Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 02 and 03

By boyinacage

Part 2 – The Decision

Have you ever tried to cut through titanium with bolt cutters? It is near on impossible. Have you ever tried to do the same with Kevlar? Same result. How do I know this? Because when I finally got home I tried to cut the chains that connected my tits to my cock and all I managed to do was damage the bolt cutters. It turned out that the chains were titanium coated in Kevlar – a pretty expensive piece of kit to waste.

Anyway, back to where we were. I had to walk the 20 minutes home with nothing but the chain and a towel barely long enough to wrap around me. At five in the morning there are few people about, but those that are have no compunction in hurling abuse. So, getting home was not a picnic and I was relieved to be in the front door. I headed straight to the toolbox, grabbed the bolt cutters and totally failed to cut the chains. I wasn’t about to start on the padlocks as they were too tight to my tits and cock to make me risk it.

Stress was where I was at now because I had to be in work shortly and I had a client meeting at nine. That meant an hour to lie down and rest and a rethink of the wardrobe.  I like my clothes well fitted, it shows off the chest and the arse and a well developed package. Additionally, a nice fitted shirt gives people a double-take when they see the outline of the nipple rings. It throws them off and often helps me achieve the upper hand in client meetings. Now of course the padlocks and chains are going to stick out like dog’s balls.

In the end I wore a t-shirt under my business shirt which is a bit odd for summer but it helped soften the lines. The chastity device was almost impossible to hide and I ended up wearing some baggy trousers that were fashionable 10 years ago.  Throughout the day I had the feeling that people were staring and I found that if I made any sudden movements the chains pushed my shirt out in the most obvious manner. To top it all off my cock was getting excited every time I felt I was being embarrassed, every slightest move impacted on the chain and hence on my cock.

Now, you may be wondering how I knew the chain was made of Kevlar coated titanium. Well, it’s the same way I discovered that the chastity device was a custom made device from Steelwerks. Recon messaging. When I got home that evening I was exhausted and embarrassed and I had every intention of logging onto Recon and blasting this guy alpha, but he got in first.

“Hi boy, bet you had a fun filled day. We enjoyed our time with you last night and are offering you the chance of serving my Masters’ friends from Germany. We have had many applications but you are the first we are offering the chance to. If you don’t want to take up this opportunity you will need to follow our instructions – if you don’t follow them we will assume that you have acquiesced and we will make sure that you are in position to serve when they arrive.”

That sure sounded confident and one sided. I read on to see how I could get out of it.

“The chains you are wearing are titanium, as are the padlocks and the chastity cage. Note that the chains are also coated in Kevlar. You will not be able to remove any of these without our assistance. You will also note the unique design of the chastity cage – it was made to my Master’s specification by Steelwerks. Note the design features. The tube has a hole on the underside near the head of your cock, you will note that the padlock acting as your PA actually passes through the hole as well as your cock – you will not be able to remove your cock from the tube. You should also notice welded to the body end’s underside of the tube a clasp that has encircled your ball sack, whilst this is reasonably loose the diameter is in fact smaller than your balls, this means that you won’t be able to squeeze your balls out of the cockring because you won’t be able to get them near it. Without the key for the PA padlock, and the internal lock and for the ball stretcher, you’re fucked without our help. I’ll send instructions tomorrow on our early release scheme. alpha”

Looking at Steelwerks’ website I actually began to feel that I got off lightly – they make some seriously weird stuff. I decided not to respond to the recon message as I would probably say something that I might later regret. It is one thing to have fantasies about sex, bondage and humiliation and another to take them into your working life. It was three weeks to Christmas which is a seriously long time to wear inconvenient kit like this – how was I going to do my gym work out? I went to bed, confused.

In the morning there was another note. “We think you’ll really enjoy the 10 days with the guys from Berlin. You certainly seemed to enjoy your time on Wednesday night. Anyway, if you decide it’s all a bit too much and you don’t have the balls to take us up on the ten days you’ll need to give our stuff back – there’s over a grand’s worth hanging off your nips and cock.”

