The Interrogation of CIA Agent Ken Richardson – Part 2

By Joemal

Sitting on the cot across from me was a mid-20s soldier who was recently put through some punishment.  He sat there staring at my completely exhausted body.  I was out like a light. My body smells soon took over the tiny cell.  The toned soldier got off the cot and looked outside the cell as if to see if the coast was clear and then he came over to me.   He kneeled down beside me, his hands resting on the side of the cot.  He observed my slow shallow breaths.  The jarhead studied my body wondering what types of evils they put me through.  My skin was still shiny from being drenched with sweat.

After a few moments he knelt closer to my head and whispered, “Are you ok?”

I didn’t respond as I was nearly unconscious from the torture.

“Can you hear me?” he said.  Still with no response he put his fingers near my nose to make sure I was actually breathing.  He wanted to make me more comfortable so he brought my arms down along my sides and moved my legs together.  He could tell I was anally punished by the redness around my hole and he even partially saw my large ball sack which was equally as red.  He took the white briefs from off my back and laid them near my feet.  The soldier, showing compassion for what I must have went through now returned to his cot and sat on it looking back at me.

It must have been at least 3 or 4 hours and I occasionally moved during my sleep.  The jarhead was now just happy he at least had a cell companion.  He wanted to make me more comfortable so he thought he would turn me over.

“Hey buddy,” he whispered again, and slightly shook his head as I failed to respond.  He then grabbed my shoulders to try to twist me so I would lie on my back instead of my stomach.  It took some effort to move my 195 pound muscled body.  Moving me on my side he grabbed my right inner thigh and pulled it towards him forcing me to slump on my back.  My body jiggled from the final movement.  He stared point blank at my still rock hard erection which sprung away from my body.  I lay there, my eyes closed, mouth slightly open.  He has seen hard dicks before, even while being detained here, but he was amazed at the thickness of mine, and the large head.  Continually observing me, he saw the electro burn marks on my cock, legs, nipples and abs.  No wonder this guy wasn’t responsive he thought.  They must have really put the screws to him.

I suddenly blinked, and tried to swallow as my mouth was dry.

“Hey, hey man,” said the soldier.  “You’re alright, you’re ok.” And he tapped my five-o’clock shadowed cheeks.

As I slowly fluttered my eyes open, I drew in a deep breath.  I could begin to see hues of grey in the cell, and I now blinked my eyes even more to adjust to the light.

Noticing now I was regaining consciousness, the soldier snatched the brief and tried to cover my hard on with it.  A feeble attempt as it only tented over the dick.

“My head is pounding,” I said as I moved my hands up to my temples to massage them.  “I was fucking worked over.”

“You’re ok now.  They are not going to bother you.” calmed the soldier.

I looked at him.  He was a good looking stud, sandy hair, lightly hairy chest, nice biceps and shoulders and really thick thighs.  I could tell he was really concerned for my well being.  Then with sudden embarrassment I looked down at my stiff rod covered by the white briefs.

“Those briefs aren’t going to hide that.” I said as I closed my eyes in humiliation.

“Hey it’s ok.  I’ll turn away so you can at least put them on.”

As he got up and turned around I saw that he was wearing a similar pair but dark green.  I grabbed the briefs and brought my legs up to put them through the leg openings and then brought them up to my waist.  I am a size 32, and these were definitely meant for a 28 waist.  My cock raised the lycra type fabric away from my body and at least a third of my erected dick stretched past the waist band.  He turned back around and then sat on his cot.  I too got up from the laying position and sat across from him.

“What’s your name?” I asked solemnly.

“Jed,” he replied.

“How did you end up here?” I asked.

“I belong to the 34th Regiment based out of North Carolina.  I was sent to Honduras for 3 months along with my platoon to help keep a well traveled road not too far from here safe from bandits.  Well, one night about a week ago I was on foot and these thugs over powered me and took me here.”

“Your platoon must me looking for you.”

“Yeah, I hope so.  Hank was also captured.  He’s in another cell across the hall.  He’s our platoon leader.  So they gotta be searching for us.”

