The Examination – Part 6

By Slavebladeboi

I stood at his feet, looking down at him lying on the open canvas body bag wet with sweat and smelling of the leather he was still wearing.

“You know what I do here don’t you?”

“Not sure Sir, but …”


“Well, Sir, if you have David here I presume it’s sort of punishment.”

“Sort of? I can do what I like in here, pain or pleasure. The choice is mine”

“Yes Sir.”

“What would you choose, Brand?”

“Not sure Sir, although …”

“Yes, finish Brand.”

“Well, Sir, I was going to say you could do anything you liked with me, Sir.”

I looked straight into his eyes. He stared straight back. I pulled off my wet shirt that was still clinging to my back and dropped it behind me. Slowly I bent my knees until I was kneeling between his thighs, pushing them apart. Leaning forward I grabbed both his wrists and pulled them over his head as I lowered my body nearer his until our faces were inches apart.


I knew I was as hard as I could ever get and at this distance I could also feel his erect cock under his shorts pressing into my stomach.

“I liked it when David was rough with me, Sir. I think I should like it if you were too.”

“I think, Brand, that your wish may come true. But not quite yet.” I ran my tongue round his neck and into his ears as he moaned quietly through half closed lips. “First,” I whispered, “We must get some things straight.” I laughed to myself thinking how straight I was at this moment, as a poker in fact. “Stay here, no sound no movement. If you’re found then I can assure you your earlier wish will be the last thing you’ll want to experience.”

I got up, pulled a T-shirt out of a drawer and left the room making sure the door closed behind me. I didn’t look back as no one could see him where he was lying and knew it was safe to continue. I picked up the phone and called admin. I needed any records we had of David that I had not yet seen. So far I’d only looked at the ones that described why he was sentenced and those that his “Master” had provided.

A few minutes later on of the guards knocked, entered and handed me a file.

“That’s all we have on the prisoner. He was a tight bastard too.”


“Yeah, when he first came in before you saw him we had a hell of a time opening him up for some fun. But then you stuffed that ass lock up him and that worked a treat. Today, while you’ve been gone we managed a lot easier.”

I nearly swung at him but caught myself in time, realising that it was exactly what I wanted to do anyway, I was just as bad as he was. “Give me ten minutes then bring him here.” The muscle turned and left.

I grabbed the file and found the couple of pages I wanted. It took me a minute or two to see what I needed then shoved it on my desk and went back to Brand.

“Up!” He jumped, struggled to his feet and stood looking through the glass at the room where I worked, staring at the range of tools and equipment that obviously attracted him.

“Over there, back onto that cross. Quick.” He did exactly what I told him. I locked his restraints onto the arms of the cross, gently kicked his ankles apart then locked them in place too. To finish I grabbed the canvas body bag and draped it over him so all anyone could see were two arms and two legs pinioned to the wood. “Not a fucking word or you’ll not see David again, understand?”

A muffled reply was all I got. It had to do. About 30 seconds later two thugs burst into the room with a struggling figure between them, spitting and cursing under a penis gag that had been forced into his mouth and locked tightly on.

“Onto the chair,” I ordered. They roughly shoved him into place and strapped him in round the ankles, thighs, waist, chest and finally his neck. His arms were held behind him then attached to the sides as before. His eyes were wet, either with anger or fear. It didn’t matter at this point. Grinning, the goons left.

“Listen to me!”

He spat and gurgled something back at me. I raised my arm and went to smack his face hard stopping at the very last inch. He opened his eyes again wondering why he hadn’t felt that slap.

“Listen! I know about you. I know about your brother and I know why you are where you are. Whatever you think of the legal system it is a system and it generally works. It just didn’t work for you. I’m going to take that gag off you on condition you listen and give me some answers. Any yelling, anything I don’t like, it goes back on, you leave here and the guards can do what they bloody well like with you. OK?”

He stared. I counted to seven. He nodded.

His drool went over the back of my hand as I removed the gag. “I’ve read the report they made on you. You were caught with your brother.”

“He had nothing to do with it. He was just with me, looking out … sort of.”

“And where is he now?”

David remained silent.

“Where did the court send him?”

