The Hood by CHP Dehners

By CHP Dehners

Part 1

It all started off as a thought composed from a thousand images and hundreds of conversations. A distillation of so many vibrations that all lead to the cock!

Tonight I’m going to install the hood that took years to make.  A second to design, one thought that lead me on the pursuit of perfection.

Riding down an escalator to the subway, the thought came and I saw the hood all at once.  My cock responded by growing hard in my jeans…….I knew it was the one.  Necessary like so many other devious items, like so many pairs of boots.  But so individually hot that it could be no other.

Peter is at his home, suspended and caged, waiting.  Made sure that this was so devious so as to impress upon him that something new was in the air.  No mention was made, none was necessary.  He’d been given 6 pairs of boots to polish perfectly earlier that day  and he’d accomplished it like it was nothing.  That left him hours to just kneel and think about what I would do next.  Tethered in place, this time by chains to the PA in his cock that lead from underneath the  heavy leather apron and the heavy collar locked to his neck.   The boots strapped in place on the floor allowing him almost no movement, and the view ahead to the shine stand and peripherally to the shiny boots.  He could always re-polish a pair to distract himself, but if I returned without the pair complete it might lead to discipline that might keep me from my intended goals; goals he could only anticipate but was eager to have come to fruition.  So there was nothing to do but think and be; horny and dripping, smelling leather and polish, the taste of my boots in his mouth and anticipating what comes next.

I did return hours later to inspect his work…..excellent as usual.  Rarely did I find fault in his work; it was expected and I did not make a game of it.  Rather I would be surprised if he did not accomplish his goals…..really try to get to the reason of his failures and remedy them for the future.  Never allowing him to turn this into a game either.  If thought to be that the punishment was severe….days gagged except for fluid replacement and nourishment, no other bondage but being unable to communicate, not allowed to taste my boots or cock!  Boring and very effective. Not even allowed to polish boots.  All of them being locked away except the pair on my legs…the pile growing out of reach that would all have to be handled expediently when the punishment was completed.

But today all was perfect. Each pair glowed with the miraculous sheen that only he could impart.  Each pair so loved by him that my cock was stirring by just looking at them so precisely arranged.  I needed instant gratification.  A pat on the head and the neck chain lengthened before I jumped up in the shine stand.  My cock was rock hard when I told Peter to start on my boots.  They were only slightly dusty and the finish barely marred from walking and driving the car. I could have just told him to use the chamois on them.  But I craved to feel his tongue and hands thru the leather.  And the increased length of chain alerted him to the fact I wanted my cock attended to just as diligently as the polished boots!

The polish gloves were still locked on.  Today I wanted him to have the freedom to really work me up. I told him to raise his hands up and using my key, unlocked them.  Peter worked them off and folded them, still moist with fresh wax on them.  He opened one of the small drawers underneath my seat and put them away.  His hands immediately hooked around the backside of my boots on the risers and drew his head down towards the toes.  A low guttural sound emerged from his throat as his lips met the leather.  His mouth next sprung open wide and his tongue lapped at the toe of the left boot!  Feeling it immediately sent shock waves thru my cock!  I grasped hold to the side of the chair realizing he was going for broke!  Within what felt like seconds Peter had thoroughly worked up my Dehners to the knees, worked the buttons on my jeans open and had begun his assault on my cock.  I was nearly out of control and wanted to shoot but remembered there was more ahead.  So, finally, I pulled him off of my cock, looked him straight in the eyes, stood up and stepped down next to him.  I narrowly missed the pool of Peter’s own precum that had run off from the apron and down the chain from his cock!

