The Freshman

By Aussielthrbiker

Part 1

I met Matthew during my first week at uni and discovered, much to my pleasure, that he was in all the same lectures as me.  He was a surfer type, 6 foot, athletic build, with long blond hair and piercing blue eyes.

At the end of lectures on Friday afternoon, he asked if I would like to drop by his place for a coffee.  I lived in a dorm on campus; Matthew shared a house with two other students about 10 minutes walk off campus.  He explained that his house mates, Nick and Brad had gone away for the weekend.

When we arrived, he gave me the tour of the house – it was your typical student house, a bit run down and filled with assorted non-matching furniture.

He pointed out Nick’s bedroom, the most noticeable feature of which was a floor to ceiling wardrobe covering one wall, with huge sliding mirrored doors.  He beckoned me inside; “Hey take a look at this.”  He slid open one of the doors.  Inside was a large collection of leather jackets, pants and boots.  The smell of leather was incredible and I felt a bulge begin to form in my jeans.  “Nick would kill me if he knew I was going through his stuff but he’s away until Sunday afternoon.”

Matthew grabbed a black Brando style leather biker jacket and thew it to me, “Hey, let’s see what you look like in it.”  I put the jacket on, it felt great, it looked great and I admired myself in the mirror.  I had never worn a leather jacket before but had wanted one for a long time.  Next he pulled out a pair of black leather jeans and threw them to me.  “Now you’ve got the jacket on, let’s see how it looks with some jeans.”  “Are you sure this is OK, are you sure Nick isn’t going to walk in and bust us?”  I replied.  “Relax, I told you he’s away for the weekend.”  I took my sneakers and jeans off and pulled on the leather jeans, they fitted me perfectly!  Matthew then grabbed a studded belt and a pair of black harness boots and handed them to me, “Let’s get that outfit complete.” He said.  I put on the belt and boots and looked at myself in the mirror – it looked and felt so good!

Matthew continued to rummage through the wardrobe pulling out a black padded biker leather jacket, black lace side leather jeans, a belt with a cowboy style buckle and black engineer boots.  He proceeded to put these on and stood beside me.  It was a sight to behold, the two of us in hot black leather!

All of a sudden we saw four figures in the mirror behind us, all dressed in coloured motorcycle touring leathers.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing in my bedroom?”  Nick came up behind Matthew twisting his arm up behind his back.  Another came up behind me twisting my arm in the same manner.  “Grab a couple of chairs from the kitchen, these boys need to be taught a lesson.”  It all happened so suddenly; we were struck dumb.

The other two arrived back with two wooden chairs and we were pushed down onto them.  Rope appeared from nowhere and the two not holding us down proceeded to tie us to the chairs.  They started by tying our hands behind our backs steadily adding more rope around our ankles, knees, waists and chests so that we were tied securely.  Nick walked over to the wardrobe and grabbed a couple of leather straps – they turned out to be plug style gags, which he buckled into our mouths.  The plugs were huge, completely filling our mouths; they did a very good job of gagging us.

The four walked out.  “We’ll be back later when we have worked out a suitable punishment for you.”

Matthew and I struggled with the ropes but these boys knew exactly what they were doing – there was no way we were going to escape.  We tried to call out but the only thing to come through these gags was a muffled “mmph.”  I wondered what punishment was in store for us.  While scared about the punishment, I found myself incredibly turned on by being tightly bound in tight leather looking into a full length mirror ay myself and the very cute surfer boy Matthew in the same predicament.  I felt a bulge form in the tight leather of the jeans and noticed the same thing was happening to Matthew.

Part 2

I have no idea how long Matthew and I were left tied up in Nick’s bedroom.  One thing was certain; these boys knew how to tie ropes!  Matthew and I both struggled to free ourselves but we didn’t manage to loosen them.  I tried to get the gag out of my mouth but to no avail.  The feeling of helplessness was incredible and it was certainly turning me on!  With the full length mirror in front of us we could watch ourselves and each other helplessly tied and gagged in leather, struggling in vain.

Nick, Brad and their two friends returned to the room.  They had swapped their motorcycle touring leathers for black leather biker jackets, black leather chaps worn over faded black jeans and harness boots.

“It’s time now for the first part of your punishment.”  Black cloth hoods were pulled over our heads and pulled tight around our necks with drawstrings – these blocked out all light.  Next I was untied from the chair but my wrists and ankles remained tied.  I was picked up and carried out of the room over one of the boys’ shoulders using a fireman’s lift; I could feel the leather of his jackets against mine.  Next I felt myself being put down and felt the shape of Matthew beside me.  I heard the hatchback of a van close and an engine start.  It seemed that we were driven some distance but I had no idea of direction as it seemed we were following a very circuitous route.