“Have they done anything to you?” I asked taking in a deep breath.

“Oh yeah,” Jed replied, “When they brought me in here, it was the dark of night so I really couldn’t tell where I was.  They took my gun, and took off my fatigues leaving me only in my underwear.  They shoved me into a small cell where I could only crouch or kneel.  They left me there until morning.  When they opened the cell a man in a white coat grabbed me and rubbed something under my nose.  It smelled really chemically and it instantly made me hazy.”

“Did this man in the white coat take you to a room that was set up kind of like an operating room?”

“Uh, yeah, I would guess you could call it that.” said Jed.  “This guy pulled off my underpants.  He had his guards hang me from my wrists.  I was totally fricking exposed.  He then injected me with something just above my dick.”

“He did the same to me, but I bet the serum was probably different for you.”

“Well whatever it was made all of my nerve endings very sensitive.  It even gave me a hard on.”

“Did he shock you like he did me?” I asked.

“No, he didn’t shock me, but he wheeled over a freakish machine and stuck my hard dick in this tube.  And mother fuck man, did that hurt.  That fuck’in thing squeezed and pulled on my dick for at least 30 or so minutes.”

“That machine made you cum didn’t it.” I realized.

Jed nodded his head, “Yup, I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I shot my load into that machine.  I saw my jizz go into this little tube, then into the machine.  But that guy didn’t do that to me just once.  He had me unshackled and then strapped me to a chair and he left the room.  He came back I would say about 45 minutes later and had me shackled up again.  This idiot injected me again, which gave me another hard on.  He then hooked me up to the machine again!  This time I was begging him not to.  He just ignored me as if I wasn’t really there.  He didn’t even talk to me the whole time.  It took longer for me to cum this time.  He was getting a little pissed too.  He turned up the motor on the machine which just fucking sucked and squeezed the hell out of my cock.  That fucking bastard hooked me up to that machine 2 more times!”

I sat there.  My heart now pounding thinking I could be hooked up to that machine as well.  “Then you were brought here?”

He nodded his head, and looked down.  “The last time I was hooked up I couldn’t cum anymore.  He had wrung me dry.  When he discovered I wasn’t going to cum he snapped off the machine and pulled it away from my cock.  My dick was rubbed and squeezed so hard it had a couple a welts on it.  He then grabbed a black cloth bag with a draw string and these briefs.  He ordered me to put them on and then he hooded me cinching the string pretty tight around my neck.  Finally he snapped at the guards to take me to this cell.”

“Holy mother,” I said, and that was no where near what that fucking bastard did to me.  “You said you’ve been here a week?”

“Yeah, about a week, you really never know what is going to happen.  Guards come in down the cell block grabbing guys all the time, day and night.”

“I assume they are feeding you, right?”

“Well if you can call it food,” miffed Jed, “they give us creamed corn, luckily lots of water, sometimes milk, and we were given carrots once.”

“Hmm, “ I said, “Lopez must be getting into the slave trade.”

“What?  You think so?”

“He’s gotta be,” I replied, “This compound looks like it was made to bring in captured guys, break ’em down, weaken them, then sell ’em off to the highest bidder.  I bet you he is wanting to get out of the cocaine business.”

At that moment the metal doors down at the end of the hall clanked open and footsteps were heard coming down the hall.  We both silenced as the guards drew closer.  They opened the cell where Hank was in.

“Come with us, now!” shouted the guard.  I went to the bars of the cell and looked down the hall.  They grabbed Hank, and forcibly handcuffed him.  Hank cursed at them as they ushered him down the hall.

“What do you think they are going to do to him?” I asked Jed.

Jed got off his cot and tried looking down the hall to get a glimpse of Hank being taken away.  Jed just shook his head, “That’s Hank my platoon leader.  He’s a total cock.  He smarts back to them, and even acts like he got secret information, which he doesn’t.  They take him away almost every day and he returns sometimes in the same condition as you were brought in.”

“He should learn to shut his fucking mouth,” I said.

“He’s told me they have shocked his dick before.”

“How old is he?” I asked curiously.