I next stood behind Peter and pulled his arms back behind and cuffed them together.  Next the collar was unlocked and thrown back against the shine stand.  I began messaging his tight neck and shoulder muscles working from the base of his scull down the neck, the sides of the neck, across the shoulder blades and finally the upper back between the blades.  He was still highly aroused but some of the immediate intensity seem to calm under my strong hands.  What Peter hadn’t known is that I had placed on top of one of the shined boots the frustrating grill mouth leather hood without eyes.  So I removed my hands from his shoulders, reached back and worked the hood tightly over his head.  With that cinched on tight I began to undo the apron buckles and finally unlocking the PA chain.  The straps came off Peter’s boots and I pulled him to his feet.  After steadying him I walked him into the bedroom and worked him into the body harness.  He could anticipate that next the hoist was going to be attached and the trap door to the small cell opened.  He was lifted off the floor, maneuvered into place and his assent began.  I stopped it long enough to put a boot toe before the grill and let him get the scent of my boots again into his system.  Down he went into the basement cell, feet never touching the ground, and the trap door shut and locked.

Part 2

I made sure Peter could hear me use a jack to pull off the boots he had just tongued; each boot being thrown to hit the top of the trap door.  With that I pulled on a pair of his old Wesco engineers.  The fit was truly tight.  It made each step somewhat uncomfortable but my cock even harder.  Knowing my name was now inside these boots gave me pleasure.  And knowing that he would never wear them again just added to it all.  I would test him later to see if he could tell which pair of boots these were!

I stomped out and went back to the car.  I needed to go back and get the new hood from my apartment.  I had it sent there so he would not accidentally receive the package and get any clue of what was inside. Now all the time spent taking exacting measurements and molds would pay off!

When it first arrived I wanted to immediately take it to him and put it on.  But this hood was special, it should be presented ceremonially.  So instead I kept it away and inspected every last aspect of it over and over again.  The workmanship was incredible, everything was done perfectly.

This was the heavy rubber hood I always wanted to have on Peter’s head. Though never meant to be a permanent fixture, it was a long term item.  The hood could be left on for days or weeks without fear.  The mouth and nostrils were open as were the eyes.  But with that said, it was made to be most devious.  The first thing one noticed about the hood was how heavy it was.  That’s because I had it made via a dip process which enabled it to be made thicker than any heavy latex, thicker than a truck tire inner tube.  It was thicker than any normal piece of rubber that Peter would have ever handled.  Yet being the highest quality rubber it was softer and more pliable than what normally is used in such equipment.  There are no seams, the hood was designed to fit Peters head snugly, no seams or zipper.  It must be worked on completely over the head.

The second thing noticed is how smooth and shiny it is. The exterior was designed to have no external features.  Though still humanoid in shape, there are no outer protrusions for the ears; this alone makes the hood seem geometrically abstract.  The mouth opening is only slightly rounded, more like a beveled edge.  When the mouth is drawn closed there is only a slight grove that runs the length of the opening.  There is no indication of lips.

What continues the dehumanizing design the further is the eyes.  Full vision is available but like others before it the eyes are covered in plastic.  High impact plastic that is dark and smoked.  From the outside there is no penetrating the darkness to see the eyes underneath.  The plastic also has another feature in that the smoky quality reduces all that Peter can see down to black and white. This makes boots, leathers and more rubber even blacker than in reality.

As hot and cock hardening the outside looks it is the interior of the hood that set’s it apart as erotic.  The interior is an exacting match of Peter’s facial features.  His ears are three-dimensionalized, as are every other bump and recess of his head.  This hood also includes coverings for his lips, gums and teeth; something we have wanted to have happen so often.  Rubber encasement of the head to the max. and all that goes with it!

As tempting as it would seem, I could not bring myself to try the hood on.  I knew it fit only Peter so I could not really experience it.  Instead I had spent hours feeling every crevice with my fingers, imagining what it would feel like as it connected tightly to his head.  There was not a rough edge to be felt.  Nothing to make the hood uncomfortable in form or use.  I had designed it with a mere 5% reduction to allow a very snug fit but not enough to cause pressure point problems.  The fit would be unforgiving enough.

I arrived at my apartment and decided to change to make the ceremony more special.  I threw some things into a duffel bag as well as the hood.  I jacked off Peter’s boots and took off all the clothes I had on previously.  Now on went the skin tight leather breeches with the cod piece front, leather shirt with uniform piping.  With Peters snug boots back on I pulled out a leather jacket, grabbed the duffel bag and headed back for the car.