The van stopped and I heard the door open again.  I was picked up and carried inside a building, again over one of the boys’ shoulders.  I was put down and heard the clank of a metal gate closing and being locked.  My hood was then removed and I saw I was in a small cage in the basement of a building.  Matthew was in a similar cage beside me.  There was enough room to sit up, but not enough to stretch out.

Two of the boys came in carrying two dog bowls each, which were placed in each cage through slots in the ends of the cages.  One bowl contained water, the other, some sort of stew.  “Your gags will now be removed but if you make any sound, they will be replaced and you will not get an opportunity to eat or drink.”  The gags were removed and I looked at the two bowls in my cage.  I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and was famished.  While it was humiliating to have to eat and drink like a dog, I figured I had no choice in the matter.  I saw that Matthew had come to the same conclusion.

When we had finished eating and drinking, our gags were re-inserted.  Shortly after, my cage was unlocked, my ankles untied and I was taken out of the room.  I was unsteady at first on my feet as my ankles had been tied now for several hours.  I was taken into a bathroom were I was able to relieve myself – quite a challenge with my hands still tied.  My hands were then untied and I was stripped naked, however, the gag was left in place.   I was grabbed on each side and led outside to a courtyard where there were two sets of stocks next to each other.  At the top was a “classic” set of neck and wrist stocks, at ground level was another set to lock on the ankles leaving the detainee in a standing position.  While I tried to struggle free, I was well and truly outclassed.  One set of stocks was opened; my neck and wrists were forced in and the stocks closed and locked.  The second set was locked around my ankles.

A few minutes later, Matthew was brought out and secured the same was as me – we were still gagged.  Once we were secured a couple of dozen guys dressed the same way as our captors entered the courtyard.  I heard Nick’s voice; “Boys, let the fun begin.”

We were then bombarded with all manner of rotten fruit – my mind was turned back to my history books of the use of stocks in the 18th and 19th centuries.  From time to time there would be a “ceasefire” when our faces would be cleaned, by dumping a bucket of cold water over us, before the bombardment would re-commence.  In addition, we had guys come up to us playing with out tits, cocks and balls.  Some would try to jerk us off, others would suck us off.  I realised that I had a raging hard on throughout this.

Finally our tormentors left.  Nick, Brad and their two friends came over and gave us a final cleaning up.  They unlocked Matthew first and took him away.  A few minutes later they came back for me.  I was taken to a bedroom where I saw Matthew, still naked, on his side, with his hands tied above his head to the top of the bed, his ankles were tied to the bottom.  He was now wearing a black leather g-string.  My hands were tied in front of me and I was pushed onto the bed facing Matthew.  My hands were tied off to the top of the bed, a black leather g-string was placed on me and my ankles were tied to the bottom of the bed.  Further ropes were added tying us together around our waists.  “Sweet dreams” and with that we were left on our own.

I gazed into Matthew’s piercing blue eyes and found my gaze returned.  I longed to kiss him but was prevented from doing so by the gag.  I felt his firm warm body against mine and felt his rock hard cock through the g-string.

Part 3

It was difficult to sleep tied up in this position but I must have drifted off eventually.

I felt disoriented when I woke, wondering where I was and why I couldn’t move, why I couldn’t speak – all of a sudden the whole awful truth dawned on me.  I was bound to a bed and gagged in an unknown location.  I struggled against the ropes but they were still holding firm.  I tried to cry out but the leather plug gag silenced by screams.  As my eyes blinked open, I could make out Matthew’s form in the bed right next to me.  He woke at the same time and returned my gaze with his piercing blue eyes.  I felt my cock was still rigid.

I heard the door open and saw Nick, Brad and their two friends enter the room.  They were dressed as they had been last night, black leather jackets, black leather chaps, faded black jeans and harness boots.  “I see the boys are awake, time for the next stage.”

Matthew was untied first – although the gag was left in place.  He was told to dress in the same leathers that had gotten us into trouble yesterday – black leather lace side jeans, cowboy buckle belt, black padded leather biker jacket and engineer boots but no t-shirt or underwear.  He was handcuffed in front with very heavy looking handcuffs (I later learned these were German Clejuso cuffs) and leg ironed.  A black leather collar with several D rings was buckled around his neck; a leash was attached to one of the D rings and he was led out of the room.

A few minutes later they came back for me.  I was untied and also made to dress in yesterday’s leathers.  Black leather Brando jacket, black leather jeans, studded belt and harness boots.  It felt wonderful to dress in leather again – without a t-shirt and underwear it was a whole new experience!  Like Matthew I was cuffed with the heavy handcuffs and leg ironed.  The handcuffs were amazing, they were very heavy and left you in no doubt that you were a captive. The leg irons were also fairly heavy and made running out of the question.  The feeling of captivity was heightened by the collar buckled around my neck.  A leash was added to the collar and I was led out of the room to another room where Matthew was already seated at a table set for breakfast.  I was pushed into a chair opposite.  Our gags were removed and we were invited to eat but not speak.  While breakfast passed silently Matthew and I exchanged many glances.  He was so hot, dressed in leather and handcuffed.