“I think he’s 31 or 33, I’m really not sure.  But he is a hard ass platoon leader.  Its like he’s got something to prove.” said Jed returning to his cot.

Meanwhile the guards hauled Hank back to the torture chamber.  He struggled against them.  They knocked on the door, and Dr. Frankin told them to enter.

“Just what the fuck are you going to do with me now Frankin?” demanded Hank as the guards shoved him into the room.

“I am going to break you if it is the last thing I do Sergeant.” spit Frankin, “Guards strip off his brief and shackle the wrists above his head.”

As the guards obeyed the orders, Frankin shoved the black ball gag that was in my mouth into Hank’s.  One of the guards then jerked off his white briefs.  His cock and balls bobbled back and forth reacting from the sudden action.  The guards then widely separated his feet and shackled them to the floor.  With the wench handle located on the wall, Frankin turned the handle which slowly raised Hanks bound wrists, stretching his body where he was forced to stand on his tippy toes.  Hank muffled out obscenities through the gag, but they came upon deaf ears.  Once Frankin was done with the wench he went over to a cabinet and retrieved a syringe.  Hank shook his head back and forth and scowled at Frankin.  With the long syringe the evil doctor lifted Hank’s large ball sack and injected him just underneath the balls.  The fluid instantly stung the inside of Hank’s groin.  He violently jerked trying to offset the injection pain.  And like the other punishments Hank endured, his cock became fully erect within a minute or two after the toxin entered his system.  His long cut cock pulsed as the blood flowed in.  While his cock was assuming the erection, the doctor clamped his nipples, and applied clamps on his bushy armpits further constricting his movement.  Now his penis was fully hard.  The head was rosy pink in color.  Frankin then attached a leather parachute around Hanks ball bag and snapped in firmly in place.  Then he grabbed a thick little leather strap that had a ring attached to it.  He placed the strap just under the cock head.  Hank was now breathing hard as this punishment was new.  Frankin then attached a rope to the ring on the cock strap.  The rope hung from a pulley in the ceiling.  The rope then traveled down to another wench that sat on a heavy portable table.  Then with another rope coming from the wench, Frankin attached that to the parachute.  Hank’s fearless motions now turned in to pleads for mercy.

“It’s now time for some endurance stretching, my sexy American Sergeant,” Frankin said in one of his more sinister voices.  He walked back to the wench, and began turning the handle.  The ropes slowly tightened.  At first Hank could compensate a little by moving forward a tiny inch, but soon that wouldn’t help.  The ropes grew tighter and tighter now pulling his dick and balls in opposite directions away from his body.  The pain from the constant pull began to sting his balls.  His erect cock was now completely red from being stretched to its total limit.  Frankin for good measure cranked the wench handle a couple more final clicks.  Hank was now totally stretched.  The parachute gave no mercy to his nuts, and his dick was stretched so much you could even see some blue veins.  Hank tried desperately to balance himself from the severe pull while keeping on his tippy toes.

“Let’s see just how long you can handle this position.  Obviously there must be some enjoyment as there is pre-cum on your piss slit.” barked Frankin as he inspected Hank’s struggling muscled body.  Hank turned his head and just looked at him.  It was obvious that he was seriously straining from the cock and ball stretching.