God this guy could go on – wish he’d get to the point. “Tomorrow night, 10pm, you will need to go to the North Eveleigh rail yard. Walk around to the back of the sheds behind the old Station Master’s house. Being a Saturday the area at the front should be well lit up for the Carriage Works theatre crowd. On the back steps you will find a hood you are familiar with, two sets of handcuffs and two sets of leg cuffs. You will also find a pair of wrist restraints and a pair of leg restraints.”

Under normal circumstances I would start to go hard here but with the chastity device it wasn’t to be, although I could feel the pre-cum dripping from my cock.

“Take your clothes off here and lace on your boots and then put on the restraints. Yes, I have your boots from the other night and they’ll be on the steps too. Walk 500 yards along the fence, I have marked where you are to attach the cuffs in red paint. Clip your legs first, put the hood on, then one hand. Be careful with the other because if you don’t get this right you’ll be stuck there until somebody else finds you.”

My cock is bobbing up and down and the pre-cum is dripping. Reading the note I’m rubbing my cockhead in small circular motions with the pre-cum, which is really dumb because all I’m doing is creating sexual frustration for myself.

“If you have done this correctly we will remove the chains and the device exactly two hours after you’ve placed on the last cuff. Don’t panic, we won’t leave you chained to the fence. We will replace the cuffs with ice locks. Ice locks are two pieces of metal which are frozen together. When they melt they will automatically release taking about 4-6 hours. Once you’re free you can keep the restraints. Don’t respond to this message or else we won’t be there. You either turn up or you don’t. No second chances.”

The agony of choice. These guys seemed to have everything sorted. Did I want to go on with it, or end it all here? I had 36 hours to decide. Just the scene would make it worthwhile to do now, whilst the alternative was to wear the chains for the next three weeks. Mind you, after the last scenario, and the suggested scenario it would be worth the wait.

It was Friday, and our Christmas Party, so I decided to dress baggy. Some short term relief on the hardware I was wearing. I also decided to free-ball. I don’t know how you guys go with underwear and chastity devices but I find them difficult to work with. The morning was fine and I was careful to guard my movements. Going for a piss in the afternoon was difficult as I had discovered that pissing through a padlock required me to sit rather than stand and I still ended up with the dribbles – which is fine with underwear but not when free-balling.

Saturday I woke in the early afternoon. God awful hang over. It was raining – again. I was as horny as hell, which often happens after drinking too much. Could I put up with three weeks of this? No. I needed to shoot my load. Now. I couldn’t. Mind you, tugging on the chains got my nipples heated and that was a great sensation. I made my mind up, I’d go through with the scene and give up on the Christmas cheer.

The instructions were easy to follow and I found the equipment exactly where it was said to be. On top was a buff envelope.  I opened it. Inside were a few photos of the scene on Wednesday night and a short note. The pictures stirred my cock again. Nothing in them identified me but jeez they were hot. I turned over the note. I read it. “Are you only here because you don’t think you could make the next three weeks without cumming?” Could this guy read my mind? “If it is, maybe there is an alternative. If you want to enjoy our Berlin guest’s attentions but need to cum sooner, turn over the note and follow the alternative instructions.”

The back of the note contained the following instructions. “Strip. Put on the boots. Put on the restraints. Lock one handcuff to one wrist, the other to the other wrist. Walk to the shed directly in front of you. Take the hood with you. There is a wooden bench in front of the shed. Lie down in front of it. Put the hood on. Link each open cuff to the diagonal boot – typical hogtie style.”

The shed was in darkness. The lights around the theatre car park went out – good, not as public a scene as it could have been. I could just make out my way in the moonlight. Yes, I changed my mind. I could have my cake and eat it too. I followed these new instructions instead. I lay down in the muddy dust, the attached gag in my mouth, hood tightly laced – no padlock. Cuffs diagonally locked, I was going nowhere.

An eternity later I was laying there, why do I do this to myself? I didn’t even have the protection of HQ this time. I jerked into wakefulness as a boot kicked me in the bum. A stream of piss hit me in the back. A boot slipped in under my rib cage and rolled me onto my side. I could just make out laughter. I felt something being pushed into the gag’s breathing hole. Piss started to flow down my throat.