As much as I wanted to I could not just go directly back to Peter’s home.  Instead took a scenic route that allowed me to drive into the hills and just take in the LA landscape.  At one point I pulled the car over to the side of the rode and just sat looking out and messaging my hard cock thru the leathers.  The view was beautiful but was not registering.  Instead all I was thinking was of that last downward view of Peter harnessed, hooded with his hard cock straight out and  dripping, the drops hitting the tip of his boot toes before running around and down to the front sole before continuing the gravitational pull to the floor.  I could imagine the puddle that would have now collected in the few short hours since I closed the trap.  One last maul at my crotch and I started the car again and headed back down to Peter’s house.  It seemed like the car was on auto pilot.  Neither red lights or traffic seem to keep me away a minute longer.

I parked and walked towards the house.  I wanted to just run inside and hoist Peter out of the cell.  But instead opened the basement door and entered inside that way.  There, behind the stainless steel bars was his suspended body.  Though the hood was eyeless, he could hear me enter and the tantalizing woofs were coming from his lips.  The view of him was mesmerizing.  There before me were the locked on boots and black hooded head that inspired me.  The rest of his body was strapped and suspended.  The toes of his boots now gleamed with his precum and the floor was flooded as well.  I knew what I wanted to do.

I dropped the duffel bag and reached thru the cell’s bar with my gloved hand and grabbed Peter’s cock.  It was so wet and slippery that immediately my glove was covered with his precum as thick  motor oil.  I needed to milk him now…I needed to reward him for all his good works and deeds that just made me the hottest I could be.  I needed to reward him for all the shit eating grins he brought to my face.  But most of all I needed to relieve him of some of the pent-up anticipation.  The building of multi-layers of tension were necessary for what I had planned but he had not been milked in a number of days and I wanted to define this scene from others.

I pulled his booted feet with my other hand and planted a kiss on each of his boot toes, pausing at both long enough to let him know just how endearing I felt towards him at the moment. A sort of hissing sound came out from the grill.  Peter was breathing out thru his clenched teeth with emotion.  Finally, I gently let go of his boots and they swung a few inches backwards inside the cage. And with that motion his cock slid between my fingers in my other hand!  That was it!

“Peter I want you to figure out how to thrust back and forth while my hand is around your cock… are going to fuck my gloved hand!”  Another sort of whooshing sound came out thru the grill mouth followed by a guttural moan.  My hand tightened around his cock a little harder and pushed down his cock towards the base.  This was all the final encouragement Peter needed as he finally thrust his hips forward and backwards to start a swinging motion.  I loosened my grip just enough to give his cock the room to freely move thru my fingers.  Once the motion had started it was as if I was pumping away at this cock while he was bound in place.  A continual swinging motion kept his cock moving rhythmically thru my hand, but there was a definite growing power to the thrusts.

Before long Peter was on the edge when I felt some apprehension beginning to slow his rhythm down.  But he knew I would be displeased if he did not fuck my gloved hand.  It was that moment of decision, go over the edge or jump back. I could feel his emotional thought process and was sending back as much encouragement as possible. “I want your cum Peter!”  I barked out!  And with that his body spasmed uncontrollably and a thrust of heavy white cum spurted out filling my hand and spilling over……….enough for three or four regular orgasms.  It was so fucking hot to see the stream of cum covering my entire glove and dripping off in large globs hitting both is boots and the floor.  Finally Peter stopped ejaculating, his breathing was deep, his chest pumping in and out.  A restful state was beginning to take over and I saw the relaxation of his body set in.  I pumped his cock one more time to squeeze out the remaining cum from this load before letting go.  I then slathered what cum was still in my hand on his boots!  What a momentary sheen his cum gave his boots……what a white film would be left behind to mark his boots from today!

I stepped back to look again at Peter thru the bars of the tiny cell.  He was almost limp within the harness.  I knew that one side of him was sated and ready for release and the other side of him was ready for whatever was going to come next.  The time had come to introduce him to the hood!