Frankin then walked behind him.  There were a few moments of silence, then all of the sudden he swung a modified cat o-nine tales across Hanks back.  The swift impact stung his back and threw him off balance.  He whaled in pain.  Then it came again… WHACK! The cat o-nine tales had small marble like balls attached on the end of each tale that struck his lower back.  The sting sent shock waves through his entire body.  The clamps on his nipples and pits jiggled after every back breaking blow.  Then WHACK, this time the doctor struck Hank’s bubble butt.  The marbles stung his glutes.  He tensed them instantly to ward off some of the sting.  Frankin continued additional strikes against Hank’s muscled back.  The red marks now deepened as he re-struck the areas of his mid back and shoulder blades.  Now trembling, Hank tried to manage the searing inflictions Frankin administered on his back and ass along with the torturous stretching of his cock and balls.  The doctor then walked around now facing him.  Hank’s eyes were red from the strain and saliva drooled down to his chin, some of it dripping onto his hairy pecs.  Frankin enjoyed seeing this rebellious troop leader suffering from the cock stretching.  Hank’s cock head was bright red as a result of the pain from being extended.  Without saying anything Frankin picked up a foot long black leather wrapped dowel.  Hank’s eyes widened and shook his head in feeble protest.  Frankin stood coldly in front of him, his legs slightly spread.  He tapped the instrument slowly into his right palm.  A small sinister smile grew on Frankin’s face.  He then motioned closer to Hank’s trembling body.  Hank’s rock hard penis was next, and at the mercy of the doctor.  Drawing his hand back with the instrument, Frankin whacked the dowel fiercely against the front mid section of Hank’s already punished dick.  His cock bobbled back straining against the rope that firmly pulled it forward.  Hank emitted muffled gurgling noises from the ball gag.  He violently shook shaking his head back and forth trying to rid the stinging pain.  Again Frankin struck the tortured cock this time with a little more force.  Hank’s cries were louder as tears now streamed from his eyes.  The third blow impacted with the leather ring just under the cock head which slightly cushioned the pounding.  Pre-cum now oozed and dribbled down his reddened shaft.  Hank was now trembling out of control and Dr. Frankin knew he was at his limit.  He went over the wench and released the tension to the cock and balls.  As more slack was added the gurgling noises from Hank lowered in intensity.  Frankin loosened and took off the leather cock strap and Hank’s penis pulsed on it’s own with pre-cum nearly coating the entire head.  The parachute was then taken off.  A prominent red ring encircled his scrotum where the parachute had its grip.

“Guards!” yelled Frankin, “unshackle him, and take him to the table.”

The two guards in the room brought his stretched wrists down, both slumping to his sides.  The guard undoing his ankles from the floor then grabbed the ankles, and the other guard holding him from under his armpits hoisted him onto the wooden torture table.  His armpits and nipples were still clamped.  Once strapped down and tightly spread eagled, Frankin without mercy snapped off the clamps which induced an intense stinging pain across his large areolas.

Frankin then rested both hands on the table studying the weakened but still struggling platoon leader.  “I need a large concentration of your DNA.  Of course your semen contains the largest amount.  I plan on mixing your semen with a truth serum. Once combined with your semen it takes on a new form which I will inject into you.”  Tightly grabbing the base of Hank’s erect penis (just above his balls) Frankin continued, “No man has defeated the truth serum.  We will make you sing like a canary.  Lopez wants to know where the rest of your men are, and we will get them.”

All that Hank could do was to move his pelvis back and forth and rotate his ankles.  The body and cock blows and especially the genital stretching weakened him beyond any soon recovery.

Frankin then released his grip and retrieved a long cock shaped dildo which had a handle attached at the end of it.  With the lube, Frankin heavily coated the skin colored device.

“I know you are a homosexual, so making you cum, will be fairly easy,” chirped Frankin, “During interrogation it is easy to find out if the man I am putting through “examination” is homosexual by the various techniques I apply.  Almost every man who maintains a firm erection after I insert a device into his anus is most likely a man who enjoys anal sexual stimulation.  And you and I know Sergeant that every time I have placed a device into your ass your penis hardens or remains fully hard.”

Now that it was brought to light that Hank was gay, he now knew his tough stance and resistance would have a lesser impact.  Hank’s struggle against the leather cuffs and straps stopped.  He now just lied there and turned his head away from Frankin.