A set of hands on either side picked me up and lifted me onto the bench. More piss. I felt the cuffs being unlocked. My arms were tied to the bench legs. The same was done for my legs. More piss. I felt something inserted into my arse.  My chastity device was pushed through a hole in the bench – the weight of it in this position creating an ache – or was it the buildup of cum in my balls? I think I was getting blue balls – the pain you get when your ball sack is full.

The hood was removed but in this position and light I could not see my assailants. A bandana was tied round my head, effectively blind folding me and a spider gag was inserted into my mouth. A cock was inserted into my arse as another was inserted into my mouth. I was spit-roasted, was that a stream of piss running down my back – that meant there was three of them. Oh, they enjoyed themselves, taking turns in various roles. How much piss did I drink?

Eventually the spider gag was removed and replaced with another bandana, soaking in piss. A voice whispered in my ear: “We’ll see you in three weeks”. I started trying to complain through the gag.

The German accented voice continued: “We didn’t promise to let you cum, hahaha, we just said that if you were backing out of Christmas just because you couldn’t there was an alternative.” True.

“That alternative is not to back out, which is the choice you made.” True again, the bastards.

“Don’t you worry about a thing – you’ll be at our place for Christmas. Actually, you should worry. You have to get out of this bondage before the guys who work here return to work here Monday morning. See you at Christmas.”

I heard the laughing voices receding in the background, then the sound of bikes. Then nothing. Fuck. I started struggling against my bonds.


Part 3 – The Abduction

Christmas Eve is one of those odd days in the Australian holiday calendar. It isn’t one. So, if you take the day off work you’ve got to take a day’s annual leave – yet, if you turn up in the morning and leave at mid-day you get the afternoon off, gratis. I love it. Very few straight, married folk make it in that day, usually using it to drive to wherever they are going to spend Christmas. For those in the northern hemisphere, to get an understanding of an Australian Christmas all you have to do is think “August holidays”. Christmas is just thrown in as a bonus. The whole country sort of stops from Christmas Eve through Australia Day on January 26.

Anyway, I digress. When midday arrived on Christmas Eve there were probably only four of us in the office. I had butterflies in my stomach as I was hoping to hear from the German’s alpha today on what was going to happen. I’d spent the past three weeks with a dull ache in my balls from the overload of cum that couldn’t get out, I’d spent three weeks working out at a strange gym where people wouldn’t recognise me – baggy gym clothes rather than my preferred lycra to hide the padlocks, chains and chastity device – and three weeks begging to be released from the chains with no response except the occasional “wait till Christmas”. Yes, I was becoming sexually frustrated and I was desperate to shoot my load.

Heading down to the basement car park I headed towards my car. I’ve got one of those new flash convertible BMW’s. I have a car space allocated in the far corner as I’m paranoid about it getting scratched and the corner at least provides protection to one side of the car. Coming out of the lift I could see a scattering of cars – the car park almost empty because of Christmas – and right next to mine, hiding it in fact, was a black van. I hate vans and 4×4 parked next to me as they invariably open their doors by banging them into the car next to them.

As I hurried towards my car the driver’s door came into view and I could see somebody had taped a note to the window. “Fuck!” – that meant somebody had dinged my car and left a note of apology. I raced to the car and started reading the note. Grabbing the note I read “Sorry about this – you should have been more careful”. What? I read it again, confused. As I read it a third time an arm came out of nowhere and put me in a headlock. I struggled. I was dragged into the open side door of the van – so concerned about my car I hadn’t even seen it was open.

The van door closed and two men wrestled me to the ground. Almost simultaneously somebody started wrapping my legs in duct tape, started wrapping duct tape around my wrists behind my back and stuffing a gag in my mouth. The last thing that I remember was an odd smell from a rag being held to my mouth before I passed out.