I stepped out of the basement and went around to the front door.  After entering I did not hesitate stomping towards the corner of the bedroom and unlocking the trap.  Peter heard everything I did and could figure correctly that the hoist would be pulling him back up momentarily.  What he didn’t count on was that the hoist would stop short of him being complete out of the cell.  It stopped in just about the same position it had halted on his decent.  He probably thought I wanted him to get another whiff on my boots.  That was partially right.  The boot toes were just before the grill mouth, but I crouched down in order to start unlocking and unlacing the hood.  Once it was loosened I yanked the hood off in one quick silent motion.

I stood back upright and as Peter’s eyes adjusted to the light in the room I teased his lips with the right boot toe.  I knew when his eyes were focused because somehow immediately, without the use of his skilled tongue, he recognized his old boots on my legs and just said “Thank you for letting me see them on your feet Sir!”  I told him I wore them for the past several hours just for him… keep him with me as I went about my business.  His tongue was busy lapping that the toes before his face.  No asking for permission was necessary, he knew it was thrust forward for his admiration.   It felt so fucking hot to feel his tongue again at the boot on my foot.  My cock just swelled more in the leather breeches!  It was time to introduce the latest hood to Peter.


Part 3


“Have you been wondering what is going to happen next Peter?”  He did not remove his tongue from the boot when he replied affirmatively.  I had the shiny heavy hood in my hands.  Peter was so well trained to look no further than at my boot that I did not need to hide it anymore.  “Peter, how much money have you earned polishing boots?”  “Six dollars worth of change!”  was the response.  I pulled the boot away from his mouth and began to crouch again.  “I have a new item here for you Peter that I designed.  It is a new rubber hood that I think you will enjoy.  The cost of it is more than what you have earned, so we need to reset the books at negative three dollars.  It is well worth it though, you will be most happy with it on!”

I went on to explain that I didn’t want him to see the hood till it was installed.  It was made of thick pliable rubber that would be form fitting. He would notice any number of things about it once he was inside it, but currently I needed him to know that there were built in earplugs.  Once the hood was on he would have nearly no hearing available.  I wanted him to know that once he was inside the hood I planned to remove the locked on boots long enough to install his legs inside the neck entry catsuit and that once he was rubber encased I was lacing his legs into the crotch-high loggers.  Only then would he finally be allowed to check out the exterior of the hood.  Peter understood all.

“Close your eyes and open your mouth!” was the last words Peter heard.  He did as asked.  I had turned the mouth area of the hood inside out and began to work the rubber into the different teeth and gum channels.  Once I knew they were in place I motioned with his chin for Peter to keep his mouth closed. From there I began stretching the hood up and over his forehead and down the back of his head.  I reached about the sides to make sure the earplugs were aligned correctly and then finally pulled the neck part in place.  It was remarkably easy to do using both hands.  Taking it off later once he began to sweat inside of it would be by far more difficult!  Once assured the nostrils were in place I started to hoist him to floor level.  I stepped back to inspect his rubberized head.  I was rock hard just looking at it in place.  The smoked eyes were so eerie to see.   I had no idea what the expression Peter was making.  I could tell however, by his again dripping cock he was totally turned on to it!  It was now time to unlock his boots.

I dropped another small piece of sheet rubber over the top of the hood to cover over the eyes.  The agreement over the ownership of his legs made it mandatory that he did not see his legs naked without boots ever.  I closed the trap door so I could work closely.  Peter was about 5 inches off the floor still at this moment.  I undid the locks and slid the boots off, noticing the cum was already drying and marking the shafts of his boots.  This would be interesting for Peter to have to live with for some time.  Afterall, he was now negative Three Dollars towards his goal of getting me to lick his boots clean!  I stood them proudly in the corner of the room, their form staying upright indicating just how thick and rigid the leather really was.