He felt Frankin’s finger nails as he touched his glutes to widen Hank’s hole a little bit so he could insert the well lubed dildo.  Hank made some noises through his nose as the large penis like device forced its way into his anus.  Once it filled his lower guts, Frankin then slowly and methodically pulled it in and out to stimulate his anal nerve endings.  His butt muscles tightly clenched the dildo as the slow and sensual rape began.  Within a minute or so of the dildo going in and out, Hank’s pelvis started to move in motion with the ass-fuck toy.  By now more pre-cum had escaped the penis head.  Still very red from the stretch session, this cock now very hard strained upright to a 90 degree angle.  The doctor inserted the dildo as deep as it could go which was all the way to the base of the handle.  He left it there and from the cart next to the table he retrieved a hand held metal device.  It was electrical as he had to plug it into the wall.   He snapped on the device which made a whirring noise like that of an electric shaver.  One side of it had a 3 or 4 inch piece of rubber attached to it.  The doctor grabbed Hank’s erection and then held the vibrating machine tight against his shaft.  Then with his other hand he returned to the slow ass fucking with the dildo.  The old nasty vibrator did its job and well.  The vibrations tantalized Hank’s huge semi hairy penis.  He closed his eyes as his body went from coping with torturous pain to nerve endings being sensually teased.  He began to take deep breaths as the metal vibrator kept on its mission to eventually produce the ejaculate Frankin so badly needed.  The slow in and out movements of the fake cock forced a glistening ring of lube to surround Hank’s hole.  His glutes practically involuntarily squeezed the dildo on its outward motion, clenching it as the head of it came close to pulling out.  The doctor then shoved it right back in forcing Hank to exert a rather harsh exhale from his nostrils.  Then Frankin picked up the tempo turning the little dial on the ancient vibrator making it whirr even louder.  He pumped his well lubed ass even more vigorously.  Hank was headed towards an inevitable climax.  His heart began to pound faster as the cum began to stir within his prostate.  He felt his scrotum tighten against his pelvis.  Frankin’s sadistic actions quickened.

“EJACULATE!”  Shouted Frankin has he grew ever more sinister.

Hank’s hairy pecs heaved up and down and his pelvis moved even quicker with the now rapid in and out movements of the dildo.  His cock head fully mushroomed now twitched.  Frankin new Hank was now beyond the point of no return.  He stopped the ass fucking and grabbed a little glass jar to catch the semen.  Hank made gurgling noises through the well saliva coated gag.  He couldn’t hold it any longer… his penis shot sperm out of the piss slit like Old Faithful.  Frankin removed the vibrator and held the penis down to catch the copious amounts of sperm that shot violently from the cock.  A third, fourth, fifth and sixth long ropes of jizz blasted into the glass with the first couple ropes splattering into the bottom of the little jar.

‘Excellent!” exclaimed the wicked doctor as he even held the jar close to Hank’s cock head to even gather the post semen dribbles.  Once the last glob of sperm oozed out of the piss slit Frankin took his new prized position over to a work table.  With a large syringe he drew out nearly all of the jizz.  He then re-injected it into a bottle containing the truth serum.  He quickly mixed the contents together by shaking the bottle.

Hank looked at what all was going on.  Now his senses went from a forced erotic sensation to that of fear and anxiety of what will happen next.  The dildo deep inside his guts now started to make his anus ache.  His penis was losing the erection and was coated with the remains of his spunk which the smell of it began to takeover the area he was in.

“Guards,” ordered Frankin, “Go tell Lopez I am administering the truth serum.”

The guards quickly left the chamber and Frankin returned to the torture table.  “I am going to inject this into your right armpit.  It will take 30 minutes for the truth serum to take effect.  Once the guards return I will have them put your brief back on as to make you somewhat presentable for Lopez.  And I will make sure they fasten you firmly to the chair.  I will say this,” warned Frankin, “any outbursts as I will be removing the gag will mean instant electric shocks to your chest.  I will hook electrodes to each of your nipples to make sure that you give Lopez the complete respect he deserves.  Do you understand me Sergeant?”

With horrendous fear, Hank slowly nodded.  He hadn’t yet laid eyes on Lopez and now that was his newest biggest fear.  There are stories of this man.  That Lopez has a diabolical temper, a mad man, and if he doesn’t get what he wants, all hell breaks loose.

Frankin motioned over to Hank’s spread eagled body.  With the syringe in hand, Frankin moved some of Hank’s bushy hair that filled his right armpit.  Hank turned his head to watch with worry as the doctor poked the needle into Hank’s sweaty skin.  The evil truth serum stung as it entered Hank’s system.  The white liquid which contained nearly all of Hank’s sperm was no almost fully injected.  Hank squirmed a bit as the fluid made its way through his veins.