When I came to I was in a small puppy cage. Against all expectations I wasn’t bound. I seemed to be in a very thick, very tight, rubber cat suit. At first it didn’t dawn on me but I realised that I was sporting a hard on, which meant I was no longer wearing the chastity device. Still a bit groggy I moved my hand down to it, subconsciously moving to release the pent up juices. However, my hands appeared to be locked into thick bondage mitts. In the dark I couldn’t see them or much else of my surrounds for that matter. As I grabbed my cock a pain shot through it and I released my hands quickly. I slowly moved my hands to my cock again – I was still a bit groggy and slow but it slowly dawned upon me that the mitts were covered in thousands of small sharp pins. What a bastard act that was.

I wasn’t letting the chance for sexual release get away, I tried to get on my stomach and hump the floor but the cage was too small. I tried getting on my knees and rubbing the bar but the cage height was too low. I tried crunching up and using my elbow, only to discover that the chains from my nipples were still linked to my PA – albeit without the chastity device – and they got in the way. Then I heard laughter. Whilst I was focused on my cock somebody had come into the room. Although it was pitch black in there.

An accented voice spoke. “Relax boy, we’ve been watching you on the infra-red camera for the last half hour, you’re more desperate for release than we expected.” I stopped and looked around trying to make out where the voice came from. As I strained my eyes the room slowly began to brighten – the lights must have been on dimmers. As my eyes adjusted I started to make out the room around me.

The room was completely covered in black rubber – walls, floors, ceiling. Around the room were many dungeon objects, cages, crosses, eye bolts, a rack, benches and so forth. In the far corner of the room standing in front of an elevated chair – well you could almost call the gothic construction a throne – was a truly Tom of Finland look alike. Over six feet tall he was wearing leather breeches tucked into knee high Denhers. His shirt was stretched tight over his chest and stomach as if it was rubber, but even I could tell it was leather. It was offset by a sam brown stretched from his epaulets, across his well developed chest, past his flat stomach to his belt. Across the lower half of his face was a leather mask hiding almost the entire face.

As I watched him he raised a hand and I heard a click on the cage door, three bolts drew away. “Push the door and come over here” he said. I crawled out and started to stand up. A sharp pain sprang up through my arse, I jerked up and landed flat on the ground. “On your knees boy”, I tried to stand again complaining, a sharp jolt hit me in the neck. “Electric dog collar boy. On your knees”. I started to crawl towards him. The floor was slightly springy, there appeared to be some cushioning under the rubber floor.

“Do you need to cum boy?” – I nodded. A shock passed through my arse, I must have had an electrified butt plug up there. “You know better than that boy, try again”. I replied with a “yes, sir”, another shock, “come on boy, you’re not acting like somebody who wants to cum” – “Yes, Sir!” I responded as if I meant it. “Clean my boots, son, with your tongue boy”. Scared of more electric shocks I proceeded to do as I was told.

“You’re quite vain, aren’t you boy”. I continued licking. A shot in the neck, “didn’t hear you boy”, “Yes, Sir!” I couldn’t get it out fast enough. “A look at me body, a look at me car, ooohhh I want to cum, ooohhh I want you to tie me up and play with me – it’s all about you isn’t it?” he said sarcastically.  I continued to lick and was rewarded with a double hit, neck and arse.”Boy, you’re going to learn, there’s three more levels of power on your arse and another five on your dog collar. Now are you, or are you not, vain?”, “Yes, Sir!”

“We’re going to fix that. My friends from Berlin are going to want selfless service – and if they don’t get it, you’ll see what punishment really is.” I responded with a “Yes, Sir” just to be on the safe side and kept licking. “Now boy, remember the warm soft drink on your audition night? You though it was because we wanted you to piss yourself, didn’t you?” as I did think that I said “Yes, Sir”. “Well it wasn’t, it contained two extra ingredients one which was a truth serum – you won’t remember telling us, but there is very little we don’t know about you. And we do know you are pretty self-centred.” No wonder alpha was always acting like he could read my mind.