After breakfast we were gagged again and leashes were attached to our collars.  Two of the boys led Matthew off, the other two led me.  I was taken to the bathroom where I was able to use the toilet (a challenge with handcuffs!)  My gag was removed and a black leather hood was tightly laced onto my head – the plug gag was then added.  The leather hod felt amazing, cutting off all light, leaving me feeling disoriented.  As soon as the gag had been added I was led away.

I must have been led around in circles, I seemed to be walking for ages and had no idea of which direction I was going.  I was finally pushed into a corner and a cage door was closed on me.  The two walls and the cage door formed a triangular “prison,” which forced me to remain standing.  One of my handcuffs was unlocked and my hands were pulled through the bars of the cage door, then the cuff was relocked so my hands were locked on the outside.  I couldn’t raise them as movement was stopped by a cross bar, I couldn’t lower them as I was unable to bend down.  My fly was then undone and my cock pulled out of my leather jeans – I was still rock hard!

I felt a lubed hand start to jerk me off – I was dying to cum but just when I was on the brink of coming, the jerk off stopped.  I heard footsteps walking away.  I tried to reach my cock but the way I was handcuffed stopped me from reaching it.  Again I had no idea of the passing of time.  I was left alone for some time before hearing return footsteps.  Again I was jerked off but it stopped just before I could cum.  This was done to me several times over what seemed to be hours.  All through this time my cock remained rock hard.

Again I heard footsteps – this time one of my handcuffs was unlocked, my hands pushed back into the cage and relocked.  The cage door was opened and I was led to another point in the room.  I felt a heavy chain clipped onto my collar.  A strap was fastened around each arm at elbow level.  This was joined by another strap which was then tightly fastened behind my back pinioning my arms.  I was a bit unsteady on my feet and found myself stumbling forwards, backwards and sideways.  The chain attached to my collar was hanging from the roof and allowed me some movement in each direction before I would be stopped.  While all this was going on, someone would jerk me off but again I was not allowed to come, alternatively someone would reach inside my jacket and start to squeeze my tits.  Every time this would happen I would try to move away but would quickly find myself at the end of my chain.  At least I managed not to fall over.  There were also times I would be left for long periods.  The hood blocked out all light, its tightness leaving me disoriented.  The gag prevented me from calling out.

Once again I had no idea of how much time had passed, although it must have been a long time I was feeling very hungry by this time.  The strap pinioning my arms was removed, one of my handcuffs was unlocked and relocked with my hands behind my back.  The chain was removed from my collar and replaced with a leash.  I was led on another circuitous route before being forced onto the floor – I realised I was being put back in the cage I had been in last night.  My gag and hood were removed and again I was warned to remain silent.  I blinked at the light as I had been hooded for some hours.  I looked to my right and saw Matthew in the cage beside me, looking as cute as ever in full black leathers and handcuffed.  In front of me were dog bowls of food and water.  I ate hungrily and saw Matthew do the same.  When we were finished we were again gagged.  The boys bade us goodnight I realised we were going to remain caged for the night.

Part 4

The feeling of captivity in the cage was incredible.  I was in tight black leather, my hands cuffed behind my back with heavy handcuffs.  My ankles were secured with leg irons.  A leather gag filled my mouth preventing me from calling out; the collar around my neck completed the feeling of helplessness.  In the cage next to me was the very cute Matthew identically dressed and restrained.  I hard a raging hard on and longed to cum!  I had no idea when or if I would ever be free again.

I drifted off to sleep at some time as the next thing I recall was being woken up by the sound of the cage door being opened.  A leash was attached to my collar and I was led to the bathroom.  There a chain was padlocked around my neck, and my hands were recuffed in front of me.  I was then allowed to use the toilet – which was rather welcome as I realised my bladder was rather full.  After this my hands were again cuffed behind my back and I was returned to my cage.  Matthew was then taken out of his cage, presumably also to use the bathroom.

Once Matthew was returned to his cage, dog bowls of food and water were placed in the cages in front of us.  Before our gags were removed we were again warned not to speak, however, once the gags were removed Matthew started to scream out; “Just who the f**k do you think you are..”  At that moment two of the boys reached into our cages grabbing our collars, choking us.  “Wrong answer boy, you have two choices, eat breakfast quietly or your gags go back in now!  Now are you going to cooperate?”  We meekly nodded our agreement at which point our collars were released and we ate breakfast in silence, after which we were again gagged.