“Don’t move!” yelled Frankin as he was almost done with the procedure, “there, it should begin to take effect shortly.”  He lowered his face down closer to Hank’s.  “You will feel tingling throughout your torso.  Then you will go numb.  It is then when you will be in a hypnotic state where Lopez will be able to retrieve the information he wants.”

Hank’s heart began to pound faster.  His naked body began to shake a little.  He made subtle gurgling noises through the ball gag.

Just then the door opened and in came the two guards. They spoke to Frankin in Spanish letting him know that Lopez is on his way down to interrogate the Sergeant.  Frankin responded to remove Hank from the table and tie him firmly to the wooden chair over in the far corner of the chamber.  The guards put down their rifles and one went to Hank’s feet and the other to his wrists and undid the bonds.  The chest and pelvis straps were detached and they moved Hank’s body off of the table. One of them grabbed his dirty white briefs slipped them back up Hank’s legs and over his bulge and ass.  His cock, still a little semi hard pointed up and to the right tenting the lycra-cotton fabric.  They then walked him over to the chair.  Hank solemnly walked over with them knowing that any kind of protest would lead to some sort of harsh punishment.  They pushed him into the wooden chair which had a long backboard.  They strapped him in with a rubber strap snuggly holding him in place just under his pecs.  The rubber strap was so tight it constricted his breathing.  Another rubber strap tightly secured his waist just above the waistband of the brief.  His knees were spread wide, tied with rubber to the chair’s leg posts exposing his vulnerable bulge.  The thighs, ankles and calves were also strapped in.  Hank was now secure.  A bright halogen light was turned on just above Hank’s head.  The heat from the light was intense.  It was so bright he squinted and couldn’t see anything else in the room.  Frankin came over to him and took out the ball gag.  Hank instantly coughed and cleared his throat several times.  His head was now getting hazy, and the tingling of his nerves was at its height.  Even his cock twitched a couple of times as the serum even made its way though the veins of his penis.

The door to the chamber opened.  In came Lopez with two heavily muscled Latin guards on each side of him.  Lopez, in his early 30s had a huge chest with long black hair that he wore in a ponytail.  He had no facial hair, and had a strong thick jaw.  He wore a tight, shiny black tank top, military fatigues and military boots.  His arms were folded as his entered and he had a very stern and focused look on his face.  The doctor and Lopez exchanged some words in Spanish and then Lopez came over to the well secured Sergeant.

“Welcome,” said Lopez in very good English, “From what understand you have been very uncooperative.  Well, it is time we become better friends… sound good?”

Hank just stared at that Honduran specimen.  His chest struggled against the rubber strap as he tried to breath.  He couldn’t believe one of the largest drug running kingpin’s on the planet was right in front of him.

“Your name is Sergeant Henry McKenzie.  You’re 31, you’re a platoon leader in the United States Army.  Your home town is Casper Wyoming, and you like to work out, shoot guns and it seems Sergeant McKenzie you like to fuck men.”  He said in a matter of fact kind of way.

A cold shock wave over came Hank and his mouth slightly opened.  He remained expressionless and now just stared into Lopez’s mid section.

By now Dr. Frankin rolled up the electro machine near Hank’s chair and with two clamps he attached them on to Hank’s already very tender nipples.

“I’ll make sure he respects you,” assures the doctor.  He snaps on the machine and it comes to life.

As he grew to the numbing stage of the toxin, the clamped nipples didn’t feel the sting as it did before.  He was now losing control of his thoughts and his mind drifted into a fog.

“Sergeant,” said Lopez who now stepped just inches away Hank, “it seems you control a platoon of men.  Usually that responsibility is bestowed on to a lieutenant, but it seems the US Army must be cutting back.  Of this platoon Sergeant, I would guess not all 40 of them are hounding my compound, so I would like for you to tell me what men of yours are surrounding my area so my guards can retrieve them.”

Hank began to tremble.  The heat of the light made his forehead sweat.  He looked up at Lopez.  And Lopez stared right back.

“Tell me,” Lopez said in a calm but evil tone.