As I listened I couldn’t believe my ears. I’d put up with some pretty serious shit for this 10 day session and now it was looking like I’d got myself into so much shit I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of it. “Boy, if you do as you’re told, and serve as required, you will enjoy these 10 days – if you don’t, well … what can I say?” The butt plug erupted again, “you’ve stopped licking boy, roll over, flat on your back with your head against the chair” I did as he told me, he sat in the chair and rested his right heel on my mouth, “keep licking boy”.

Never in my life had I tried to comply with something asked of me like I did now. I felt a boot press down on my crotch. Another voice came from the direction of the boot, a more pronounced German accent. “Good boy. Are you enjoying this?” I tried to reply whilst licking so all that came out was a “eth er”, a boot kicked me in the balls “what was that, boy”, ”Eth Ir!” I tried – the boot pressed in “you’re going to have to do better boy” I tried again almost in tears “Yes, Sir” between licks, difficult because the heel was pressing down into my mouth. “You’re a useless piece of trash trying to get men to lavish their time and energy on you for your own gratification” with that I could feel my balls being squashed into my arse.

“Do you really think you’re going to be worthy of our Berlin friends?” he challenged. “Yes Sir! I will do anything to help them enjoy their stay” I intoned. “Good. They’re not as accepting as we are with self indulgence” he growled.

“Back on your knees boy” – I rolled over. “Do you want to cum now boy?” – I did – “Yes, Sir!” – “Well start begging, ‘cause if you don’t cum in the next 30 minutes, you won’t get another chance for the next ten days”, I started begging, pleading would be a better word. With every “please” I received a kick in the balls, not hard, but annoying. “Why should we let you boy?” – I thought hard. So far they had focused on how self centred they thought I was, so I suspected how desperate I was wouldn’t pass muster. “Come on boy, we’re waiting”, I couldn’t think. “We’re losing patience boy, today would be good”.

Finally I sprang “it will help me focus on your friends’ needs Sir, all I’ve been able to think about for the last three weeks has been cumming. I need to be able to focus on you, Sir!” To this I received an affirmative response. “OK boy that was good. Better than I expected, if I let you cum and you don’t focus, it will be the last time – back to your cage.” I turned and started to crawl back. “No boy, crawl backwards and stop at the front of the cage.

Back at the cage I stopped. The second guy lifted a hood attached to the suit and encased my head in it. It had no eyeholes, but did contain nose holes and a mouth. The eyes were padded. I felt the zipper pull the thick rubber together and then heard the click of a padlock. Next I felt another hood being put on over the top of it. This one seemed to have a long, soft tube style gag that went back into my mouth. About two inches. Enough to stuff the mouth but pliable enough to prevent lockjaw.
As the second hood was being zipped on I could feel a metal parachute being attached to my balls. I could feel dull spikes pushing into my balls and the weight pulling on them. This must have been attached to a rope or a chain because I was being encouraged to back into the cage by a pulling on the parachute. As I pulled back into the cage I had to find gaps in the bars to stick my legs through so that I could back up with my arse against the bars. I felt clamps go around just above my ankles, it seemed to be a rigid piece of metal outside of the cage. My thighs were then roped to the back of the cage. My back end was going nowhere.

As the cage was so small they held my head as they closed the doors. There must have been a head hole as it felt that my head was sticking out of the front of the cage. I felt my wrist mitts being attached to the front corners of the cage. I was totally immobile. As I felt a cock slide into my mouth I felt the butt plug start to pulse. My cock, already hard, started to throb. The cock in my mouth slid backwards and forward in rhythm. It shot into my mouth. The butt plug stopped. A stream of piss forced its way down my throat.

The cock withdrew and a much larger one replaced it. It started a similar rhythm and the butt plug started pulsing again. I felt my cock tighten; my legs went rigid in their bindings, pain shot through my balls as my cock exploded. It was the most painful, and one of the longest orgasms I could recall. A few moments later the cock in my mouth shot its load and withdrew. The pulse in my arse kept going. It was getting sore.

Once I shoot I get over the whole thing and am usually ready to go. The plug kept going and I began to contemplate the fact that I was not going anywhere just now.


To be continued …



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