Next the cage doors were opened and we were led on leashes to a room in the basement.  It consisted of plain concrete walls, roof and floor.  Chains coming from either side and the roof of the room were attached to the d-rings on our collars preventing us from moving.  The boys then started to remove our boots and leather jeans leaving us naked from the waist down.  Our leg irons were removed and spreader bars were attached to our ankles, which were in turn attached to chains coming from the sides of the room.  I still had a raging hard on and could see that Matthew was similarly hard.  Our handcuffs were then removed and our leather jackets removed but before we could do anything, leather cuffs were buckled to our wrists and attached to further chains coming from the side of the room, stretching our arms out.  The boys then started spreading some sort of cream on our bodies covering every square millimetre from the neck down.

We were then left alone for a bout 15 minutes.  In this time Matthew and I stared longingly at each other, I wanted this ordeal to be over and to go and hug his beautiful body.  The boys returned with wet towels with which they proceed to rub us down, removing every last trace of body hair we had!  Next one produced a set of clippers and started to remove Matthew’s beautiful blond hair.  We both tried to scream out through our gags and Matthew struggled but was held firm.  When all of Matthew’s hair was gone, it was my turn to lose my hair.  I really felt defeated!

We were again left alone for about 15 minutes to take in each other’s naked, hairless state and I found Matthew strangely sexy with his new look.  The boys reappeared carrying some very heavy looking chains, consisting of iron collar, wrist and leg irons all attached by chains.  We were locked into these and removed from the chains holding us to the walls and roof of the room.  We were led out of the room – walking was difficult and there was only a few centimetres of chain separating the leg irons.

We were led back up to the garage where we were pushed into the back of a van and black cloth hood were placed over our heads and tied off around our necks with a drawstring.  We were driven around for a considerable amount of time before the van stopped and we were led out.  Our hoods were then removed and we found ourselves in a corridor lined to one side with prison type cells, each one only just large enough to take a man standing, a barred door was on the front of each cell.  Most of the cells were occupied with naked men around our age.  All had been shaved, all were gagged and all were chained as we were.  We were led to the remaining empty cells, pushed inside and the doors locked.

A few minutes later a crowd of leather clad men started walking up and down the corridor checking out each of the boys.  I heard one say to another; “I wonder how much this one will go for,” and I heard other similar comments.  It sounded like we were up for sale, no it couldn’t possibly…

The crowds cleared and I heard two cell doors open.  I could here the clank of chains of two boys being led away but could not see what was happening.  Silence then descended on the cells, punctuated by the rattling of the chains we all wore.  Some time later four men came back; they were dressed in black leather from head to foot/.  Their faces were hidden by executioner style black leather hoods.  They opened both my and Matthew’s cells and led us away.  Chained as we were, we could offer no resistance.  We were led to an area behind a curtain where there were two wooden St Andrew’s crosses.  Our chains were removed and we were strapped to the crosses.  Once we were secured the curtain was opened to reveal a small auditorium filled with men in black leather.

I heard a voice of sound over a PA, “Next we have lots 3 and 4, Simon and Matthew.  These boys are 18 and university students, they will make excellent slaves for any master, let’s start the bidding.”

My god, we were being sold as slaves!  I tried to scream out but of course was prevented by the gag.  I struggled against the straps holding me to the cross but I was well and truly secured, I was however, rock hard!  Matthew was also struggling and was also hard.

I was first to be auctioned and I heard the bids progressively rise until no more bids came in and the auctioneer dropped his hammer.  I was left strapped to the cross while Matthew was also auctioned.

When the bidding was finished our buyers were invited to come forward.  My buyer looked like a leather clad surfer dude with blond hair and blue eyes.  Matthew’s buyer was a similar build but with black hair and brown eyes.

We were removed from the crosses and chained again with the same chains were had been brought in wearing.  Leashes were clipped to our iron collars and we were led outside.  Some of the “guards” who had brought us to the auction room from our cells came along to assist.  My buyer opened the boot of his car, pushed me inside and closed the lid.  I heard the car start and drive away.

I was woken by the sound of a radio.  I opened my eyes and realised I was in bed, in my dorm room.  I looked over and the clock read 7am.  I moved my arms and legs, I was free!  I saw a piece of paper under the clock radio and picked it up, it read…

Dear slave,

I have returned you to your dorm as it is important that you continue your studies.  You will however note that there is a chain locked around your neck to remind you and anyone else that you are my property (I felt around my neck, there was a light weight chain secured by a padlock).  I have also locked you in a chastity belt.  It will be unnoticeable under clothes but will prevent anyone but me getting access to cock.  (I felt down, my cock was encased in a metal tube attached by a padlock to a ring behind my ball sack).  Don’t think about telling anyone about this, you are being watched, not all the time but you will never know when.  You will get instructions from me from time to time and these will be obeyed without question.  Now get out of bed and get to class and wait for further instructions.




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