Hank couldn’t help it.  His mind was forcing him to reveal the whereabouts of his soldiers.  He fought the urges, but the toxin was far too overpowering.  His mental state was at the mercy of the doctor and Lopez.  He slightly shook his head.  Lopez nodded at Frankin to administer some electricity to coax Hank along.  Frankin turned the dial to 3, and an electrical current zapped his nipples.  He immediately stiffened up, his jaw jerked open.

Now in a swirling fog, Hank couldn’t resist the urges to reveal the whereabouts of his men.   He closed his eyes as he spoke, “Th-there are 10 men stationed on the bluff ne-north.. uh-of your compound.  Th-there’s another three monitoring your entrance gate.”

“And?” said Lopez

Hank’s chest moved up and down, and glistened with sweat caused by of the heat of the lamp.  Hank tried to fight the serum.  The urges were too strong, he couldn’t battle the serum as it sinisterly took over his brain.

“You’re a very good looking Man,” complemented Lopez as he put his hands down on Hank’s wrists.  He slowly started to squeeze his wrists.  Hank’s eyes made contact with Lopez’s.  “It’s a shame that we have to punish such a man as you.  Your strong sexy chest… it looks like you pay attention to your body, which is good.  I am sure you pay just as much or even more attention to your men.  I think there are more than just 13 soldiers traipsing around my compound.  Where are the others?!”  He barked.

Hank’s chest heaved up and down as the toxin swirled inside him.  Sweat now poured from his forehead and ran down past his temples.  To coax him along Frankin zapped his abused nipples with 2 short sharp jolts.  The sudden shock threw Hank’s head back hitting it hard against the wooden backing of the chair.

“Th-there’s another 10 men camped down along the river about 20 minutes s-south of here.” Stuttered Hank as he trembled from the pain.  “The ra-rest of the platoon is back in Teg-tagucigalpa, a-waiting orders.”

Lopez looked at his two guards with a snide smile and told them in Spanish to assemble the rest of his guards to ambush the men at the camp, and then to round up the rest of the soldiers on their way back.  He told them to start this operation after midnight tonight.

Hank was curious what Lopez was saying.  He knew it had to be orders directed to capture his men.  “They will fight you Lopez,” mustered Hank as he drew in a deep breath.

Lopez looked back at Hank taking his hands off of his wrists, “Oh I am sure they will put up a fight.  I am sure you trained them well.”  And he opened the waist band of Hank’s tight briefs exposing his semi hard cock and balls now sweaty with cum still encircling the cock head.  Lopez then grabbed Hank’s cock and gripped it tightly, and he came within an inch of the Sergeant’s face, “For your sake, those little bastards better run, because those that we catch will get the same treatment as you, if not worse… compadré.”

Hank clenched his teeth and squinted his eyes trying to bare the pressure squeeze Lopez was administering to his cock.  He withdrew his clench after a second or two and stood back.

“We have enough from him now.  Good work doctor.  Your tactics continually amaze me how you can make it so easy for me to get the answers that I need,” smiled Lopez as he reached for a rag that was over on the counter so he could wipe off the sweat and grime that was on his hand from after grabbing Hank’s sticky penis.  He then began to walk towards the door and his two buff guards followed him.

“It is a pleasure sir,” responded Frankin nodding as Lopez exited the room.  Frankin then turned back to the defeated Sergeant whose head had fallen forward still sweating from the intense heat from the halogen bulb.

Frankin snapped off the light and unclipped the electrodes off his chest which pulled some hairs in the process.  He ordered the remaining guards to un-strap him and to hose him down to rid him of his sweat and stench.

As the guards undid the rubber straps Hank gathered the last few ounces of strength he had and tried to swing out at Frankin as he got to his feet, barely missing the back of Frankin’s head with his fist.  Stunned by the sudden burst of insubordination, Frankin flinched his eyes amazed at Hank’s action.  The two guards quickly subdued the platoon leader bringing him to his knees and bending his arms behind his back.

Now enraged by this, Frankin ordered the guards to strap Hank back onto the torture table.  “Spread-eagle him, NOW!” cursed Frankin.  “And strip off his brief!”