“He didn’t get to court.”

I looked behind him to the cross. David had obviously not noticed the limbs locked to the cross poking out from under the canvas and was now fixed facing the other way. Holy shit! I had missed something so bloody obvious I could have kicked myself in the balls, hard. Brandon had no tattoos, no court markings. He hadn’t been processed which meant he hadn’t been to trial. He’d virtually been kidnapped.

“What do you mean he hadn’t been to court?”

“Sir, we were arrested together, cuffed, shoved into the cage in the van and driven away. We were hauled out at a police station, taken to separate cells and I never saw him after that.”

“But you’ve seen him since.”

Silence. “Answer me David!”

“Yes Sir. He ended up at the same place about a week after me. He said he had been kept in the cell, chained to the wall by his ankles till they released him and drove him to that hell hole I was at.”

I walked back to my room, shut the door and looked at them both through the one way glass. What I’d read meant that David had been processed as normal but had then disappeared from the official books. Brandon had never been arrested according to law. Someone had made quite a lot of money by-passing the system and these two were illegally slaved out to a sleazy night club owner who used them for the amusement of his guests and to make some money off them. And my indignation was of course fired by the fact that I wanted both of them myself.

Shit! Well, if one of them hadn’t been processed at all and neither of them had been officially sold then there’s no reason for them to be here. I started to plan.

Going back out to David I simply asked him “What would you like to happen now.”

“I don’t know Sir. I’m not in any position to make any requests.”

“Yeah, OK smart ass.” I liked his answer though. “Let me ask you this then. What if you didn’t have to go back.”

“I have to go back, my brother needs me and I …”

“You need him just as badly?”

He looked down. “We’re, sort of, good together.”

“In what way?”

“Sex. He likes me to do things to him that some people don’t think are normal.”


He looked down all the time he was speaking. He was plainly embarrassed but continued. He told me of bondage and ropes, leather floggers, fucking and sucking and all the typical things that got me as hard as hell when I was out with my own group of friends.

“And that bastard Master caught us at it in his play room when we should have been working. He got his body guard and locked us both in cages then started the torture I hated. He used a cattle prod he’d adapted. He shoved it into my balls. The shock knocked me out. When I came to he was going at Brand, but all over. He was screaming and I could do fuck all about it even though it was my fault. I’d tied him up in the first place and was flogging him when we were caught.”

“I’ll ask you again then. What would you like to happen now?”

“In the real world I’d like to have my brother back and leave to somewhere safe from Him. I don’t mind working. Neither of us do.”

I turned the chair through 180 degrees. He stared at the visible limbs then looked back at me. I think there was a degree of hatred mixed with complete puzzlement in his face.

“Yeah, you’re not the only one here today. Plenty of space for two. I sometimes like one to hear the other one suffering. Would you like to hear this one suffer?”

“No thanks, Sir!” he almost spat that last word. Principled anyway I thought and smiled.

“Perhaps you’d like to tell me what we should do with that one then. He’s in for the same sort of thing as you, about your age too. Any suggestions?”

He stared to the front and remained silent.

“What about if I said that I’d use my own methods if you didn’t think of anything.” I went to the rack and picked up a particularly evil looking single tailed whip, plaited in bright red and black leather.

“I doubt he deserves that. Not if he’s just done things like me.”

“OK, then what?”

“Maybe just fuck him with that thing you used on me, then let him go. It was better than what those morons outside did to me.”

“How about if you fuck him?”


“What SIR, remember? Tell you what, you fuck him and I’ll let you both go.”

He was now totally confused. I say totally but he was slowly beginning to become hard.

“GO? You mean back to Brand at that monster’s place?”

“ Maybe not. Depends how well you do.”

“Sorry Sir. Can’t do it. I have to be there for Brand.”

“You sure” I said slowly pulling at the canvas so that it slipped gently down the hidden body.

He gasped and welled up at the same time. He simply stared ahead tears running silently as I undid the leather straps holding him tightly to the chair. Without looking back at me he quickly got to his feet and lunged at his brother, holding his head with both hands and kissing him deeply. I took two paces forward and put my arms round both of them.

And I hadn’t got any further with a plan.


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