be watching with a smile on his face.

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My Fun at Dore (Up Your Alley) 2017

By Mister-X/Spartan

I had been working hard for several months. I wanted a weekend to relax and have some fun. Dore (Up Your Alley) was coming. My friend Strap-wizard (fetlife name) was also stressed out and was looking forward to some fun. He had reserved a large room at a motel, which was near to where Dore would be. He had contacted a friend who we had been chatting with on Recon (squirmman, takiem on fetlife) who was coming, as well as another friend (minddrive on recon and fetlife). Strap-wizard had some plans laid out. Little did I know what I was in for.

Strap-wizard and I arrived Friday at around 5 PM. Squirmman was coming later that evening, and minddrive was arriving the next evening. Dore would be on Sunday, but we were planning to have some fun before then. Friday, after arriving, strap-wizard wanted to check out the Mr. S store, which was four long blocks away (comparable in length to the long blocks in New York City between the avenues). He dressed up in his usual strap-restraint outfit, but I just wore my custom-made leather top and leather pants with no restraints. We got a couple of looks while we walked there, but nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn’t too much going on at Mr. S that night. The next day would be their big party.

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