“F-fuck you!” stammered Hank as they picked up his body to haul him over to the table that he was strapped to not so long ago.

“Spread-eagle him, ass up,” said Frankin as he hurriedly grabbed the dildo he used on him earlier and he grabbed a large stainless steal paddle that had large air holes throughout.

Obeying the command the guards maneuvered Hank and got him into the table slamming his chest down hard onto the wooden table.  One of the guards jerked off his brief before shackling his ankles to the corners of the table.  His large hairy ballsack was exposed, smashed against the wooden table and the weight of his body.  His legs were separated far enough that you could even see a little bit of the pink of his punished hole.

Hank struggled with the bondage.  He grunted and cursed Frankin under his breath.

Once secured Frankin walked in front of the table facing Hank with the implements in hand.  “You will certainly pay for your feeble attempt to strike out at him… faggot.”  Hank looked back at him, staring at the shiny stainless steal paddle.  “You think would have learned your lessons by now, but I guess not.”  He then walked around to the side of the table closer to Hank’s exposed ass.  Hank still tried to struggle.  He knew Frankin was going to whale on his ass with that paddle.  Sensing this he tried to squeeze his glutes in anticipation.

WHACK! Thundered down the paddle slamming against Hank’s firm buttocks.

“AWWWW.. FUCK!” screamed the sergeant as the impact stung his ass.

WHACK!  Another merciless impact came down.  Hank arched up his head and chest trying to deal with the blows.

“Come here!” demanded Frankin to the guards.  “One on each side of the table, now!  Grab his ass check and spread them wide!”  Each guard motioned to the table.  Hank could feel their dry hands grab his glutes and they forcibly spread them apart exposing his very pink hole.  “Hold him still,” commanded Frankin.  He then drew back the paddle and slammed it as hard as he could right against Hank’s fleshy pink hole and ballsack.

“AWWWW! MOTHER FUCKER!” screamed Hank in horrendous pain.  The guards struggled to hold Hank still as he wrangled against the ankle and wrists straps.

Again Frankin punished his anus and balls with strong force 3 more times.  By now visible marks reddened on his ballbag and the area between his sack and asslips.  Hank was now breathing hard.  His eyes were now closed as he was now beginning to enter unconsciousness.

Administering one last final whack on the ass, the doctor told the guards to let go as it was time for the dildo.  Frankin grabbed the flesh colored rubber cock, and nuzzled the head of it on Hank’s tender asslips.  Hank didn’t respond.  The doctor then shoved the head of the dildo inside Hank.  He then emitted a short grunt as the dildo slowly entered Hanks battered hole.  Then with torturing force, Frankin shoved the dildo in and out rapidly making Hank to notice his actions.  With his eyes still closed he barely lifted his head off the table trying every so slightly to cope with the dildo rape.  In and out, in and out for several times, each time a little more harder then the last pump.  After about 3 or 4 minutes of the continual dildo rape, Frankin noticed he was now punishing an unconscious body.  With his right hand still using the dildo to fuck Hank, he moved over to Hank’s head and with his left arm he circled it around Hank’s head, squeezing Hank’s neck by flexing his bicep.

“Working you over, is definitely a pleasure of mine,” whispered the doctor into Hank’s ear.  “Fucking you with this dildo gives me great satisfaction to know you’re in pain.”

Hank’s eyes were still closed and he showed no emotion.  Clearly Hank’s body had been put through enough as he had completely shut down.  Frankin then withdrew the dildo.  It was clear the dildo did its punishing job as he saw streaks of blood on the rubber cock.

“Guards, take him to his cell, and when he awakes, take him to be hosed down.”

Frankin then left the room, leaving Hank lay on the table, visibly knocked out from the hours of punishment.  The guards then unshackled Hank and dragged his naked punished body off of the table.  They slipped his briefs back on and they dragged him out of the room and back to his cell.




NOTE: This story is completely fictitious and was written for amusement purposes only. All characters are well over 18 years of age.


Metal would like to thank Joemal for this story. You can find Joemal on Recon.



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