A warm soapy hand towel was applied to his legs and feet, followed by a soft dry towel immediately.   A quick rubdown of his toes, insteps and ankles assured me that his feet and legs were still fine after all the time confined in the locking boots.  I went and got his heavy footed catsuit, powdered it and started to work his feet and legs into it. Within a minute both his legs were situated inside the suit up to his knees.  I lowered him back to floor level and began to undo the harness that was still on his body.  Once he was free of that I continued to work the suit up to waist level.  I stopped with the suit and began putting his old crotch-high loggers on his legs.  I knew Peter was wondering why his real boots, the locking boots were not being placed back on over the rubber. The answer to this would come later. And then I uncuffed his hands.  The long thick gloves went on next followed by working his arms into the sleeves.  I continued to pull the suit up until it was at his shoulders and then worked the zippers closed to the neck, making sure that it covered the neck of the hood too,  and locked both in place.  Peter was now completely rubber encased!

I stood back again to take one for look at him in all his rubber topped by this new strange hood.  It was time now for Peter to finally see what his head was in!  I walked him over to the full length mirror and just let him take it all in.  His rubberized hands immediately went up and began touching the hood, exploring the relation of it’s shape to what he felt inside. His mouth finally sprang open and eerie smile came to the lip-less rubber opening.  It made me think of that silly Happy Smile from the Seventies.  Thank the Infinite Universe that the rubber was black and not yellow!

Now that he had opened the mouth I needed to explore.  I put my gloved finger up to the crack and waited till Peter took my finger in and began sucking on it!  What a strange sensation it was to have him close down about my finger and firm rubber surrounding it while feeling his suction and tongue as usual. It would be a whole new sensation to be sucked off while Peter was inside this hood!  Peter could somehow tell what my next thought was for out of his mouth deep inside the hood came the following statement!

“My teeth and gums are rubber encased too.  I can never close my mouth completely because of the depth of the rubber over my teeth. Also the taste of your leather glove is completely new again.  My tongue first feels rubber and then immediately the leather as a shocking contrast!”

That was too much for me.  I pushed Peter down to his knees and then pulled his face into my full cod piece.  The rubber mouth opened and began to try to pull on my crotch.  Peter’s tongue was struggling to get out beyond the rubber hood and find my cock head inside the leather.  He would have to re-acclimate to using his mouth with this rubber hood on.  I could not wait any longer and pulled the cod-piece off myself.  My cock sprang straight out. I pushed it up to the mouth crack and a split second later the crack sprang open and my cock went in!  I felt the outer rubber close around my cock as it had with my gloved finger.  The fit was incredibly tight!  Next thing I knew Peter began his hungry assault on my cock again and my knees began to weaken.

Peter sensed this for next thing I knew he pushed me backwards on to his bed without ever letting go and continued to suck my cock.  It was such a new sensation to not feel his real lips about my cock, but it was hot nonetheless.  Peter was being aggressive in wanting to show how hot he was being encased in his new hood.  Before I knew it he was completely on top of me, his booted legs holding my shoulders down and my head was locked between them.  As much as I wanted to wait more before coming, Peter had won this round.  I locked my hands on to his leathered legs and submitted to his incredible ability to suck me off!  My body convulsed as I came, my entire load going directly down his throat!  I went limp underneath Peter and after regaining my composure I slapped his ass to indicate he was to let my cock go.  His head slowly reared off my crotch and my cock slowly emerged from the hood.  Peter was still sucking enough to create a vacuum effect and as the head of my cock pulled out there was a hissing sound and then nothing. Peter had learned already that the flat mouth crack gave new principles to this activity.  More like a vacuum than ever!

Peter got off of me and I quickly got to my feet as well.  I looked at Peter in the catsuit and could see his rock hard cock trying to poke thru the rubber!  He was on fire and I knew it.  Time to prep him for the second part of the ceremony!  “It’s night time outside Peter and we have to take a ride somewhere.  I am going to slip the bondage mitts on your rubberized hands and clip them together behind your back.  I am also fitting you with a collar and leash.”  I had not idea if he heard this or not. With the codpiece snapped back in place I was ready.  A tug on the leash and we began leaving the house for the car.  I opened up the back door and tugged at the leash to indicate for Peter to climb in.  It was then that he realized that he was not gagged.  Peter was laying on the seat, knowing not to show himself while we drove, when he again opened the mouth crack and said “Where are you taking me?”  I just gave him my big shit eating grin as I closed the door.  I hopped into the front seat, started the car and off we went.

To be continued?

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